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Miscellaneous Tuscarawas County, Ohio Obituary Extracts
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29 October 1898

MIZER, MRS. ELIZABETH- d. 24 Oct 1898; Daughter- Mrs. Simon Mizer.

10 January 1900

POCOCK, EDWIN S.- b. 1 Nov 1842 (Newcomerstown) d. 3 Jan 1900 age 57 yrs, 2mos & 2 days; Wife- Miss Samantha Frost, (2nd) Mrs. Jane Castner; Father- Elisha Pocock; Children- Mrs. Ira Gardner, son (died at age 11 yrs.); Sister- Mrs. Geo. Gardner, 2 brothers (names not listed).

17 January 1900

LITTLE, MRS. JENNIE (CRAMBLET)- d. 8 Jan 1900 (abt. 31 yrs.); Parents- Dallas & Harriet Cramblet; Husband- Jasper Little; One Daughter (name not listed).

24 January 1900

BURRIS, JEREMIAH- d. 28 Aug 1862; Civil War Soldier- remains finally brought home; Children- John A. Burris, G.W. Burris.

7 February 1900

MEEK, NATHAN- d. Feb. 1900 (72 yrs.); 

GIBSON, WILL- death date not listed- "remains will reach this city today on Pan Handle No. 10 from Chicago"...."interment will be made beside the grave of his brother who died  in volunteer service during the Spanish American War"...Mother is only survivor (name not listed).

BABCOCK, MRS. ARNOLD- d. Feb. 1900; Husband & 5 children survive.

14 February 1900

ROTHENSTEM, CHARLES- b. 9 April 1862 (Bayern, Germany)  d. 9 Feb 1900; Wife- Gertrude Egler (survives); Children- 10 born, 6 survive (names not listed).

7 March 1900

FLETCHER, JOSEPH- b. 5 Nov 1824, d. March 1900; Eldest son of Seven Children; Wife- Violet Mitchell (deceased) (2nd) Margaret Carr (survives); Children- son by first wife (deceased).

21 March 1900

NARGNEY, MISS AMANDA- d. 14 Mar 1900 (Massillon, OH); Sister- Mrs. Ann Hines (Newcomerstown).

18 April 1900

DAVIS, MRS. ORA BELLE (DOUGLASS)- b. 13 July 1875 (Newcomerstown)  d. 5 April 1900 (Marietta); Husband- Mr. L. E. David; Father-in-Law- J. W. Davis (south of Summerfield); Daughter (aged 3).

25 April 1900

SNYDER, HARRY- d. 22 April 1900 (Prescott, Arizona).

MCCLURE, JAMES- d. "several weeks ago" (Mason's Home at Springfield, OH aged 91 yrs.)

2 May 1900

RILEY, TEDDY- d. Apr. 1900; Instantly killed while working on railroad bridge near Gnadenhutten.

GROGAN, JOHN- d. Apr. 1900- from Brooklyn, NY, injured, then died while working on railroad bridge near Gnadenhutten.

NEIGHBOR, STEPHEN- b. 1815 (New Jersey)  d. April 1900 (Evansburg); Wife- Miss Elizabeth McCleary (survives); Children- 14 born- 6 survive (4 boys & 2 girls).

NEIGHBOR, RICHARD P. "DICK"- d. April 1900; Father- Richard S. Neighbor (d. 15 yrs ago); Mother- Mrs. Violet Burr (Marion, Ind); Sister- Mrs. Carl Johnson (Marion, Ind).

SHEETS, MRS. JOS.- d. April 1900 (Massillon, OH); Husband- Jos. Sheets; Daughters- aged 12 & 14 (names not listed).

9 May 1900

NEIGHBOR, MISS GEORGIA- d. 3 May 1900 (Coshocton); Step-Father- Mr. S. F. Timmons.

MORGAN, CLARENCE- d. May 1, 1900 (Hotel Bovey, Dennison, OH); Wife- Miss Edna Miskimen; Parents-in-Law- Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Miskimen Sr.

23 May 1900

VASBINDER, CLYDE- d. 16 May 1900 (12 yrs.); Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Vasbinder; One brother survives (also is quite ill & little hope is entertained for his recovery), 2 other children deceased within the past month.

LOVELESS, MAGGIE A. (HARDY)- b. 1852 (Newcomerstown)  d. 17 May 1900; Husband- William F. Loveless; Parents- E. P. & Rosanna Hardy (both deceased).

30 May 1900

NORRIS, ILA MADGE- d. 23 May 1900 (Bakersville aged 15yrs 10 mos & 9 days); Parents- Joseph Norris & wife.

13 June 1900

DEARY, JANE- d. 7 June 1900; Cousin- Mrs. A. C. Tufford; Father- Hon. Thos. Vincent (deceased); Son- Vincent Deary (Utica); Sisters- Mrs. Thos. Craig (Toledo), Mrs. Beall (Cadiz).

11 July 1900

HAWK, EMANUEL- d. 7 July 1900 (Bakersville aged 60); One son survives.

18 July 1900

NEIGHBOR, STEPHEN- b. 8 Feb 1815 (New Jersey)  d. 26 Apr. 1900 (Evansburgh); Parents- William & Catherine (Swackhamer) Neighbor.

1 August 1900

MARLATT, MARY- d. July 1900.

8 August 1900

RIDENOUR, MRS. MOSES- d. 6 Aug 1900 (68 years); Husband- Moses Ridenour; No Children.

15 August 1900

NEIGHBOR, SAMUEL S.- b. 10 Sep 1827   d. 12 August 1900; Father- Jacob Neighbor; Descendant of William Neighbor; Wife- Helen A. Walton (d. 18 Dec 1870); Children- Mrs. Wm. Andrews, Robert (Newcomerstown), Jesse (now on the ocean) & John L. (died at 4 yrs of age); Brother- Jacob Neighbor (Chesnut St. Newcomerstown).

SUMMERS, REV. JACOB H.- b. 1858 (Plymouth, OH)  d. 7 Aug 1900 (Bolivar, OH);  Wife- Zoe B. Becker; Children- 2 daughters survive (names not listed).

MILLER, CAPT. ADAM- b. 27 Aug 1832 (Oxford Twp., Coshocton Co.)  d. August 1900.

FRYMIRE, LIZZIE- b. 5 Sept 1823 (Pennsylvania)  d. 12 August 1900.

22 August 1900

LANG, JOHN- d. 17 Aug 1900 (Columbus);  Brother- Chas. Lang (Port Washington).  

10 October 1900

PEOPLES, CATHARINE- d. Oct 1900; Husband- Oliver Peoples (died almost 4 yrs ago).

17 October 1900

BAHMER, ALBERT FREDERICK- b. 15 Nov 1876 d.10 October 1900 (Bakersville); Parents- Valentine E. & Elizabeth Bahmer (he was the 4th son & 5th child).

24 October 1900

DEWITT, MRS. VINCENT- d. 3 Oct 1900 (Canton); Husband- Vincent DeWitt; Children- 3 little boys.

FULLER, ABEL- b. 31 Jan 1813 (Linton Twp., Coshocton Co.) d. 23 Sept 1900; Wife- Margaret Banks (d. 9 Oct 1876) (2nd) Mary Miller; Children- Benj. Fuller (deceased), Mrs. J. R. Marlatt & Mrs. E. G. Brown;

FULLER, FOSTER BURTON- b. 1 Feb 1881 d. 24 Sept 1900 (age 19 yrs. 7mo & 23 days); Grandfather- Abel Fuller (died 23 Sep 1900).

31 October 1900

GABAGAN, MRS. MARY- d. 30 October 1900 (aged 44 yrs.); Daughter- Mrs. H. H. Boore (Newcomerstown); Body taken to Mooresville, PA for burial.

MURPHY, C.W.- d. 29 Oct 1900 (Massillon).

WILKIN, MARY ETTA (TUFFORD) - b. 8 Aug 1862   d. 28 Oct 1900; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. John Tufford; Husband- James Wilkin; Children- Joseph & Johnie; Brothers- 4 survive (names not listed); Father-In-Law- Mr. A. Wilkin (East Canal St, Newcomerstown).

14 November 1900

LUDWIG, CLARENCE- d. November 1900 (McDonald, PA).

CROSS, JAMES- d. 7 November 1900 (near Plainfield). Daughter survives (name not listed).

21 November 1900

DEWITT, DELILAH- d. 14 November 1900 (hospital for the insane- Columbus);  Husband- Isaac DeWitt; Children- 3 sons & 1 daughter (names not listed).

CRIST, JANE (BROWN)- b. 12 Oct 1826 (Harrison Co., OH)  d. 18 November 1900; Husband- Chas. E. Crist.

28 November 1900

HOGUE, REBECCA- b. 15 Mar 1816 (Fayette Co., PA)  d. 23 November 1900 (Alleghany City, PA); Husband- Harlan Randall; Children- 6 born- only 2 survive- ; 2nd Husband- William Hogue; Children- 5 born- only 2 survive; Of her 11 children, 4 survive- one son in Columbus, OH & 3 daughters in Pittsburg & Allegheny City, PA-- (only one named) Mrs. Wm Huff (Alleghany City, PA).

HOWELL, HARRISON- d. 28 November 1900.

12 December 1900

LINDSAY, IDA E. (MERCHANT)- b. 27 July 1865 (Perry Twp., Tusc Co.)  d. 6 December 1900; Husband- Milford Lindsay;  Parents- James & Margaret Merchant; Daughter (name not listed).

RICE, MRS. PHILIP- d. 10 December 1900 (near Bakersville); Husband- Philip Rice (deceased little over a month ago); Son survives (name not listed); Sister- Mrs. Henry Portz.

19 December 1900

TIDRICK, MARGARET- d. 12 December 1900 (north of Plainfield); Husband- Reed Tidrick (deceased abt a yr ago last Sept); ; Son- M. W. Tidrick (north of Plainfield).

LEY, AUGUSTUS- d. 17 December 1900 (Port Washington); Children- Miss Minnie (of the home), Frank, Lon, Albert, Howard & Charles Ley.

SELLS, MRS. DAVID- d. 14 December 1900; Husband- David Sells; Children- 2 daughters survive.

9 January 1901

PFEIFFER, MRS. ADAM (LUDWIG)- d. 6 January 1901 (Gnadenhutten); Husband- Adam Pfeiffer; Sister- Mrs. C. M. Stofer (Newcomerstown); "one little boy" also survives.

16 January 1901

HAWK, JOHN- d. 12 January 1901 (Chili); Wife survives- name not listed.

HART, MARGARET E. (MIZER)- b. 10 October 1849 (Bucks Twp., Tuscarawas Co)  d. 13 January 1901; Husband- Gershum R. Hart; Children- Will (Circleville), Clarence (traveling salesman), Alonzo & Ray all survive.

30 January 1901

LEECH, MARGARET- d. 21 January 1901 (Cambridge); Children- 7 survive (3 sons & 4 daughters- only 1 son listed- Dr. W. A. Leech (Newcomerstown).

CRAY, T. E.- d. Jan 1901 (Kline House in St. Paris, OH; Wife- Miss Pearl Powelson (New Phila).

CARROLL, RICHARD- d. 25 January 1901 (Plainfield).

SMITH, ALEXANDER- b. 12 April 1814 (Jefferson Co., OH) d. Jan 1901 ; Wife- Sarah Ann Peoples; Children- 10 born (8 survive)- Mrs. Maria Miller, Mrs. W. H. Sells (Newcomerstown), Mrs. I. P. Wilson (Newcomerstown), George (Palmira, Neb), John (Central City, Neb), Winfield (Coshocton), McDowell (of the home)- William (died May 1861), Joseph (died at age 2), Nathaniel (not known)

6 February 1901

MARDIS, SARAH (JONES)- b. 28 Feb 1831 (Harrison Co., OH)   d. 23 Jan 1901 (Valley Twp., Kansas); Husband- John Mardis; Children- 6 born (3 dying in infancy)- Mrs. James Brown (Pratt Center, Kansas), Mrs. W. J. Vansickle (Haven, Kansas), Miss Lizzie (of the home).

HAGAN, DR. MARTIN-   b. 1832 (Tuscarawas Co., OH)   d. 22 Jan 1901 (Los Angeles);  Wife-Rose Armstrong; Sons- Dr. Ralph Hagan & Wood Hagan (both of Newcomerstown).

27 February 1901

HOOKER, JOHN H.- b. 17 Oct 1835 (near Uhrichsville, OH) d. 20 Feb. 1901 (Newcomerstown); Wife- Ruth Ann Douglass; Daughter- Mrs. Marcie Ross (Newcomerstown).

KELLY, ANNA ELIZABETH (BRODE)- d. Feb 1901 (Kansas City, KS); Husband- W. N. Kelly; Children- 10 yr. old daughter & a son survive; Brothers- W. M. & C. W. Brode (both of Newcomerstown), J.E. Brode (Annelly, KS), G.W. Brode (Peorin, ILL).

DEVORE, JONATHAN- d. 26 Feb 1901; Wife & 3 children survive; Brother- James Devore.

6 March 1901

SHAW, VALENTINE- d. 4 Mar 1901 (near Gilmore).

BOOTH, JAMES- d. 5 Mar 1901 (near Guernsey).

GARWOOD, JOHN- d. 3 Mar 1901 (Washington Twp.).

MARLATT, MRS. WILLIAM- d. 2 Mar 1901; Husband- William Marlatt.

WISNER, DR. BENJAMIN WOOD- b. 10 May 1817 (Mt. Holly, NJ)  d. Feb 1901 (Uhrichsville); Wife survives; Daughter- Mrs. J. W. Shope (Altoona, PA); Grandson- Mr. Frank M. Shope (Newcomerstown).

WILSON, SUE- d. Mar 1901.

13 March 1901

ROSS, MALISSA (MOORE)- b. 29 Sept 1847  d. 11 Mar 1901; Parents- Alexander & Jane Moore; Husband- Moses Ross; Children- 7 born (6 girls & 1 boy)- one daughter died in youth; Half-Brother- D.B. Moore.

20 March 1901

STOCKER, CYRUS JR.- d. March 1901 (Iowa); Wife- deceased; Children- 2 living in Ohio with his parents; Siblings- Mrs. Al King, Harry & George Stocker (all residing near Macedonia).

STEWART, ANNA- d. Mar 1901; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Stewart.

VANOSTRAN, BERNICE (VIERS)- b. 11 Sept 1880  d. 15 Mar 1901.

BERRY, MR. JAS.- b. 9 Aug 1819  d. 16 Mar 1901l; Children- 18 (by 2 wives).

3 April 1901

MCCLOY, Josiah Melvin.- b. 30 Aug 1854 (Venice, PA) d. Mar 1901 (McConnelsville); Wife- Louise Weaver; Children-  J. M. McCloy, Jr. (Newcomerstown) and Elizabeth.

10 April 1901

KNOWLES, FRANK- d. 8 April 1901; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Knowles.

BAUREGARD, J. S. - d. 4 April 1901 (Massillon); Sister (Florida) & Brother (Newcomerstown) survive - names not listed.

HOGLAN, IRENE- b. 14 Feb 1851  d. 6 April 1901 (Massillon); Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Hoglan (deceased); Siblings- she was one of 14 children (7 sons & 7 daughters)- surviving are:  Len & Albert Hoglan (both of Newcomerstown), Dr. Geo. W. (Columbus), Mrs. David L. Stitt & Mrs. Wm. Crouch (both of Newcomerstown), Mrs. Clifford Smith (Evansburg).

STOCKER, MRS. ADAM-  b. 29 March 1857  d. 7 April 1901 (Port Washington); Husband- Adam Stocker; Parents- John & Mahala Huston; Siblings- 5 survive; Daughter- Mrs. C. W. Wiand.

17 April 1901

CARNEY, VERNON- d. 15 Apr 1901; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Luther Carney;

LINDSAY, FRANCIS- d. 16 April 1901; Wife & five children survive- two children live in Newcomerstown- Mrs. Swaney Murphy & Mr. Milford Lindsay.

STOFER, JENNIE (QUILLEN)- d. 8 April 1901 (aged 27 yrs); Husband- George Stofer; Children- 2 sons & one daughter (names not listed).

1 May 1901

KREIGHER, PETER- d. 23 April 1901; Daughter- Mrs. Hoffman, more children but not names "all his children were present at the funeral except one son and two daughters who reside in Iowa"

SARGENT, H. B.- d. 24 April 1901 (Delta, O- near Toledo); Son- L. S. Sargent (Newcomerstown), Mrs. Cora Richardson (Delta), Mrs. Bessie Donahey (Delta) and Miss Nettie Sargent (of the home), one child died in infancy. 

ORIN, JOHN- d. April 1901 (Alliance);  Wife- Margaret Miller (deceased); Children- 10 born (4 sons, 6 daughters), 6 survive-  Mrs. W. C. Stewart (Newark), Mrs. L. L. Crum (Alliance), C. D. Orin (Coshocton), James Orin (Oxford Twp., Coshocton Co.), Mrs. C. M. Daniels and J. C. Orin (both of Evansburg).

8 May 1901

REED, JACOB D.- d. 6 May 1901 (between New Phila & Dover); Siblings- J. D. Reed (Newcomerstown), Wm. Reed (Lick Run), Mrs. Phoebe Morrison (near Newcomerstown), Mrs. Martha Wolf (Wolf Station).

HUFFMAN, MRS. MARGARET (WALTERS)- d. 28 May 1901;  Husband- Abe Huffman; Children- Daughter (abt 15 yrs), daughter (1 wk).

15 May 1901

HESKETT, MRS. J. F.- b. 27 April 1838 (VA)  d. 12 May 1901 (Senecaville); Husband- J. F. Heskett; Son- Emmet Heskett (Newcomerstown), B.W. and L. F. (Both of Senecaville).


3 October 1902

CARR, W. BAXTER- b. 25 Feb 1854 d. 26 Sep 1902; Wife: Louise Miller; 5 Children ages 5-19 (names not listed); Mother- Mrs. Jane Carr of Newcomerstown; Sisters- Mrs. Dr. Mosick (Newcomerstown), Mrs. Bowman (Linton Mills), Mrs. Sharrock (Muskingum County),  Mrs. Dunkley (Iowa) and Mrs. Jones (Iowa);  Brothers- G.M. (Nebraska), C.M. (Nebraska), J.C. (Newcomerstown), E.G. (Coshocton), T.W. (Coshocton).

WALTZ, MRS. S.H. (SEAMONS)- d. 27 Sep 1902; Children- Gladys(age16) and Hazzie(age8); Father- Mr. B. F. Seamons; Mother Mrs. Mary Seamons; Sister- Mrs. Etta Smith (Provo, UT); Brothers- Chas. (Rosendale, MO) and B. B. (Burlington, Iowa).

10 October 1902

 BERKSHIRE, ANSON- b. 27 Dec 1821  d. 5 Oct 1902; Wife- Martha Jane Medley; Children- Alvira Creel (Tankawa, OK), Emily Miller (Prohibition, OH), Frederick (Winfield, Iowa), Geo. C. (Winfield, Iowa), Francis M. (Bushnell, IL), Albert (White Eyes Plains), Eliza Jane (deceased) and Israel (deceased).

10 June 1904

STOCKER, CYRUS S.- b. 31 Mar 1835 d. 4 June 1904; Wife- Margaret Locke; Children- not named (7 children 5 of whom are still living).

COTTER, NANCY- d. 4 June 1904; Husband- Dr. George Cotter; Children- James H. (Bowerston), John A. (Indiana), B. F. (Coshocton), Mrs. Mary White (New Philadelphia).

17 June 1904

GREWELL, PHOEBE (MURPHY)- b. 13 Feb 1834 d. 11 June 1904; Parents- John W. & Sydney Murphy; Siblings- Benjamin, John, Josiah & Mrs. Dan'l Keese (all of Newcomerstown) and Abner (Shelbyville, IL); Husband- Thomas Grewell; Children- Mrs. Frederick Underhill (adopted).

8 July 1904

MISKIMEN, JAMES- b. 1825 d. 29 June1904 (Linton Mills); Wife- Ellen Marlatt; Children- 11 born, 7 survive.

22 July 1904

KNOWLES, THOMAS E.- b. 6 June 1848 (Evansburg, Coshocton Co)  d. 19 July 1904; Wife- Elizabeth Norris; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Knowles; Children- 8 born, 7 survive-  John, Virgil, Fred, Nora and Helen (all of Newcomerstown), Mrs. J. D. Hicks (Columbus, OH) and Mrs. S. D. McClain (Marion, IN).

OAKLIEF, ELIZA- b. 23 May 1846 (Bucks Twp., Tusc. Co)   d.  9 July 1904;  Parents- John Nicholas and Jacobina Oaklief;  Brother- John Oaklief.

5 August 1904

WIANDT, MAHALA- d. Aug 1904; Husband- Jesse Wiandt (deceased); Children- 14 born (7 sons & 6 daughters survive) only one listed- Wm. Wiandt (Newcomerstown).

12 August 1904

DEWITT, DORA (JOHNSON)- b. 27 Sep 1863  d. 6 Aug 1904 (north of Newcomerstown); Husband- Mr. J. H. DeWitt; Parents- Nelson & Charity Johnson; Children- 2 sons, 3 daughters.

SMITH, SARAH ANN (PEOPLES)- b. 7 Jan 1817 (near Peoples Church)  d. 9 Aug 1904 (north of Newcomerstown); Husband- Alexander Smith (deceased); Parents- Wm. & Mrs. Peoples; Children- 10 born- 8 living- MacDonald Smith (Cleveland), Winfield (Coshocton), George & John (both of Nebraska), Asberry (residence unknown), Mrs. L. P. Wilson & Mrs. W. H. Sells (both of Newcomerstown) & Mrs. Maria Miller (of the home).

19 August 1904

ECKFELD, FREDERICK- d. 14 August 1904 (Port Washington); Children- Harvey, Thurman (both of Port Washington), Charles (Canal Dover), Ida and Mrs. Louis Barth (both of Dennison), Albert (Portsmouth) & Henry (Columbus).

26 August 1904

NEIGHBOR, JOHN A.- b. 21 Jan 1876  d. 19 Aug 1904.

9 September 1904

THOMPSON, WILLIAM- d. 2 September 1904 (Kipling, Guernsey Co., OH); Children- John & Bessie, Thomas N. (missionary in China), 2 younger sons- names not listed.

16 September 1904

FAUCETT, MARY L. (ORR)- b. 30 April 1837   d. 9 Sept 1904;  Husband- Mr. Phineas Faucett; Children- Phoebe A. (at home), George W. (Tracy, O), Mrs. Irona Timmons (Cadiz), Ezra A. (Gilmore), Emmet & Jasper (both of Washington State), Mrs. Florence Hiller (Rush), Mrs. Ella Kail (Klondyke) & Edgar, Phineas & Hannah (all 3 deceased). 

BOVEY, COLONEL WM. A.-  b. 29 March 1830 (Bath, Maine)  d. 10 September 1904; Wife- Martha M. Haskins;  Children- Harry L. (engineer on PanHandle Railroad), Mrs. W. E. Loller, 1 daughter died in infancy.

MOORE, CATHERINE-  b. 23 April 1849   d. 8 September 1904;  Husband- Wesley Moore; Children- Ella (married & residing in Conesville), Charles & Maggie (both of the home).

30 September 1904

CRATER, MAHALA (ENTERLINE)-  d. 26 December 1904; Husband-  Willis R. Crater;  Children- Theodore (died at age one year), Willis S., Mrs. Alice Turner and Mrs. Fannie (Bruce) Erwin (all of Newcomerstown), Rose wife of Rev. Samuel Kerr (Los Angeles) and Daisy (San Diego, Cal.).

SHROCK, M. O.- d. 28 September 1904 (Canton, OH); Wife- Freddie Wilson; Children- one young son died about 3 years ago; Father-In-Law- L. P. Wilson.

WOLGAMOTT, MRS. ELIZA- d. 15 September 1904 (Cleveland, Tenn); Husband & Children survive (names not given); Siblings- William Bevard (Guernsey) & Mrs. Nancy Jane Temple (near Columbus).

14 October 1904

HOGUE, GEORGE W.-  b. 28 March 1820 (Belmont Co.)  d. 7 October 1904; Wife-Martha Harris; Children- Mr. Evans M. Hogue & Daughter (died in early childhood); Siblings-  S.S. Hogue (Westport, MO), Joshua (Emporia, KS), Isaac (Elkhart, IN), Mrs. John Close (Salesville, OH), Mrs. Elizabeth Spencer (Texas).

LOWER, DR. G. F.- d. 11 October 1904 (Port Washington); Wife- Margaret (dau of Henry Stofer); No Children.

21 October 1904

HILL, WILLIAM- b. 1833  d. 16 October 1904; Wife- survives (not named); Father- Herbert Hill; Children-J H Hill (of the home place), Mrs. George Rose (near Bird Run).

BEVARD, WILLIAM- d. 17 October 1916; Wife- survives (not named); No Children; Wife's Sister is Mrs. Jas. Hamilton (Newcomerstown).

4 November 1904

DAVIS, MRS. ALEX- d. 25 October 1904 (Kimbolton); Husband- Alex Davis; Children- 7 survive, 1 deceased; Sisters- Mrs. William Thompson & Mrs. David Thompson (both Newcomerstown).

CRAIGO, THOMAS- d. 29 October 1904; Wife- survives (not named); Children- 6 survive, 2 deceased.

MAURER, MRS. GEORGE P.- d. 1 November 1904 (Bakersville); Husband- George Maurer; Children- 5 survive.

11 November 1904

BAGNELL, RUTH (MARVIN)- b. 24 Oct 1824 (Saratoga Springs, NY)  d. 6 November 1904; Husband- George W. Bagnell, Jr. (d. 1878); Children- Prof. A. C. Bagnell (Rocky River, OH), Mrs. Chas Bebb (McConnellsville, O), Mrs. Lillie B. Hoglan (Newcomerstown), 2 died when quite young; Siblings- Dr. Henry Marvin (Colonia, Mich.), James Marvin (Grand Rapids, Mich), Mrs. Salena Ford (d. 3 wks ago- Grand Rapids).

BAKER, MALINDA (LOOS)- d. 6 November 1904 (near Plainfield); Husband- R. L. Baker; Children- 10 born, 5 living- Mrs. Jas (Mary E.) Rusk, W.A. Baker (both of Newcomerstown), Ada, Odeessa, & John H. Baker.


24 May 1905

PEOPLES, AMANDA J. (STEWART)- b. 2 October 1847 d. 17 May 1905 (near Peoli); Husband- James Peoples; Children-H. L. (M.E. Minister near Cumberland, OH), O. M. (Methodist Minister at Plainfield, Coshocton Co.), C. E. (of the home farm), E. E. (Newcomerstown), N. A. and J. B. (both employed at Cleveland) and Mrs. Benj. Murphy Jr. (near the home place).

31 May 1905

BROWN, FRANK- d. 24 May 1905; Brother- Thos. Brown (Newcomerstown); Also surviving- mother, 2 Brothers, 3 Sisters (Thos. is only sibling mentioned by name.).

NEAL, ELLA- b. 6 October 1876 d. 25 May 1905 (Wheeling Twp., Guernsey Co.); Husband- Morris Neal; Child- One daughter (name not listed); Parents- James & Martha Little (mother survives, father deceased); also survived by 2 brothers; Burial- People's cemetery.

MURPHY, MALINDA HENDERSON- d. 29 May 1905 (Avondale, Coshocton Co.); Husband- 1st- ? Henderson (deceased), 2nd- James Murphy (survives); Children- Edward Henderson (Newcomerstown), C. M. (Pittsburg), Mrs. Henry Miller (Avondale), Frank Henderson (single- lives at home), no children by 2nd marriage; Siblings- Crayton Norman (Newcomerstown).

WILSON, PRICE- b. 29 Feb 1848 (Wheeling Twp., Guernsey Co.) d. 28 May 1905 (near People's Church); Wife- Elizabeth Devault (d. 29 May 1876) 2nd- Elizabeth Norris; Children- by 1st marriage: Harvey Wilson (New Phila), Mrs. Maggie Haver (south of town), J. M. Wilson (Newcomerstown), Ella (deceased) - by second marriage: Mrs. D. A. Parks (Post Boy), Mrs. Jasper Booth (Guernsey), Mrs. Emmett Stevens (Byesville), Mary & Carrie (of the home) and Willia (deceased).

6 December 1905

VANSICKEL, LEVI M.- b. 14 October 1840 d. 30 November 1905; Wife- Emma P. Spears; Children- 2 sons & 5 daughters (1 son & 1 daughter deceased)- Mrs. George Hockenbraugh & Mrs. John Howell (both of Low Gap), Mrs. Jas. Harding (Isleta), Mrs. Stanley Sharrock (Linton Mills), the son lives in Oklahoma & was not present at the funeral.

ADDY, MARY- d. November 1905 (East Akron, OH); Children- Mrs. Vansickel (East Akron, OH).

13 December 1905

BLUCK, HANNAH- b. 2 December 1827 d. 9 December 1905 (Columbus); Husband- Thos. P. Bluck (died in 1891); Children- 12 Children born, 5 survive- Mr. Prosser T. Bluck (Isleta), William P. Bluck (Steubenville), Misses Sarah, Bernice & Biena Bluck (all of Columbus).

SCHIDE, LAURA ANN (HINDS)- b. 8 December 1857 d. 9 December 1905; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Hinds; Husband- Philip Schide; Children- Mrs. Ray Wise, Miss Nora and Henry Schide.

20 December 1905

SHANK, FLORA MAY (WILSON)- b. 21 June 1863 (Harrietsville, Noble County, OH) d. 15 December 1905; Husband- Edward Shank; Children- Ollie, Clarence & Gerald.

27 December 1905

JOHNS, GEORGE W.- d. December 1905; Survived by wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters (names not listed); Brother- Alfred Johns.

13 February 1907

SHEPHERD, ELIZABETH- d. 10 Feb. 1907 in Pittsburgh; Husband- Joseph Shepherd; Siblings- Mr. Frank Mardis (deceased), John Mardis (Burton, KS), Capt. A. W. and Lucinda (both of Sylvia, KS), Mrs. Matilda Mulvane (Lincoln, Neb), Mrs. Margaret Farney (Burton, KS); Children- R. H. Shepherd (Burrton, KS), Mrs. H. S. Jackson (Warren, OH), Mrs. J. A. Heskit (Coshocton, OH), James O. and James A. Shepherd (both of Pittsburg).

IIAMS, ELIZABETH- b. 9 May 1844  d. 7 Feb 1907; Parents- John & Ruth Iiams (near Peoli);

20 February 1907

MURPHY, JOHN- b. 14 Mar 1822 d. 17 Feb 1907; Wife- Eliza Swaney; Children- (8 born, 5 surviving)- Prof. Lloyd Murphy (Newcomerstown), Rev. W.S. Murphy (Beverly, OH), Philip Murphy (Portland, OR), John W. (resides near the home place), Mrs. George Cappel (Gilmore, OH).

SULTZER, ELIZABETH "GRANDMA" (RICHARDS)- b. 10 March 1814 (Cooks Mills, MD) d. 13 Feb. 1907; Husband- Joseph Sultzer; Children- (11 born, 6 surviving)- W. B. (Sandusky), S. S. (Flushing), John (St. Louis), Jas. & Mrs. Mary Wolfe (both of this city), and Mrs. Alice Gardner (Uhrichsville, OH).

26 June 1907

LUDWIG, MRS. LOUISA- d. 24 June 1907 (Port Washington); Husband- Nicholas Ludwig; Children- (10 born, 7 surviving)- only 2 listed: Mrs. Chas Stofer and Mrs. Ella Hill (both of Newcomerstown).

3 July 1907

CURBY, MRS. ELIZABETH- d. June 1907 (Gilmore); Husband- Joseph Curby; Children- J. O. Curby (Allegheny, PA), Augustus (Iowa), Lewis (Rush Twp.), P.P (Bernice), A.L. (Newcomerstown), Mrs. Ollie Kinsey (Allegheny), Mrs. Thos. Morris (Kimbolton), Mrs. Chas. Carruthers (Gilmore).

17 July 1907

COOLEY, IRENE- d. 15 July 1907 (Hospital in Madison, IN) aged 10 yrs.;Parents- Mr. & Mrs. John W. Cooley;  Grandmother- Mrs. Margaret Moniger; Sister- Mildred (age 7).

MYERS, MRS. SAMUEL- d. 11 July 1907; Husband- Samuel Myers; Children- 4 children survive, the youngest a babe a month old.

CRAMBLETT, REV.- 10 July 1907; Son-in-law- Evans Palmer (McKinley Ave., Newcomerstown).

HINDS, SANFORD BLAKE- b. 29 Dec 1882 d. 12 July 1907;Parents- Mr. & Mrs. John Hinds.

27 November 1907

KIMBLE, NANCY JANE- d. 20 Nov 1907; Brother- Isaac M. Kimble.

MURPHY, MRS. JOSIAH JR. (COUTS)- d. Nov 1907; Father- Isaac Couts; Husband- Josiah Murphy; Children- one son & one step-son (names not given).

GROSSARTH, MRS. CHARLES- d. Nov. 1907; Husband- Charles Grossarth; Children- Frank (Dennison), William (Coshocton), Ida Grossarth (Port Washington), Mrs. F. E. Sherman (Columbus).

4 December 1907

LEWIS, MARIA (REED)- b. 27 Sept 1830 Carroll Co., OH d. Nov 1907 Newcomerstown; Husband- Wm. B. Lewis (Deceased); Children- John and Albert H..

18 December 1907

RIPLEY, LIBERTY M.- d. 11 Dec 1907; Children- Liberty (of the home place), Frank (Booth), John (Newcomerstown), David (of the old home), Mrs. Rosa Smith (Montana), Mrs. Adella Simmerman (Peoli), Mrs. Hannah Murphy (near Bernice).

HINES, LAVINA- d. 17 Dec. 1907; Children- Elsie Hines (employed by Santa Fe Railway), Mrs. S. H. Crooks (Sheridanville, PA), Mrs. J. Bert Brown (Newcomerstown); Siblings- John Wesley Neighbor and Mrs. Kate Maberry (Newcomerstown) and Mrs. Emma Murphy (Columbus).

25 December 1907

HALLER, MRS. CATHERINE- d. 20 Dec 1907; Children- Mrs. Kate Yingling (Newcomerstown), Mrs. Rose Grass (Muskingum County), Mrs. Lizzie Collier (Columbus), George Haller (Coshocton), Adam Haller (Coshocton), C. J. Haller (Johnstown, PA), John Haller (Homestead, PA), Mrs. Mary Richardson (Coshocton), Mrs. Eileen Callahan (Coshocton).

6 May 1908

WILGUS, MRS. JOHN L. (NEIGHBOR)- d. 2 May 1908 (Winfield, KS); Husband- John L. WIlgus; Children- Mrs. Virgil H. Brown (Newkirk, Oklahoma), E. D. Wilgus (Newcomerstown); Brother- M. F. Neighbor (Harper, KS).

13 May 1908

NEAL, ELIZA (MATTHEWS)- d. 6 May 1908 (near Booth); Husband- William Neal; Children- 6 sons & 4 daughters- James, Chester, Thomas, Walter & Mrs. John Stofer (all of Newcomerstown), Anna, Jennie & Melvin (all at home- near Booth), Morris (near the home place), Mrs. Sells (Canton).

20 May 1908

BLUCK, EDMUND- d. May 1908; Children- Charles (Newcomerstown); "was married the third time & leaves several children"- only Charles listed.

3 June 1908

STARKER, JANE- d. 30 May 1908 (Lorain, OH); Children- Mrs. J. E. Wood (Newcomerstown), Mrs. Ella Vogenitz (Lorain, OH).

STOFFER, JOHN- d. 27 May 1908; "leaves wife & 2 sons & 4 daughters".

10 June 1908

SHAFER, GEO. W. JR.- d. June 1908; Children- Charles, Mrs. Pearl McPeek (Cambridge).

17 June 1908

JONES, JONATHAN- b. 12 May 1828 d. 11 Jun 1908 (Wheeling Twp., Guernsey Co.); Wife- died abt 3 yrs. ago; Step Grandson- James Montgomery (Newcomerstown).

JOHNSON, SAMUEL- d. June 1908 (Elberton, Washington); Survivors: Wife, 3 sons & 2 daughters, all residing in the west.

ATKINSON, PERRY- b. 14 October 1843 d. 7 June 1908 (near Isleta); Wife- Ella Loos (married in 1879); Children- Mancheus Atkinson, and Son (died in infancy); Siblings- Robert (Kansas) and Mrs. Joe Rehard (West Lafayette); Half-Siblings- Uriah & Mitchell Atkinson and Mrs. Frank Poland (Newcomerstown); Burial- Waggoners Cemetery.

HART, G. RAY- d. 16 June 1908; Parents-in-Law- Mr. & Mrs. John Medley; Other Survivors- Wife, Father and 3 brothers.

24 June 1908

GEDDES, CLIFTON T. - b. 14 Jul 1866 (Clifton Springs, NY) d. 22 June 1908 (Sylacauga, Ala); Wife- Flora Luelle Yingling; Children- Norman Geddes (Here with Grandparents), Dudley (with his mother at Ann Arbor, Mich); Brother & Sister-In-Law- Manuel Yingling, Mrs. W. A. Beers; Cousins- Van Dusen Bros. (Sylacauga, Ala) (NOTE: This obituary ran both 24 June & 1 July 1908- this abstract is a combination of information from both.)

1 July 1908

GEDDES, CLIFTON T. - see 24 June 1908.

EUGA, CHRISTIAN- d. 29 June 1908; Children- 7 survive, indluding Walter & F. L. Euga (of Newcomerstown),

8 July 1908

BAHMER, V. E.- d. 1 July 1908 (Bakersville); Children- Mrs. D. J. Lower, Miss Mamie Bahmer (both of Coshocton), Mrs. Rev. Carpenter (Conesville), Lewis (Bakersville), Henry (Columbus), Charles (Baltimore), Albert (died 8 yrs ago); Siblings- Mrs. C. E. Mizer (Bakersville), Mrs. Lizzie Agnes (New Cumberland), Jacob (Bakersville), Andrew (Baltimore), and Adam (Philadelphia).

22 July 1908

STEWART, BENTON- d. 19 July 1908; Children- Granville (Canton), George & Mrs. C. B. McConnell (both of Newcomerstown) and Mrs. William Smith (east of Kimbolton), Miss Anna (died at age 22); Wife- survives (name not listed).

29 July 1908

PEOPLES, CHARLES D.- d. 23 July 1908; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Peoples; Siblings- 2 brothers, 5 sisters (not named).

12 August 1908

STOCKER, MARGARET (LOCH)- b. 25 Sept 1834  d. 5 Aug 1908; Husband- the late Cyrus S. Stocker; Children- 7 born, 5 survive (names not listed).

ALBAUGH, W. S. - d. 8 August 1908 (Dennison); Wife- survives (lives in Columbus).

19 August 1908

CARSON, MR. ELLIS A. - see 26 August 1908.

26 August 1908

SMITH, BASIL- b. 25 Dec. 1825 (Jefferson Co., OH)  d. 18 Aug 1908 (near Peoli); Wife- Ruth H. Ripley (d. 22 Feb 1890), Lydia M. Daugherty (d. 13 Dec 1896); Children- (all by first wife)- Mrs. John Gray (near Peoli), David R. (deceased), Mrs. Jno Taylor ( Port Washington), John A. (Basalt, Colorado), Mary J. (deceased), B. L. (Los Angeles, Cal.), Wm. (near Milnersville).

CARSON, MR. ELLIS A.(F.)- b. 28 May 1832 (Washington Co., PA) d. 18 August 1908 (State Hospital, Massillon, OH); Wife & 4 brothers survive. Sister died when quite young.

2 September 1908

MUMA, OSCAR DENT- b. 19 Feb 1871 d. 26 August 1908 (Philadelphia, PA); Wife- Lucy B. Mizer; Parents- Barnet & Nancy Muma (mother survives); Siblings- 1 brother & 3 sisters survive.

MARTIN, HARRIET LENORA (MIZER)- b. 3 Sep 1876 (Bakersville) d. 29 Aug 1908 (Newcomerstown); Husband- John W. Martin; Children- Joe Stanley Martin (14 yrs.), Mollie Jane Martin (d. 25 Jul 1898), Mamie Lucille Martin (d. 28 Dec 1906), Ruby Pearl (d. 2 Jan 1907) and Roy Chester (b. 14 Feb 1908); Parents- John Wesley & Melinda Jane Mizer (Bakersville);  Siblings- 1 sister & 3 brothers survive.

MERCER, MRS. ELIZA- d. 1 Sep 1908 (age 93 yrs & 7 mos); Children- Marion Mercer, Frank Mercer (both Newcomerstown), George Mercer (Pittsburg); Burial- Early Cemetery.

9 September 1908

LOCKARD, MARY FRANCIS (PARK)- b. 5 Nov 1844 (Hampshire Co., VA)  d. 5 Sep 1908 (Newcomerstown); Husband- Thompson Lockard (d. 15 Sep 1895); Children- Mrs. Elizabeth Niedenhouser (Rodney's Hill, Newcomerstown), Mrs. Rosa R. Nelson (Columbus), Mrs. Minnie J. Ray (Lockwood, Mo), William P. Lockard (Newcomerstown); Parents- Rev. & Mrs. Samuel Park; Siblings- 5 brothers & 2 sisters- (only 2 survive: Bruce Park (age 73, Greenfield, OH), Mrs. Caroline George (age 64, Indianapolis, Ind).

PHILLIBAUM, JOHN- d. 3 Sep 1908; Survivors- wife, 3 daughters & 1 step-son; Died at the home of Philip Sheets Jr. where he worked.

7 October 1908

MAURER, GEORGE PHILLIPS- b. 8 Dec 1824 (Germany)  d. 2 Oct 1908 aged 83y 9m 24d; Wife- Catharine Deich (mar. 1846 she d. 1863); No Children from 1st marriage; 2nd Wife- Fredenca Moore (deceased); Children- 4 sons & 2 daughters, eldest son is deceased; Burial- Bakersville Cemetery.

BOLTZ, MARGARET- b. 9 Aug 1843 d. 30 September 1908 (East Walnut St. Newcomerstown); Husband- died several years ago; Children- Jacob, George, John, Samuel and Daniel Boltz, and Mrs. Rosa Green and Mrs. Mary Rodenstine.

COMBS, MRS. HARRY- d. Oct 1908 (Milnersville); Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Irven Edenburg; Husband - Harry Combs (Columbus); Aunt- Mrs. S. B. Walters (Newcomerstown); No Children.

TURNER, WM. H. - d. 28 Sep 1908 (Kimbolton), Buried Sept 30; Survivors- wife & 2 daughters, the latter living in Detroit.

HURSEY, CATHARINE P. (WOLFE) - b. 21 Jun 1881  d. 1 Oct 1908 (Near Post Boy); Husband- Henry Hursey; Children- 4 sons, one an infant child; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wolfe; Siblings- 2 brothers & 4 sisters.

FISHER, JOSEPH - d. 3 Oct 1908; Wife- Died about 5 years ago; Children- Seven Children survive, Frank Fisher is only one listed by name.

PIERCE, EVA - d. 2 Oct 1908; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Pierce.

HARTSON, DUDLEY T. - b. 10 Oct 1837 (Waterford, Washington Co., OH)  d. 27 Sept 1908 (Barlow Twp., Washington Co., OH); Wife- Julia A. Wiatt (of Amesville, OH married 8 May 1889- she died 24 Feb 1908); No Children; Sister- Mary M. Hartson (Vincent, OH).

14 October 1908

HINDS, WESTLEY - b. 20 Sept 1825  d. 10 Oct 1908 (3 miles NW of Newcomerstown); Wife- Mary A. Huff mar 29 Oct 1849; Children- 9 born, 6 still living- Mrs. Belle Phillips (Illinois), Ezra Hinds (Portland, Ore), Mrs. Ara Walters (Canton), Elisha Hinds & Mrs. D. C. Whiting Jr. (both of Newcomerstown) and Flora Hinds (of the homestead); Burial- Newcomerstown Cemetery.

TAYLOR, RICHARD- d. 5 Oct 1908 (Bakersville); Wife- Survives, not named; Daughter- Mrs. A. Rippl (West Lafayette); One sister who resides in the west; Burial- Taylor's Church near Bakersville.

HOSFELT, DAVID- b. 26 Nov 1851 (vicinity of Marlatt's Run) d. 2 Oct 1908 (Coshocton); Wife- Miss Mary Shaffer- survives; Children- 5 survive; Brother- Peter Hosfelt (Newcomerstown); Burial- South Lawn Cemetery.

4 November 1908

GEBHARD, JENNIE (WILSON)- b. 3 Apr 1888 (Coshocton Co., OH) d. 25 Oct 1908 (Columbus, OH); Husband- not named; Children- baby boy, 10 days old; Parents- Ludlow & Malissa Wilson.

ROBINSON, JIM- d. 30 Oct 1908 (near Isleta, Coshocton, Co.); Unmarried, about 60 yrs. old.

SHRYOCK, MRS. MADISON- d. 3 November 1908 (Plainfield);Husband- Survives; Children- Henry Shryock (Plainfield), Benjamin Shryock (West LAfayette); Burial- Plainfield Cemetery.

25 November 1908

MISER, WILLIAM R.- b. 15 May 1867 (Annapolis, OH) d. 19 Nov 1908 (Chestnut St., Newcomerstown); Wife- Miss Carley K. Davidson (married 12 Sept 1894); Parents- Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Miser (Mother survives & lives at Steubenville, OH); Siblings- Mrs. Laura Brown (Sheridan, PA), Mrs. Jessie Kirk (Richmond, OH), Mrs. Clara Kirkpatrick and Mrs. Carrie Johnson (both of Steubenville).

9 December 1908

WILSON, JAMES- d. 1 Dec 1908 (Birds Run, Guernsey Co.); Wife- survives but not named; Children- Mrs. John Umstott (PA), Mrs. Edward Williams (Birds Run), Geo. A. Wilson (Newcomerstown), one child died some years ago.

CRATER, E.C.- d. 6 Dec 1908 (Pittsburg, PA); Parents- Mr. & Mrs. I. Crater; Wife- died several years ago; Children- one daughter & four sons all of whom are still living; Siblings- Mr. V. D. Crater & Mrs. Robt. Smith (both of Newcomerstown).

6 January 1909

EVANS, ISAAC J.- b. 23 Nov 1846  d. 31 Dec 1908; Wife- Flora B. Hines (married 16 Aug 1881)- survives; Children- Mrs. H. G. Reidenbach, Bessie & Frederick Evans.

13 January 1909

MABERRY, THOS.- d. 3 Jan 1909 (Newark, O); Aged 94 yrs.; Wife- Anna B. Cox (married in Wellsville) she died in 1886; 2nd Wife- Rachel Gerber survives; Children- 6 children by 1st marriage survive- only children mentioned- "Two of his sons served their country- William, who is dead and Maynard, who served in Co. D 52nd O V I, full enlistment and a son-in-law, James Boyd joined Co. D 52nd Ohio in the spring of 1864 and was mortally wounded at Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia".

VIRTUE, SAMUEL- d. 4 Jan 1909 (d. near Kimbolton- had he lived but a few days longer he would have celebrated his 89th birthday); Children- Wm. Virtue (with whom the father made his home), Mrs. Rev. Campbell, Mrs. Martha Umstott, and Mrs. Belle Worley.

UHLRICH, CAROLINE (WOLF)- b. 5 Sept 1828 (Fischbeck, Germany) d. 9 Jan 1909 (Port Washington); Husband- John Uhlrich (mar. 5 Jan 1860) he survives; Children- John (Gnadenhutten), Charles (Port Washington), Mrs. John Haas (Port Washington), and Mrs. Ira Patterson (Tuscarawas).

HOGUE, THOS. ANDREW- d. Jan 1909; Buired- 5 Jan 1909 at Westchester.

27 January 1909

PILLING, MRS. JANE- d. 25 Jan 1909 (Coalport); Husband- John P. Pilling (deceased 17 Jan 1908); Children- Mrs. Lillie King and Grant Pilling (of Iowa), Mrs. Oscar Lacey, Mrs. Biglow Dorsey, and Mrs. Foster West.

MESSER, ELEANOR- b. 30 Dec 1823 (Belmont Co.) d. 21 Jan 1909 (near Wolf Station); Niece- Mrs. I. M. Smith (near Wolf Station).

COLE, JOSEPH- b. 15 Jul 1846, "died at his home near Miller's station, Harrison Co., and was buried Jan'y 20th, 1909"; Wife- Mrs. Cole is a sister of Henry Hardsock & Mrs. James Walton (both of Newcomerstown).


10 February 1909

GROSS, BENEDICT M.- b. abt. 1818 in Switzerland (came to U.S. in 1828 when 10 yrs. of age) d. February 1909 (Last Thursday);  Wife- Malinda Burrell mar. 2 Jan 1845- survives; Children- 2 sons & 2 daughters.

17 February 1909

MCCOY, MRS. CHRISTA A.- d. 16 Feb 1909 (in her 26th year); Husband- Harvey C. McCoy- Survives; Children- 2 small children survive; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. Sam'l Huff.

3 March 1909

HILL, SARAH ANN- b. 1827 (Birmingham, Guernsey Co.) d. 28 Feb 1909; Brother- Mr. A. J. Hill.

10 March 1909

LUDWIG, FRED- d. 6 March 1909.

CARR, AMBROSE- d. 7 March 1909.

MCCOY, LAURA SOPHA- b. 6 Jan 1907 d. 5 March 1909; Parents- Harvey C. McCoy & Christa A. Huff (d. 16 Feb 1909); Grandparents- Mr. & Mrs. John A. McCoy; Siblings- One Brother survives.

STITT, DAVID F. SR.- d. 6 March 1909; Wife- Survives; Children- William, David, Ray & Roy- Note- D.G. Stitt, the elder son, was absent being out west, and his friends were unable to locate him.

BERKSHIRE, JOHN K.- b. at Gilmore d. March 1909- Leetsdale, PA; Wife & five daughters survive; Burial- Gilmore.


29 December 1909

MYERS, CHAS. & PETER- d. 22 Dec 1909 (Charles age 16, Peter 14) in housefire; Parents- Mr. & Mrs. James Myers; Siblings- 4 younger siblings which survived the fire.

CROSS, MRS. MARGARET- b. 24 Jun 1822 (Carrollton, OH) d. 25 Dec 1909 (3 miles north of Wolf Station); Husband- Uriah T. Cross (deceased); Children- 6 sons & 3 daughters - 4 died in infancy & 1 son died in the Civil War; Burial- Bethel Cemetery.

PACE, WILLIAM SR.- b. 22 May 1828 (Prussia, Germany) d. 25 Dec 1909; Wife- 1st Wife deceased (not named), 2nd Wife- Mary Elizabeth Smith survives; Children- daughter from 1st marriage- name not given (Michigan), Second Marriage- 11 children born, 7 survive: George, David & Samuel Pace & Mrs. H. B. Rice (all of Newcomerstown), Will S. Pace (Chicago), Mrs. Harry Rownd (Steubenville), Miss Ella Pace (East Palastine, OH).

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