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Marriages and Deaths From Local
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MARCY, ELIJAH, son of Ebenezer Marcy, died in Pittston, September 28, 
MUNDY, HENRY, married to Mary Ann Barnes, Ocotber 9, 1828
MILLER, JOHN, lately of Ireland (transient), died October 28, 1828
McWADE, MICHAEL, at Covington, married to Elizabeth Dale, December 15, 
MINER, HELEN, only daughter of Robert Miner, died at Wrightsville, 
    March 4, 1829
MYERS, LAWRENCE, son of Philip Myers, died at Sunbury, Ohio, aged 35 
    years, May 7, 1829, formerly of Kingston
MAY, REV. JAMES, married to Ellen Bowman, daughter of late Capt. 
    Samuel Bowman, January 8, 1829. Was ordained by Bishop Onderdonk, 
    Oct. 11, 1829
MAYNARD, THOMAS T., at Factoryville, married to Susan Capwell, July 
    16, 1829
MINER, CHARLES, Jr., third son of Asher Miner, died at his father's 
    house in Westchester, July 20, 1829, aged 15 years, 4 months, 15 
MARCY, CYRUS, son of Col. Abel Marcy, died at Tunkhannock, July 27, 
    1829, aged 21 years
MILLER, LEWIS, at Pittston, married to Adelia Ann, daughter of D. 
    Smith, November 8, 1829
MILLER, MISS SOPHIA, daughter of Rev. J. Miller, married to Imanuel 
    Nothrop, at Abington, Dec. 31, 1829
MAXWELL, MISS SUSAN H., daughter of Mr. William Maxwell, of Franklin 
    county, married May 12, 1829, to Mr. Elliot Francis Wyeth, of 
MOORE, JOHN R., at Northmoreland, married to Miss Sarah Bodle, April 
    10, 1830
McALPIN, HIRAM, of Massachusets, married to Miss Louisa, daughter of 
    Hezekiah Parsons, June 21, 1830
MALLERY, GARRICK, of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Catherine Hall, 
    daughter of Late Dr. Hall, at Harrisburg, June 29, 1830 
MALLORY, WILLIAM, of Montrose, married to Miss Melinda, daughter of 
    Noah Stevens, at Blakely, January 26, 1831
MINER, MRS. MARY, wife of Asher Miner, died at Westchester, February 
    6, 1831, aged 50 years
MOOR, LUKE, married to Miss Emma Metcalf, Aug. 25, 1831
METCALF, MISS EMMA, married to Luke Moor, August 25, 1831
M'CLINTOCK, JAMES, of Wilkes-Barre, married to Hannah H., daughter of 
    late John Johnson of Germantown, May 3, 1832
MAJOR, MISS MARY, married to Miner Fuller, August 23, 1832, both of 
M'CLINTOCK, MRS. HANNAH, wife of James M'Clintock, died at Wilkes-
    Barre, April 23, 1833
MYERS, MADISON, of Frederick Md., married to Miss Harriet Myers, of 
    Kingston, Pa. May 23, 1833
MYERS, MISS HARRIET, of Kingston, married to Madison Myers, May 23, 
MINER, MARY ANN, infant daughter of Dr. Thomas W. Miner, died June 12,
MILLER, MISS MARY, married to Martin Smith, December 5, 1833, both of 
MEDA, MISS ELIZABETH, of Northmoreland, married to Sylvester White, 
    of Bradford county, January 5, 1834
McCLURK, SAMUEL, of N.Y. state, married to Miss Maria Trucks, of 
    Kingston, Pa., at Spoon River, Ills., February 4, 1834
METCALF, RICHARD, married to Miss Mary, daughter of Rev. Roger 
    Moister, March 13, 1834
MOISTER, MISS MARY, daughter of Rev. Roger Moister, married to 
    Richard Metcalf, March 13, 1834
MORRIS, GEORGE W., of Greenwood, Columbia county, married to Miss 
    Maria Thomas, of Plymouth, April 9, 1834
M'SHANE, MISS SARAH, daughter of Ezekial M'Shane, late of Philadelphia, 
    married to E.B. Worthington, at Kingston, Pa., May 1, 1834
McALPINE, ALBERT, married to Mary Ann Wright, dau. of Josiah Wright, 
    both of Wilkes-Barre, Oct. 2, 1834
MUMFORD, REV. M.M., married to Miss Margaret, daughter of Jacob Rice, 
    October 14, 1834
MINER, MISS ELIZA, married to John W. Frear, December 3, 1834, both 
    of Eaton
MYERS, PHILIP, died at Kingston, April 1, 1835, a soldier of the 
    Revolution, aged 76 years
MONTROSS, DAVID, of Northmoreland, married to Miss Lavina Phillips, 
    of Pittston, May 21, 1835
MARTIN, MRS. BETSEY, wife of Anson Martin, died at Windham, September 
    1, 1835, aged 40 years
MANN, CYRUS, married to Mrs. Margaret Van Tile, April 14, 1836, both 
    of Northmoreland
MADISON, JAMES, died June 28, 1836, aged 86 years
NAGLE, JOHN, died at Stoddartsville, November 13, 1828, aged 77 years,
    a soldier of the Revolution
NEWBERRY, CHANDLER, at Plymouth, married to Lucinda Evans, February 26, 
NEWMAN, THOMAS, married to Miss Susan Sterling, at Braintrim, November 
    8, 1829
NOTHROP, IMMANUEL, married to Miss Sophia, daughter of Rev. J. Miller, 
    at Abington, December 31, 1829
NEELY, MISS MARY ANN, married to Andrew E. Benedict, February 10, 1831, 
    both of Exeter
NESBITT, MISS ELIZABETH, of Plymouth, married to Mr. Lewis Prince, of 
    Kingston, March 30, 1833
NICHOLSON, SAMUEL T., of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Frances, daugh-
    ter of Benjamin Slocum, late of Tunkhannock, October 2, 1834
OSTERHOUT, PETER M., of Tunkhannock, married to Miss Frances S., daugh-
    ter of Eleazer Carey, of Wilkes-Barre, August 11, 1835 
ORR, MISS DOROTHY, daughter of John Orr, married to Barney A. Riley, 
    March 14, 1834, both of Dallas
OAKLEY, MISS MARY, of Kingston, Married to William Willitt, MAY 1, 
PATTERSON, infant daughter of Nathan Patterson, died at Mauch Chunk, 
    December 17, 1829
PARRISH, NATHAN, died at Plymouth, July 26, 1829, aged 72 years, a 
    soldier fo the Revolution
PICKERING, COL. TIMOTHY, Epitaph on Monument
PETTEBONE, JANE, daughter of Joshue Pettebone, died December 7, 1829, 
    aged 14 years
PARSONS, LOUISA, daughter of Capt. Hezekiah Parsons, married to Hiram 
    McAlpin, June 21, 1830
PAXTON, JAMES, an aged citizen, died at Nescopeck, November 9, 1830
PERRIN, RAYMOND, married to Miss Fanny Cooper, at Plymouth, September 
    11, 1831
PETTEBONE, MISS SALLY ANN, daughter of Joshua Pettebone, married to 
    George Reece, Sept. 6, 1832
PATTERSON, THOMAS, Jr., of Mauch Chunk, married to Miss Ann, daughter 
    of Joseph E. Haff, of Lehman, Feb. 6, 1833
PRINCE, LEWIS, of Kingston, married to Miss Elizabeth Nesbitt, of 
    Plymouth, March 30, 1833
PICKERING, MRS. NANCY, wife of Dr. Isaac Pickering, and youngest 
    daughter of the late Jesse Fell, died at Catawissa, January 15, 
PORTER, GOVORNOR, of Michigan, died at Detroit, July 6, 1834
PARSONS, MARTIMER D., married to Miss Sarah Campbell, November 2, 1834
PETTIBONE, SAMUEL T., married to Miss Ann Reel, November 18, 1834, 
    both of Kingston
PORTER, MISS MARY, daughter of Maj. Orlando Porter, married to J.M. 
    Burtis, 8 December 1834
PUTNAM, MRS. MARY E., married to Henry H. Wells, December 28, 1834, 
    both of Owego, N.Y.
PARKER, MISS LUSINA, daughter of Mr. Elijah and Mrs. Elizabeth Ide, 
    and adopted daughter of Mr. Reuben and Mrs. Holgate, died April 
    1, 1835, aged 20 years 
PACE, MRS. ANNA, relict of late Michael Pace, died at Plymouth, April 
    21, 1835
PHILIPS, MISS LAVINA, of Pittston, married to David Montross, of 
    Northmoreland, at Pittston, May 21, 1835
PASSMORE, MISS HANNAH, daughter of John Passmore, of Susquehanna 
    county, married to Major Milton Cortright, of Pittston, May 21, 
PARSONS, MISS FLUVIA MALVINA, a native of Connecticut, died at 
    Pittston, Pa., September 11, 1835
PETTEBONE, OLIVER GATES, married to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of 
    Joshua Pettebone, Dec. 15, 1835, both of Kingston
PETTEBONE, MISS ELIZABETH, married to Oliver Gates Pettebone, December 
    15, 1835
PURINGTON, MISS LYDIA, at Windham, married to Major Samuel Bixby, 
    February 7, 1836
PARKER, MISS SARAH, of Kingston, married to Almanza Rogers, of 
    Northmoreland, March 10, 1836
PACE, MARIA, infant daughter of Michael Pace, of Plymouth, died aged 
    5 months
PETTEBONE, GEORGE, son of Noah Pettebone, died October 12, 1836, aged 
    one year
RICE, JOHN, married at Kingston, to Miss Mary Ann Kunkle, of Dallas, 
    March 5, 1829
RAY, ALEXANDER, at Exeter, married to Jennet Sickler, daughter of 
    William Sickler, March 15, 1829
ROBINSON, CHARLES MINER, died April 15, 1829, aged 19 years
RUSSELL, WILLIAM, died June 27, 1830
RUTTER, NATHANIEL, married to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Jacob Cist, 
    January 13, 1831
RUSSELL, MRS. CHRISTINA A., died January 15, 1831, aged 62 years
ROBBINS, JOHN, died August 22, 1831, aged 45 years
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM C., of Kingston, married to Miss Jane, daughter of 
    John Smith of Plymouth, June 19, 1832
REECE, GEORGE, married to Miss Sally Ann Pettibone,daughter of Joshua 
    Pettibone, September 6, 1832
RAUB, SALLY ANN, died September 28, 1832, aged 20 years, at New Troy
REYNOLDS, CHAUNCEY A., of Plymouth, married to Mary, daughter of Col. 
    Lazarus Dennison, Nov. 6, 1832
ROBINSON, SYBIL, daughter of Mr. Jared Robinson, died at Windham, 
    November 2, 1830
ROGERS, JOSEPH, married to Miss Hannah Clark, both of Northmoreland 
    (in April 15, 1831 edition)
ROSENCRANTS, JOHN, married to Miss Sarah Ann Whitney, August 25, 1833, 
    at Tunkhannock, Pa., both of Tuscarora township, Bradford
REYNOLDS, ____, an infant daughter of William C. Reynolds, died August 
    30, 1833
ROHN, EDWARD, died August 30, 1833, aged 35
RILEY, BARNEY A., married to Miss Dorothy Orr, daughter of John Orr, 
    March 14, 1834, both of Dallas
ROBINSON, ALMIRA, wife of Rosewell Robinson, daughter of Col. Joseph 
    Burgess, died March 17, 1834, at Windham
RICE, MISS MARGARET, daughter of Jacob Rice, married to Rev. Mumferd, 
    October 14, 1834
REEL, MISS ANN, married to Samuel T. Pettibone, November 18, 1834, 
    both of Kingston
ROGERS, MELINDA, wife of Almanza Rogers, died at Northmoreland, 
    December 20, 1834, aged 42 years
REYNOLDS, GEORGE, died June 24, 1835, at Plymouth, aged 18 years, son 
    of Benjamin Reynolds
RUMSEY, AARON, married to Miss Ann Lafey, December 3, 1835, both of 
REDFIELD, MISS BETSEY D., married to Mr. Chester Buck, December 30, 
ROGERS, ALMANZA, of Northmoreland, married to Miss Susan Parker, of 
    Kingston, March 10, 1836
REYNOLDS, MARY CLINTON, dau. of William C. Reynolds, at Kingston, died 
    August 20, 1836, aged 2 years
ROGERS, MRS. MARY, wife of Elder Joel Rogers, died October 7, 1836, 
    aged 52 years
ROBINSON, MISS MARY ANN, daughter of John W. Robinson, married to 
    Hendrick B. Wright, April 21, 1835
SHRYNER, SAMUEL, died at Pittston, August 9, 1828, aged 30 years, 
    formerly of Northumberland, Pa.
STODDARD, THOMAS A., married to Lydia, daughter of Captain Jared 
    Slauter, October 16, 1828
SLAUTER, LYDIA, daughter of Captain Jared Slauter, married October 16, 
    1828, to Thomas A. Stoddard
ST. JOHN, AMELIA, daughter of Benjamin St. John, died October 22, 1828
SHERMAN, REV. MORGAN, of Auburn, N.Y., married to Miss Caroline 
    Stewart, of Berwick, on Jan. 16, 1829
STEWART, CAROLINE, at Berwick, married to Rev. Morgan Sherman, January 
    16, 1829
SIMMONS, MISS S.L., married to Stephen Capwell, February 12, 1829, at 
SEARLE, MRS. MARY, wife of William Searle, died at Plainsville, 
    February 12, 1829, aged 47 years
SICKLER, JENNET, married to Alexander Ray, at Exeter, march 15, 1829
SMITH, ERASTUS, at Pittston, married to Matilda Howard, April 12, 1829
SLOCUM, MISS RODA, daughter of William Slocum,of Tunkhannock, married 
    to James Wright, May 27, 1829
SMITH, CHRISTINA, daughter of John Smith, died June 7, 1829, aged 25 
SEARLE, CORNELIUS, died June 14, 1829, aged 24 years
STEWART, JOHN, formerly of Philadelphia, died at Pittston, March 16, 
    1829, aged 62 years
SLOCUM, SARAH, died at Pittston, March 17, 1829
SHOEMAKER, COL. ELIJAH, died July 14, 1829, aged 51 years
SCHOTT, CAPT S., of Mount Carbon, married to Miss Harriet Butler, 
    daughter of late Zebulon Butler of Wilkes-Barre, at Philadelphia, 
    November 30, 1829. JOHN PAUL, died at Philadelphia, July 18, 1829,
    aged 85 years
SMITH, VALENTINE, August 15, 1829, died at Newport, aged 54 years
STERLING, MISS SUSAN, married to Thomas Newman, at Braintrim, November
    8, 1829
SMITH, ADELIA ANN, daughter of D. Smith, married at Pittston, to 
    Lewis Miller, November 8, 1829
STARK, MRS. RUTH, wife of Henry Stark, died at Tunkhannock, November 
    8, 1829, aged 21 years
SILVER, JOHN S., of Mount Carbon, married to Miss Harriet Butler, 
    daughter of late Zebulon Butler, of Wilkes- Barre, at Philadelphia, 
    November 30, 1829
SNOW, JOHN, of Dandaff, married to Catherine, daughter of Henry 
    Courtright, at Plains, January 12, 1830
STONE, MRS. SARAH, wife of Raphael Stone, and daughter of late Jonas 
    Ingham, of Bucks county, died at Wyalusing, December 30, 1829
STOWBRIDGE, SAMUEL C., married to Eleanor Johnson, both of Pittston, 
    at Providence
SPEECE, JOHN, late of Wilkes-Barre, married at Mauch Chunk, to Miss 
    Lydia Dobson (in 30 Apr 1830 edit.)
SWALLOW, JACOB, died at Sunbury, Ohio, Ocotber 29, 1830, aged 44 years, 
    formerly of Pittston
SUTTON, SILAS, of Falls, married to Miss Harriet Gardner, of Exeter, 
    November 21, 1830
SLOCUM, son of Giles, died in Exeter, January 1, 1831, aged six months
SITGREAVES, SUSAN, daughter of Samuel Sitgreaves, and wife of Rev. 
    Samuel Bowman, died at Lancaster, January 1, 1831
STEVENS, MISS MELISSA, daughter of Naoh Stevens, of Blakely, married 
    to William Mallory, of Montrose, January 26, 1831
SITGREAVES, REV. SAMUEL, died at his residence, Georgetown, Md., 
    August 12, 1830, son of late Samuel Sitgreaves, of Easton, aged 
    32 years
STEPHENS, WILLIAM J., married to Dorthea Wood, August 30, 1831
SMITH, FRANCIS J., of Plymouth, married to Miss Mary A. Engle, of 
    Harrisburg, April 10, 1832
SMITH, MISS JANE, daughter of John Smith, of Plymouth, married to 
    William C. Reynolds, June 19, 1832
SAILOR, MISS CATHERINE, at Pittston, married to Philo Bowers, June 21,
SLOCUM, MAJ. BENJAMIN, aged 62 years;
SLOCUM, EBENEZER, aged 66 years. Obituary notice written by Charles 
    Miner, and published in Village Record, at Westchester, Pa., 
    August 10, 1832, copied in Wyoming Republican
SMITH, WHITNEY, of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Mary Ann, daughter 
    of Samuel Thomas, of Kingston, Sept. 11, 1832
SHARPS, MISS PHEBE, daughter of John Sharps, of Kingston, married to 
    William Jacobs, October 4, 1832
STEWART, WEBSTER, of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Sarah Bird, of 
    Kingston, December 28, 1832
SKEER, MRS. JOANNA, wife of Albert Skeer, died January 26, 1833, aged 
    36 years 
SCOTT, WILLIAM B., of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Susan, daughter 
    of Ebenezer D. Greenough, at Sunbury, Feb. 5, 1833 
SWETLAND, MRS. JANE, only daughter of Rev. Samuel Carver, died April 
    23, 1833
STAIGER, MICHAEL, of Stoddartsville, married to Miss Susan Hessler, 
    of Tobehanna, June 1, 1833
SHAVER, JOHN, of this neighborhood, while on vacation at St. Louis, 
    Mo., died with cholera, May 28, 1833
SWAIN, FREEBORN, late of Tunkhannock, Pa., died at Southport, N.Y., 
    June 12, 1833
STAGE, MISS ADA, married to Mr. Pennington Williams, August 18, 1833, 
    both of Falls township
SHUPP, PHILIP, died at Plymouth, October 5, 1833, aged thirty-nine 
SHOEMAKER, MRS. MARY, wife of Hon. Charles D. Shoemaker, died December
    2, 1833, aged 31 years
SHARPS, MISS EDITH, daughter of John Sharps, married to George Lazarus,
    Jr., November 21, 1833
SMITH, MARTIN, married to Miss Mary Miller, December 5, 1833, both of 
SHARPS, JACOB, 2d, of Kinston, married to Mary Ann, daughter of Joseph
    Schooley, December 5, 1833
SCHOOLER, MISS MARY ANN, married to Jacob Sharps, 2d, December 5, 1833
SMITH, DEODAT, died February 1, 1834
SCHWEINTZ, REV. LEWIS D. VON, head of Moravian Society, died at 
    Bethlehem, February 8, 1834
SUTTON, MRS. SARAH, relict of late James Sutton, died in Exeter, 
    August 20, 1834
SLOCUM, MISS FRANCES, daughter of Benjamin Slocum, late of Tunkhannock, 
    married to Samuel T. Nicholson, of Wilkes-Barre, October 2, 1834
SMITH, REV. ERASTUS, married Clarissa Landon, at Pittston, October 14, 
SNYDER, MISS ELIZABETH, married to Charles T. Atwater, November 3, 
SKEER, ALBERT, of Kingston, married at Salem, Wayne county, to Miss 
    Emily, daughter of Henry Avery, of Salem, December 16, 1834
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE, of Kingston, married to Miss Rebecca, daughter of 
    John Jones, of Berwick, January 14, 1835
STEWART, THOMAS Jr., son of Thomas Stewart, of Britain township, 
    Bucks township, was drowned in the Ohio river about April 1, 1835, 
    aged 34 years. Was returning home.
SMITH, MISS HARRIET, daughter of Dr. John Smith, of New Troy, married 
    to George Gore, February 5, 1835
SHAFER, MARGARET, married to Jonas France, July 5, 1835, both of 
SHOEMAKER, NATHAN, son of the late Col. Elijah Shoemaker, of Kingston, 
    died at Muncy, Lycoming county, July 3, 1835
SPAULDING, MISS HULDA ANN, at Windham, married to Theodore O. Bates, 
    August 2, 1835, both of Windham
SCOTT, MISS MARTHA, daughter of the Hon. David Scott, married to 
    Luther Kidder, October 13, 1835
SCOTT, MRS. ELIZA JANE, wife of Dr. David Scott, died at Towanda, 
    Bradford county, December 2, 1835
SINTON, JOSEPH, died January 29, 1836, aged 62 years
STILES, DANIEL, of Black Creek, married to Miss Hannah E. Bacon, 
    February 22, 1836
SCOTT, HON. DAVID, at Harrisburg, married to Mrs. Mary S. Dorrance, 
    of Lykens Valley, March 1, 1836
SNYDER, MISS MARY, at Plymouth, married to Peter Keller, April 20, 
STRANGER, MISS CHARLOTTE P., daughter of Mr. Philip Stranger, of 
    Windham, died April 22, 1835, aged 13 years
TAYLOR, ARNOLD, died at Kingston, September 21, 1828, aged 32 years
TAYLOR, ELEANOR, wife of Mr. Samuel Taylor, died at Lowrystown, 
    September 18, 1828, aged 24 years, 10 months, 2 days
TUBBS, CAPT. SIMON, died at Huntington, October 22, 1828, aged 49 
TAYLOR, EDMUND, married to Mary, daughter of Elnathan Wilson, 
    December 28, 1828
TAYLOR, REBECCA, wife of Reuben Taylor, died in Falls township, 
    November 1829, aged 94 years, formerly of Norwalk, Conn.
TAYLOR, THADDEUS, died June 1830, at Falls township
TRACY, CHARLES, married to Miss Sarah Blakesley, September 8, 1830, 
    at Montrose, both of Springville
TRACY, MISS MARY ANN, died April 19, 1831
THOMAS, MISS MARY ANN, daughter of Samuel Thomas, of Kingston, married 
    to Whitney Smith, of Wilkes-Barre, September 11, 1832
TERRY, MINER, married to Miss Sarah Lacey, September 19, 1833, both 
    of Braintrim
TUPPER, MISS MARY ANN, married to Daniel Geary, September 26, 1833
TUPPER, MISS MARTHA P., daughter of General Samuel Thomas, married 
    to John Agard, March 6, 1834
TRUCKS, MISS MARTHA, of Kingston, at Spoon River, Ills., married to 
    Samuel McClurk, of N.Y. state, February 4, 1834
THOMAS, MISS MARIA, of Plymouth, married to George W. Morris, of 
    Columbia county, April 9, 1834
UTLY, EDWARD, formerly of Cortland, N.Y., died of small-pox, October 
    11, 1830
ULP, MARIA, daughter of Barnet Ulp, married to William H. Alexander, 
    December 2, 1830
ULP, BARNET, died April 26, 1833, aged 50 years
VAN HORN, ESPY, died at Williamsport, his residence, in 35th year of 
    his age
VAN LOON, CATHERINE, daughter of Abraham Van Loon, of Exeter, married 
    to Dr. Alfred Brace, at Northmoreland 
VAN TILE, MRS. MARGARET, married to Cyrus Mann, April 14, 1836, both 
    of Northmoreland
VAUGN, CAPT. STEPHEN, married June 21, 1832, to Miss Frances 
    Buckinham, lately of Connecticut
VAUGHN, CYRUS, married in Windham, to Miss Jane Kinsman, April 12, 
WILSON, MRS. MINERVA, wife of Dr. A.B. Wilson, died May 31, 1831, at 
WALLER, CAPT. NATHAN, died July 11, 1831, aged 79 years
WILSON, MISS MARY, daughter of Elnathan Wilson, married to Edmund 
    Taylor, December 28, 1828
WHEELER, MISS POLLY, married to William Caton, at Plymouth, January 
    18, 1829, both of Plymouth
WYETH, ELLIOT FRANCIS, of Harrisburg, married to Miss Susan H. Maxwell, 
    May 12, 1829
WRIGHT, JAMES, of Tunkhannock, married to Miss Roda, daughter of 
    William Slocum, of Tunkhannock, May 27, 1829 
WADHAMS, MISS LYDIA, married to Samuel French, May 20, 1829, both of 
WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA, daughter of Darius Williams, married to Reuben 
    Jones, at Kingsotn, June 18, 1829 
WILLIAMS, ROBERT, married to Sally, daughter of late Capt. Jesse 
    Brown, at Plymouth, October 15, 1829
WILSON, DR. JOHN, married to Elsy Capwell, March 3, 1830, both of 
WRIGHT, CHARLES, at Pittston, married to Miss Elizabeth, youngest 
    daughter of Cornelius Courtright, January 1, 1831
WRIGHT, THOMAS, of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Susan D., daughter 
    of the late John Brink, at Oxford, N.J., Jan 1, 1831
WEST, infant daughter of George West, died, age one year
WATSON, SUSAN, daughter of William Watson, died January 15, 1831, at 
    Covington, aged 4 years
WOOD, WILLIAM, only child of Job W. Wood, died May 26, 1831, aged 17 
WILSON, MRS. MINERVA, wife of Dr. A.B. Wilson, died at Berwick 
    (found in 8 Jan 1831 edition)
WALLET, CAPT. NATHAN, died July 11, 1831, aged 79 years. One of the 
    old settlers
WOOD, MISS DORTHEA, married to William J. Stephens, August 20, 1831
WORTHINGTON, MRS., wife of Elijah Worthington, died at Pittston, 
    October 2, 1831
WILSON, DR. A.B., married to Miss Frances R. Knight, March 5, 1833, 
    both of Berwick
WALSH, PETER, died at New Ross, Ireland, March 7, 1833. He was a 
    celebrated character in the annals of Temperance
WILLIAMS, PENNINGTON, married to Miss Ada Stage, August 18, 1833, 
    both of Falls Township
WHITNEY, MISS SARAH ANN, married to John Rosencrantz, August 25, 1833, 
    at Tunkhannock, both of Tuscarora township, Bradford county, Pa.
WOODWORTH, MISS JULIA ANN, married to Llewellyn Lyman, October, 10, 
WHITE, SYLVESTER, of Bradford county, married to Miss Elizabeth Meda, 
    Northmoreland, January 5, 1834
WILSON, MISS ANNA C., daughter of Elnathan Wilson, of Wilkes-Barre, 
    married to Archibald Edmonston, of Washington D.C., at Princeton 
    N.J., February 6, 1834
WORTHINGTON, E.B., editor of Wilkes-Barre Advocate, married to Miss 
    Sarah McShane, eldest daughter of Ezekial McShane, late of 
    Philadelphia, May 1, 1834
WILLITT, WILLIAM, of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Mary Oakley, of 
    Kingston, May 1, 1834
WRIGHT, MISS MARY ANN, daughter of Josiah Wright, married to Albert 
    McAlpine, October 2, 1834
WELLS, HENRY H., married to Mrs. Mary E. Putnam, December 26, 1834, 
    both of Owego, N.Y.
WRIGHT, HENDRICK B., married to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of John W. 
    Robinson, April 21, 1835
WURTS, WILLIAM, of Wilkes-Barre, married to Miss Janetta Lathrop, of 
    Carbondale, March 15, 1836
WRIGHT, WM. BISHOP, died in Philadelphia (in July 27, 1836 edition)
YARRINGTON, MARY ANN, daughter of Luther Yarrington, married to Hugh 
    S. Jackson, June 12, 1829
YARRINGTON, ABEL, son of D. Yarrington, died October 21, 1829, at 
    Dandaff, aged seven months
YOST, SAMUEL, died in Sugarloaf township, July 6, 1836, aged 55 years
Pennsylvania Marriage Announcements Collection

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