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Miscellaneous Ulster Co., New York Brides

Obtained From Town and Church Records

Ulster County sits in the New York's Mid-Hudson Region of the Hudson Valley. As of 2000, the population is 177,749. It is the northernmost county and largest county (by land area) in the New York Metropolitan Area. The county seat is Kingston. The county is named for Ulster, then an earldom of the Duke of York (later James II).

"In 1683, New York State established its first twelve counties. Ulster County was one of them. Its boundaries at that time included the present Sullivan County, and portions of the present Delaware and Greene Counties. In 1777, the capital of New York State (the first state capital of independent New York) was established at Kingston, though it was subsequently moved when the British burned that city. In 1797, portions of Otsego and Ulster Counties were split off to create Delaware County. In 1800, portions of Albany and Ulster Counties were split off to create Greene County. In 1809, Sullivan County was split off from Ulster County."
- Hudson Valley Business Directory

Adjacent Counties:
Columbia County, New York - northeast
Greene County, New York - north
Dutchess County, New York - east
Orange County, New York - south
Sullivan County, New York - southwest
Delaware County, New York - northwest

Bride Name                     Groom Name               Date of License Place of License
==========                     ==========               =============== ================
Ackerman, Dorothea             Smith, Robert            23-Sep-1926     City of Kingston
Adams, Ruth                    Smith, Harry             4-Jun-1928      City of Kingston
Addison, Anna M.               Smith, John J.           14-Jul-1919     Not Recorded
Albrecht, Catherine E.         Andrews, John            31-May-1921     Not Recorded
Albrecht, Mae E.               Smith, James S.          3-May-1917      Not Recorded
Anderson, Francella C.         Smith, Arthur L.         18-Sep-1926     City of Kingston
Anderson, Harriet A.           Smith, Frederick W.      1-Oct-1910      City of Kingston
Angell, Mary E.                Smith, Chester E.        8-Mar-1922      Not Recorded
Armstrong, Elizabeth M.        Smith, Irving S.         5-Oct-1921      Not Recorded
Atkins, Margaret               Brown, Raymond J.        11-Nov-1925     Not Recorded
Ayers, Edna                    Smith, Chester           9-Jul-1931      Town of New Paltz
Bailey, Ida M.                 Smith, Frank W.          29-May-1916     Not Recorded
Bandis, Mary                   Jones, George            7-May-1931      Town of Ulster
Barley, Edna A.                Smith, Orren W.          24-Sep-1913     City of Kingston
Barnes, Doris M.               Smith, Leon A.           10-Apr-1926     Not Recorded
Barringer, Dorothy Anna        Smith, Ernest Howard     6-May-1933      Town of Olive
Bead, Ruth J.                  Smith, Stanley           17-Nov-1934     City of Kingston
Beatty, Maud E.                Smith, Leslie            10-Jun-1922     Not Recorded
Becker, Kathryn                Jones, Frank             27-Nov-1917     Not Recorded
Beckert, Margaret M.           Smith, Howard J.         14-Jan-1922     Not Recorded
Beismer, Olive M.              Smith, Amasa, Jr.        23-Mar-1932     Town of Hurley
Bell, Anna C.                  Smith, Will              5-Apr-1915      Not Recorded
Bell, Katherine L.             Smith, James B.          8-Jul-1927      Town of Marlborough
Bell, Rachel                   Jones, Harry             27-Oct-1922     Not Recorded
Bell, Viola                    Smith, Odell             30-Jun-1915     Not Recorded
Bennett, Geoigranna            Brown, Nial Carlton      21-May-1920     Not Recorded
Bennett, Rosa C.               Smith, John E.           24-Mar-1914     Town of Wawarsing
Benson, Helen                  Smith, Ernest            1-Sep-1923      Not Recorded
Betz, Effie E.                 Smith, Oscar S.          27-Oct-1927     Town of Wawarsing
Birch, Kathryn                 Andrews, Lewis           23-Aug-1917     Not Recorded
Birdsall, Irene                Andrews, Samuel          5-Jun-1917      Not Recorded
Blankschan, Ethel May          Brown, George F.         3-Jan-1920      Not Recorded
Bliss, Mildred                 Brown, C. Austin         2-Feb-1926      Not Recorded
Bonds, Nancy M.                Smith, Fred'k D.         16-Aug-1911     Town of Rosendale
Boughton, Nettie M.            Smith, Jared M.          10-Jul-1919     Not Recorded
Bouqueh, Ruth D.               Brown, Harold J.         21-Mar-1931     Town of Olive
Boykin, Fannie                 Parker, Harvey           7-Oct-1933      Town of Marlborough
Bradford, Lena M.              Smith, John A., Jr.      8-Jan-1908      Town of Wawarsing
Breckel, Mabel C.              Smith, Reese A.          20-Sep-1909     Town of Shandaken
Brice, Grace N.                Andrews, David W.        28-Apr-1913     Town of Olive
Brinkerhoff, Evelyn A.         Brown, David E.          20-Jun-1930     Town of Esopus
Briscoe, Belle E.H.            Jones, William           22-Mar-1924     Not Recorded
Brooks, Helen                  Smith, Leslie            12-Feb-1930     Town of Hurley
Brown, Kathryn                 Smith, Antone            20-Jul-1926     Town of Wawarsing
Buchanan, Georgiana            Brown, Norwood           10-Oct-1925     Not Recorded
Buckman, Julia R.              Jones, Perry P.          23-Oct-1922     Not Recorded
Buddington, Ethel J.           Smith, Saul              23-Nov-1915     Not Recorded
Burger, Olive M.               Jones, Herman R.         16-Dec-1927     Town of Shandaken
Burham, Genovive Estella       Smith, Vallance B.       29-Jul-1919     Not Recorded
Burhans, Mary H.               Smith, Ira T.            28-Nov-1914     City of Kingston
Bush, Lena                     Smith, Egbert            25-Mar-1911     Town of Olive
Cable, Agnes M.                Brown, Edward F.         2-Jun-1925      Not Recorded
Carle, Emily J.                Smith, Frank             9-Nov-1926      Town of Ulster
Carlron, Hazel M.              Jones, Merwin J.         28-Oct-1932     City of Kingston
Carney, Ida                    Smith, Amasa             10-Apr-1922     Not Recorded
Carpenter, Helen E.            Smith, Clifford G.       4-Jun-1931      City of Kingston
Carson, Sadie                  Smith, Marcus            3-Jun-1916      Not Recorded
Carter, Gladys M.              Smith, Nignon (?)        9-Sep-1924      Not Recorded
Carter, Ida Marie              Brown, William           28-Feb-1935     City of Kingston
Case, Louise Francis           Brown, John E.           5-May-1928      Town of Marlborough
Christiana, Muriel M.          Smith, Jason             30-Dec-1920     Not Recorded
Clarke, Irene                  Jones, Albert C.         2-Aug-1927      City of Kingston
Cochrane, Jeannete M.          Jones, Paul              1-Oct-1921      Not Recorded
Cole, Minnie H.                Parker, Harold C.        22-Nov-1922     Not Recorded
Cole, Rachel Ann               Smith, Scott             24-Sep-1923     Not Recorded
Conklin, Lovina                Smith, Harry             27-Apr-1914     Town of Hardenburgh
Conklin, Mabel                 Brown, Byron             9-Sep-1909      Town of Lloyd
Conroy, Anna                   Smith, Charles E.        15-Apr-1930     City of Kingston
Constant, Mary E.              Smith, Floyd M.          18-Sep-1920     Not Recorded
Cooper, Helen                  Jones, Lyman             13-Nov-1922     Not Recorded
Cornell, Linda                 Smith, Norman            28-May-1908     Town of Woodstock
Crane, Marion Ada              Jones, Roberts D.        24-Jun-1920     Not Recorded
Crans, Anna B.                 Brown, C. Harry          24-Jun-1927     Town of New Paltz
Crawford, Victoria             Smith, George            29-Jun-1934     Town of Lloyd
Crispell, Georgina             Smith, Richard           15-Apr-1935     City of Kingston
Crispell, Marion J.            Smith, Russell           11-Jun-1930     Town of Plattekill
Crispell, Urilla               Jones, Thomas D.         7-Dec-1911      City of Kingston
Crum, Beatrice M.              Smith, Frank F.          26-Feb-1926     Not Recorded
Culurciello, Tommasina         Andrews, Eugene          15-Nov-1928     Town of Marlborough
Daniels, Carrie                Brown, Lester F.         10-Oct-1920     Not Recorded
Dann, Marion C.                Smith, John J.           17-May-1924     Not Recorded
Daringer, Susie E.             Smith, Edgar W.          4-Jun-1908      Town of Saugerties
Davis, Margaret                Smith, Rufus H.          21-Mar-1925     Not Recorded
Davis, Mary                    Jones, Troge             2-Feb-1920      Not Recorded
Davis, Mary L.                 Smith, John A.           5-Feb-1908      Town of Woodstock
De Groodt, Katherine           Parker, Irving M.        10-Sep-1932     City of Kingston
Debrosky, Anna                 Smith, Raymond           21-Jun-1924     Not Recorded
Dederick, Dorothy              Smith, Thomas            1-Nov-1934      City of Kingston
Dederick, Nina E.              Smith, Harris J.         24-Aug-1916     Not Recorded
Degolyar, Alice M.             Smith, Andrew            3-May-1927      City of Kingston
Deitz, Beatrice                Brown, Karl              18-Feb-1928     Town of Ulster
Delaney, Mary A.               Smith, John A.           23-Apr-1914     Town of Rosendale
Delanoy, Hazel M.              Smith, Chas              5-Aug-1912      Town of Saugerties
Dermott, Katherine M.M.        Jones, Charles J.        16-Jul-1928     City of Kingston
DeWitt, Evelyn                 Smith, Ernest C.         15-Oct-1930     Town of Wawarsing
Deyo, Harriet M.               Smith, John J.           17-Apr-1911     City of Kingston
Diamond, Charlotte M.          Smith, Richard J.        11-Oct-1910     City of Kingston
Diandice, Josephine            Smith, Pearl             29-Dec-1929     Town of Hurley
Dietz, Beatrice                Brown, Karl              18-Feb-1928     Not Recorded
Distel, Barbara                Smith, Basil             17-Nov-1925     Not Recorded
Divine, Blanche D.             Brown, Garry             21-Apr-1917     Not Recorded
Doyle, Hilda                   Smith, Earl              30-Jun-1921     Not Recorded
Du Bois, Mable J.              Smith, William           11-May-1915     Not Recorded
Dunn, Inez                     Smith, Lorin B.          21-Jun-1924     Not Recorded
Durm, Delia L.                 Brown, Raymond           26-Mar-1915     Town of Hurley
Eck, Bessie M.                 Brown, Claude J.         17-Jul-1912     Town of Wawarsing
Edge, Beatrice                 Smith, Francis Milton    28-Nov-1925     Not Recorded
Egnor, Ida                     Smith, William           11-Oct-1912     City of Kingston
Eignor, Uora(?) E              Smith, Abraham S.        30-Oct-1909     Town of Shandaken
Eilde, Dorothy                 Brown, Douglas G.        25-Jun-1930     Town of Saugerties
Eliby, Louise                  Jones, James             27-Sep-1925     Not Recorded
Ellis, Alida D.                Smith, Fred M.           11-Oct-1911     Town of Plattekill
Ellsworth, Hazel               Smith, Charles           30-Sep-1916     Not Recorded
Elmendorf, Jane                Brown, Joseph            26-Jul-1924     Not Recorded
Ertett, Catherine Elizabeth    Parker, Percy            16-Jul-1919     Not Recorded
Farr, Oneta                    Smith, Robert R.         14-Jun-1929     Town of Esopus
Field, Carrie H.               Brown, George            14-Jun-1920     Not Recorded
Fiero, Maggie M.               Jones, Charles           25-Jun-1908     Town of Shandaken
Finger, Carla R.               Smith, Leon Harold       24-Nov-1922     Not Recorded
Fitzgerald, Louise H.          Smith, Theodore R.       22-Mar-1929     City of Kingston
Forgey, Margaret M.            Brown, Ronald John       15-Jan-1924     Not Recorded
Forgey, Veronica Marie         Smith, Alton Charles     21-Mar-1925     Not Recorded
Fowler, Frances E.             Smith, Lacey J.          20-Aug-1910     Town of Wawarsing
Freer, Anna M.                 Smith, Edwin T.          28-Apr-1917     Not Recorded
Freer, Grace E.                Brown, John L.           17-Dec-1923     Not Recorded
Froemel, Olga A.               Smith, Abraham J.        24-Sep-1919     Not Recorded
Fuller, Paula E.               Smith, Frederick         30-Oct-1915     Not Recorded
Gallagher, Grace E.            Smith, Herbert           5-Sep-1911      Town of Wawarsing
Ganske, Mary F.E.              Brown, Robert            12-Aug-1918     Not Recorded
Garrison, Nellie M.            Jones, Arthur L.         17-Jan-1917     Not Recorded
Geary, Edna                    Jones, Edward G.         7-Nov-1918      Not Recorded
Genske, Amelia K.A.            Brown, Merritt           11-Oct-1916     Not Recorded
Gilbett, Florence E.           Brown, Frederic W.       20-Nov-1931     City of Kingston
Gollman, Marcel                Smith, Clamont           29-Nov-1934     Town of Olive
Gordon, Elizabeth              Brown, James             15-Apr-1912     City of Kingston
Gorselin, Clara                Brown, Clarence          28-Aug-1922     Not Recorded
Gossoo, Ethel B.               Smith, William Meredth   5-Apr-1935      Town of Shandaken
Grant, Phoebe H.               Jones, Charles S.        24-Oct-1923     Not Recorded
Grathwohl, Katherine           Smith, Harold P.         18-Oct-1928     Town of Saugerties
Gray, Beatrice L.              Brown, Harry F.          6-Oct-1928      Town of Rochester
Gray, Mary                     Smith, Virgil            7-Oct-1914      City of Kingston
Green, Mildred                 Smith, Earl              29-Sep-1928     Town of Wawarsing
Griffith, Sarah                Smith, George B.         8-Nov-1926      City of Kingston
Grimley, Edith G.              Smith, Townsend J.       31-Oct-1908     Town of Marlborough
Grube, Bertha                  Brown, William H.        20-Oct-1913     City of Kingston
Haberle, Agnes                 Andrews, Carl G.         26-Dec-1913     Town of Marlborough
Hammell, Kathryn R.            Smith, William F.        6-Feb-1926      Not Recorded
Hanley, Flora                  Smith, Oscar             20-Sep-1919     Not Recorded
Hannel, Anna E.                Jones, Andrew            6-May-1911      Town of Shandaken
Hansche, Julia A.              Brown, George            5-Dec-1913      Town of Plattekill
Hardt, Katharine L.            Brown, Edmund L.         9-Nov-1910      City of Kingston
Harmer, Lilian P.              Smith, William R.        28-Apr-1926     Not Recorded
Hartelus, Ethal                Smith, Howard A.         8-Jun-1921      Not Recorded
Hasenflue, Jennie              Smith, Harry             1-Jan-1935      Town of Marbletown
Haver, Margaret A.             Jones, Edward A.         20-May-1922     Not Recorded
Hawlalan, Ann M.               Smith, Bernard T.        26-Oct-1929     Town of Hurley
Hayharsh, Hattie               Brown, Chester           24-Nov-1911     Town of Wawarsing
Hellen, Edith C.               Smith, Fred R.           4-Aug-1924      Not Recorded
Hoff, Nora M.                  Bliss, Russell S.        22-Nov-1917     Not Recorded
Hollstein, Cora L.             Smith, Albert E.         1-Aug-1917      Not Recorded
Hooper, Mary E.                Smith, Elmer             15-Jul-1912    Village of Saugerties
Hoornbeck, Blanche E.          Smith, John              26-Dec-1911     Town of Wawarsing
Hornbeck, Georgia              Brown, Wilbur            24-Sep-1916     Not Recorded
Hornbeck, Martha               Smith, George            25-Apr-1928     Town of Marbletown
Hornbeck, Viola F.             Brown, Walter M.         8-Dec-1919      Not Recorded
Horton, Sarah L.               Parker, Reginald S.      24-Sep-1927     City of Kingston
Howard, Mary A.                Brown, Lawrence F.       5-Mar-1915      Town of Woodstock
Huber, Marie Veronica          Brown, Joseph Francis    28-Jan-1926     Not Recorded
Hyms, Pearl E.                 Smith, Harry E.          21-Mar-1927     Town of Lloyd
Irwin, Arlene N.               Smith, Arthur K.         7-Sep-1914      Town of Wawarsing
Jacobs, Mary E.                Smith, Arthur            24-Mar-1910     Town of Wawarsing
Jocelyn, Helen C.              Smith, William L.        28-Jan-1929     Town of Shandaken
Johnson, Edith B.              Smith, Henry W.          9-Mar-1920      Not Recorded
Johnson, Estella               Brown, William           31-Jan-1930     Town of Saugerties
Johnston, Claudia M.           Jones, La Vernie R.      22-Jul-1909     Town of Woodstock
Jones, Ellen M.                Brown, Oscar             13-Dec-1918     Not Recorded
Joseph, Theresa D.             Smith, Walter D.         17-Dec-1910     Town of Marbletown
Kaiser, Ida                    Smith, Mongomery         30-Jun-1908     Town of New Paltz
Keiffer, Gussie J.             Bliss, Franklin          6-Oct-1920      Not Recorded
Keith, Mattie                  Smith, Henry             23-Aug-1929     City of Kingston
Keller, Anna M.                Smith, William H.        7-Jan-1928      Town of Saugerties
Kelley, Marguerite E.          Jones, William           7-Jun-1909      Town of Ulster
Kelly, Helen C.                Smith, Leslie H.         12-Aug-1920     Not Recorded
Keogan, Rada, Kingston         Smith, Raymond           26-Jul-1916     Not Recorded
Keyser, Cora                   Smith, Ernest L.         16-Mar-1911     City of Kingston
Kidd, Ruth                     Smith, David             24-Sep-1934     City of Kingston
Kimble, Emma J.                Brown, Howard            21-Oct-1931     Town of Saugerties
Kish, Bilma Susie              Smith, George            27-Jul-1933     Town of Ulster
Klopzek, Elizabetta            Smith, Walter J.         18-Oct-1928     City of Kingston
Knapp, Alice M.                Smith, John M.           16-Oct-1909     Town of Hardenburgh
Knapp, Blanch                  Smith, Frank J.          9-May-1914      Town of Shandaken
Krom, Alfretta                 Brown, Harold            28-Apr-1913     Town of Rosendale
Krom, Vinnie A.                Smith, Edwin B.          17-Sep-1916     Not Recorded
Kruger, Florence H.            Smith, Arthur B.         10-Oct-1927     City of Kingston
Lambert, M. Pauline            Smith, Eckert A.         24-Jun-1919     Not Recorded
Lane, Hylha F.                 Smith, Raymond           20-Jan-1919     Not Recorded
LaValley, Marie I.             Smith, David George, Jr. 6-Oct-1923      Not Recorded
Lawless, Mary A.               Brown, Frederick         22-Nov-1917     Not Recorded
Lawrence, Edna W.              Parker, Chas. R.         8-Oct-1921      Not Recorded
Lefever, Matilda S.            Brown, Geo. D.           22-Jun-1912     Town of Wawarsing
Leipold, Anna E.               Jones, Howard E.         24-May-1912     Town of Wawarsing
Lewis, Grace B.                Smith, Harry             7-Apr-1917      Not Recorded
Liefer, Hattie L.              Smith, Ernest            20-May-1916     Not Recorded
Lowe, Ella M.                  Smith, William H.        12-Jan-1918     Not Recorded
Lown, Minnie R.                Smith, Virgil            13-Feb-1931     City of Kingston
Lynch, Elizabeth H.            Smith, Grover C.         2-May-1908      Town of Rochester
Mach, Mildred V.               Smith, Harold            20-Aug-1928     Town of Marbletown
Mack, Minnie                   Smith, William C.        21-Mar-1921     Not Recorded
Madden, Lulu                   Smith, Marcus            25-Sep-1926     Town of Kingston
Main, Fannie R.                Smith, Clifford L.       14-Jul-1930     City of Kingston
Marcotte, Anna A.              Smith, Daniel W.         29-Sep-1922     Not Recorded
Marian, Anna                   Brown, Louis             31-Oct-1931     Town of Marlborough
Markle, Elizabeth              Smith, Joseph L.         27-Oct-1921     Not Recorded
Markle, Ethel B.               Smith, Byron             25-Jan-1909     Town of Olive
Markle, Pearl C.               Smith, Ransom            7-Feb-1914      Town of Marbletown
Marnseglia, Paula              Jones, Francis X.        21-Jul-1932     City of Kingston
Marshall, Sarah                Brown, Walter            15-Jul-1926     City of Kingston
Matthews, Florence E.          Smith, Charles           11-Jan-1930     Town of Marlborough
Matthews, Marion R.            Smith, Edward E.         22-Nov-1909     Town of Rosendale
Maxwell, Isabel                Smith, Frederick C.      12-Sep-1923     Not Recorded
Mc Donald, Ethel               Smith, Irving            21-Oct-1919     Not Recorded
Mc Neirney, Stella A.          Smith, Arthur J.         21-Jun-1920     Not Recorded
McNamara, Angela D.            Smith, John C.           29-May-1928     City of Kingston
Mead, Paulina A.               Jones, Theodore M.       29-Dec-1911     Town of Lloyd
Mericle, Charlotte             Smith, W. Scott          14-Apr-1930     City of Kingston
Merrihew, Susan                Smith, Paul S.           22-Sep-1920     Not Recorded
Merritt, May Ella              Smith, Godfrey           25-Oct-1921     Not Recorded
Meyerholz, Agnes               Smith, Oscar M.          31-Mar-1923     Not Recorded
Miers, Helen J.                Smith, LeRoy J.          7-May-1931      City of Kingston
Miller, Vivian F.              Smith, Leo S.            23-Jun-1927     City of Kingston
Millspaugh, Helen M.           Smith, Fred A.           19-Jun-1917     Not Recorded
Millspaugh, Sarah F.           Parker, Emery            28-Nov-1908     Town of Wawarsing
Miner, Jane Louise             Smith, Alfred M.         7-Jul-1922      Not Recorded
Moore, Harriet M.              Brown, Floyd C.          21-Aug-1922     Not Recorded
Mortz, Esther                  Smith, John K.           26-Nov-1914     Town of Ulster
Mower, Eva                     Smith, Alexander         1-Dec-1928      Town of Saugerties
Mularski, Rose                 Brown, Anthony           14-Jun-1913     City of Kingston
Munroe, Julia R.               Jones, Herman R.         11-Oct-1930     Town of Shandaken
Murphey, Frances               Smith, Kenneth S.        3-Mar-1932      Town of Wawarsing
Murray, Margaret A.            Brown, Russell A.        27-Aug-1921     Not Recorded
Myer, Florence                 Smith, Charles T.        6-Jun-1908      Town of Woodstock
Myer, Mrs Mary E.              Jones, Wm. Henry         5-Jun-1911      City of Kingston
Myers, Jessie M.               Brown, David Geo.        12-Jun-1911     City of Kingston
Newkirk, Jennie E.             Jones, William F.        8-Dec-1913      Town of Saugerties
Newman, Florence R.            Brown, Edwin C.          18-Feb-1924     Not Recorded
North, Ella J.                 Brown, Fred W.           30-Apr-1912     Town of Marbletown
Odell, Frances I.              Smith, Edward H.         13-Nov-1915     Not Recorded
Oliver, Amelia                 Brown, Ishmeel           19-Jun-1911     Town of Wawarsing
O'Marra, Mary A.               Brown, John P.           25-Apr-1931     City of Kingston
Osterhoudt, Marie              Smith, Guernsey          26-Sep-1925     Not Recorded
Osterhoudt, Mildred            Smith, Walter G.         11-Dec-1930     Town of Wawarsing
Osterhoudt, Myrtle             Smith, Vernon            26-Mar-1917     Not Recorded
Otis, Myrtle                   Smith, Joseph            11-Oct-1920     Not Recorded
Palen, Annie M.                Smith, Walter G.         13-Mar-1908     Town of New Paltz
Palen, Leah                    Jones, Marion            13-Sep-1927     Town of Olive
Parker, Adelaide E.            Parker, Edwin            9-Aug-1922      Not Recorded
Pengelly, Margaret E.          Jones, Roscoe W.         13-Jun-1930     City of Kingston
Perkins, Hazel M.              Brown, Edorus            28-Dec-1921     Not Recorded
Peterson, Edith                Brown, Irving            7-Jun-1917      Not Recorded
Peterson, Elizabeth            Brown (?), Fred F.       20-Apr-1915     Not Recorded
Peterson, Sigrid               Brown, Bruce             17-Feb-1930     City of Kingston
Plouski, Valarie               Smith, Woodrow           21-Mar-1935     Town of Marbletown
Pole, Ester Ruth               Jones, John Arthur       1-Feb-1930      Town of New Paltz
Porter, Julia                  Bliss, Louis Edward      31-May-1911     Town of Wawarsing
Post, Ada                      Smith, Charles           24-Jul-1926     Town of Ulster
Post, Elmina                   Smith, Leslie            26-Aug-1916     Not Recorded
Post, Minnie                   Parker, Charles          4-Apr-1910      Town of Ulster
Powell, Lilian G.              Smith, Theodore E.       19-Nov-1927     Town of Esopus
Rappaport, Estella             Smith, George            7-Nov-1932      Town of Wawarsing
Reed, Lucy M.                  Smith, Maben R.          8-Apr-1920      Not Recorded
Reynolds, Violet A.            Smith, Nelson R. Jr.     8-Jun-1923      Not Recorded
Rhodes, Helen                  Brown, Adell (?)         3-Nov-1926      Town of Marlborough
Ricketson, Julia               Smith, Harold W.         3-Jul-1914      Town of Saugerties
Rider, Edna M.                 Parker, William A.       16-Dec-1933     Town of New Paltz
Rightruyer, Mabel E.           Smith, Joseph A.         1-Feb-1909      Town of Saugerties
Riley, Vera P.                 Smith, James C.          24-Sep-1930     Town of Shandaken
Rirsenberger, Mary C.          Smith, George L.         1-Jun-1914      Town of Rosendale
Roberts, Sarah E.              Jones, Mervale C.        14-Aug-1930     Town of Shandaken
Robinson, Fanny M.             Parker, Raymond S.       31-Jul-1923     Not Recorded
Robinson, Martha               Jones, Dellie            1-Aug-1911      Town of New Paltz
Rode, Carrie L.                Smith, Mahlin            25-Mar-1926     Not Recorded
Rogers, Sarah                  Smith, Harvey J.         19-Jun-1916     Not Recorded
Ronk, Ethel A.                 Smith, Walter            3-Oct-1912      Town of Plattekill
Rose, Alice                    Smith, Charles A.        10-Nov-1919     Not Recorded
Rose, Mary                     Smith, John              30-Dec-1915     Not Recorded
Ross, Ellen                    Smith, Otto Jr.          20-Feb-1914     City of Kingston
Rowe, Emily E.                 Brown, Joseph F.         2-Apr-1919      Not Recorded
Ryan, Margaret                 Smith, Robert M.         11-Nov-1932     Town of Esopus
Sanford, Grace                 Smith, Robert B.         24-Dec-1917     Not Recorded
Sass, Hedwig                   Smith, Claude            30-Apr-1924     Not Recorded
Schemerhorn, Anna              Smith, Hamilton J.E.     28-Mar-1914     City of Kingston
Schonger, Edna M.              Smith, Irving            22-Jul-1916     Not Recorded
Schoonmaker, Emily             Smith, Charles E.        8-Jun-1917      Not Recorded
Schoonmaker, Hilda B.          Smith, Everett L.        20-Dec-1924     Not Recorded
Schoonmaker, Josephine S.      Jones, William           18-Dec-1916     Not Recorded
Schoonmaker, Mary              Smith, John H.           8-Aug-1922      Not Recorded
Schreibier, Anna R.            Smith, Edward D.         1-Feb-1923      Not Recorded
Schwart, Stella                Smith, Merchant          5-Sep-1911      City of Kingston
Scully, Katherine              Brown, Louis             11-Feb-1923     Not Recorded
Sherman, Jennie                Smith, Ralph J.          24-Dec-1908     Town of Rochester
Shook, Agnes                   Smith, Frederick Bently  17-Jun-1926     Not Recorded
Siars, Adeline                 Smith, James L.          17-Dec-1932     Town of Marlborough
Sickler, Agnes N.              Smith, Fred R.           10-Jul-1920     Not Recorded
Sites, Emma W.                 Brown, Thomas L.         9-Dec-1914      City of Kingston
Slade, Margaret A.             Smith, Charles           30-Aug-1919     Not Recorded
Slater, Gracie E.              Smith, Scott             15-Apr-1910     Town of Ulster
Slater, Myrtle B.              Brown, George W. Jr.     29-Sep-1919     Not Recorded
Smith, Blanche J.              Smith, Henry A.          21-Nov-1932     Town of Wawarsing
Smith, Carrie                  Smith, Harry J.          20-May-1920     Not Recorded
Smith, Elizabeth               Smith, Tom A.            17-Feb-1918     Not Recorded
Smith, Iona                    Smith, Kenneth           28-Nov-1931     Town of Wawarsing
Smith, Irma                    Smith, Leander           29-Apr-1931     Town of Wawarsing
Smith, Loretta M.              Smith, Alvie J.          17-Jan-1920     Not Recorded
Smith, Mamie                   Smith, Peter             20-Mar-1915     Town of Rochester
Smith, Margaret M.             Brown, Frank             9-Nov-1914      City of Kingston
Spenar, Marian R.              Smith, Philip M.         24-Aug-1914     City of Kingston
Spray, Emily                   Brown, Charles V.        26-Mar-1909     City of Kingston
Stadler, Emma Marie            Smith, Francis           15-Sep-1933     City of Kingston
Staples, Helen                 Smith, Nelson Monroe     19-Dec-1928     Town of Marlborough
Steele, Leola C.               Brown, William P.        25-Jul-1927     City of Kingston
Steigerwald, Josephine A.      Smith, John J.           10-Aug-1928     Town of Esopus
Stephens, Ozella               Smith, Kenneth           31-Aug-1933     Town of Wawarsing
Stewart, Louise                Smith, Fred              1/11/1916       Not Recorded
Stewart, Nina B.               Brown, Francis L.        21-Nov-1931     Town of Saugerties
Stoddard, Pearl                Bliss, Franklin          9-Feb-1918      Not Recorded
Stokes, Edna M.                Jones, Ralph             10-Apr-1917     Not Recorded
Stokes, Florence               Smith, Ira               11-Feb-1914     Town of Rosendale
Stokes, Nellie J.              Smith, Peter             21-Nov-1932     Town of Rosendale
Sutton, Ellen J.               Parker, George C.        7-Sep-1927      City of Kingston
Sutton, Helen                  Smith, Foughram          26-Oct-1926     Town of New Paltz
Suydan, Gertrude               Smith, Elauin Douglas    14-Sep-1909     City of Kingston
Tears, Minnie                  Smith, Edwin B.          24-Nov-1922     Not Recorded
Teller, Sarah Elizabeth        Brown, Stephen           29-May-1920     Not Recorded
Terwilliger, Agnes R.          Smith, Fred W.           18-Apr-1908     Town of Kingston
Terwilliger, Florence          Brown, Raymond           30-Oct-1920     Not Recorded
Terwilliger, Rosa              Smith, William A.        14-Apr-1923     Not Recorded
Thompson, Emily                Smith, Leo H.            23-Nov-1918     Not Recorded
Tidguist, Gertie J.            Smith, Irving S.         25-Jun-1926     Not Recorded
Tinsley, Madeline              Smith, Howard E.         16-May-1925     Not Recorded
Titus, Elnor M.                Smith, Arnold H.         25-Jun-1921     Not Recorded
Toole, Hazel M.                Smith, Russel F.         24-Sep-1921     Not Recorded
Townsend, Mary T.              Jones, Frank S.          22-Dec-1931     Town of Shandaken
Tucker, Albertine              Andrews, Harvey Burnett  9-Aug-1929      Town of Shawangunk
Turner, Beatrice               Brown, William           16-Oct-1931     City of Kingston
Turner, Jenne M.               Smith, Robert M.         9-Jul-1921      Not Recorded
Uhre, Marie Clara              Brown, Peter             5-Jul-1934      Town of Rosendale
Upright, Louis May             Andrews, George S.       9-Mar-1910      Town of Shawangunk
Van Carolyn, Carrie May        Smith, Harold            29-Apr-1925     Not Recorded
Van Gorder, Ethel N.           Smith, John A.           28-Feb-1918     Not Recorded
Van Kleeck, Myrtle             Smith, Ivan M.           3-Jul-1925      Not Recorded
VanAken, Ethel                 Jones, Stewart A.        8-Nov-1916      Not Recorded
VanAken, Myrtle A.             Brown, George            8-Apr-1924      Not Recorded
VanEtten, Alia                 Smith, Harry W.          1-Feb-1913      Town of Rochester
VanGaasbeck, Mildred           Jones, Raymond           4-Sep-1931      City of Kingston
VanKleek, Dorothy E.           Smith, Earl E.           12-Jun-1930     City of Kingston
VanSteenberg, Katherine        Smith, J. Myer           26-Dec-1916     Not Recorded
Vernooy, Mary E.               Andrews, Francis D.      19-Apr-1914     Town of Wawarsing
Volke, Rozella H.              Smith, Charles           10-Sep-1914     City of Kingston
Vredenburgh, Ruth              Smith, James             21-Jan-1929     City of Kingston
Vreeland, Jennie J.            Smith, Orlin R.          20-May-1928     Town of Woodstock
Wager, Ethel                   Brown, Ross              6-Jun-1919      Not Recorded
Ward, Helen                    Smith, Philip D.         22-Aug-1917     Not Recorded
Warden, May                    Jones, Harry             12-Dec-1918     Not Recorded
Watts, Ruth E.                 Smith, George H.         5-Mar-1928      City of Kingston
Webb, Florence                 Smith, Theodore B.       20-Aug-1927     Town of New Paltz
Weber, Harriet A.              Smith, Richard L.        9-Jun-1920      Not Recorded
Weber, Mary A.                 Brown, Adam J.           21-Jan-1911     City of Kingston
Weid, Lilian                   Smith, Floyd             31-Aug-1929     Town of Shawangunk
Weiss, Josephine E.            Smith, Ernest G.         31-Jan-1913     City of Kingston
Wheeler, Marion E.             Smith, Clayton R.        26-Jun-1918     Not Recorded
Whispel, Ada M.                Jones, Scott C.          19-Jun-1909     Town of Woodstock
White, Beatrice W.             Smith, Grover            5-Apr-1917      Not Recorded
Whittle, Leah                  Jones, Bert W.           5-Dec-1914      Town of Hurley
Wieber, Matilda                Jones, Charles B.        26-Apr-1913     City of Kingston
Wiggins, Iva                   Smith, Isaac             19-Mar-1918     Not Recorded
Wilklow, Carrie                Smith, John D.           21-Nov-1921     Not Recorded
Williams, Annabel R.           Smith, Vernon R.         11-Mar-1926     Not Recorded
Williams, M. Edna              Andrews, Wallace J.      27-Jun-1911     City of Kingston
Winchell, Emma                 Smith, Charles           21-Nov-1917     Not Recorded
Winfield, Caroline Sahler      Smith Jr., John Robert   11-Dec-1912     Town of Esopus
Winfield, Pearl A.             Jones, Percy S.          7-Aug-1919      Not Recorded
Winnie, Evelyn                 Smith, Egbert(?)         3-Dec-1909      Town of Esopus
Winnie, Helen                  Smith, Beecker           10-Apr-1934     Town of Shandaken
Wolf, Dorothea                 Smith, Albert H.         8-Dec-1916      Not Recorded
Wright, Evelyn                 Smith, Selah             15-Jan-1931     Town of Wawarsing
Young, Susie                   Brown, Frank L.          10-May-1910     Town of Saugerties
Young, Viola M.                Brown, William           22-Mar-1919     Not Recorded
Zellner, Margaret D.           Smith, Thomas J.         31-Mar-1920     Not Recorded
Zweifel, Eva                   Smith, Ralph             20-Mar-1912     Town of Wawarsing
Zwiefel, Helen                 Smith, Stanley W.        12-Nov-1921     Not Recorded

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