(taken in 1859, children under 10 not listed here. No lists for Jefferson and Dixon Townships)
(after the name; will be age; sex; birth place; month of death; and marital status)
Yingling, John; 25; male; Ohio; July
Ferry, Julyann; 81; female; Maryland; September; widow
Phillips, Henry; 71; male; Virginia; June; married
Taylor, Jane; 32; female; Ohio; August; married
Gregg, Druzela; 53; female; Virginia; June; married
Gregg, Rhoda; 12; female; Ohio; October
Eslinger, Kaziah; 15; female; Ohio; July
Brown, Henry; 37; male; Maryland; September; married

Nearon, Mary; 73; female; KY; December; married
Clear, John J; 15; male; Ohio; March;
Robeson, Samuel H.; 56; male; Virginia; May; married
Edson, John; 82; male, Virginia; May; married
Clear, Elizabeth; 75; female; North Carolina; April; married
Jellison, Samuel; 69; male, Maine; September; widow
Akerman, Mary; 79; female; Kentucky; September; married
May, Martin; 26; male; Ohio; January
Shidler, Jacob; 82; male; Pennsylvania; July; widow
Campbell, Mary C.; 14; female; Ohio; September
Lockwood, Elizabeth; 31; female; Ohio; March; married
Minor, Rossalie; 17; female; Ohio; August
Minshall, Ellis; 54; male; Ohio; April; married
Riley, George; 27 male; ?; May
Cunningham, E.A.; 36; female; Ohio; December; married
Boner, Eveline; 59; female; Pennsylvania; August; married
Shaw, Nancy; 73; female; Kentucky; November; widow
Town, Susan; 58; female; Pennsylvania; June; married
Wagonery, Sarah; 31; female; Ohio; June; married

Fisher, Catharine; 41; female; Ohio; February;
Earley, Demariaus; 16; female; Ohio; June
Bunnell, Thos. J.; 49; male; Ohio; October; married
Black, Barbara; 77; female; Virginia; August; widow
Zitzer, Catharine; 67; female Switzerland; January; married
Rinehart, Mary; 67; female; Virginia; July; widow
Naeff, Abraham; 76; male, Pennsylvania; June; widow
Shideler, Henry b.; 19; male; Ohio; May
Reynolds, Isiah; 23; male; Ohio; September
Mikesell, Elizabeth; 14; female; Ohio; May
Kayler, Arthur; 24; male; Ohio; February; married

Kuchenbecker, Mary; 26; female; Ohio; August; married
Campbell, William; 67; male; Delaware; September; married
Kayler, Jacob; 61; male; Ohio; March; widow
Deniston, Seges; 57; female; Virginia; October; married
Kincaid, John; 75; male; Virginia; May; married
Cosbey, Rebecca; 34; female; Indiana; September; married
Davis, Currella; 12; female; Ohio; July
Jones, Wileber; 56; ?; South Carolina; February; married
Jones, Rachel; 81; female; North Carolina; November; widow
Bailey, William; 85; male; Pennsylvania; April
Wilkinson, Charles; 72; male; Virginia; May

Haynes, Barbara; 77; female; Virginia; September
Kindig, Francis; 16; male; Ohio; May
Brumbaugh, Franklin; 42; male; Ohio; February
Gephart, Jane; 33; female; Ohio; October; married
Campbell, Mary A; 22; female; Indiana; August; married
Berry, Manda; 28; female; Ohio; June; married
Swain, Elizabeth; 76; female; New York; July; widow
Lanier, Henry; 22; male; Ohio; June
McCord, Jane; 65; female; Pennsylvania; November; married

Kindal, Enoch; 29; male; New Jersey; September
McRacin, Samuel N.; 59; male; Kentucky; September
McQuiston, Archable; 54; male; South Carolina; October; married
Ridenhour, Lott; 16; male; Ohio; March
McQuiston, Eliza; 26; female; Indiana; September; married
Gillmore, Martha; 20; female; Ohio; July; married
Swan, Ann; 35; female; Indiana; April; married
Gard, Levi; 81; married; Pennsylvania; January; married
Foster, James; 21; married; Ohio; July
Jones, Ann; 16; female; Ohio; May

McDermit, Parney; 45; male; Ireland; January; married
Robertson, John; 55; male; Delaware; August; married
Heller, Elizabeth; 36; female; Virginia; March; married
Walker, C.C.; 61; male; New York; May; married
Barnett, Alex; 35; male; Ohio; September; married
McCristy, Levina; 34; female; Ohio; July; married
Kentworth, David; 47; male; Ohio; November; married
Young, Nancy; 24; female; Ohio; Arpil; married
Macey, John; 64; male; Virginia; July; married
Wilkins, Joseph; 14; malel Ohio; June

Shields, Margaret; 30; female; Ohio; October
Sowers, Mary; 59; female; Ohio; November
Peters, Susan; 36; female; Ohio; July
Wherley, Elizah; 21; female; Ohio; August
Ozias, Nancy; 25; female; Ohio; November
Wysong, Valentine; 83; male; Pennsylvania; July
Westerfield, Hannah E; 15; female; Ohio; February
Dans, Priscilla; 19; female; Ohio; June

Leas, Catharine; 72; female; Pennsylvania; October
Earhart, Catharine; 42; female; Pennsylvania; October
Witters, George W.; 26; male; Ohio; August
Bamthisel, Catherine; 93; female; Pennsylvania; May
Wright, William; 26; male; Ohio; April
Wright, Sarah; 17; female; Ohio; December
Homan, Peter; 66; male; Pennsylvania; January; married
Homan, Nelson; 22; male; Ohio; March
Cotterman, Randolph; 11; male; Ohio; November
Emmons, Ann; 22; female; Ohio; August
McGruy ?, James; 71; male; Pennsylvania; Arpil; married
Shellers, Catherine; 47; female; New Jersey; March; married
Etzler, Mary C.; 16; female; Ohio; September
Boyd, Joseph; 26; male; Ohio; May
Enoch, Jane; 81; female; Virginia; May
Patton, Wm. H.; 18; male; Pennsylvania; October
Phillips, Hezekiah; 69; male; Tennessee; August
Cox, Mary; 31; female; Ohio; July

Hapner, John; 53; male; Virginia; October
Horn, George L.; 14; male; Ohio; ?
Jellison, Sarah; 80; female; New Jersey; September
Richards, Susan E.; 32; female; Ohio; June
Wherley, Polly; 63; female; Virginia; February
Walker, Nancy; 45; female; Virginia; April
Judy, Margaret; 22; female; Ohio; July
McCown, Banner; 70; male; New Jersey; June
Shelly, Mary; 60; female; Virginia; July
Shuman, Allen; 14; male; Ohio; February
Denny, Rebecca Jane; 41; female; Ohio; January
Thompson, Robert; 56; male; Virginia; February
Bolens, Samuel H.; 24; male; Ohio; February
Reid, Margaret; 55; female; Virginia; August
Sparks, Nancy; 71; female; Maryland; May
Smith, Mary R.; 48; female; Pennsylvania; May
Hawley, Eri; 55; male; New York; November

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