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EGBERTSON, RICHARD, m. January 12, 1817 by Noah Wadhams, Esq., 
    at Plymouth, to Hannah Lameraux
EDSON, ELIPHALET, m. September 17, 1817, by John Buss, Esq., at 
    Nescopeck, to Mrs. Ann Millard
EDWARDS, CALVIN, m. By William Ross, Esq., July 28, 1811, to 
    Minerva, dau of Major E. Blackman, all of Wilkes Barre.
ELDRED, NATHANIEL B., m. At Milford, March 1818 to Lucinda, dau 
    of Dan Dimmick, Esq. 
ELEY, JANE, dau of Jacob Eley, of Wilkes Barre, d. December 08, 1811.
ELY, NANCY, m. Sunday, March 30, 1817, to Benjamin Drake.
ELLIS, URANIA, m. July 04, 1811 to Luke Harding
ENGLER, MRS. CATHERINE, wife of John Engler, of Newport, d. May 13, 
    1814, in her 28th year.
ERROH, DANIEL Sr., d. Nescopeck. Christiana Erroh, adminitratrix, 
    December 21, 1815.
EVANS, ELIZABETH, wife of John Evans, d. Wilkes Barre, May 10 1817.
FASSETT, JASPER, m. March 17, 1814, by Henry V Champion, Esq., at 
    Braintrim, to Margaret Geary.
FRANKLIN, ESTHER, m. April 28, 1817, to Hugh Watson.
FELL, HANNAH WELDING, wife of Hon. Jesse Fell, d. Wilkes Barre, 
    March 7, 1816.
FELL, DEBORAH, m. March 30, 1816, to Edwin Tracy.
FELL, ABI K., m. January 17, 1811, to Jacob J. Dennis.
FELL, AARON, d. "Lately at Pittston" 5-27-1814.
FELL, JANE, relict of Thomas Fell, d. Bucks Co., October 1, 1813, 
    age 84.
FELLOWS, AMANDA, m. April 23, 1816, to Joseph Dildine.
FELLOWS, LYDIA, m. December, 1813, to Benjamin Brown.
FELTON, CATHERINE, m. March 12, 1817, to Michael Oval.
FLETCHER, MRS. CLARISA, m. Oct. 1813, to Asa Smith.
FREECE, JOHN, d. Kingston, 1816. Nancy Freece, administratrix, 
    November 1816.
FREECE,, JOHN, formerly of Knolton, Sussex Co., N.J., d. Kingston, 
    December 1815.
FREEMAN, AMOS, m. December 1813, by Moses Kellum, Esq., at Palmyra, 
    Wayne Co., to Darcus Parrish.
FINCH, NATHAN, m. December 5, 1813, by Elder Miller, at Abington, to 
    Eleanor Somerlin.
FINN, ANNA, m. February 20, 1814, to Benjamin Baker.
FINN, PHALA, m. To Elnathan Baker, Jr., June 18, 1812.
FISH, JABEZ, d. At Sheshequin, Bradford Co., "lately, one of the 
    first settlers in this place." 4-29-1814.
FRICK, HENRY, m. March 3, 1818, by Rev. Mr. Bryson, at Northumberland, 
    to Catherine, dau. Of Robert Montgomery.
FOBES, CHARLOTTE, m. April 23, 1828, to D. Thomas Sweet, Jr.
FLOWER, ZEPHON P., of Athens, m. October 20, 1817, at Huntington, to 
    Polly Preston.
FORNWALD, SUSAN, m. February 4, 1830, to Wiliam Pursel.
FOSTER, MOSES, of Willingborough, Susquehanna Co., d. December, 1813.
FOSTER, SAMUEL, d. Kingston, September 9, 1817, age 24.
FULLER, ISSAC, m. February 8, 1814, by Rev. Ard Hoyt, to Nancy 
    Worthington, both of Bedford.
FULTON, ROBERT, Esq., d. at New York, February 23, 1815.
FULLER, LUCY, m. May 14, 1812, to Charles Roberts.
FRY, GEORGE, drowned Wilkes Barre, July 6, 1811.
GALBRAITH, SALLY, m. October 8, 1812, to John Banister Gibson.
GARDNER, JOHN, m. November 24, 1811, to Pharzina, dau. of Stephen 
    Harris, all of Exeter.
GARDNER, STEPHEN, d. At Plains, September 29, 1811, at advance age.
GRAHAM, THOMAS, Esq., d. Wilkes Barre, March 26, 1814.
GRAY, MRS. MARIA, wife of James Gray, Esq., d. Sullivan, Tioga Co., 
    February 26, 1820.
GRAYSON, JOHN, d. Mount Pleasant, May 1813, age 45, from Newburgh.
GEARY, MARGARET, m. March 17, 1814, to Jasper Fassett.
GEARY, SEYMOUR, m. July 21, 1814, by Henry V. Champion, Esq., at 
    Braintrim, Luzerne Co., to Sally Carney.
GEORGE, CATHERINE, wife of William S. GEORGE, d. Wilkes Barre, 
    September 20, 1817.
GREEN, ISAAC, m. Bloomsburg, March 13, 1812, by Rev Caleb Hopkins, 
    to Hannah Thornton, all of Bloomsburg.
GREER, WILLIAM, Esq., d. At Jaysburg, January 1813.
GIBSON, JOHN BANISTER, m. October 8, 1812, by Rev H.R. Wilson, at 
    Carlisle, to Sally Galbraith, both of Carlisle.
GIDDINGS, SALLY, dau of dr. Nathaniel Giddings, d. Pittston, December 
GOODRICH, EDWARD T., d. Tunkhannock, March 1817, age 23.
GOODWIN, ABRAHAM JR., m. November 08, 1812, by Rev. Mr. Bidlack, at 
    Kingston, to Sarah, dau of Philip Myers.
GOODWIN POLLY, m. November 3, 1816, to Eliot Whitney.
GORE, ___, d. Wilkes Barre, December 1815, infant dau of George Gore.
GOSS, NATHANIEL, d. Huntington, Luzerne Co., September 27, 1812, in 
    his 65th year.
GOULD, ELIJAH, of Pittston, d. 1813.
GOULD, DANIEL, m. Plains, March 1817, to Elizabeth Osborn.
GOULD, PETER, d. Plymouth, November 1817.
GRUB, PHILLIP, of Newport, d. 1812.
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