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Name, month & day of death; age; place of death/residence; marital status and place of birth.

COLTER, Philip, July 25; 52 yrs; Bellefontaine; married; Ireland

DETRICK, Peter, July 24; 69y 9m 15d; Union Twp.; married; VA

EMERY, Eliza, Sept. 21; 50 yrs; Harrison Twp.; married; PA

HAMMER, Hulda, Aug. 3; 66y 6m; Quincy, widow; Logan Co.

HULL, William, Sept. 13; 50 yrs; Logan Co.; married; not listed

McCOLLOCH, Samuel, Sept. 12; 54 yrs; Rush Creek Twp.; married; Jefferson Twp.

NEER, Adam, Sept. 22; 52 yrs; Logan County; married; not listed

NEER, Martin, July 6; 64y 3m; Quincy; married; not listed

PRATT, John, August 3; 84y 3m 12d; Rush Creek Twp.; married; not listed

ROSS, Almina, August 14; 51y 1m 11d; Liberty Twp.; single Fayette Co., PA

ROBUCK, Naomi, Sept. 25; 75 yrs; Richland Twp.; married; KY

WAIT, Almida, August 16; 52y 5m; Bellefontaine; married; NY

WILLIAMS, N., Sept. 27; 74y 6m 10d; Monroe Twp.; married; VA

HAINES, Auston, November 18; 59y 3m; Perry Twp.; married; NJ

CORNELIUS, Benjamin, December 31; 73y 3m 2d; West Liberty; married; NJ

CARLISLE, Archibald, November 25; 60 yrs; Stokes Twp.; married; Stokes Twp.

HOUBERT, Margaret, December 24; 69 yrs; Bellefontaine; widow; PA

HAINES, Samuel, October 28; 87 yrs; Jefferson Twp.; married; VA

HOOVER, John, October 21; 60 yrs; Stokes Twp.; married; OH

KNOWLES, Levi, December 27; 58y 8m 17d; Rush Creek Twp.; married; NJ

LEASE, Stephen, November 16; 88 yrs; Jefferson Twp.; married; PA

McDANIEL, William, October 26; 89 yrs; Monroe Twp.; widow; KY

SCOTT, Ann, October 4; 55 yrs; McArthur Twp.; widow; MD

SMITH, William, December 30; 77y 9m 14d; Monroe Twp.; married; Baltimore


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