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Indiana County, Pennsylvania Marriages - 1936
From the Blairsville Dispatch  -  -  -  -  GENLOOKUPS

Sept. ?? - Lucille Moore, Grove City to Joseph Archer, Butler

Sept. 26 - Jane Zimmers, Blairsville to Ned M. Fleming, Chambersburg

Sept. 27 - Sceola Walkinshaw, Derry to Millard D. Porch, Butler

Sept. 29 - Thelma Mae Dunlap, near Blairsville to Truby C. Beers, Lewisville

Sept. 29 - Hazel McCurdy, Blairsville to Wendell Gorton, Grafton

Sept. 30 - Nora M. Drummond to Henry F. Luchsinger, Blairsville

Oct. 01 - Margaret Robertson to Willard M. Robinson, both of Blairsville

Oct. 03 - Helen Stuchel to Wilson Harris, both of Blairsville

Oct. 10 - Thelma Jane McCracken, Blairsville to Alfred Vassart of Detroit

Oct. 16 - Margaret Elizabeth Shontz, Conneaut Lake to Roscoe Todd, Brenizer

Oct. 16 - Edna Mikesell, Blairsville to Charles Burd, Brenizer

Oct. 17 - Mary Polosky, Latrobe to Andrew Kuchta, Derry

Oct. 20 - Bertha Mary Elliot, New Alexandria to Bardell E. McKelvey of Derry and Pitcarin

Oct. 20 - Julia Campbell, Derry to Amos L. Riggs of Indianapolis, Indiana

Oct. 20 - Anna Gasek, Coral to Joseph Wensell, Josephine

Oct. 23 - Helen Louise Evans, Homer City to Paul Dunlap, Derry Twp.

Oct. 24 - Vivienne C. Parker to Arthur Beers, Derry

Oct. 25 - Eleanor Kissinger, Latrobe to Richard McCool, Blairsville

Oct. 28 - Louise Turchi, Hillside to Victor Gennaro, Millwood

Nov. 05 - Dorothy Harris, Homer City to Robert Hill, Brenizer

Nov. 07 - M. Elizabeth Rowley, Hillsdale to Roy V. Mikesell, Coral

Nov. 11 - Margaret Alta Wilson to Lloyd Arthur Carney, both of Blairsville

Nov. 20 - Martha L. Mock, Derry to James H. Baldridge, Latrobe

Nov. 21 - Rose Elizabeth Hodczak to George Lawrence Sweney, both of Derry

Nov. 25 - Caroline Vitkovic, Conway to Michael Polosky, Jr., Derry

Nov. 26 - Kathryn Rhoads, Torrance to Russell G. Hild, Stewartstown

Nov. 26 - Mary F. Hawk, Home to Frank A. Cornell, Blairsville

Nov. 26 - Madeline Elkins, Connellsville to Paul Horsch, Irwin

Nov. 26 - Helen Malinda Horrell to Robert Owen Libengood, both of Blairsville

Nov. 26 - Mary V. Gray to Frederick E. Hollis, both of Homewood

Nov. 28 - Regina Monahan, Wilkinsburg to J. Homer Henigin, Derry Twp.

Dec. 05 - Marian Miller, Homer City to Edward Moorhead, Indiana, PA

Dec. 05 - Elvira Williams Gigeline to Domenic Mancini, Blairsville

Dec. 14 - Anna Mae Zimmers to Joseph A. Carney, both of Blairsville

Dec. 22 - Louise Naylor to Arthur Gordon Burgoyne, Ill.

Dec. 24 - Emma Taylor to Perry Boyle, both of Blairsville

Dec. 25 - Mary Jane Cameron, Blairsville to Murray Paul Lockard, Homer City

Dec. 26 - Agnes Sara McClung, New Florence to William Lewis Rankie, Jr. of Seger

Dec. 28 - Ruth Marsh, Bairdstown to Daniel Walter, Blairsville

Dec. 29 - Sue T. Bell, Blairsville to Joseph A. Flynn of Pittsburgh

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