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Marriages and Deaths From Local
Luzerne County, PA Newspapers 1826-1836 - - Surname Search Utility -

AYRES, ELIJAH of Exeter, Pa. died suddenly May 4, 1829
ABBOTT, JOHN married to Miss Hannan, daughter of Cornelius 
    Courtright, March 11, 1830
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM H., married to Miss Maria Ulp, daughter of 
    Barnett Ulp, December 2, 1830
AKERLY, MISS JANE, married to Major Clark, Dec. 30, 1830
ADAM, infant son of J.J. Adam, died January 4, 1831
ABBOTT, DORMAN, eldest son of Abrel Abbott, of Mauch Chunk, died at 
    Bethlehem, February 6, 1833
ABBOTT, PHILIP, died March 8, 1834
AGARD, JOHN, of Nichols, N.Y., married to Miss Martha P., dau. of 
    General Samuel Thomas, March 6,1834
ALKINS, HART, married to Miss Sarah Eick, October 19, 1834, both of 
ATWATER, MISS LYDIA, married to Avery W. Bailey, at Providence, Pa., 
    November 3, 1834
ATWATER, CHARLES T., married to Miss Elizabeth Snyder, at Providence,
    Pa., November 3, 1834
AVERY, MISS EMILY, daughter of Henry Avery, of Salem, Wayne Co., Pa.,
    married Albert Skeer, of Kingston, Pa., Dec. 16, 1834
ALLABAUGH, SARAH, married to Jacob Gruver, June 4, 1835
ALRICKS, MISS JANE, daughter of the late James Alricks, married to 
    Ovid F. Johnson, at Harrisburg, Pa., July 28, 1835
ALCHLEY, JAMES, died suddenly near Nanticoke, aged 60 years, June 6, 
ARNDT, A.H., of Green Bay, Wisconsin Territory, married to Miss 
    Caroline M. Albright, of New Troy, Pa., August 30, 1836
ALBRIGHT, MISS CAROLINE, of New Troy, Pa., married to A.H. Arndt, 
    August 30, 1836
ADAMS, CHARLES, married to Miss Sarah Darling, August 22, 1836, at 
ATHERHOLT, MISS NANCY, daughter of Mr. C. Atherholt, married to John 
    Fraser, April 21, 1835
BERGSTRESSER, JOHN, died at Berriesburg, Dauphin county, June 16, 
    1828, aged 26 years
BULKELY, MARY ANN, daughter of Jonathan Bulkely, died August 19, 
    1828, aged 2 years, 6 months
BRACE, DR. ALFRED, at Northmoreland, married to Catherine, daughter 
    of Abraham VanLoon, of Exeter, Pa., Sept. 21, 1828
BLANCHARD, DAVID, of Pittston, married to Lydia Sophonia, daughter 
    of Mr. Solomon Lathrop, formerly of Shernbourne, N.Y., October 9, 
BARNES, MARY ANN, daughter of Gilbert Barnes, married to Henry Mundy, 
    late of New Brunswick, N.Y., October 9, 1828 BRACE, MISS MARY, 
    died at Northmoreland, October 7, 1828
BOWMAN, ELLEN, daughter of the late Captain Samuel Bowman, married 
    to Rev. James May, January 8, 1829
BOWMAN, EBENEZER, died March 1, 1829, a soldier of the revolution
BROWN, AMOS, died at Stonington, Conn., February 17, 1829, a soldier 
    of the revolution
BALL, PHEBE, married to John Chatfield, March 18, 1829, at Tunkhannock
BENNETT, JOSEPH PLATT, son of Ziba Bennett, died June 8, 1829, aged 
    one year
BUTLER, son of William L., died July 20, 1829, aged 3 years
BUTLER, MISS ANN, of Kingston, married to the Rev. Joseph Castle, of 
    Auburn, N.Y., September 6, 1829
BROWN, MISS SALLY, daughter of the late Captain Jesse Brown, at 
    Plymouth, maried to Robert Williams, October 15, 1829
BAILEY, LYDIA FIDELIA, daughter of Benjamin F. Bailey, drowned at 
    Factoryville, Pa., November 2, 1829, aged 2 years
BUTLER, MISS HARRIET, daughter of the late Zebulon Butler, married 
    at Philadelphia, to John S. Silver, of Mount Carbon, November 30, 
BLACKMAN, MISS CLORINDA, wife of Major Eleazer Blackman, died December
    26, 1829, aged 61 years
BODLE, MISS SARAH, married to John R. Moore, April 10, 1830, at 
BENEDICT, CAPT. JOHN, died at Pittston, August 30, 1830, aged 48 
BENNETT, A.J., married to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas Bennett, 
    September 5, 1830
BLAKESLEY, SARAH, married to Charles Tracy, September 6, 1830, at 
    Montrose, both of Springville
BENNETT, MISS MARY ANN, married to A.J. Bennett, September 5, 1830, 
    both of Hanover
BRINK, SUSAN D., daughter of late John Brink, married at Oxford, N.J., 
    to Thomas Wright, of Wilkes-Barre, January 1, 1831
BOWMAN, MRS. SUSAN, wife of Rev. Samuel Bowman, daughter of the late 
    Samuel Sitgreaves, of Easton, died January 1, 1831
BENEDICT, ANDREW E., married to Miss Mary Ann Neely, February 10, 
    1831, both of Exeter
BOWMAN, WALTER, died at Windham, Conn., march 30, 1831, aged 81 years, 
    formerly of Pomfret, Conn.
BREESE, MRS. ELIZABETH, married to James Gannon, August 11, 1831
BOWMAN, CHARLES, son of James W. Bowman, died August 21, 1831, aged 7 
BIRD, MR. DERRICH, died August 22, 1831
BUCKINHAM, MISS FRANCES, late of Connecticut, married to Captain 
    Stephen Vaughn, June 21, 1832
BOWERS, PHILO, married to Miss Catherine Sailor, at Pittston, June 21, 
BALDWIN, MRS. PENELOPE, wife of David Baldwin, dau. of General S. 
    Thomas, died December 14, 1832
BIRD, MISS SARAH, of Kingston, married to Webster Stewart, December 
    26, 1832
BUSKIRK, PETER, married to Miss Maria Finch, Dec. 26, 1832
BALDWIN, MISS ELEANOR, died at Troy township, Richland county, Ohio, 
    February 13, 1833
BALDWIN, ANN, infant daughter of David Baldwin, died April 29, 1833
BUTLER, JULIA, wife of Steuben Butler, died May 16, 1833, aged 44 
    years, daughter of the late Col. Eliphalet Butler, of Colchester, 
BRUNSON, MRS. KATHERINE, wife of Ira Brunson, died in Plymouth 
    township, July 22, 1833
BOGARDUS, THOMAS O., son of Jacob J. Bogardus, of Lehman, married to 
    Miss Amy G. Lewis, daughter of Rev. Griffin Lewis, of Plymouth, 
    September 5, 1833
BEDFORD, JOHN, died at Norwalk, Ohio, August 28, 1833, aged 26, 
    formerly of Pennsylvania
BOYD, DR. EBEN LITTLE, married to Miss Ruth Ann Ellsworth, September 
    19, 1833
BETTLE, SAMUEL D., died November 10, 1833
BLACKMAN, MRS. PHILENA, wife ofElisha Blackman, daughter of William 
    Searle, of Pittston, died in Providence, Luzerne county, Pa., 
    December 8, 1833
BUTLER, SYLVINA M., eldest daughter of J. L. Butler, died May 20, 
    1834, aged 3 yrs., 3 mo., and 17 days
BUTLER, MRS. POLLY, relict of the late Lord Butler, died October 28, 
BEARDOLD, GEORGE, son of Peter Beardold, died September 18, 1836, 
    aged eight years
CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES, died Sept. 4, 1828, aged 42 years
CATON, WILLIAM, married to Miss Polly Wheeler, at Plymouth, January 
    18, 1829
CANOUGH, JOHN, a native of Ireland, died at Wilkes-Barre, January 17, 
COURTRIGHT, CHARLES, married to Rebecca Hart, daughter of Jacob Hart, 
    February 19, 1829
COOK, JOSEPH, died February 19, 1829, aged 102 years. Was present at 
    Braddocks's defeat. Enlisted in the Continental Army
CAPWELL, STEPHEN, married to Miss S.L. Simmons, February 12, 1829, at 
    Abington BENNETT, MRS. JANE, married at Kingston to Baltes 
    Carpenter, November 6, 1834
BAILEY, AVERY W., married to Miss Lydia Atwater, November 3, 1834
BURTIS, J.M., married to Miss Mary, daughter of Maj. O. Porter, 
    December 8, 1834
BULFORD, MRS., married to P.N. Foster, both of Plymouth, Pa., March 4, 
BATES, THEODORE O., at Windham, married to Miss Huldah Ann Spaulding, 
    Aug. 2, 1835, both of Windham
BUCK, CHESTER, of Wyalusing, married to Miss Betsy D. Redfield, near 
    Tunkhannock, December 30, 1835
BIXBY, MAJOR SAMUEL, at Windham, married to Miss Lydia Purington, 
    February 7, 1836
BARNES, JOSEPH, of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Mary Ann Barnum, of 
    Kingston, February 23, 1836
BARNUM, MISS MARY ANN, of Kingston, married to Joseph Barnes, February 
    23, 1836
BACON, MISS HANNAH E., of Huntigton twp., married to Mr. Daniel Stiles, 
    of Black Creek, February 22, 1836
BARKER, FRANCES PHEBE, daughter of Rev. Abel Barker, died August 16, 
    1836 and a few hours after,
BARKER, PHEBE ANN, wife of Rev. Abel Barker, died August 16, 1836
CHATFIELD, JOHN, at Tunkhannock, married to Miss Phebe Ball, March 18, 
CONNOR, HUGH, died June 5, 1829, aged 85 years
DENISON, WEYMAN, son of Col. Lazarus Denison, died December 3, 1828, 
    aged 20 years
DALE, ELIZABETH, of Covington, married to Michael McWade, December 15, 
DAVID, MRS. ELIZABETH, wife of Capt. Daniel David, died December 29, 
    1828 at Greenfield
DYMOND, JOHN Jr., at Northmoreland, married to Miss Hester, daughter 
    of Jacob Hallstead, January 8,1829
CAPWELL, SUSAN, married to Thomas J. Maynard, at Factoryville, July 
    16, 1829
CASTLE, REV. JOSEPH, of Auburn, N.Y., married to Miss Ann Butler, of 
    Kingston, September 6, 1829
COURTRIGHT, CATHERINE, daughter of henry Courtright, of Plains, 
    married to John Snow, of Dundaff, Pa., Jan. 12, 1830
COURTRIGHT, HANNAH, daughter of Cornelius Courtright, married to John 
    Abbott, March 11, 1830
CAPWELL, MISS ELSY, married to Dr. John Wilson, both of Abington, Pa., 
    March 3, 1830
CARPENTER, THOMAS, married to Miss Elizabeth Craverr, April 11, 1830
CRAVER, MISS ELIZABETH, married to Thomas Carpenter, April 11, 1830
COURTRIGHT, JOHN, died at Pittston, may 16, 1830, aged 40 years
COLT, LUCINDA, wife of Arnold Colt, died December 28, 1830, aged 63 
COURTRIGHT, ELIZABETH, married to Charles Wright, January 1, 1831, at 
CLARK, MAJOR, married to Miss Jane, daughter of Caleb Akerly, December 
    30, 1830
CIST, MISS MARY JANE, daughter of Jacob Cist, married to Nathaniel 
    Rutter, January 13, 1831
CAREY, ELEAZER, married to Mrs. Rebecca D. Chapman, August 26, 1831
CLARK, MISS HANNAH, married to Joseph Rogers, both of Northmoreland
CHAPMAN, MRS. REBECCA D., married to Eleazer Carey, August 26, 1831
COOPER, MISS FANNY, married to Raymond Perrin, September 11, 1831
CAMPBELL, MISS POLLY, daughter of the late James Campbell, married to 
    Jameson Harvey, of Plymouth, Dec.28,1832
CORAY, DAVID, killed in log-chute, near Mauch Chunk, April 24, 1833
CHANDLER, JOSEPH R., editor of the U.S. Gazette, married to Mrs. 
    Maria H., daughter of Benjamin H. Jones, July 3, 1833
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID HAYFIELD, died at Philadelphia, march 5, 1834, 
    aged 83 years
CARVER, MISS RUTH ANN, married to Samuel Jackson, both of Eaton, 
    (notice in 20 Aug 1834 edition)
CULVER, AARON, married to Miss Eliza Garey, both of Kingston, Sept-
    ember 4, 1834
CULVER, MRS. ELIZA, wife of Aaron Culver, died September 19, 1834
CARPENTER, BLATES, married to Miss Jane Bennett, at Kingston, November 
    6, 1834
CAMPBELL, MISS SARAH, married to Martimer D. Parsons, November 2, 1834
CARVER, MISS MARY, daughter of Isaac Carver, of Kingston, married to 
    Robert D. Lewis, Jan. 17, 1835, the latter of Exeter 
CARVER, REV. SAMUEL, died May 26, 1835, aged 67 years
COURTRIGHT, MAJOR MILTON, of Pittston, married to Hannah, daughter of 
    John Passmore, of Susquehanna county, May 21, 1835
CAREY, MISS FRANCES S., daughter of Eleazer Carey, of Wilkes-Barre, 
    married to Peter M. Osterhout, of Tunkhannock, August 11, 1835
CURTIS, MISS MERILLA, of Kingston, married to Joseph P. Fellows, of 
    Providence, Pa., October 1, 1835
CLARK, MILTON, at Plymouth, married to Miss Almira, daughter of 
    William Evans, December 24, 1835
CARPENTER, MISS ABIGAIL ELIZA, of Northmoreland, married to John M. 
    Harris, December 31, 1835
CHURCH, ADDISON, married to Miss Mary Johnson, April 7, 1836, both of 
CHANDLER, ABRAM, of Northmoreland, married to Miss Almede, daughter of 
    Rev. Oliver Lewis, of Exeter, April 14, 1836
CEARL, IRA, at Plymouth, married to Miss Ellen Davenport, May 5, 1836
CAHOON, MARY, daughter of Anning O. Cahoon, died August 13, 1836, 
    aged 5 years
CORSS, REV. CHARLES C., married to Miss Ann, daughter of Major Ziba 
    Hoyt, September 1, 1836
COREY, MISS CELINDA, daughter of late David Corey, married to Job J. 
    Harvey, September 1, 1836
DULANY, MRS. LOUISA A., at Philadelphia, married to Samuel D. Gross, 
    M.D., January 28, 1829, both of Philadelphia
DUNCAN, MISS MARY B., at Aronsburg, Centre county, married to Mr. 
    Alexander Grahan, June 10, 1829
DRAKE, GEORGE C., of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Abigail, daughter 
    of George Haines, of Columbia, 
June 11, 1829 DOBSON, LYDIA, married at Mauch Chunk to John Speece, 
    April 30, 1830
DONLEY, ELIZABETH N., married to George W. Layng, of Kingston, July 9, 
DENNIS, WILLIAM J., drowned in the Susquehanna river, January 1, 1831, 
    aged 13 years
DODSON, JAMES, died in Salem township, June 1, 1831, aged 75 years
DENISON, GEORGE, died August 21, 1831, aged 43 years, resolution of 
    Bar Association, August 24, 1831
DENISON, MISS MARY, daughter of Col. Lazarus Denison, married to 
    Chauncey A. Reynolds, Nov. 6, 1832
DURHAM, JANE, wife of Alfred Durham, died at Tunkhannock, May 7, 1833
DENISON, MRS. CAROLINE, wife of late George Denison, died July 1, 1833, 
    aged 35 years
DORRANCE, MRS. NANCY, wife of Col. Benjamin Dorrance, died February 2, 
DORRANCE, LEMUEL, married to Miss Mahala, daughter of Orange Fuller, 
    March 20, 1834, both of Northmoreland
DUANE, COL. WILLIAM, died in Philadelphia, November 24, 1835, aged 76 
DORRANCE, MRS. MARY S., of Lykens Valley, married to Hon. David Scott 
    at Harrisburg, March 1, 1836
DOBSON, THOMAS, lat of England, married to Mrs. Edith Lamereaux, of 
    Plymouth, March 4, 1836
DAVENPORT, MISS ELLEN, at Plymouth, married to Ira Cearl, May 5, 1836
DARLING, MRS. SARAH, married to Charles Adams, August 22, 1836
DUPUY, JOHN F., masonic, J.N. Conynghams's remarks at funeral (found 
    in 9 Nov 1836 edition)
EDWARDS, BENJAMIN, at Windham, on the 10th of November, 1828 married 
    to Miss Hannah Fasset
EVANS, MISS LUCINDA, married to Chandler Newberry, February 26, 1829
EWING, JOHN, died February 12, 1831, aged 50 yrs., court crier of the 
    courts of Luzerne co. for several years
ENGLE, MISS MARY A., of harrisburg, married to Francis J. Smith, of 
    Plymouth, April 10, 1832
ELLSWORTH, MISS RUTH, married to Dr. E.L. Boyd, September 19, 1833
EDMONSTON, ARCHIBALD, of Washington D.C., married to Miss Ann C., 
    daughter of Elnathan Wilson of Wilkes-Barre, at Princeton, N.J., 
    February 6, 1834 
EICK, MISS SARAH, married to Hart Alkins, Oct. 19, 1834
EVANS, MISS ALMIRA, daughter of William Evans, married at Plymouth to 
    Milton Clark, December 24, 1835
FASSET, MISS HANNAH, married November 10, 1828, to Benjamin Edwards, 
    at Windham
FASSET, MISS PARNE S., married November 10, 1828, to John M. Frost
FROST, JOHN M., married to Miss Parne S. Fasset, November 10, 1828
FRENCH, SAMUEL, at Berwick, married to Miss Lydia Wadhams, both of 
    Plymouth, may 20, 1829
FISHER, MRS. MARY, died in Hanover township, May 13, 1830, aged 105 
    years, 7 months, 18 days. She was born in Germany on the 24th of 
    September 1724; brought to America while an infant; inhabitant of 
    this county forty-four years
FELL, JESSE, died August 11, 1830
FOSTER, JOHN, died Jan 2, 1831, at Covington, aged 42 years, January 
    21, 1831
FULLER, MINER, married to Mary Major, August 23, 1832, both of Lehman
FLAKE, MISS CATHERINE, wife of George Flake, and daughter of the late 
    Frederick Stall, died at Philadelphia, Dec. 6, 1832
FINCH, MISS MARIA, married to Peter Buskirk, December 28, 1832, both 
    of Kingston
FAIRCHILDS, MISS ELIZA, died April 25, 1833
FULLER, MISS MAHALA, daughter of Orange Fuller, both of Northmoreland, 
    married to Lemuel Dorrance, March 20, 1834
FREAR, JOHN W., married to Miss Eliza Miner, December 3, 1834, both 
    of Eaton
FOSTER, P.N., married to Mrs. Bulford, March 4, 1835, both of Plymouth
FASER, JOHN, married to Miss Nancy, daughter of C. Atherton, April 21, 
FRANCE, JONAS, married to Margaret Shafer, July 5, 1835, both of 
FELLOWS, JOSEPH P., of Providence, Pa., married to Miss Merilla Curtis, 
    of Kingston, October 1, 1835
FELLOWS, JOSEPH, of Proividence, Pa., his murder referred to (July 13, 
    1836 edition)
FANNIN, COL., massacred by Mexicans, Letter from Charles B. Shain, a 
    survivor, in June 1, 1836 edition
GROSS, SAMUEL D., M.D., at Philadelphia, married to Miss Louisa A. 
    Dulany, January 8, 1829
GRAHAM, ALEXANDER, at Aronsburg, Centre county, married to Miss Mary 
    B. Duncan, June 10, 1829
GIDDINS, JOHN, of Wilkes-Barre, died at Bear Creek, December 7, 1829, 
    aged fifty years
GRAVER, MISS ELIZABETH, married to Thomas Carpenter, April 11, 1830
GORDON, MARY, daughter of James A. Gordon, died at Erie, Pa., aged 
    three years
GARDNER, HARRIET, of Exeter, married to Silas Sutton, November 21, 
    1830, of Falls
GORE, PETER, married to Mrs. Sarah Luke, June 28, 1831, at Covington
GANNON, JAMES, married to Mrs. Elizabeth Breese, August 11, 1831 at 
GREENOUGH, MISS SUSAN, daughter of Ebenezer D. Greenough, of Sunbury,
    married to William B. Scott, of Wilkes-Barre, February 6, 1833
GARRISON, MISS MARY, married at Eaton, to John W. Huff, April 18, 1833
GEARY, DANIEL, married to Miss Mary Ann Tupper, September 26, 1833, 
    both of Braintrim
GIBBS, JOB, died October 1, 1833, aged 68 years
GAREY, MISS ELIZA, married to Aaron Culver, September 4, 1834, both 
    of Kingston
GORE, GEORGE, married to Miss Harriet, daughter of Dr. John Smith, 
    both of New Troy, February 5, 1835
GREGG, ANDREW, died at Bellefonte, May 20, 1835, aged eighty. One of 
    the early settlers of Penns Valley
GRUVER, JACOB, married to Sarah Allabaugh, June 4, 1835
GALLUP, MRS. FREELOVE, relict of late Hallet Gallup, died Plymouth, 
    April 25, 1835
GAR-YAN-WASH-GAR (corn planter), Senecca Chief, died March 7, 1836, 
    aged about 100 years
HOFFMAN, CHARLES, son of matthias Hoffman, died August 15, 1828, aged 
    eighteen months
HAFF, JAMES D., married to Miss nancy, daughter of Jonathan Hancock, 
    October 23, 1828
HOYT, JAMES, infant son of Capt. Zibz Hoyt, died January 18, 1828
HANCOCK, NANCY, daughter of Jonathan Hancock, married October 23, 1828, 
    to James D. Haff
HALSTEAD, MISS HESTER, married to John Dymond, Jr., at Nothmoreland, 
    January 8, 1829
HOLLENBACK, MATTHIAS, died February 18, 1829, aged 77 years
HART, MISS REBECCA, married to Charles Cortright, February 19, 1829
HARVEY, daughter of Harman Harvey, drowned in Hunlock's Creek, April 
    2, 1829
HELME, JOHN, son of Major O. Helme, died April 15, 1829, aged 15 years
HOWARD, MATILDA, married to Erastus Smith, April 12, 1829, at Pittston
HANN, JACOB, of Huntington township, married to Miss Nancy Johnson, 
    April 19, 1829
HAINES, ABIGAIL, of Columbia, married to George C. Drake, of Wilkes-Barre, 
    June 11, 1829
HALL, CATHERINE, of Harrisburg (daughter of late Doctor Hall), married 
    to Garrick Mallery, June 29, 1830
HANCOCK, JONATHAN, died July 12, 1830, aged 62 years
HEISTER, GENERAL JOSEPH, late Governor of Pennsylvania, died at 
    Reading, Pa., June 10, 1832
HARVEY, JAMESON, of Plymouth, married to Miss Polly, daughter of the 
    late James Campbell, Dec. 28, 1832
HAFF, MISS ANN, daughter of Joseph E. Haff, of Lehman, married to 
    Thomas Patterson, of Mauch Chunk, Feb. 6, 1833
HUFF, JOHN W., married to Miss Mary Garrison at Easton, April 18, 1833
HESSLER, MISS SUSAN, of Tobehanna, married to Michael Staiger, of 
    Stoddartsville, June 1, 1833
HURLBURT, CHARLES S., son of Lyman Hurlburt, died October 12, 1833, 
    aged nine years
HANCOCK, DAVID SCOTT, son of William Hancock, died April 6, 1834, aged 
    four years, three months
HOYT, HENRY WESTON, son of Elias Hoyt, died March 11, 1835, aged 
    thirteen years 
HARDING, ISRAEL, died at Easton, May 7, 1835, aged eighty years, a 
    soldier of the Revolution
HAYDEN, S.F., died at Windham, July 22, 1835
HARRIS, JOHN M., of Northmoreland, married to Miss Abigail Eliza 
    Carpenter, December 31, 1835
HODGSON, MATTHEW, died at Covington, April 7, 1836, aged 56 years. 
    Emigrated from England in 1819 
HICKS, CAPTAIN WILLIAM, formerly of this locality, and three 
    children died in Illinois. Survived by his widow and six children
HICKS, SARAH, aged 14;
HICKS, JACOB, aged 18; children of Captain William Hicks, were both 
    drowned down the river while returning to Wilkes-Barre. Mrs. Hicks, 
    who is a daughter of Jacob Holgate of Philadelphia, with four 
    children arrived last week
HOYT, MISS ANN, daughter of Maj. Zibz Hoyt, married to the Rev. 
    Charles C. Cross, September 1, 1836
HARVEY, JOB J., married to Miss Celinda, daughter of the late David 
    Cory, September 1, 1836
INGLES, MASON, accidently killed at Windham, April 11, 1834, aged 30 
INMAN, NATHAN, son of Col. Edward Inman, died at Hanover, November 2, 
    1835, aged 32 years
JOHNSON, MISS NANCY, married to Jacob Hann, at Huntington, April 19, 
JONES, REUBEN, married to Cynthia, daughter of Darius Williams of 
    Kingston, June 18, 1829
JACKSON, HUGH S., married to Mary Ann Yarrington, daughter of Luther 
    Yarrington, of Wilkes-Barre, June 12, 1829, at Towamensing, 
    Lehigh county
JOHNSON, JEHOIDA PITT, died January 8, 1830, aged 63 years
JOHNSON, MISS ELEANOR, married to Samuel C. Stockbridge, both of 
JEWETT, MRS. PATIENCE, died January 27, 1830, aged 81 years
JOHNSON, MISS HANNAH H., daughter of the late John Johnson of 
    Germantown, Pa., married to James M'Clintock, of Wilkes-Barre, 
    May 3, 1832 
JACOBS, WILLIAM, of Newport, married to Miss Phebe, daughter of Mr. 
    John Sharps, of Kingston, October 4, 1832
JACKSON, JOSEPH, died in Monroe township, March 29, 1833, aged 64 
JACKSON, MISS ELIZABETH, daughter of William Jackson, died at Kingston, 
    April 7, 1833, aged 18
JOHNSON, MRS. JANE, wife of Abraham Johnson, died July 7, 1833, aged 
    60 years
JONES, REUBEN, died in Plymouth, March 16, 1834, aged 71 years, a 
    soldier of the Revolution
JACKSON, SAMUEL, married to Miss Ruth Ann Carver, both of Easton
JACKSON, HUGH S., died at South Easton, Pa., September 24, 1834
JONES, MISS REBECCA, daughter of John Jones, of Berwick, married to 
    George Shoemaker, of Kingston, January 14, 1835
JACKSON, WILLIAM, of Kingston, died April 8, 1835, aged 55 years
JOHNSON, OVID F., formerly of Wilkes-Barre, at Harrisburg, married to 
    Miss Jane, daughter of James Alricks, of Harrisburg, July 28, 
JOHNSON, MISS MARY, married to Addison Church, April 7, 1836, both of 
JONES, ASA, died August 31, 1836, aged 78 years
JACOBS, GEORGE, died September 10, 1836, aged one year;
JACOBS, MARTHA, died September 13, 1836, aged three months. Only 
    children of Wm. Jacobs of Exeter
KEITHLINE, CHARLES, killed by falling from the bridge to the ice below, 
    January 24, 1829, aged 50 years
KUNKLE, MARY ANN, of Dallas, married to John Rice, March 5, 1829
KEELER, NANCY, daughter of Asa Keeler, died August 25, 1830, at 
    Northmoreland, aged 14 years
KECK, JOHN, was shot by his son Henry Keck, June 17, 1829
KECK, ELIZABETH, died August 29, 1831
KNIGHT, MISS FRANCES R., married to Dr. A. B. Wilson, March 5, 1833, 
    both of Berwick
KINSMAN, MISS JANE, married to Cyrus Vaughn, of Windham, Mass., April 
    12, 1834
KIDDER, LUTHER, married to Miss Martha, daughter of Hon. David Scott, 
    October 13, 1835
KELLER, PETER, at Plymouth, married to Miss Mary Snyder, April 20, 
LEECH, THOMAS, a stranger from opposite Philadelphia, died August 30, 
    1828, aged 59 years
LATHROP, LYDIA SOPHONIA, daughter of Salmon Lathrop, married to David 
    B. Blanchrad, October 9, 1828
LAYNG, GEORGE W., of Kingston, married to Elizabeth N. Donley, daugh-
    ter of James Donley of Philadelphia, July 9, 1830
LECLERC, HENRY, son of Joseph P. Leclerc, died aged nine months
LEE, SAMUEL, died in Newport, June 3, 1831, aged 22 years
LUKE, MISS SARAH, married to Peter Gore, June 28, 1831
LECLERC, infant son of Joseph P. Leclerc, died July 29, 1831
LEWIS, MRS. JEANETTE, wife of Dr. James R. Lewis, died January 19, 
    1833, aged 28 years
LEWIS, MISS AMY G., daughter of Rev. Griffin Lewis, of Plymouth, Pa., 
    married to Thomas O. Bogardus, September 5, 1833
LANE, MISS SALLY ANN, eldest daughter of Rev. George Lane, died in 
    Berwick, September 4, 1833, aged 23 years
LACY, MISS SARAH, married to Miner Terry, September 19, 1833
LYMAN, LEWELLYN, in Bradford county, married to Miss Julia Ann 
    Woodworth, October 10, 1833
LAZARUS, GEORGE, Jr., married to Miss Edith, daughter of Mr. John 
    Sharps, November 21, 1833
LANDON, MISS CLARISSA, of Exeter, married Rev. Erastus Smith, 
    October 14, 1834
LEWIS, ROBERT S., married to Mary, daughter of Isaac Carver, of 
    Kingston, January 17, 1835
LOCK, EMMEUS, died February 23, 1835
LORD, MRS. HULDA, wife of Alexander Lord, died April 8, 1835, aged 56 
    years, 3 months, 25 days
LITTLE, JAMES, son of George W. Little, died November 15, 1835
LAFEY, MISS ANN, married to Aaron Rumsey, December3, 1835, both of 
LATHROP, MISS JANETTA, of Carbondale, married to William Wurts, of 
    Wilkes-Barre, March 15, 1836
LOMERAUX, MRS. EDITH, of Plymouth, married to Thomas Dobson, late of 
    England, March 4, 1836
LEWIS, MISS ALMEDE, daughter of Rev. Oliver Lewis, of Exeter, married 
    to Abram Chandler, of Northmoreland, April 14, 1836
Pennsylvania Marriage Announcements Collection

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