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Index of McKeesport High School Yearbooks 1884-1911
Allegheny County, PA
Indexed and donated by Laura K. Thomas  -  -  -  -  GENLOOKUPS

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Last name:   First Name:   Middle:     Sr.Yr.Married:           Moved to:                 Notes:
==========   ===========   =======     ===== ========           =========                 ======
Mains        Mathilda      H.          1892  George Richards    Olive St.
Mains        Ruth                      1911
Marshall     Anna                      1905
Marshall     Josephine                 1905
Martyn       Vincent       Smith       1909                     Pittsburgh                clerk in P & L E office clim agent
May          Arthur        R           1884                                               real estate sales in McKeesport
Mayer        Joseph                    1895
McCain       Florence                  1906  Walter West
McCard       Nellie        Valentine   1909
McCarrell    Harriett                  1897  Mr. Matthews       Denver, CO
McCawley     Mary          Stephens    1899  Jack Nutt                                    husband works seamless dept 
McClelland   Maude         B.          1895
McClelland   Minnie                    1896  R. B. Herbertson   McKeesport                son and daughter
McClelland   Anson         B.          1901
McClure      Belle                     1886  Harry Stuckslager
McClure      Anna                      1890                                               "Belle" passed on before 1926
McClure      Arabella                  1892
McClure      Lizzie                    1892
McClure      Maude                     1902
McClure      Edith                     1906  Clyde Wolf
McClure      Merle                     1911
McCombs      Cora          B.          1901
McCombs      Blanche                   1905
McConnell    Ella                      1886
McCord       Jean                      1910
McCowley     Denny                     1910
McCune       Martha                    1891
McCune       Frances       Grace       1896  John A. Caughey                              Wimodausis member; son Wm. died
McCune       William                   1896                     Pittsburgh                brother of AC McCune; works for Am. S
McCune       Arthur                    1898                                               president Potter McCune Co.
McCune       Caleb                     1898                                               physician
McCune       David         P.          1903  Lena Walker                                  Doctor
McDowell     Elizabeth                 1898
McElroy      Helen                     1911                                               works at aluminum co. in Pittsburgh
McGraw       Abraham                   1889
McIntyre     Mary                      1889
McKee        Thoma         Dobson      1899                                               Druggist
McMichael    June                      1911                                               works at Peoples city bank
McMichael    Jay                       1910
McMillan     James         Vere        1901
McMullen     Adelaide                  1911  Hugh Cochran       Ford City, PA
Mehaffey     Edith         Jane        1895  Mr. Kelley         Bridge St.
Mellinger    Lillian       P.          1898                                               1928 says she passed away
Metz         Margaret                  1910
Meyer        Pearl                     1911  Emary Elster       Bryn Mawr, PA
Milholand    Edith         Pearl       1909
Miller       Anna          B.          1886
Miller       Harry         C.          1886
Miller       Grace         Mae         1895
Milmoe       Isabelle                  1911
Minehart     Lillie                    1904
Mitchell     Margaret                  1905  J. W. Mader                                  he is a druggist
Mitchell     Mildred                   1911
Moffett      Edna                      1911  Charles Kemp       10th Ward
Montgomery   Vera                      1899                                               teacher 1st grade 
not listed in 1926
Montgomery   Wayne                     1902
Moore        Grace         Emma        1895
Morelock     Carl                      1906                                               realtor
Morgan       Margaret                  1902  Potter             1404 Beech St McKeesport
Morris       Laura                     1894
Morton       Earl          Austin      1901  Retta R. Zimmerman Dravosburg, PA            Attorney for trust Co. in Pittsburgh
Moses        Pearl                     1905
Moses        Bess                      1906  H. Scott
Moses        Cora                      1909  C. Byard Bailey    Johnstown
Munson       Hannah        Mae         1909
Murray       Katie         Pearson     1909
Muse         Ora                       1910
Nau          Bess                      1906                                               teacher
Neel         Mollie                    1891
Neel         Frances                   1905
Nell         Haram                     1906
Nelson       Anna                      1902  Johnson            Elizabeth, PA
Nelson       Lillian                   1911
Nelson       Freda                     1910
Newlin       Harold        V.          1897                     Portland                  Attorney
Newlin       Edwin                     1911                     Niagra Falls, NY
Nicholds     Elizabeth     Jane        1909
Nichols      Jenny                     1906  Mr. Metheeney
Nill         Bertha        T.          1898  WM. Lee            Otto
Nill         Henry                     1911                                               salesman for Lamp Bros.- 
wholesale c
Niven        Mary          Elizabeth   1901  Scott M. Stewart   McKeesport                real estate dealer
Ohsberg      Edith                     1911  William Kline      Wilkinsburg, PA
O'Neil       Mary                      1888
Orr          Isabell                   1902  Smythe             Converse St in McKeesport
Orr          Mary                      1905                                               plays pipe organ at Central Presbyter
Osborn       William       E.          1902                     McKeesport                Clerk
Packer       Geneva                    1910
Painter      Anna          B.          1884                                               lives on Walnut St.
Painter      Eva                       1889
Parker       Sara                      1904
Parkins      Mary          Ellen       1899  Adolphus Pringle   Johnstown, PA
Parmiter     Mattie                    1903
Patterson    Eleanor                   1890                                               principal of Fawcett School
Patterson    Mame                      1894  Robert Graham, ESQ
Patterson    Burt          N.          1901
Patterson    Jean          Elliott     1901
Payne        Grace                     1911  John Kyle          Warren, OH
Penney       Lou                       1888  Wm. A. Stone       New Castle, PA
Penney       James                     1894
Petrie       Harriet                   1911
Petty        Mary          Inez        1899
Philips      Kate                      1888  S. S. Grisley      Ruffsdale, PA
Phillips     Mary          J.          1890  Kohler             California                owns fruit farm active in civic clubs
Pierce       Martha        Elizabeth   1898  Chalmer Dickson
Piper        Russell                   1902                     McKeesport                Clerk
Piper        Mary                      1905
Pitzer       Cora                      1894
Pitzer       E.            Linda       1901
Pitzer       Ethel                     1911  John Ingersoll     Commerce St.
Pollard      Jennie                    1894
Powell       Edwin                     1910
Powers       Matilda       Viola       1895
Price        Flora         Adelaide    1899  Wm. E. Witlach     Roberts, ID               husband banker
Price        Dorothy                   1910
Pryor        Eugene                    1906                     Pittsburgh                National Tube Co. employee
Quantz       Edward                    1903
Quinn        Hannah                    1911                                               grad Allegheny College and Johns Hopk
Raden        Linnie        Theresa     1909
Rader        Bernice                   1910
Rae          Charles                   1903
Rankin       Charles       A.          1892
Rankin       Ralph         Russell     1909
Raymond      Mary          K.          1901
Redman       Jean                      1906                                               teacher
Reed         Sara          Anna        1888
Reed         Charles       I.          1895
Reed         Etta                      1903  W . T. Norton
Reed         Kenneth                   1906                     New York
Reiter       Sydney                    1910
Rhoades      Emma                            John Spangler                                schoolteacher
Rice         Elizabeth                 1910
Richards     Anna          R           1884                                               6th grade teacher 11th ward
Richards     Katherine                 1905
Richey       DeWayne       G.          1909                     Pittsburgh                physician & surgeon specializing in e
Richey       Lucille                   1911  Dr. Guy P. Gamble                            husband is dentist
Ride         Mildred                   1910
Riggs        Clifford                  1897                     Los Angeles, CA           Accountant
Riggs        Walter        Lee         1901                                               Attorney
Rissler      Marie                     1896  Walter Bonnett                               bookkeeper Mckeesport Ice Co.
Robbins      Lorrin        R. L.       1888                     Wisconsin
Robinson     Samuel                    1904                     Chicago, IL               Methodist Episcopal minister
Robinson     Jesse                     1906                                               teacher
Robinson     Lillie                    1911                                               8th grade teacher West side bldg
Robinson     Jeanette                  1910
Rodgers      Odessa        J.          1895
Rodkey       Elmyra                    1910
Roessing     Virginia                  1911  Alan Potter        Maryland
Roland       Phoebe                    1891  Charles Johnson    Union Ave
Rose         Cortula                   1903  Mr. Miller         Pittsburgh
Rosen        Maude                     1902  Stephens           Tulsa, OK
Rosen        Katherine                 1910
Ross         Sadie                     1906
Ross         Besse                     1910
Rotheram     Ada                       1903  George B. Wright
Rowland      John          West        1909
Rudbert      Lillian                   1902
Russell      Jennie                    1893                     Pittsburgh                listed as Jessie teacher at private s
Russell      John                      1893
Russell      Elizabeth     Margaret    1897  Mr. Crookham       McKeesport
Russell      Maggie                    1897                     McKeesport                principal Highland Groves school
Russell      Alice                     1906
Rutledge     Ralph                     1910
Salving      Hilda                     1911  John Beck          Wooster, MA
Sanial       Albert                    1910
Schaum       Mildred                   1903  Dr. D P Hutchison
Schlesinger  Louis                     1910                                               musician
Schmidt      Louis                     1893  Adolph Schmidt     Shaw Ave
Schmitz      Elizabeth                 1905
Schreider    Hiram                     1910
Schuck       Hilda                     1910
Schwartz     Louis                     1910
Scott        Cordelia                  1886
Scott        Ida           Josephine   1893
Scott        Blanche       Mable       1896  Homer Leslie       Homewood, PA
Scott        Alva          Armstrong   1897
Scott        William       Elsworth    1899                                               Civil Engineer
Seifert      William                   1896                     Pittsburgh                attorney
Seigle       Samuel                    1911
Setterberg   Ellen                     1911  Mr. Sandin
Seymore      Walter                    1909
Shaffner     Lucie         Hartenese   1909
ShallenbergerThomas                    1893                     Waterford, PA             assistant principal also listed as Sh
ShallenbergerMarion                    1905
Shaw         Annette                   1895
Shaw         Edith                     1911  Robert L. Shaw     Florida
Signet       Martha                    1909
Simon        Sophie                    1894
Simon        Alcie         Louise      1897  P. D. Eberly       Canton, OH
Simon        Israel        A.          1901
Simon        Abe                       1910                     McKeesport/Pittsburgh     attorney at law
Simpson      Exie                      1905                                               listed as Ethel 8th grade teacher, Sh
Simpson      Ethel                     1905
Sinsel       William       E.          1901
Sinsel       Martha                    1906
Smith        Duane         P.          1887
Smith        Martha                    1892  Mr. Baid
Smith        Flora         May         1896                     Glassport                 teacher
Smith        Marie                     1898  C. C. Kurtzcock
Smith        Mollie        Estelle     1899  J. T. McLane                                 husband proprietor McKeesport Paint &
Smith        Nelle         D.          1902
Smith        Pearl                     1902
Smith        William                   1903
Smith        Wilda         Norris      1909
Smith        Fern                      1910
Snee         Lou           Hoffman     1888  Geo. F. Johnstin
Snowden      Stella                    1902  Royce              Pittsburgh
Soles        Kate                      1893
Soles        Elizabeth                 1894
Soles        Mazie                     1897  Mr. C. N. Auld     Canton, OH
Soles        Robert                    1911                                               Real Estate and Insurance
Spear        Carrie                    1902  Rabe               Chicago, ILL
Sperry       Pearl                     1904
Squibb       Abigail                   1903  Burt Crouse
Steele       Margaret      R.          1891
Steele       R. L.                     1892                                               physician
Steele       Thomas                    1894
Stephens     Myrtle                    1894
Stevenson    Jennie        Graham      1909  James Davis                                  taught 8th grade
Stewart      Boyd                      1894
Stockdale    Nellie        M.          1895  Mr. R. Junker
Stucki       Blanche                   1905
Stuckslager  Harry         R.          1885  Belle McClure                                Banker at Peoples City Bank
Stuckslager  Helen         Beam        1909                                               Musician
Stull        Kathryn                   1903
Sundstrom    Charles       E.          1901
Swaney       Lester        Le Roy      1899                     Pittsburgh                Vice President and Cashier
 Peoples N
Symington    Martha                    1911  Howard Kniss       Pirl St.
Tassey       Ethel                     1906                                               teacher
Tawney       Myra          Corrine     1901
Taylor       Edna          Livingston  1898                                               math teacher at MHS
Teter        Anna          Belle       1899                                               1st grade teacher east end school
Thomas       Elsie                     1903  Cyrus Myers        St Pete, FL
Thomas       Charlotta                 1905
Thomas       Adelaide                  1911
Thompson     Mayme                     1897                     Pittsburgh                teacher
Thompson     John          Wilson      1899                     Wilkinsburg, PA           trust officer 
Union National Bank-Pi
Thompson     Bertram       G.          1904                     Phoenix, AZ
Thompson     Katie                     1911
Tillbrook    Gertrude                  1899  H. V. Dry                                    husband salesman 
McKeesport Produce
Traverie     Agnes                     1893  Francis Miller     Lebanon, SD
Trich        Anna          V.          1895  Mr. R. E. Taylor   Coursin St.
Trich        Nellie        J.          1898  Nathan Phillips    Pittsburgh
Trich        Jennie        E.          1901
Vankirk      Adelaide                  1897                     Pittsburgh                teacher
Vankirk      Gertrude                  1910
Verner       Irene                     1910
Walker       Lena                      1904  D. P. McCune
Walker       Mary                      1906
Walker       Sadie                     1906  John Zenn
Walker       Francis                   1911                                               West Penn Power Co employee
Walker       Mary                      1910
Wallace      Minnie                    1895
Walsh        Ora           Ednetta     1892
Wampler      John          Truman      1909
Waters       Jane                      1899                                               teacher 8th grade
Watson       Jane                      1905
Weddell      George                    1905
Weddell      Charles                   1911
Weiss        Harry         Manuel      1909
Welch        Edith                     1906
Wells        Effie         M.          1888  James M. Wampler                             widowed by 1928
Wells        Albert        G.          1901
Wells        Albert                    1902                     pittsburgh, PA            not in 1927 but is in 1926
Wersderfer   Nan           C.          1903  Mr. Shaffer        Cheyenne, WY
Westbay      Pearl                     1893  J. R. McDonald     1209 Packer St.
Weyer        Charles                   1911
Whitaker     Jennie        May         1887                                               died before 1926
White        Flora                     1889                                               principal Versailles 
Ave bldg
White        Curry                     1893
White        Margaret                  1896  Hackett            Strothers, OH
White        George                    1898                     Wyandotte, MI             Super of labor at Bi - Products compa
White        Laura         R.          1901                                               clerk Pittsburgh courthouse
White        Grace                     1905
White        Adelaide                  1911  George F. Young                              husband is a pharmacist
Wickard      Katherine                 1903                                               teacher McKeesport grade school
Wickard      Percy                     1903
William      Mary                      1903  Ben Harris         Ohio Pyle
Winkelvoss   Rachel        Ann         1895
Winkelvoss   Nellie        Mae         1898  S. C. Beaumont
Wolf         Wilhelmina                1895
Wolf         Frank                     1910
Wood         Edna                      1901
Wood         Robert                    1911                     California
Wood         John                      1910
Woods        Maud                      1892                                               teacher in the high school in 1926
Wright       Bertha                    1899                                               treasurer & bookkeeper, McKeesport Pr
Wyant        James                     1902                     Philadelphia, PA          Surgeon in orthopedics
Young        Robert                    1888                     Glenshaw, PA              Presbyterian minister in Pittsburgh
Young        Clyde                     1894                     Pittsburgh                Attorney in Pittsburgh & McKeesport
Young        Mary          Lorena      1898                                               1928 says she passed away
Young        Roy                       1903                     Wilkinsburg               civil engineer
Young        Edward                    1904                     McKeesport
Young        Thomas                    1904                     Pittsburgh,               National Tube
Young        George                    1910
Younkins     Ethel                     1911
Ziegler      James         Albert      1898                                               employed Wheeling Steel Co.
Zimmerman    Elizabeth     Aurelia     1899  John B. Yohe       Connelsville, PA          husband is Coal Broker
Zimmerman    Retta R.                  1901  Earl Morton        Dravosburg, PA
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