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1850 Tuscarawas County, Ohio Federal Census Mortality Schedule
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=======      =====         ===   ===  ======= ========== ===========   ==========
Albert       Martha        F     2mo  OH      Feb        Cold
Amstuc       Susan *       F     60   SWITZER Apr        Dropsy
Anderson     Elizabeth     F     49   PA      Sep        Fever
Angel        Israel        M     55   MD      Sep        Fever         Farmer
Arford       Martain B.    M     6    OH      Nov        Flux
Armstrong    Margaret      F     64   OH      Jan        Old Age
Arnold       Edward        M     66   IRELAND Oct        Lung Fever    Carpenter
Art          Christina     F     50   GERMANY Dec        Nerves
Art          George        M     30   GERMANY Oct        Not Given     Farmer
Asher        John W.M.     M     21   OH      Sep        Flux          Farmer
Aukeny       Matilda A.    F     1    OH      Jul        Fever
Baker        Duglas        M     81   MD      Mar        Palsy         Millwright
Baker        Isaac         M     2mo  OH      Mar        Scarlet Fever
Baker        John          M     61   GERM    Jan        Diarrhea      Farmer
Baker        Mary N.       F     1    OH      Sep        Canker
Baker        William M.    M     9mo  OH      May        Teething
Baltzly      George W.     M     1    OH      Feb        Lung Fever
Banner       Martha        F     33   OH      Feb        Consumption
Barns        George        M     6mo  OH      Mar        Croup
Barns        Mordicai      M     63   PA      Apr        Consumption   Farmer
Baugher      Adam          M     8mo  OH      May        Croup
Bays         Franklin      M     12   OH      Sep        Flux
Beahmer      Jacob         M     1mo  OH      Dec        No Opening
Beck         Anna M.       F     3mo  OH      Aug        Bowel Infl
Bence        Margaret      F     1    OH      Aug        Unknown
Benepee      Amanda        F     1    OH      May        Whoop Cough
Berg         John          M     2    OH      May        Measles
Besser       Mary A.       F     6    OH      Jun        Unknown
Black        Charles A.    M     45   PA      Jan        Gastritis     Clergyman
Black        Stephen D.    M     32   PA      May        Lung Fever    Drover
Blythe       Franklin      M     6    OH      Aug        Flux
Boals        James         M     40   IRE     Jul        Unknown       Farmer
Bodman       Catharine     F     68   SWITZER Sep        Cramps
Bower        Catharine     F     33   GERMANY Aug        Cholera
Bower        Charles D.    M     1    OH      Sep        Whoop Cough
Bower        William N.    M     1mo  OH      Jan        Unknown
Branin       Eliza         F     15   NG      Oct        Chill Fever
Brashaw      William       M     28   NY      Nov        Unknown       Teacher
Brounk       John          M     8mo  OH      Aug        Measles
Brown        Elizabeth     F     20   OH      Feb        Dropsy
Browning     John          M     32   OH      Mar        Fever         Farmer
Burget       Frances       F     69   GERMANY Aug        Fever
Burnett      Emily M.      F     7    OH      Oct        Unknown
Burrell      Elias         M     28   OH      Oct        Unknown
Busaway      Catharine     F     32   OH      Nov        Fever
Cahill       Rachael       F     1    OH      Mar        Measles
Cahill       Sarah         F     30   OH      Mar        Consumption
Carothers    Hugh          M     65   IRELAND Oct        Unknown
Carr         Almira        M     33   OH      Feb        Child Birth
Carr         Jacob R.      M     3mo  OH      Jul        Brain Infl
Carr         Peter         M     24   OH      May        Erysipelas
Carr         Richard       M     24   OH      Jul        Brain Infl    Farmer
Carrell      Lucy          F     19   OH      Jun        Bronchitis
Cartey       Rhylesugo*    M     3mo  OH      Aug        Unknown
Cesler       Nancy         F     7    PA      Aug        Flux
Chadwell     John          M     27   OH      Feb        Lung Fever    Farmer
Chapman      Mary          F     29   MD      Feb        Typhus Fever
Chesterman   Ann           F     1    OH      Dec        Fever
Christian    Catherine     F     23   OH      Aug        Consumption
Clark        Elizabeth A.  F     9mo  OH      Feb        Croup
Clark        Rachel J.     F     1    PA      Oct        Unknown
Clemmons     John          M     57   IRELAND Sep        Scarlet Fever
Coal         Ezekiel*      M     38   OH      Mar        Consumption   Shoemaker
Cockeral     Catharine     F     44   IRELAND Apr        Lungs
Collins      Lousanna      F     2mo  OH      Mar        Hives
Contz        James         M     42   NY      Jun        Dropsy        Farmer
Cornelius    Jane          F     60   NG      May        Apoplexy
Correl       Lafayette     M     1    OH      Aug        Dropsy
Couchenhouse Jonathan      M     10   OH      Sep        Flux
Cretzer      Catharine     F     62   PA      Oct        Consumption
Cribbs       George O.     M     4    OH      Sep        Liver Compl
Criswell     David         M     45   MD      Mar        Sore Leg      Laborer
Crites       Welthy B.     F     6    OH      Mar        Scarlet Fever
Croft        William S.    M     4    OH      Jan        Measles
Cunaway      Asa W.        M     1    OH      Jun        Croup
Cunaway      Oliver        M     1mo  OH      Aug        Spasms
Custer       Walter        M     10   OH      Aug        Flux
Custerd      Samuel        M     1    OH      Aug        Fever

Part 1 (A-C) | Part 2 (D-G) | Part 3 (H-L) | Part 4 (M-R) | Part 5 (S-Z)

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