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New York Times Obituaries and News Articles Index
Compiled by Diane McClay.
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February 16, 1929
ABRAHAMS Dora   15-Feb-1929   DN. Mother of Florence Folgman, Sadye, Martha, Albert, Tony. Funeral, Feb. 18.
ADDISON Charles L. 13-Feb-1929   DN. Funeral, Feb. 17, at St. Thomas Episcopal Ch., in N. Y. City. Burial in Reading, PA.
ANNESS Frederick F. 15-Feb-1929 68 DN. Died at his home in Woodbridge, N. J. Funeral on Feb. 17, at his home.
ANNESS Frederick F. 15-Feb-1929 68 NEWS. Woodbridge, N. J. President of Anness Hollow Tile Corporation. Spouse-Estelle Poole.
ARONSON Henry   15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Bertha. Father of Gussie Gottlieb. Funeral on Feb. 17, in Brooklyn
BANCROFT Emma   15-Feb-1929 80 NEWS. Wilmington, Delaware. Spouse-Will P. Bancoft. Died at her home in Rockford.
BANFIELD Selina   15-Feb-1929   DN. Died at Upper Montclair, N. J. Mother of Mrs. E. R. Augustin. Funeral on Feb. 18.
BANNARD Otto T. 15-Jan-1929   NEWS. New Haven. Funeral service will be Feb. 21, in Battell Chapel  Yale alumnus.
BEATTLE A. C. 14-Feb-1929   NEWS. Cincinnati. President of the Beattle Electrical Company. Director of Cin. Rotary Club.
BOUDREAU Edna   14-Feb-1929   DN. Maiden name-Wilcke. Spouse-William Boudreau. Funeral on Feb. 17.
BRIGDEN George B. 14-Feb-1929 86 DN. Dr. Died at Newark, N. J. Funeral on Feb. 17, at home of son, Everard, in Newark.
BUEHLER Marie L. 15-Feb-1929   DN. Mother of Marion Buehler. Funeral on Feb. 17, in Tottenville, S. I..
CAMPBELL Malcolm   15-Feb-1929   DN. Died in Florida. Spouse-Sarah Hart. Son of John L. Campbell and Margaret Cunningham.
CARTER S. S. 15-Feb-1929 75 NEWS. Atlanta, GA. Nicknamed- "Dank". Land owner, and president of  Lu Lu Bank.
CLARK Herman A. 15-Feb-1929   DN. Son of Issac and Helen Clark.  Funeral on Feb. 18, in Highland Mills, N. Y.
COHEN Morris   15-Feb-1929   DN. Funeral on Feb. 17, at 401 East 89th St.
COLEMAN Joseph G. 15-Feb-1929 81 NEWS. Chicago, IL. Father of Loring W. Coleman. His office was at Coleman Hardware Co.
COOPER Nora   15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-George H. Cooper. Funeral on Feb. 18, in N. Y. City.
CORNEILLE Mary A. 14-Feb-1929 55 DN. Funeral, Feb. 18, at All Saints Church, in Richmond Hill. Burial, Grace Ch yard, Jamaica.
CORY Enos W. 14-Feb-1929 48 DN. Spouse-Freida Snares. Funeral on Feb. 18, at Stephen Merritt Funeral Chapel.
CURTIS Fayette S. 15-Feb-1929 85 NEWS. Boston. Born on Dec. 16, 1843, at Oswego, N. Y. Died at his home in Jamaica Plain.
DALGLIESH Alice   13-Feb-1929   DN. Reposing at Stephen Merritt's Funeral Chapel, until Feb. 16.
DEXTER Amy   15-Feb-1929   DN. Maiden name-Griffin. Spouse-Thomas Dexter. Her home was at 391 8th St., in Brooklyn.
DUNN Michael   15-Feb-1929   NEWS. Paterson, N. J. Born in Newton, N. J. Father of James, Arthur, and Eugene, all lawyers.
ELLIS Jennie   15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-George A. Ellis. Mother of George A., and Grace Ellis. Funeral on Feb. 17.
ESSELN Mary   14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Nicholas Esseln. Funeral on Feb. 18. Burial, Mount Olivet Cemetery.
FANCHER Frances J. 15-Feb-1929 72 NEWS. New Canaan, Conn. Retired school teacher.She lived at 46 Maple Street, New Canaan.
FAULKNER Rosina   14-Feb-1929   DN. Aunt of Mrs. K. Shivell. Funeral on Feb. 17. Burial at Holy Cross Cemetery.
FISHER Alfred J. 15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Clara. Father of Melanie. Brother of Henrietta Scharles, and Melanie Deutsch.
FLINT Annie   14-Feb-1929   DN. Daughter of James and Sarah Bard. Funeral on Feb. 16, in Pleasantville, N. Y.
FOLGER John A. 14-Feb-1929 62 DN. Spouse-Minnie Zierl. Died at his home in Rockville Centre. Funeral on Feb. 17.
FOREMAN Harry S. 14-Feb-1929   DN. Funeral on Feb. 16, at Bunnell Funeral Home. His home was at 720 W. 181st. St.
FRIEDLER Bertha   15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Dr. Julius L. Friedler. Funeral, Feb. 17, at her home, at 59 E. 73rd St.
FRIEDRICHS Ellen   15-Feb-1929 90 DN. Spouse-Robert Friedrichs. Funeral on Feb. 18. Her home was at 406 W. 149th St.
GALVIN Catherine   14-Feb-1929 79 DN. Mother of Joseph Galvin. Funeral on Feb. 18. Burial in Calvary Cemetery.
GATES Frederick T. 6-Feb-1929   DN. Memorial service on Feb. 19, at First Congregational Ch., in Montclair, N. J.
GROENKE Emilie   14-Feb-1929   DN. Maiden name-Schuneman. Spouse-William Groenke. Funeral, Feb. 17. Burial, Woodlawn.
GUTMAN Mordecal   15-Feb-1929 68 NEWS. Jassy. Chief Rabbi. Known in Rumania as a Talmudic scholar.
HARPER Walter S. 15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Elizabeth. Funeral on Feb. 16, at his home, in Flatbush.
HECK Beatrice   14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Johann Heck. Died at home of daughter, Mrs. Martin Jenter. Funeral on Feb. 16.
HELM John H. 15-Feb-1929 87 NEWS. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Educator.Retired Principal of the Boy's Academy at Blairstown.
HILL Wells L. 14-Feb-1929 70 NEWS. Athol, Mass. Owner and editor of the "Athol Transcript". At age of 11, was totally deaf.
HOAG Margaret E. 14-Feb-1929   DN. Daughter of Russell and Edith Hoag. Funeral on Feb. 17, in White Plains, N. Y.
HOCTER Robert P. 16-Feb-1924   MEMORIAL. "Loving memory of a devoted husband and father", by wife and children.
HUTKOFF Rachel       MEMORIAL. "In constant loving memory of my mother", by Bessie Goodman.  [No date]
HYMES Morris   14-Feb-1929   DN. Died at Kingston, N. Y. Spouse-Anna Cohen. Funeral on Feb. 17.
JAQUES Catherine   14-Feb-1929 72 DN. Died at Fanwood, N. J. Sister of Thomas and Joseph Bickerton. Funeral on Feb. 16.
JOHANN (Prince)   11-Feb-1929   NEWS. Vranov, Czech. Prince Johann, the 2nd, of  Liechtenstein buried on Feb. 15.
KELAHER Mary   15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Peter. Requiem mass, Feb. 18, at Roman Catholic Ch. of Our Lady of Victory.
KENNEY Margaret   14-Feb-1929   DN. Mother of Harriette Kenney. Funeral on Feb. 17, at St. Michael's Episcopal Church.
KINGSLEY Walter J. 14-Feb-1929   DN. Funeral on Feb. 16, at August Eickelberg's Parlors.
KINGSLEY Walter J. 14-Feb-1929   FUNERAL services to be held Feb. 16, at August Eickelberg's Funeral Parlors. Cremated.
KLEIN Minnie   15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Emil. Funeral on Feb. 17, in Brooklyn. Burial at Mount Judah Cemetery.
KLOTZ Dolores   16-Feb-1927   MEMORIAL. "In loving memory of a devoted wife, and beloved mother", by Otto and daughter.
LANGTRY Lily   12-Feb-1929   NEWS. Monte Carlo. Actress. Her body to sent to her birthplace of Isle of Jersey, for burial.
LARZELERE Leigh R. 15-Feb-1929 64 NEWS San Francisco, CA. President of the commission firm of L. R. Larzelere & Co.
LEE Craig H. 14-Feb-1929 6 DN. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Lee. Funeral on Feb. 16, in Detroit, Michigan.
LEVI Charles   15-Feb-1929   DN. Brother of Simon, Hannah, Emma, Hermine, and Julia Levi. Funeral, Feb. 17.
LEVY Louis   15-Feb-1929 70 DN. Spouse-Fannie. Died at his home in Bronx. Funeral, Feb. 17, at Riverside Memorial Chapel.
LEVY Rose   14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Leopold. Funeral on Feb. 17. Burial at Mount Carmel Cemetery.
LITTAUER Eugene   13-Feb-1929   FUNERAL services held Feb. 15, at home of his brother, Lucius N. Littauer. Burial, Salem Fields.
LOCKWOOD John S. 15-Feb-1929 34 DN. Died at his home in Rockville Centre, L. I.  Burial on Feb. 17, in Woodbridge, N. J.
LOCKWOOD John S. 15-Feb-1929 34 NEWS. Rockville Centre, L. I. Death was from pneumonia. Funeral on Feb. 16, at his home.
LOWE Ellen   14-Feb-1929   DN. Died at her home in Morristown, N. J. Spouse-Thomas. Burial at Madison, N. J.
LUNNEY Hugh   14-Feb-1929   DN. Died at Washingtonville, N. Y. Son of Hugh De Lacey Lunney and Mary Breslin.
LYONS Charles J. 14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Katie Plump. Funeral on Feb. 18. Burial at Holy Cross Cemetery.
MALONE John J. 15-Feb-1929 53 NEWS. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Manager of Poughkeepsie and Hudson district N. Y. Telephone Co.
MATTFELD Alfred H. 14-Feb-1929 59 DN. Son of John F. Mattfeld and Anna Koerner. Funeral on Feb. 16. Burial, Lutheran Cem.
MINDERMANN Herman   11-Feb-1929   DN. Died at Fort Myers, FL. Funeral on Feb. 17, at Mountain Lakes, N. J.
MOISSI Amelia   14-Feb-1929 86 Mother of Alexander Moissi, an European actor, who played in "Ghosts". She died in Vienna.
MURRAY George H. 13-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Marion Young. Funeral, Feb. 16, in Far Rockaway, L. I. Burial, Kensico Cem.
O'CONNELL William L. 14-Feb-1929   DN. Funeral on Feb. 16, at Honesdale, PA. Burial in Honesdale.
O'CONNOR Joanna   15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-John C. O'Connor. Died at her home in Jamaica Park, Jamaica, L. I.
OFFLEY William M. 15-Feb-1929 63 From 1912 to 1919, he was Chief of the Investigation Bureau of the Dept. of Justice in N. Y.
PARRELL Mary   14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Martin Parrell. Funeral on Feb. 18, at 306 E. 163d St. Burial at Calvary Cem.
PECK Charles H. 15-Feb-1929 66 NEWS. White Plains, N. Y. Attorney. Funeral on Feb. 17. Burial in Poughkeepsie.
PENNY Rufus E. 14-Feb-1929   NEWS. Bangor, Maine. Retired engineer with Maine Central Railroad. Died in Los Angeles.
PEYSER Augusta   14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Henry Peyser. Mother of Maurice, Dorothy, and Ethel. Funeral on Feb. 17.
PHILIPS Charles E. 14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Anna. Funeral on Feb. 16, at his home in Jamaica. Burial at Evergreen Cem.
PROWTIN John E. 13-Feb-1929 65 DN. Died at Douglaston, L. I. Funeral on Feb. 16, at his home, in Douglaston, L. I.
PUPKIN Bertha   15-Feb-1929 67 DN. Maiden name-Stern. Spouse-Joseph. Funeral on Feb. 17, in Brooklyn.
REIS Celia   15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Isidor. Mother of Samuel and Harry. Funeral on Feb. 17, in N. Y. City.
ROSE Flora   15-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-M. Rose. Mother of Charles M. Rose.Sister of Millie Steinfeld,  Henry Neuberger.
RUSSELL Elizabeth   14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-William H. C. Russell. Mother of T. Wilkinson and Violet May. Funeral on Feb. 16.
SCHADE Johanna   14-Feb-1929   DN. Funeral on Feb. 16, at Edward Gehlert & Son Funeral Home. Burial at Lutheran Cem.
SCHAPIRO Carl H. 15-Feb-1929 2 DN. Son of Saul Schapiro and Irene Moses. Funeral on Feb. 17, in Brooklyn.
SCHLOSSBERG Fannie   14-Feb-1929   DN. Mother of Mrs. R. Rothschild and Mrs. M. H. Hirschberger. Funeral on Feb. 17.
SCHNEIDER Albertina   15-Feb-1929   DN. Maiden name-Scommodau. Spouse-William. Funeral on Feb. 17, in Union City, N. J.
SCHWARTZ Eugene P. 14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Rose. Died at his home, at 251 W. 92nd St. Funeral on Feb. 17.  [4 D. N.'s]
SCHWARTZ Pauline   14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Mendel.  Died at her home, at 500 W. 111th St. Funeral on Feb. 17.
SEMPLE Alexander   16-Feb-1923   MEMORIAL. "In fond and loving memory", by Julia Scott Semple.
SHAPIRO Harold A. 14-Feb-1929 17 DN. Son of David and Minnie. Funeral on Feb. 17, in Bronx. Burial in Mount Hebron Cem.
SNEUDAIBA Harry J. 16-Feb-1919   MEMORIAL. "In cherished remembrance of a beloved brother."
STERNEFELD Babette   14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Samuel. Funeral on Feb. 17, at her home, at 601 W. 190th St.
STONE Melville E. 15-Feb-1929 80 DN. Son of Elijah and Sophia. Spouse-Martha Stone.
STUART Charles B. 14-Feb-1929   DN. Died in route to Bermuda.
STUART Charles B. 14-Feb-1929   Died on steamship, "Avon", after it sailed for Bermuda.  Former Yale football player, as "Buck"..
TIBBETTS Martha   15-Feb-1929   DN. Mother of Richard, Bessie, Harry and Durand. Funeral, Feb. 17. Burial at Jersey City Cem.
TOFFTEEN Olaf A. 15-Feb-1929 65 NEWS. Chicago, IL  Educator, author. Came to U. S., in 1888, from his birthplace of Sweden. 
TUCKER George F. 14-Feb-1929 77 NEWS. New Bedford, Mass. Lawyer and author. Died at his home in Middleboro. Spouse-Effie.
UHLFELDER Morris   14-Feb-1929   DN. Spouse-Mary Shiells. Funeral on Feb. 17, at Riverside Memorial Chapel.
VAN NEST Frank R. 14-Feb-1929   DN. Died at his home, at 285 Central Park W., in N. Y. City.  Funeral on Feb. 18. [3 D. N's]
VOGT Carl   14-Feb-1929   DN. Funeral on Feb. 16, at Fairchild Chapel, in Jamaica.  Burial at Greenwood Cemetery.
VON DEHSEN Charles H. 13-Feb-1929   DN. Regrets from The Lutheran Society, by president, John Meyer.. 
WHEELER Harriet   15-Feb-1929 102 NEWS. Tecumseh, Mich. Born on Jan 16, 1827. Member of Woman's Christian Temp.Union.
WILLIAMS John N. 15-Feb-1929 88 NEWS. Bethel, Conn. Inventor. Trainer of racing horses. Drove with "Pop"Geers, "Bud" Dobel. - - - - Marriage Search Engines