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Miscellaneous Columbiana County, Ohio Obituaries - 1998

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Ruth Ann Allen, 50, of Chester, died April 30.

Eileen L. Keller Crook, 78, of Follansbee, W.Va., died May 1.

Mack R. Welling, 76, of East Liverpool died April 30.

William U. Hoeffler Jr., 53, of East Liverpool died April 30. 

Richard A. Pittman, 52, of Liberty Township, Ohio, died

Dorothy E. Glover, 77, of LaCroft died May 3. 

Mabel G. Barnhart Weaver, 83, of East Liverpool died May 2.

Heinz Gunther Ziehm, 69, of Lisbon died May 2.

Patience Rose Neeley, 7 months, of Toronto died May 2.

Orpah Spaite Smith, 93, of Columbiana died May 3.

Majel Marie Frail, 82, of East Liverpool died May 3.

Elizabeth `Betty' Knepper, 89, of Jenks, Okla., formerly of Wellsville, died April 22.

Shirley June Bechtol, 76, of East Liverpool died May 3.

Charles M. Zack Jr., 73, of Hookstown died May 3.

Arthur `Popeye' Waggonner, 81, of Toronto died May 4.

Anthony Mathew Pepe, 8, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, died May 1.

Benjamin H. Campbell, 76, of Lisbon died May 5.

Evelyn M. Bibbee, 81, of East Liverpool died May 5.

Roberta `Bertie' Houchin, 89, of East Liverpool died May 5.

Paul `Mousie' Baker, 69, of Eustis, Fla., died May 6.

William A. Ruby, 74, of Lisbon died May 6.

Oscar `Red' Six, 90, of Lisbon died May 6.

Charles Colvin, 81, of Lakeland, Fla., formerly of East Liverpool, died April 7.

Charles I. Gilbert, 77, of East Liverpool died May 6.

John H. Shamp, 73, of East Liverpool died May 6.

James Hall, 74, of Morton, Ill., died May 4.

Ethel V. Medaris, 78, of Chester

Myrtle Longenecker, 73, of Canton

Charles Linn Troop, 91, of New Cumberland

Wyatt John Reed, infant, of Lisbon

Gayle McCoy Powell, 63, of Long Beach, Calif.

Lloyd E. `Red' Householder, 78, of Wellsville

C. Katherine Wright Morris, 85, of Chester

Helen Jean Cochran, 58, of New Matamorus, Ohio

Fredrick D. Hopper, 76, of Gainesville, Ga.

Joan Evelyn Mansfield, 66, of East Palestine

Della E. Herrington, 81, of East Palestine

Theo I. Parks, 66, of Toronto

Robert J. Caniff, 69, of Toronto

Mary E. Hupp, 76, of Midland

Elizabeth Mader, 96, of Chester

Martha Joy Allison, 55, of Chester

Alice McFarland, 86, of Wellsville

Theo Parks, 66, of Toronto

Dean Rex Stroud, 69, of Jacksonville, Fla.

Charles Roy Mellott Sr., 72, of Salineville

Everett E. O'Dell, 98, of Wooster

Rose Ann Scelp Gettings, 91, of Euclid

Almeda Potts, 89, of East Liverpool

John Russell Stevenson, 87, of Wellsville

Mable A. Miller, 62, of East Liverpool

Wanda Lee Bentley, 38, of Toronto

Elinor Schneidmiller, 75, of East Liverpool

Father Joseph S. Beller, 68, of Wellsville

Anna B. Daugherty, 68, of Calcutta

Fusae Nakayamada Wiegand of East Liverpool

Nellie I. Smith, 76, of Chester

William W. Smith, 56, of Wellsville

Lois J. Curran, 57, of Rogers

Charles A. `Chuck' Maloney, 76, of East Liverpool

Carolyn J. `Jaber' Byers, 63, of Toronto

Hank Pethel, 72, of Wellsville

Mildred Milka Lona, 81, of Midland

Donna M. Lipp, 78, of East Palestine

Ronald S. Kress, 59, of Lisbon

Nellie Smith, 76, of Chester

William W. Smith, 56, of Wellsville

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