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ANTES, MRS. CATHERINE, widow of Frederick Antes, Esq., 
    d. Selins Grove, Pa. Dec 15 1816, age 71.
ABBOTT, ABIEL, m. October 17, 1813, by Rev. J.W. Bidlack, 
    at Kingston, to Celinda, dau. of Elisha Atherton.
ABBOTT, (CELINDA), wife of Abiel Abbott, d. Kingston, 
    Jul 1, 1817; also her child.
ATHERTON, ESTHER, m. Jan 20 1817, to Daniel Roberts.
ATHERTON, RUTH, m. Feb 11, 1816, to William Dennis
ATHERTON, CELINDA, m. Oct 17 1813, Abiel Abbott
AVERY, ASAHEL, d. Willingborough Twp., Susquehanna Co., 1813. 
    Clarissa Lathrop Avery administratrix Apr 30 1813.
AVERY, --, wife of Cyrus Avery, d. Tunkhannock, July 1817.
AYRES, WILLIAM, son of Benjamin Ayres, d. Dundaff, Pa. October 
    10, 1828, age 4
ALSWORTH, HULDAH, m. June 18 1812, to Benjamin Holmes.
ADAMS, JAMES, child of Oliver S. Adams of Wilkes Barre, Pa. 
    d. March 26 1817
ACKLEY, AMOS, m. Towanda, by George Scott, Esq., (March 1811) 
    to Deborah Seely, both of that place.
ALLEN, CAPT. SAMUEL, of Plymouth, drowned in Toby's Creek, 
    March 21, 1813, age 70.
ATHERTON, ELISHA, d. Kingston, April 9, 1817, age 52.
ASH, ADELINE, infant of Ira ash, d. Wilkes Barre, July 19, 1817.
ASH, IRA, m. April 25 1816, by Rev. Mr. Lane, to Polly Miller, 
    both of Wilkes Barre.
ARNDT, ELIZABETH, wife of John Arndt, Esq., of Easton; d. Easton, 
    December 23, 1811.
ARNDT, ---, son of John P. Arndt, of Wilkes Barre, age 8, 
    drowned in the Susquehanna at Wilkes Barre, March 29, 1812.
ARMSTRONG, CATHERINE, m. May 25, 1811, Zephaniah Space.
BAILEY, JOHN, killed by accident by Lehigh, September 8, 1813.
BAKER, BENJAMIN, m. February 20, 1814, by Asa Dimock, Esq., at 
    Clifford, to Anna Finn.
BAKER, ELNATHAN, JR., m. June 18, 1812, by Asa Dimock, Esq., at 
    Clifford, to Phala Finn, all of Clifford.
BAKER, WILLIAM, d. 1812. Estate administered by Aaron Deane, 
    Kingston May 1, 1812.
BALDWIN, BETSEY, m. March 13 1832, George Wage.
BALDWIN, DAVID, m. Montrose, February 8, 1827, by Elder D. Dimock, 
    to Jane Chamberlin, all of Bridgewater.
BARNES, JAMES, m. January 2, 1814, by Thomas Dyer, Esq., at Wilkes 
    Barre, to Eliza, dau. Of Rev. Wm. Woodbridge, both of Wilkes 
BARNES, STEPHEN, of Wilkes Barre Twp., d. September 1814, Stephen 
    G. And Timothy Barnes administrators, October 6, 1814.
BARNES, WILLIAM, d. Wilkes Barre, March 1817, James Barnes 
    administrator, April 23 1817.
BARNUM, ELIAS (James Weed), m. January 5, 1812, by Rev. Mr. Hoyt., 
    at Wilkes Barre, to Julia Treadaway.
BARNUM, MAHALA, m. December 1810, to John Harding Jr., 
BARTLETT, THOMAS, d. Kingston, May 19, 1814.
BLACKMAN, ELISHA, m. June 30 1814, at Pittston, to Mary Searle.
BLACKMAN, MINERVA, m. July 28 1811, Calvin Edwards.
BLAIN, JOSEPH, m. January 12 1817, by David Perkins, Esq., at 
    Kingston, to Mary Shaffer.
BRADFORD, SAMUEL, d. Wayne County, May 1813.
BENEDICT, JOHN, d. Pittston, 1816. John Benedict, administrator 
    November 1816.
BENEDICT, JOHN JR., m. Pittston, September 22, 1811, Betsy Brown 
    all of Pittston.
BEAUMONT, ANDREW, Esq., Collector of the Revenue, m. March 16 1815, 
    by Thomas Dyer, Esq., to Julia Ann, dau of Arnold Colt, all of 
    Wilkes Barre.
BELLAS, SAMUEL, d. Sunbury, April 21 1817.
BENNETT, JARED, m. December 1813, by Moses Kellum, Esq., of Palmyra, 
    Wayne County, to Esther Kellum.
BENSCOTER, ISAAC, m. April 30 1816, by Abiel Fellows, Esq., in Union, 
    to Christiana Nobles.
BETTLE, SARAH, wife of John Bettle, d. Wilkes Barre, July 20 1817.
BETTLE, JOHN, d. Wilkes Barre, December 24 1817.
BETTLE, MARTHA, m. September 27 1811, James Sinton.
BREWSTER, POLLY, m. April 5 1812, Belah Jones.
BIDLACK, REV. BENJAMIN, m. Kingston, April 15 1811, by Rev. Mr. 
    Lane, to Sarah Myers.
BIDLACK, ELIZABETH, dau. Of P. Bidlack, d. Plymouth, April 26 1817.
BIGELOW, TRIPHENE, m. March 10 1814, to Jonathan Miller.
BIGELOW, ZADOC H., late of Bridgewater Twp., Susquehanna Co., 
    d. 1815.
BISHOP, HARRIET, m. 1814, to Harry Morgan
BISHOP, PHEBE, m. February 24 1814, to George Cowell.
BISHOP, WILLIAM, of Providence, m. April 18 1813, by Rev. John 
    Miller, at Clifford, to Polly Morse, of Clifford.
BRINK, CHARLES, m. Berlin Twp., Wayne Co., October 13 1830, to 
    Sally, dau of Henry Smith.
BRITAIN, SARAH, m. August 18 1817, to Brookins Potter.
BOWDOIN, MRS. SARAH, m. November 10 1813, to Maj. Gen. Dearborn.
BOWDON, MRS. MARY, d. Wilkes Barre, May 10 1814, in her 41st year.
BOWMAN, CAROLINE, m. May 30 1816, to George Denison, Esq.
BROWN, BENJAMIN, d. Providence, January 1818. Benjamin Brown, 
    administrator, February 2 1818.
BROWN,, BENJAMIN, m. December 1813, by Enos Frick, Esq., at 
    Providence, to Lydia Fellows.
BROWN, JONATHAN S., m. January 5 1812, at Kingston, by David 
    Perkins, Esq., to Anna Reed, both of Wilkes Barre.
BROWN, ---, late from Connecticut, d. Wilkes Barre, January 17, 1816.
BURD, ELIZABETH, m. January 19, 1817, to Peter Shaffer Jr.
BURD, THOMAS, m. Kingston, September 14, 1811, to Polly Hil, all of 
BULKELEY, COL. ELIPHALET, d. Wilkes Barre, January 11 1816, at 
    an advanced age.
BULKELEY, MRS. ELIPHALET, d. Wilkes Barre, January 1816.
BULKELEY, COL. ELIPHALET, d. Wilkes Barre, 1816. Eliphalet A. 
    Bulkeley, administrator, February 1816.
BULKELEY, FRANCES, m. December 29, 1811, to Francis McShane.
BURCHER, MRS MARY, m. October 1813, to Adon Cramer.
BURGESS, JOHN P., m. June 25 1815, by Joseph Fassett, Esq., at 
    Windham, to Sally Scouten.
BURNS, HORACE, son of Ziba Burns, d. Herrick, April 14 1832
BURR, AMANDA, m. November 18, 1816, to Charles Catlin.
BURROWS, JOHN, son of General John Burrows, Lycoming Co., d. 
    January 2, 1812, age 22, near Yardleyville, Bucks Co.
BURRIT, BLACKLEACH, d. Clifford, October 1, 1830
BURRIT, STEPHEN, d. Hanover 1816. Joel B and Stephen Burrit, 
    administrators, June 1816.
BUSKIRK, ANDREW, m. Youngsmantown, April 1817, to Passey Inman, 
    dau of Richard Inman of Hanover, Luzerne Co.
BUTLER, PIERCE, m. February 3 1818, by Rev. Mr. Bowwen, at Wilkes 
    Barre, to Temperance Colt, dau of Arnold Colt.
BUTLER, ---, infant child of Steuben Butler, d. Wilkes Barre, 
    November 1815.
BUTLER, CAPTAIN ZEBULON, d. Wilkes Barre, March 23 1817
BLUE, ISAAC, d. Black Rock, NY., December 13, 1812; a volunteer 
    from Danville, War of 1812.
BRUNSON, DAVID, m. Plymouth, by Rev. Mr. Rogers, February 10, 1811, 
    to Rebecca, dau of Joseph Rogers, of same place.
CALDWELL, BRATTON, and wife, d. Level Corner, January 1813.
CAMPBELL, PEGGY, m. May 11 1815, to James Dilly.
CARMAN, WILLIAM, m. December 1813 by John Cross, Esq., at Milford, 
    Wayne Co., to Sally Ridgeway.
CARNEY, SALLY, m. July 21 1814, to Seymour Geary.
CAROTHERS, JOHN JR., d. Jaysburg, Lycoming Co., February 3, 1813, 
    age 21.
CAROTHERS, PHEBE, m. March 29 1813, to Capt. Adam King.
CASE, WILLIAM, d. Providence 1816.
CASH, ELIZA, m. April 14, 1814, to John Wattles.
CASH, MRS. SALLY, d. Sheshequin, April 23 1813.
CASH, ISAAC, d. Sheshequin, April 12, 1813.
CASTOR, MRS. POLLY, wife of Derius Castor, d. Wyalusing, April 19, 
CATLIN, CHARLES, of Wilkes Barre, m. Burr Haven, Dauphin Co., 
    November 18, 1816, to Amanda, dau of Theodore Burr, Esq., of 
    that place.
CAUFFMAN, CATHERINE, m. September 21, 1817, to Samuel Turner.
CHAMBERLIN, JANE, m. February8, 1827, to David Baldwin
CLAUSON, AARON, m. February 3, 1816, by Noah Wadhams, Esq., at 
    Plymouth, to Peggy Myer.
CHAPIN, SOLOMON, d. Kingston, May 25 1814. Catherine Chapin, 
CRAMER, MRS. ANNA, wife of Abraham Cramer, d. Mount Pleasant, 
    May 1813, age 70.
CRAMER, MRS., wife of Adon Cramer, d. Mount Pleasant, May 1813, age 
CRAMER, ADON, m. October 1813, by Joseph Tanner, Esq., to Mrs. Mary 
    Burcher, lately from London.
CRAUSE, PHILIP, d. Athens, Bradford Co., May 1813.
CHERRY, ELLEN, d. Wilkes Barre, October 19 1812.
CIST, JACOB, d. lately, a child of Jacob Cist, of this borough.
CRISMAN, ELIZABETH, m. January 12, 1817, to Lazarus stewart.
CRISMAN, JESSE, m. February 25, 1812, by Rev. Mr. Hoyt, at Kingston, 
    to Polly, dau of Isaac Hartzell, all of Hanover.
COBB, JOHN, m. March 10, 1814, by Rev. Lemuel Crocker, at Canaan, 
    Wayne Co., to Mary Swingle.
COGSWILL, LUCINDA, m. January 24, 1811, to William Drake.
COLLINS, DANIEL, m. October 7, 1812, by Wm. Ross, Esq., to Melinda 
COLLINS, D. LEWIS, d. Bethany, Wayne Co., April 23, 1818, age 66.
COLLINS, NANCY, m. December 19, 1812, to Lemuel Slocum.
COLLINS, MRS. RACHEL, mother of Daniel, d. Wilkes Barre, July 27, 
    1817, age 64.
COLKLASIER, DANIEL, m. Wilkes Barre, April 10, 1817, by Rev. Mr. 
    Lane, to Paulina Wooley.
COLKLASIER, MRS., d. Wilkes Barre, March 10, 1817.
COLT, JULIA ANN, m. March 16, 1815, to Andrew Beaumont, Esq.
COLT, TEMPERANCE, m. February 03, 1818, to Pierce Butler.
CONNER, JAMES, d. Providence, March 30, 1816.
COOLBAUGH, SARAH, m. Shephard Pierce
COON, GEORGE, m. August 18, 1816, by Josiah Fassett, Esq., at 
    Braintrim, to Sally Marble.
COOPER, CHARLES, m. Pittston, August 3, 1817, by Enos Finch, Esq., 
    to Matilda Worrell
COOPER, MARY, m. January 3, 1811, to John Shafer.
COOPER, THOMAS, m. October 12, 1812, by Rev. J. Campbell, at 
    Carlisle, to Elizabeth HEMING of Carlisle. Judge Cooper was at 
    the time Professor of Chemistry in Dickinson College.
COREY, PATTY, m. January 23, 1816 to Morgan HUGHES
CORNWALL, NATHANIEL P., m. Montrose, February 3, 1827 by S. Dubois, 
    Esq., to Amanda REYNOLDS
COURTRIGHT, CATHERINE, m. January 5, 1811, to Isiah TYSON
COURTRIGHT, JOHN, m. Jan. 7, 1816, by Thomas Dyer, Esq. , at Wilkes-
    Barre, to Lois SEARLE, of Pittston
COVILL, DR. EDWARD, m. May 7, 1817, by Thomas Dyer, Esq., at Wilkes-
    Barre, to Sarah S., daughter of Gen. William ROSS, all of Wilkes-
COVILL, DR. MATTHEW, d. Wilkes-Barre, May 18, 1813
COWELL, GEORGE, m. February 24, 1814, by Rev. John Miller, at 
    Providence, to Phebe BISHOP
CULVER, SAMUEL, m. June 20, 1813, by Rev. Mr. Bidlack, to Hannah 
    MINER, both of Wilkes-Barre
CURIE, MRS. MARGARET, wife of William Currie, d. Wilkes-Barre, 
    August 28, 1813, in her 32d year
CURRIE, THOMAS DAVENPORT, d. July 21, 1814, at Plymouth, ae. 5, son 
    of Wm. Currie, Jr.
CURRIE, WILLIAM, m. Plymouth, Dec. 21, 1810, by Noah Wadhams, Esq., 
    to Peggy LARK, both of Plymouth
CURTISS, MRS. ABIGAIL, widow of Nathaniel Curtiss, d. Montrose, 
    March 17, 1824, ae. 70
CURTS, WILLIAM, m. Kingston, by David Perkins, Esq., May 12, 1811 to 
    Lydia RAMSTON
DANA, ASA, m. May 5, 1816, by Rev. Mr. Lane, in Hanover, to Nancy, 
    dau. Of Joseph PRUNER, Esq.
DANA, CHESTER, m. December 25, 1817, by Cyrus Avery, Esq. at 
    Tunkhannock, to Clarry OUSTERHOUT
DANIELS, AXSEY, m. December, 1813, to Caleb MILLER
DAVENPORT, ROBERT, m. March 21, 1813, by Noah Wadhams, Esq., at 
    Plymouth, to Phebe, dau. of Capt. James NISBITT, of Plymouth
DAVENPORT, THOMAS, d. Plymouth, May 4, 1812, ae 65
DAY, ---, child of D. Erastus DAY, d. Mount Pleasant, May 1813
DRAKE, ASAHEL, d. Bedford, April 8, 1813, in his 91st year
DRAKE, MRS., consort of Ashel Drake, of Bedford, d. at Bedford, 
    April, 1814
DRAKE, BENJAMIN, m. March 30, 1817, by Rev. Mr. Lane, to Nancy ELY
DRAKE, HENRY, d. Wilkes-Barre, April 18, 1814
DRAKE, EBENEZER, d. Pittston, March 18, 1817, ae. 45. Elizabeth 
    Drake, administratrix
DRAKE, SYLVESTER, formerly of Luzerne, d. October 1813, at Sunbury, 
DRAKE, MRS. SUSAN, wife of Benjamin Drake, d. Wilkes-Barre, May 28, 
DRAKE, WILLIAM, m. Wysox, January 24, 1811, by Wm. Myers, Esq., to 
    Lucinda COGSWELL
DEARBORN, MAJOR GENERAL, m. November 10, 1813, by Rev. D. Harris, at 
    Boston, Mass. To Mrs. Sarah BOWDOIN, widow of Hon. James 
DECKER, JOHN, d. Lenox Twp., Susquehanna Co., 1815. Catharine 
    Decker, administrix, February, 1815
DECKER, PETER, d. Pittston Twp., March, 1817, Stephen Decker, 
    administrator, April 8, 1817
DELAMANOM, MRS. LOUISA, wife of Lewis Delamonom, of Wilkes-Barre, d. 
    June 20, 1816
DELONG,JONAS, of Wilkes-Barre, m. February 8, 1812, by Noah Wadhams, 
    Esq., at Plymouth, to Catherine, dau. of Joseph MORSE, of 
DELPUECH, ANDREW, of Sheshequin, d. Bradford Co., March 9th 1826 in 
    his 28th year.
DENISON, MRS. ELIZABETH, relict of the late Judge Denison, d. 
    Kingston, Arpil 27, 1812.
DENISON, GEORGE, ESQ., m. May 30 1816, by Rev. Mr. Finney, at Wilkes-
    Barre, to Caroline, dau of Ebenezer Bowman, Esq.
DENNIE, JOSEPH, editor of the Portfolio, d. Philadelphia, Jan 7, 
DENNIS, JACOB J., m. By Rev. Mr. Hoyt, January 17, 1811, to Abi K., 
    dau. Of Jesse Fell, of Wilkes Barre.
DENNIS, WILLIAM, m. February 11, 1816, by David Perkins, Esq., at 
    Kingston, to Ruth Atherton, of Kingston.
DENISON, --, infant child of George Denison, d. Wilkes Barre, Jul 18,
DIBBLE, SUSAN, m. June 5, 1814 to Capt. Samuel Landon.
DICKSON, WILLIAM, d. August 13, 1811, at an advanced age.
DILDINE, DANIEL, d. Huntington, Luzerne Co., 1815. Joseph Dildine, 
    administrator, August 25, 1815.
DILDINE, JOSEPH, m. April 23, 1816, by Charles E. Gaylord, Esq., at 
    Huntington, to Amanda, dau. Of Abiel Fellows, Esq.
DILLY, JAMES, m. May 11, 1815, by Isaac Hartzell, Esq., to Peggy, 
    dau of James Campbell, Esq., all of Hanover.
DIMMICK, EBEM, m. November 21, 1816, by Rev. Elijah Peck, at Mount 
    Pleasant, to Roxy Mumford.
DIMMICK, LUCINDA, m. March 1818, to Nathaniel B. Eldred.
DIMOCK, SARAH, m. April 19, 1815, to Nehemiah Scott.
DODSON, JOHN, d. Huntington, March 8, 1818, ae. 98.
DODSON, ISAAC T., m. October 11, 1817, by Alexander Jameson, Esq., 
    at Salem, to Hannah, dau., of Jesse Hicks, of Salem.
DUPUY, AMELIA, m. April 19, 1812, to Anthony Lacoe. 
DEWITT, ANN, m. March 3, 1814, to William Smith.
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