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Miscellaneous Cambria County, Pennsylvania Deaths
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Friday, May 5, 2000

Bassett: William W., 53, Patton. (Moriconi) 
Boggetta: Luella G. (Zimmerman), 78, Strongstown. (Moriconi) 
Bulow: Philip John, 58, Williamsport, Md., formerly of Portage. (Osborne, Williamsport) 
Coval: Betty J., 77, Moxham. (Moskal & Kennedy) 
Grush: Harry Jr., 81, Geistown Borough. (Geisel, Dale) 
Plowchin: Mary, 90, Laurelwood Convalescent Center, formerly of Westmont. (Moskal, West End) 

Saturday, May 6, 2000

Drew: Alice Jean (Zimmer), 62, Winston-Salem, N.C., formerly of Brownstown. 
Frye: Elaine C., 72, Wayne Township, Schuylkill County. (Ebling) 
Gindlesperger: Dalton James, 7 months, Boswell R.D. (Hoffman, Boswell) 
Kelley: Lora E., 100, Church of the Brethren Home, Windber, formerly of Richland Township. (Dalla Valle, Windber) 
Kerr: William M., 28, Oakland. (Geisel, Dale) 
Klodosky: Joseph, 80, Laurel Crest Rehabilitation & Special Care Center, Ebensburg, formerly of Johnstown. (Ozog) 
Lawrence: Leroy G., 83, St. Benedict. (Moriconi) 
Michinock: Peter B., 86, Central City. (Mulcahy) 
Nemetz: John Jr., 77, Woodvale. (Ozog) 
Sabo: Esther, 79, Johnstown. (Ozog)

Sunday, May 7, 2000 

Benante: Anthony J., 85, Cresson. (Kennedy) 
Caple: E. Mae (Hill), 90, Hanover, York County. (Pritts) 
Clark: Hubert V., 76, Everett. (Dalla Valle, Everett) 
Larry: Nicholas J., 77, West End. (Ozog) 
Maggio: Evelyn, Bayonne N.J., formerly of Johnstown. (Moskal & Kennedy) 
Weaver: Anna, 77, Pfafftown, N.C., formerly of Patton. (Stevens, Patton) 
Yeckley: James A., 88, Wichita Falls, Texas, formerly of Ebensburg. (Matevish) 

Monday, May 8, 2000

Baumgardner: Margaret D., 78, Johnstown. (Henderson) 
Campbell: J. Robert, 84, Altoona, native of Carrolltown. (Smith) 
Chapple: Patricia, 62, Johnstown. (Henderson) 
Davis: Jimmie Ora, 93, East Taylor Township. (Ozog) 
Kline: Doris L., 61, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. (Hoover) 
Kokoski: Theodore A., 69, Manchester, York County, native of Cambria County. (Diehl, Mount Wolf) 
Mattimore: Wesley Sr., 62, Johnstown. (Hindman) 
Noble: Ethel, 75, Johnstown. (Gordon) 
Ray: Alice M. (Libengood), 74, Blairsville. (Ferguson) 
Sobieski: Henry J., 79, Central City. (Mulcahy) 
Totino: Nellie, 91, Laurel Crest Rehabilitation & Special Care Center, Ebensburg, formerly of Windber. (Dalla Valle, Windber)

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Becker: Robert F., 88, Hollidaysburg, formerly of Johnstown. (Ozog) 
Berkey: Mary S., 79, Windber. (Meek) 
Cenjia: Aldo L., 73, Armagh. (Meese) 
Hovanec: Andrew, 81, Johnstown. (Ozog) 
Lasinsky: Margaret, 78, Vinco, formerly of Nanty Glo. (Bowser-Ondriezek) 
McClintock: Frederick M., 85, Bedford. (Berkebile) 
Riffle: Tech. Sgt. William, 53, Ohio, formerly of Johnstown. 
Torchia: Susan M., 80, East Conemaugh Borough, formerly of West End. (Ozog) 

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Barkley: Leo A. Sr., 71, South Fork. (Geisel, Dale) 
Corns: Wilma (Yoder), 75, North Coventry Township, Chester County. (Campbell-Ennis-Klotzbach) 
Cox: Clarence J., 63, Johnstown. (Geisel, Dale) 
Entler: Elizabeth, 93, Northern Cambria. (Moriconi) 
Gartrell: Anna, 93, Johnstown R.D. 2. (Baker-Harris) 
Glover: Henry H. Jr., 52, Atlanta, formerly of Johnstown. (Duca, Downtown) 
Lucci: Pasqua, 91, Ehrenfeld. (Dimond) 
Lutsko: Betty Louise, 53, Bixby, Okla. (Bixby) 
Migut: John A., 83, Cambria City. (Ozog) 
Pasierb: Stanley Jr., 79, Central City. (Mulcahy) 
Walker: Allan Ernest, 69, North Versailles, Allegheny County, formerly of Gray. (Hoffman) 

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Boreck: Miriam R., 67, Jamestown, N.Y., formerly of Portage. (Lind, Jamestown) 
Cremin: Joseph P., 91, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Ozog) 
Donner: Benjamin Jacob, 88, Salisbury, formerly of Berlin. (Deaner, Berlin) 
Fetsko: Robert F., 64, Central City. (Mulcahy) 
Geiser: Catherine A., 57, Johnstown. (Duca) 
Gordon: Raymond A., 79, Windber. (Kisiel) 
Kozopas: Theodore, 62, Connor Towers, Johnstown. (Picking-Treece-Bennett) 
Layton: Melvie G., 79, Bedford. (Louis Geisel) 
Mosebach: Emily L.,  Johnstown. (Henderson) 
Myers: William J., 79, Griffie Road, Acosta. (Hoffman) 
Noble: Ethel, 75, Johnstown. 
Stoltz: Dorothy M., 80, Johnstown. (Henderson) 
Wagner: Franklin Delano, 61, Salisbury. (Newman, Grantsville, Md.)

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Cyburt: Martha, 76, Johnstown. (Ozog) 
Delorie: Thomas A., 84, Windber. (Kisiel) 
Jakell: Mary, 85, Laurel Wood Convalescent Center, Upper Yoder Township. (Picking-Treece-Bennett) 
Kostick: James, 40, Central City. (Mulcahy) 
McFarland: R. Jeanette, 91, Pompano Beach, Fla., formerly of Everett. (Dalla Valle, Everett) 
Pastovich: Harry, 85, Wilmore. (Dimond) 
Regan: Olga J., Conemaugh. (Henderson-Makuchan-Ketterer) 
Sepety: Mary, 86, Windber. (Marron) 
Shaw: Barbara Ann, 82, Coalport. (Gibbons, Coalport) 
Skyles: Harrison R., 78, Johnstown. (Hindman) 
Stevens: David G., 61, Mountainview Manor, Cresson, formerly of Coalport. (Gibbons, Coalport) 
Waltimire: Josephine (Hook), 77, Church of the Brethren Home, Paint Borough, formerly of Mine 

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Baker: John A., 74, Richland Township, formerly of Conemaugh. (Baker-Harris) 
Benford: N. Joyce (Rodgers), 67, Oakland. (Hoffman, Davidsville) 
Bent: Sara J., 65, Davidsville. (Mason) 
Cox: Helen L., 88, Mount Penn, Berks County, formerly of Ebensburg. (Matevish) 
Cycyk: Frank, 69, Pascagoula, Miss. (Bradford-O’Keefe, Ocean Springs, Miss.) 
Devich: Mildred, 83, Johnstown. (Ozog) 
Michnya: Peter, 77, West End. (Ozog) 
McBurney: Elva G., 91, Indiana, formerly of Blairsville. (Ferguson) 
Richardson: Dora (Spencer), Buffalo, N.Y., formerly of Johnstown. 
Russell: Sister M. Charlotte, R.S.M., 92, Mercy Center, Dallas, Luzerne County, formerly of Johnstown. (Collins, Wilkes-Barre) 
Sherrard: Jacob Henderson Jr., 74, Hilton Head, S.C., formerly of Johnstown. 
Strait: Naomi R., 72, Richland Township. (Harris) 
Szatrowski: Maria, 84, Johnstown. (Hindman) 
White: Russell B. Jr., 64, Johnstown. (Geisel, Dale) 
Zerbee: Rose Marie, 58, Patton. (Gibbons, Ashville)

Friday, June 16, 2000

Bittner: Elmer Jr., 55, Seale, Ala. (Meese, Seward) 
Boyer: James E., 85, Richland Township. (Moskal & Kennedy) 
Detwiler: Manon Irene, 80, Strongstown, native of Nanty Glo. (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo) 
Dishong: Arvilla M., 81, formerly of Ebensburg. (Askew-Houser, Nanty Glo) 
Easterbrook: Kenneth W., 74, Churchill, Allegheny County, native of Johnstown. (Gross, Penn Hills) 
Faulkner: Margaret F., Johnstown. (Henderson) 
Hughes: Victoria Lynn Shamas, 52, Altamonte Springs, Fla., native of Johnstown. (Baldwin-Fairchild, Altamonte Springs) 
Kautz: Mary R., 88, Eustis, Fla., formerly of Davidsville. (Mason) 
Lloyd: Ira A., 60, Hastings. (Long-Contres) 
Louder: Leona F., 67, Windber. (George, Salix) 
McCune: Dorothy M. (Alkire), 61, Blairsville. (Ferguson) 
Miller: June Pearl, 75, Hazel Park, Mich, formerly of South Fork. (Dimond) 
Natcher: Wilmer L., 74, Ebensburg. (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg) 
O’Connell: Lucille M., 84, Johnstown. (Picking-Treece-Bennett, downtown office) 
Roseman: Michael, 55, Johnstown. (Ozog) 
Rothblum: Julia, 87, Johnstown. (Henderson) 
Sherbine: Walter I., 80, Apollo Beach, Fla., native of Wilmore. (Lewers, Ruskin, Fla.) 
Springer: Kathleen, 42, Ebensburg. (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg) 
Stephenson: Edward, 63, Olanta, Clearfield County, native of Johnstown. (Chidboy, Curwensville) 
Sweeney: Charles F., 58, Johnstown. (Ozog) 
Walters: Margaret I., Portage R.D. 2. (Miller, East Freedom) 
Wilson: Goldie M., 89, Melbourne, Fla., formerly of South Fork. (George, Salix) 

Saturday, June  17, 2000

Bennett: Lloyd Ashley, 42, Johnstown. (Gordon) 
Grimminger: Kathleen (Esch), 88, Raleigh, N.C., formerly of Ebensburg. (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg) 
Mentch: Martha J., 91, Penn Run. (Bowser-Minich) 
Messina: Thomasina, 65, Osterburg. (Blackburn) 
Pristas: Andrew, 76, Conemaugh. (Henderson-Makuchan-Ketterer) 
Vogel: Paul G., 80, Daisytown. (Picking-Treece-Bennett) 
Weyant: Ruth Naomi, 84, Fishertown. (Blackburn) 
Wills: Edward W., 62, Jerome. (Gordon)

Sunday, June 18, 2000

Baldwin: Sophia, Central City. (Mulcahy) 
Baran: Paul, 86, Patton. (Stevens, Patton) 
Bennett: Brian, 32, Johnstown. (Picking-Treece-Bennett, downtown office) 
Bulvin: Lorraine Shirley (Weymers), 71, Bedford. (Berkebile, Bedford) 
Drummer: Geraldine, 80, Johnstown. (Picking-Treece-Bennett, downtown office) 
Mickle: John W., 93, formerly of Town House Towers, Johnstown. (Geisel, Dale) 
Price: Violet M., 82, New Paris. (Mickle-Geisel) 
Reiley: Dorothy W., 76, Bedford. (Louis Geisel) 
Sax: Stephen, 87, Johnstown. (Ozog) 
Wills: Edward W., 62, Somerset Avenue, Jerome. (Hoffman, Davids-ville) 
Wirick: Ellen E., 80, Windber. (Dalla Valle, Windber) 
Wood: Jane Lloyd (Elder), 77, Annapolis, Md., formerly of Ebensburg. (Askew-Houser, Ebensburg)

Monday, June 19, 2000

Beam: Paul J. Sr., 61, Nokesville, Va. (Price, Manassas, Va.) 
Crupi: Regina C., 23, Inkster, Mich. (Brown, Belleville, Mich.) 
Drummer: Geraldine, 80, Johnstown. (Picking-Treece-Bennett, Downtown Office) 
Gordon: Tajon T., infant son of Crystal Luker and John Gordon Jr., Johnstown. (Moskal, West End) 
Hunt: Clair P., 81, Niles, Ohio, native of Johnstown. (McDermott) 
Ludy: Violet A., 80, Berlin. (Deaner, Berlin) 
Mosholder: Dorothy I., 86, Somerset, formerly of Berlin R.D. (Deaner, Berlin) 
Mostoller: Nevin W., 82, Central City. (Deaner, Stoystown) 
Nelson: Florence E., 91, Indiana. (Bowser-Minich) 
Pittman: Kenneth R., 83, Everett. (Dalla Valle, Everett) 
Smith: Larry R., 52, Artemas. (Dalla Valle, Everett) 
Squashic: Joseph E., 58, Gallitzin. (Gibbons, Gallitzin) 
Torok: Edward, 73, Johnstown. (Ozog) 

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Biel: Mary Jane, 86, Harrison City, Westmoreland County, formerly of Ashville. (Gibbons, Ashville) 
Blanchetti: Charles Louis, 62, Springfield, Va., formerly of Summerhill. (Demaine, Springfield) 
Claycomb: Roy F.,  71, Imler. (Blackburn) 
Guyer: James R., 60, New Enterprise. (Dalla Valle, Everett) 
Lintner: Ann M., Washington, formerly of Johnstown. 
Mattes: Ethel M., 61, Johnstown. (Henderson) 
Nastasi: Michael C., 86, Northern Cambria. (Long-Contres) 
Rege: Joseph L., 76, Nanty Glo. (Bowser-Ondriezek) 
Spinos: Rose M., 86, Germantown, Tenn., formerly of Windber. (Meek) 

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