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Miscellaneous Early Marriages
Burlington County, New Jersey

Extracted from:

             AND PROMINENT MEN

    by Major E.M. Woodward & John F. Hageman

              EVERTS & PECK


Marriages Recorded in Friends' Monthly Meeting.

The following is a list of marriages, with a few interesting 
items, recorded in the books of the Little Egg Harbor Monthly 
Meeting of Friends:

1715, James, son of Richard Willits, Sr., married without the 
  consent of the meeting. 

At the 9th monthly meeting, 10th 3d month, 1716. Thomas Cranmer 
  and Abigail Willits laid proposal before the meeting. 
  In due time they were married. This is the first marriage 
  recorded in the books, which were commenced the year 1715. 

5th day of the 6th month, 1717. Robert Allen, of Shrewebury, 
  and Edith Andrews married daughter of Edward Andrews. 

On the 5th day of the 1st month, 1718, Jacob Ong was appointed 
  to look after the graveyard for the ensuing year. 

1720, Robert Smith, of Great Egg Harbor, and Elizabeth Belanger 
  married daughter of Ive Belanger, Sr. 

1721, John Cranmer and Mary Andrews married. 

1721, Joseph Parker, of Shrewsbury, and Hannah Andrews married. 

1723, William Sattorthwaite, of Chesterfield, and Mary, daughter of 
  Richard Osborn, Sr., married. 

1723, Thomas Johnson and Mary Jones, of Manasquan, married. 

1723, Thomas Ridgway, Jr., anti Mary, daughter of Jacob Ong, married. 

1723, Jacob Ong, Jr., and Mary Sprague, married. 

1723, Mordecai Andrews, Jr., and Mary Taylor married. 

1724, Joseph Gardiner and Catherine, daughter of Thomas Ridgway, Sr., 

1724, Evi Belanger, Jr., married out of the meeting. 

1725, Isaac Ong got a certificate in order to marry in some other 

1726, Samuel Somers and Mary Leeds, both of Great Egg Harbor, married. 

1726, John Cranmer (this is his second marriage) and Rebecca Stout, 
  of Shrewsbury, were married, and at the same time and place 
  Samuel Andrews and Elizabeth (daughter of Thomas Ridgway, Sr.) 
  were married. 

1727, James Belanger, Sr., and Marjorie Smith married. 

1727, Thomas Ridgway, Jr., was chosen overseer in the place of his 
  father, Thomas Ridgway, deceased, and Jacob Ong removed. 

1728, Thomas Cranmer and Mary Ridgway married. 

1728, Peter Andrews (the eminent minister) got a certificate in order 
  to marry Esther Butcher, of the Burlington Monthly Meeting. 

1728, John Ridgway, Sr., received a certificate in order to marry 
  Phebe Titus, of Westbury, Long Island. 

1729, Timothy Ridgway and Sarah Cranmer married. 

1730, Hananiah Gauntt and Ann Ridgway married. 

1731, Henry Jacob Falkinburgh, Jr., and Penelope Stout, of Shrewsbury, 
  married. Penelope Stout and Rebecca Stout, wife of John Cranmer, 
  were sisters. 

1731, Nicholas Delaplaine and Sarah (daughter of John Ong, Sr.) 

1731, Jacob Conover and Grace Cranmer married. 

1732, Henry Shoemaker and Mabel, daughter of Jacob Ong, Sr., married. 

1732, Richard Willits, Jr. (son of Richard Willits, 2d), and Sarah 
  Barton married. 

1732, Robert Leeds (son of Japhet Leeds, 1st) and Abigail (daughter 
  of John Higbee and step-daughter of John Math is) married. 

1732, Edward Ridgway and Mary Deleplaine married. 

1735, Robert Ridgway got a certificate for the purpose of marrying 
  in Burlington Monthly Meeting. 

1736, Richard Osborn and Christian (daughter of Evi Belanger, Sr.) 

1737, Thomas Havens and Sarah Cramer married. 

1738, Stephen Birdsall and Deliverance Willits married. 

1739, Joseph Parker, Sr., and Hannah (daughter of Richard Osborn, Sr.) 
  married, this being Parker's second wife. 

1739, John Delaplaine and Sarah Johnson married. 

1739, Nehemiah Andrews and Elizabeth Lippincott married. 

1740, Micajah Willits and Elizabeth (daughter of Joseph Parker, Sr.) 

1740, James Willits, 2d, and Ann (daughter of Thomas Ridgway, Jr.) 

1741, Thomas Havens and Sarah Taylor married. 

1743, Daniel Mathis, Sr., and Sophia Gaunt married. 

1743, Levi Cramer and Esther Horn married. 

1744, Joseph Lippincott and Esther (daughter of Samuel Andrews, Sr.) 

1745, Samuel Belanger and Alice (daughter of Joseph Parker, Sr.) 

1746, Anthony Morris and Sarah Cranmer married. 

1746, Caleb Carr, of Rhode Island, and Sarah (daughter of Thomas 
  Ridgway, Jr.) married. 

1747, Micajah Mathis procured a certificate In order to marry Mercy 
  Shreve in Upper Springfield Monthly Meeting. 

1747, Marmaduke Coate and Sarah (daughter of John Mathis, Sr.) married. 

1747, Jeremiah Mathis, Sr., and Hannah (daughter of Samuel Andrews) 

1749, Edward Havens and Sarah (daughter of Joseph Parker, Sr.) married. 

1750, Gideon Skull and Judith (daughter of James Belanger, Sr.) married. 

1751, Thomas Ridgway and Mary Pearsall married. 

1751, John Leeds (son of Japhet Leeds, 1st) and Sarah (widow of 
  Marmaduke Coate) married. 

1752, Israel Stoakim and Grace Conover married. 

1754, John Ridgway, Sr., and Phebe (daughter of James Belanger, Sr.) 
  married, this being Ridgway's sesond wife. 

1755, Peter Andrews, Jr. (son of Samuel Andrews), and Hannah Somers 

1755, Joseph Parker, Jr., and Edith (daughter of Mordecai Audrews, 
  Jr.) married. 

1756, John Gauntt and Jane Satherwaite married. 

1756, Jacob Cranmer (son of John Cranmer) and Phebe Valentine married. 

1757, Peter Parker, Sr., and Elizabeth (daughter of Joseph Seaman, 
  Sr.) married. 

1758, John Pearsall and Mary (daughter of Mordecai Andrews, Jr.) 

1758, Abraham Cranmer and Abigail Birdsall married. 

1759, Joseph Shourds and Kesiah (daughter of Mordecai Andrews, Jr.) 

1760, Nathan Bartlett, Sr., and Judith Somers married. 

1761, Daniel Shourds and Christian (daughter, of James Belanger, 
  Sr.) married. 

1767, Job Ridgway and Ruth (daughter of James Belanger, Sr.) married. 

1768, William Leeds and Mary (daughter of Richard Osborn, Sr.) married. 

1769, Job Ridgway, of Barnegat, and Elizabeth (daughter of Jeremiah 
  Mathis, Sr.) married. 

1769, David Antrim and Mary Falkinburgh, and at the same time and 
  place Richard Buffin and Hannah Falkinburgh, were married. Mary 
  and Hannah were daughters of Henry Jacobs Falkinburgh, Jr. 

1770, Stephen Birdsall, Jr., and Desire Mott married. 

1770, Henry Willits and Phebe Osborn married. 

1772, Benjamin Haines, of Evesham, and Marjorie (daughter of James 
  Belanger, Sr.) married. 

1772, Joseph Sharp and Annie (daughter of James Willits 2d) married. 

1772, Ephraim Morse, Jr., and Elizabeth (daughter of Joseph 
  Lippincott, Sr.) married. 

1774, James Collins and Elizabeth Birdsall married. 

1776, Isaac Pedvick, of Salem, and Hannah (daughter of Richard 
  Osborn, Jr.) married. 

1776, James Grant and Marjorie Smith married. 

1777, John (son of Jeremiah Mathis, Sr.) and Deborah Grant married. 

1777, Micajah Willits, Jr., and Judith Cranmer married. 

1778, David Smith and Hannah (daughter of Richard Osborn, Jr.) married. 

1778, Jacob Somers and Ann (daughter of Richard Osborn, Jr.) married. 

1783, Jeremiah Willits, Sr., and Mary (daughter of Nathan Bartlett, 
  Sr.) married. 

1783, Caleb Osborn and Ann Parker married. 

1786, Joseph Croft and Esther (daughter of Job Ridgway, of Barnegat) 

1786, Jonathan Smith and Hannah (daughter of Daniel Shourds, Sr.) 

1786, Ann Gaunt married a Forsyth, of the upper part of Burlington 

1786, William Pearsall and Elizabeth (daughter of Hannah Gaunt, Sr.) 

1787, Samuel Crawley and Amy (daughter of Jonathan Pettit) married. 

1787, Isaiah Durnell and Mary Haines married. 

1788, Samuel (son of Daniel Shourds, Sr.) and Hannah Gray married. 

1789, Joseph Wetherill, of Burlington, and Mercy (daughter of Job 
  Ridgway, of Egg Harbor) married. 

1789, Thomas Gifford and Mary (widow of Reuben Soper, Sr.) married. 

1792, Isaiah Durnell and Sarah (daughter of Nathan Bartlett, Sr.) 

1792, Seth Silvers, of Mannington, and Mary Ridgway married. 

1792, Caleb Cranmer. Sr., and Phebe (widow of Job Mathis, Sr.) married. 

1793, Samuel Willits (son of Henry Willits) and Elizabeth Gray married. 

1795, Uriah Riley and Shada (daughter of Daniel Shourds) married. 

1795, James Arnold and Phebe Inman married. 

1795, Samuel Arnold and Rany Cox married. 

1801, Richard Willits, Jr., and Rachel Birdsall married. 

1804, James Collins and Sykes Pharo married. 

1804, John Collins add Annie (daughter of James Willits 3d) married. 

1805, Samuel Pharo and Phebe Collins married. 

1807, Robert Pharo and Anne Collins married. 

1812, Timothy Pharo and Hannah (daughter of James Willits 3d) married. 

1813, James Willits (3d) and Marjorie Belanger married. 

1816, Archelaus Willits and Mary Haines married. 

1816, Samuel Smith and Judith (daughter of Jeremiah Willits, Sr.) 

1818, Gideon Birdsall and Palmyra (daughter of Thomas Osborn) married. 

1819, Nathan Bartlett, Jr., and Hannah (daughter of John Willits, 
  Sr.) married. 

1820, Willits Parker and Phebe (daughter of John Willits, Sr.) married. 

1826, William Twining and Rebecca Riley married. 

1828, Joseph Bartlett and Ann P. (daughter of Thomas Willits, Jr.) 

1826, Jonathan Gifford and Esther (daughter of Eli Mathis, Jr.) married. 

1826, James Arnold and Elizabeth (widow of John Bartlett) married. 

1833, Allen R. Pharo and Phebe B. (daughter of Thomas Williti, Jr.) 

1833, Henry Leeds and Hannah Pharo married. 

1835, James Bartlett and Phebe Ann Barnes married. 

1847, George Collins and Mary Ann Parker married. 

1849, Joseph Cook and Ann Pharo married. 

1859, Alfred Collins and Frances Stokes married.  
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