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  CATHARINE TENNENT (Vol. VI. pp. 374 and 498).— Catharine Tennent, widow of the 
Rev. Wm. Tennent, of Freehold, New Jersey, was descended from Johannes 
Pieterse Verbrugge, or van Burgh (Bridges in English), from Haarlem in Holland, 
born 1624, who was a trader in Nieu Amsterdam and Beaverwyck at a very early 
date, and in 1657 sent down from the latter place three hundred beaver skins. 
After his marriage van Burgh made the former his place of residence, where he 
became a prominent merchant and magistrate. He married in Nieu Amsterdam, 29 
March (24 April ?), 1658, Catrina Roelofse (daughter of Roelof Jansen van 
Maesterlandt and his wife, the noted Anneka Jame), widow of Lucas Rodenburgh 
(vice-director of Curacoa, 1646-57, in which latter year he died). His children 
were all born in Nieu Amsterdam. His will is dated 22 December, 1696, and he 
died 1697. (See Valentine's Manual, 1861–4–6.) He had issue:
  1. Helena, baptized 4 April, 1659, died young.
  2. Helena, baptized 28 July, 1660, married 25 (26 ?) April, 1630, Tennis 
de Kay.
  3. Anna, baptized 10 August (September ?) 1662, married 13 June (2 July), 
1684, Andries Gravenraedt.
  4. Catharine, baptized 19 April, 1665, married Hendrick an Rensselaer. 
  5. Peter, baptized 14 July, 1666, married 2 November, 1688, Sarah Cuyler.
  6. Maria, baptized 20 September, 1673, married Stephen Richards.
  7. Johannes married 9 July, 1696, Margaret Provoost.
  Captain Peter van Burgh was Mayor of Albany, New York, 1699, 1700-21-3. He had 
a house lot on the north side of State Street, west of Pearl, and near the 
stockade, next to the lot of his father-in-law, Hendrick Cuyler. He was buried 
in the church, 20 July, 1740. (See Pierson's First Settlers of Albany, N. Y.) He 
had issue, one daughter:
  Catharine, baptized 10 November, 1689, married 19 September, 1707, Philip, 
eldest son of Robert Livingston, of Albany, born at that place, 1686, died in 
New York city, 1749. They had issue, six sons and three daughters. The youngest 
son, William, born 1723, was for many years Governor of New Jersey. (See 
Holgate's American Genealogies, Livingston family.)
  Captain Johannes van Burgh, of New York city, was captain of the sloop Constant 
Abigail, captured off the coast of England by a French privateer. (Doc. Col. Hist. 
N. Y., vol. iii. p. 430.) By the census of New York for 1706, he was living in 
that city. His will, recorded N. Y. Sur. Office, Liber 10, p. 45, is dated 14 
November, 1705, in which he styles himself "mariner," and names his wife 
Margareta, son Johannes, daughters Johanna and Catharine, and brother Peter van 
Burgh, and brother-in-law David Provoost (see N.Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. 
6, p. 5, 1876). Issue:
  1. Johanna, baptized 16 April, 1697, married 20 August, 1720, Gerardus Duyking.
  2. Johannes, baptized 6 August, 1699.
  3. Catharine, baptized 16 August, 1704, married first, 1719, John Noble; married 
secondly, 23 August, 1738, Rev. Wm. Tennent; she died at Pittsgrove, Salem Co., 
New Jersey, 1787.
  4. David, baptized 12 September, 1708.
  5. Elizabeth, baptized 25 March, 1712.
  After her first marriage, Catharine went with her husband to England, and two 
children were soon born: one died young; the other, Mary Noble, married first 
Robert Cumming, of Freehold, New Jersey, and married secondly a Mr. Wyncoop, of 
Bucks Co., Pa. The husband, John Noble, went to the West Indies on business, and 
while there was taken with the fever and died. During his stay, he met an old New 
York friend, Mr. Boudinot, who wrote the circumstances of John's death to his 
father in England. John had a bachelor uncle named Stokes, of Stoke Castle, near 
Bristol, who urged the widow to make his house her home; but she preferred to 
return to her family in New York, which she did in 1723, a short time after the 
receipt of the news of her husband's death, when she went to live with her 
husband's brother, Mr. Isaac Noble, a wealthy merchant, who, as well as Mr. 
Boudinot, were elders in the Huguenot church of that city. This Mr. Isaac Noble 
was the means of bringing together the Rev. Mr. Tennent and his widowed sister, 
resulting in the marriage, as related by Mr. Elias Boudinot in his life of the 
Rev. Wm. Tennent. Her second husband died 8 March, 1777. His son, Rev. Wm. 
Tennent, who was pastor of a church in Charleston, South Carolina. came north 
upon the death of his father, and after settling affairs, took his father's 
papers, and with his mother started to return to Charleston. They travelled by 
means of private conveyances, and with them were the widow of the Rev. Dr. 
Findley and Capt. Schaff, and two servants. When about fifty miles from 
Charleston, her son was suddenly taken sick and died; and his father's valuable 
papers were lost sight of, and have not since been found. The bereaved widow soon 
decided to return, and went to live with her daughter Mary, now the wife of Matthew 
Wyn­coop, of Bucks Co., Pa., but in a few years she too died, and Mrs. Tennent then 
went to the home of her granddaughter, Anna (Cumming) Schenck, the wife of the Rev. 
Wm. Schenck, then the pastor of the Pittsgrove, Salem Co., New Jersey, church, 
where he remained from 1780 to 1787, and where this worthy old lady, having 
survived two husbands and all of her children, died about 1787, in the 84th year of 
her age, and was buried in the church burying ground at that place. A record of 
these facts respecting Mrs. Tennent was left some years since by Miss Catharine 
van Burgh Schenck, who was born 7 January, 1775, and died at Franklin, Ohio, 4 
July, 1871. She had a vivid recollection and a profound love for her great-
grandmother, from whom she derived her name. No record of the death of Mrs. 
Tennent, nor any tombstone to her memory has yet been found in New Jersey, but the 
statement as to her death at Pittsgrove, and her age at the time, is un­doubtedly 
  By her first husband, John Noble, she had issue:
  Mary, b. Bristol, England, married firsts 1746, Robert Cumming; secondly, Matthew 
  ______, d. young.
  By her second husband, Rev. Wm. Tennent, she had, besides several chil­dren who 
died young, issue:
  Dr. John, b. Freehold, N. J., d. in West Indies, at about 33 years.
  Rev. William, b. Freehold, N. J., d. near Charleston, S. C., Sept. – Oct. 1777, 
abt. 37 years.
  Dr. Gilbert, b. Freehold, N. J., d. at Freehold, N. J., before his father, aged 
28 years (see Life of Rev. Wm. Tennent, by Hon. Elias Boudinot, N. Y., T. Whittaker, 
2 Bible House).
  General Robert C. Schenck, of Washington, D. C., has a very fine portrait of Mrs. 
Tennent, painted in England while yet Mrs. Noble, and which presents a lady of great 
  Mr. John N. A. Griswold, of New York city, brother of Mrs. Secretary Frelinghuysen, 
has the portraits of both Catharine van Burgh and her hus­band, John Noble, and also 
of Johannes, brother of Catharine. Catharine was nearly related to Sir John van 
Burgh, and to Charles and Philip van Burgh, commanders of men-of-war in the English 
With this much of the record given, can any one give information as to the fate of 
the papers of the Rev. William Tennent, of Freehold, N. J., which were lost sight 
of at the time of the death of his son - or give information respecting Mr. Isaac 
Noble, the brother of Catharine's first husband, or of his family or descendants -
Washington, D. C., March 17, 1883.	A. D. S.
Pennsylvania Marriage Announcements Collection

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