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Cage Funeral Home Book 1944
Aransas Pass, San Patricio County, Texas
Near Taft, Texas
Books Loaned by Charlie Marshall of the Charlie Marshall Funeral Home, Aransas Pass, San Patricio County, Texas
Transcribed by Calista Sanderson

Page 1     March 12, 1944
INFANT DAUGHTER  ISENHOWER  b. March 12, 1944 Aransas Pass, Tx.   d. March 12, 1944 Knapp Hospital
Residence-Ingleside, Tx.
Charge to-C. M. ISENHOWER   Ingleside
Clergyman-Rev. Young
Cause of death-Prematurity (7 months)
Certifying physician-Dr. Roger Knapp  Aransas Pass
Father-C.M. ISENHOWER  Texas
Mother-Ruth BROWN  Texas
Interment-Prairie View

Page 2  March 12, 1944
DONALD JUNIOR BROCK  b. February 08, 1944  Tx.  d. March 12, 1944 Home  Age 1 month 4 days
Residence-Aransas Pass, Tx.
Charge to-Gilbert BROCK   Aransas Pass, Tx.
Order given by-Gilbert BROCK
Cause of death-broncho pnuemonia
Contributory Causes-malnutrition
Certifying physician-John Bull M.D.   Aransas Pass
Father-Gilbert BROCK   Arkansas
Mother-Ida WILSON  Texas
Interment-Prairie View

Page 3 March 18, 1944
FRANCIS EARL SMITH  b. March 18, 1912 Tx.  d. March 18, 1944 Harpers Ferry crossing  Age 31 years
Residence-Rcokport, Tx.
Charge to-Mrs. Cleo SMITH
Veteran-War #2
Occupation-Dredge worker
Cause of death-Accidental drowning
Certifying physician-Gohlke (corner) Altwell, Tx.
Father-Hammond SMITH   Texas
Interment-Rockport Cemetery

Page 4 March 12, 1944
MARY ELIZABETH KELLY  b. July 12, 1876 Tx. d. March 12, 1944 3029 Park Ave. Corpus Christi, Tx.  Age 66 years
Residence-Aransas Pass, Tx.
Charge to-Dad KELLY
Cause of death-broncho pnuemonia
Certifying physician-Dr. Chas Morgan     Corpus Christi, tx.
Father-John LARRIMORE  Texas
Mother-Mary Ely BENSON
Interment-Prairie View

Page 5 March 30, 1944
JANNIE ELIZABETH CRONE  b. January 20, 1852 Illinois  d. March 30, 1944 Oak Grove Cottages, Rockport  Age 92 years 2 months 10 days
Residence-Rockport, Tx.
Charge to-Louis N. CRONE  Rockport
Certifying physician-DR. Chas Cronn  Rockport
Father-John GAULT  Ireland
Mother-Hester ROESCHELE  Alabama

Page 6 April 01, 1944
VIOLA BUCKHAULTS  b. March 01, 1876 Tx.  d. March 01, 1944 home  age 67 years
Residence-808 S. Houston, Aransas Pass, Tx.
Charge to-Son BUCKHAULTS
Religion-Christian Science
Cause of death-Chronic congestive heart failure
Contributory causes-Decompostion
Certifying physician-Dr. Skinner  Aransas Pass
Father-Calvin RUTHERFORD  Texas
Mother-Matilda BROWN  Missouri
Interment-Prairie View Cemetery

Page 7 April 05, 1944
ANNIE NUSSBAUMER  b, February 18, 1866 Canada  d. April 05, 1944  Age 78 years
Residence-Aransas Pass ,Tx.   R.F.D,
Charge to-Henry NUSSBAUMER  Aransas Pass, Tx. R.F.D.
Certifying physician-Chas Cron  Rockport
Interment-Aransas Pass, Tx.  Lot #1 Block # 29

Page 8 April 06, 1944
WILLIAM MILES HALE  b. February 18, 1866  Texas  d. April 06, 1944  San Antonio, Tx. Age 78
Charge to-E. W. HALE  Ingleside
Order given by-E. W. HALE
Occupation-Retired farmer
Cause of death-Asylum
Interment-Prairie Grove

Page 9 April 12, 1944
ANNIE BELL GOODIN  b. July 26, 1877 Tennessee  d. April 12, 1944 Aransas Pass   Age 76 years 8 months 16 days
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Hugh Owen-J. M. Creshaw
Certifying physician-John Bull M. D.    Aransas Pass
Father-Preston RODDY  Tennessee
Mother-Huster A. BOWEN  Tennessee
Interment-Prairie View

Page 10 April 20, 1944
WILLIAM LEE GARNER  b. May 21, 1884  Tx.  d. April 20, 1944 Ingleside R.F. D.  age 59 years 10 months 19 days
Residence-Aransas Pass, Tx.
Charge to-Mrs. W. L. GARNER
Order given by-Mrs. W. L GARNER
Occupation-Humble Oil Co.  Ingleside, Tx.
Religion-Church of Christ
Cause of death-Struck by truck
Contributory causes-Multiple fractures, crushed chest, internal injuries
Certifying physician-Dr. M. C. Kendrick   Ingleside
Father-Joe GARNER  Mississippi
Mother-Margarite ESTES  Mississippi
Remains to-Waco, Tx.
Interment-Waco, Tx

Page 11 April 26, 1944
ALBINO CHAVANAS   b. Tx.  d. April 26, 1944 Rcokport  Age about 50 years
Residence-Rockport, Tx.
Charge to-Gonqales Funeral Home   Corpus Christi, Tx.
Cetifying physician-Chas F.  Crone  Rockport
Father-Albino CHAVANAS  Louisiana
Mother-Refugia VASQUEZ  Texas
Remains to -Corpus Christi

Page 12   May 08, 1944
MARIA ESPEANZA ARZOLA  b. December 18, 1920 Texas d. May 07, 1944 Home  Age 23 years 3 months 19 days
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Luis ARZOLA  Aransas Pass
Certifying physician-Dr. Skinner   Aransas Pass
Father-Luis ARZOLA  Mexico
Mother-Georgia MARTENIZ  Texas
Remains to-Mexican cemetery

Page 13 May 12, 1944
KARL OSCAR PETTERSON  b. March 03, 1893  Folk Karna, Sweden  d. May 12, 1944 Old Ingleside  Age 51 years
Residence-Old Ingleside
Charge to-Estate
Order given by-Joe MIRCOUITCH
Cause of death-Apparent heart failure
Contributory causes-Probable coronary occlusion
Certifying physician-Dr. John Bull   Aransas Pass
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 14 May 12, 1944
SUSAN LAVINA HAYNES  b. September 06, 1859 Orange, Tx. d. May 12, 1944 Rockport  Age 86 years
Residence-Rockport, Tx.
Charge to-Estate
Order given by-Daughter-Mis. D. E, Haynes
Cause of death-Acute intestinal  obstruction
Contributory causes-Senility
Certifying physician-Dr. R. S. Knapp  Aransas Pass
Father-John F. HINES   Georgia
Mother-Lovina HART
Remains to-Sweet Water, Tx.
Interment-Sweet Water, Tx.

Page 15 May 16, 1944
USTACUES DE LAROSA JERMINEZ  b. September 20, 1943 Texas d. May 15, 1944  Aransas Pass, Tx.  Age 7 months 25 days
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Antonio JEMINEZ  Aransas Pass
Cause of death-Pneumonia
Certifying physician-Dr. Skinner  Aransas Pass
Father-Anotnio JEMINEZ  Mexico
Mother-Juita DeLAROSA  Texas

Page 16  May 16, 1944
LUIZA GONZALIS  b. September 113, 1943 Texas   d. May 16, 1944  Home  Age 8 months 2 days
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Felix GONZALIS  Aransas Pass
Certifying physician-Dr. R. Knapp   Aransas Pass
Father-Felix GONZALIS  Texas
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 17 May 17, 1944
CORDIE MAY GLENN b. May 08, 1905 Tx.  d. May 16, 1944 Aransas Pass  Age 39 years 0 months 8 days
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Eldon GLENN
Cause of death-Cancer of uterus
Certifying physician-John Bull, M. D.  Aransas Pass
Father-John SPEED
Mother-Willie May FLOWERS  Texas
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 18 May 21, 1944
WILLIAM HENREY FAIRCHILD  b. January 26, 1860 Texas  d. May 21, 1944 Rockport  Age 84 years
Order given by-Mrs. E. MULLAN
Certifying physician-Chas Crone, M.D.  Rockport

Page 19 May 23 1944
JAMES G. SMITH    b. Texas d. May 18, 1944 Silver City, New Mexico  Age 68 years
Residence-Silver City, New Mexico
Charge to-Grace SMITH
Cause of death-T.B.
This was a ship in…

Page 20 May 22, 1944
ARCHIE ARNOLD GOFF  b. June 12 , 1912 Oklahoma  d. May 23, 1944 Corpus Christi, Tx.  Age 31 years 11 months 11 days
Residence-Plainview, Tx.
Charge to-Orville GOFF
Cause of death-Acute nephitis
Contributory causes-Hepititis
Certifying physician-Chas F. Crone  Rockport, ..Tx.
Father-John GOFF  Missouri
Mother-Ida Mae WALKER  Kansas
Remains to-Long View, Tx.
Interment-Long View

Page 21  May 31,1944
JOHN MATHEW FELDER  b. September 18, 1870  Texas  d. May 31, 1944 Aransas Pass  Age 73 years
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Mrs. John FELDER   Aransas Pass
Occupation-Retired Cotton broker
Cause of death-Acteris sclerosis
Certifying physician-Dr. Skinner  Aransas Pass
Father-Rufus FELDER  South Carolina
Interment-Prairie View Cemetery

Page 22 May 31, 1944
ISAAC CLAYTON ESTES  b. Texas d. May 31, 1944 Medical Professions Hospital  Age about 72 years
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Raymond ESTES  Aransas Pass
Order given by-Raymond  & Joe ESTES
Occupation-Retired farmer
Religion-Assembly of God
Certifying physician-Dr. Sterling Martin  Corpus Christi
Interment-Prairie View Cemetery

Page 23  June 01, 1944
HATTIE BRYANT  b, January 08, 1888  Tx.  d. June 01, 1944 Rockport, Tx  Age 55 years 4 months 23 days
Residence-Rockport, Tx.
Order given by-Jessie GENAN
Certifying physician-Chas Cronn  Rockport
Father-Guy BRYANT
Mother-Maria MARTEN
Interment-Rockport, Tx.

Page 24, June 06, 1944
BESSIE KENNY  b. December 12, 1888  Texas  d. June 06, 1944  Age 52 years
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Isaac James KENNY   Arnasas Pass
Order given by-I. J. KENNY
Cause of death-Heart failure
Certifying physician-Dr. Chas Skinner
Father-Erl RICHARDS  England

Page 25  June 12, 1944
JENNINGS O. ROBERT  b. March 05, 1878  Louisiana  d. June 12, 1944 Sphon Hospital  Age 66 years
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Mrs. ROBERT  Aransas Pass
Order given by-Mrs, ROBERT
Father-Morris ROBERT  Jameston, Louisiana
Page 26  June 13, 1944
Charge to-CLEVELAND  Rockport
This body was shipped in ------

Page 27  June 15, 1944
INFANT R. F. CATES  b. June 15, 1944    Tx.   Age 1 week   Date of funeral June 16, 1944
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Mrs. Cates
Cause of death--Premature
Certifying physician-Dr. John Bull
Father-R. F. CATES  Tx.
Mother-Mary CAREY  Tx.

Page 28 June 15, 1944
Residence-West Columbia, Texas
Charge to-Ben COLLINS, Sr.  Aransas Pass
Order given by-Ben COLLINS, Sr.
Body was shipped in---no more information

Page 29  June 16, 1944
MRS. PEDRO SOLIS (SARA P.)  b. April22, 1913 Mexico  d. June 16, 1944
Spouse-Pedro  SOLIS
Residence-Rockport, Tx
Order given by-Pedro SOLIS
Cause of death-Tubercarlosis
Contributory causes-Pulmonary
Certifying physician-Chas F. Crow  Rcokport
Father-Irenis PADILLA  Mexico
Mother-Guadalupe GALNEZ  Mexico

Page 30  June 18, 1944
FRANCIS F. FRANDOLIG b. April 11, 1863 Tx.  d. June 18, 1944 Home  Age 81 years
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Mrs. FRANDOLIG  Aransas Pass
Order given by-Mrs. FRANDOLIG
Occupation-Farmer, retired
Religion-Assembly of God
Cause of death-Arteries Sclerosis
Certifying physician-Chas Skinner  Aransas Pass
Father-F. Joseph FRANDOLIG  Ausria

Page 31  September 07, 1944
J. H. HUBBARD, Jr.     d. September 07, 1944
Residence-Aransas Pass
Order given by-Niomi HUBBARD
Place of death-Naval Hospital, Corpus Christi, Texas

Page 32  August 22, 1944
ISHAM LEBOW RODDY  b, November 22, 1872 Tennessee  d. August 22, 1944 Home  Age 70 years 9 months 1 day
Spouse-Mrs. Ella RODDY
Residence-Aransas Pass
Cause of death-Cerebral hemmorhage
Contributory causes-Cardiac failure
Certifying physician-Dr. Bull  Aransas Pass
Father-Preston RODDY
Interment-Prairie View cemetery

Page 33  August 31, 1944
VALLIE JANNETTE DOHMAN  b. March 19, 1880  Illinois  d. August 27, 1944   Fred Robert-Corpus Christi, Tx.  Age 64 years 5 months 8 days
Spouse-George W. DOHMAN
Residence-Aransas Pass
Order given by-George W. DOHMAN
Cause of death-Pulmonary edima-diabetes-gangrene
Certifying physician-Dr. Chas G. Morgan   Corpus Christi, Tx.
Father-Louis F. DEVORE  Iowa
Mother-Mary ATKINS  Iowa
Interment-Prairie View Cemetery

Page 34   August 31, 1944
J. L. DODGE  d. August 28, 1944 Rockport, Tx.  Age 67 years
Order given by-D. C. McBride, J. P.   Aransas Pass, tx.
Veteran-Spanish American War
Occupation-Construction Foreman at Kelly Field
Interment-Rockport cemetery

Page 35 September 05, 1944
DELO HARVEY CASPARY, Sr.  b. February 21, 1895  Oregon, U.S. A.
Spouse-Trudie M. WRIGHT
Residence-Rockport, Tx.
Charge to- Mrs. D. H. CASPARY   Rockport
Order given by-Mrs. D. H. CASPARY
Father-Charles G. CASPARY   Germany
Mother-Lillian E. GREENE  Oregon, U. S. A.

Page 36  August 04, 1944
PAUL REESE  b. October 27,    Westminster, Maryland   d. July 09, 1944 Rockport, Tx.  Age 66 years 8 months 12 days
Spouise-Emma H. S, REESE
Charge to-Mrs. Paul REESE   Rockport
Order given by-John C. SORENSON
Veteran-Navy Dept. World War 1
Occupation-Retired Minister
Cause of death-Coronary thrombosis
Certifying physician-Chas. F. Cron, M. D.  Rockport, Tx.
Father-Rev. James W. REESE, D. D.   Maryland
Mother-Mary Pauline PERRY   Maine
Interment-Rockport, Texas

Page 37  September 05, 1944
MARY ELLEN ATCHLEY  b. December 02, 1878  Texas  d. August 23, 1944
Residence-Rockport, tx.
Order given by-Mary HUGHES  Rockport
Cause of death-Apoplexy
Contributory causes-Hypertension
Certifying physician-Chas F. Crow  Rockport
Father-Henry THOMPSON  Norway
Mother -Mary Ann McHUGH  Canada
Interment-Rockport, Tx.

Page 38  September 05, 1944
BABY GASKIN  b. December 20, 1943 Rockport, Tx.  d. December 20, 1943
Residence-Rockport, Tx.
Order given by-D. C, GASKIN  Rockport
Cause of death-Premature Babe  6 mos.
Certifying physician-Chas. F. Crow  Rockport, tx
Mother-Mary Ida GASKIN   San Paticio County, Tx.

Page 39 September 05, 1944
JACK MITCHELL  b. March 31, 1887  Wyoming  d. June 27, 1944
Residence-Port Aransas, tx.
Order given by-Mae MITCHELL
Cause of death-carcinsina of liver
Certifying physician-J. A, Orr  Aransas Pass
Father-Henry MITCHELL
Mother-Matilda MANNING
Interment-Port Aransas , Tx.

Page 40  September 09, 1944
ALBERT LEWIS EMERY, SR.  B. September 23.1872  Lebanon, New Jersey  d. September 07, 1944 Port Arthur, Tx.  Age 71 years 11 months 14 days
Spouse-Mollie Tucker EMERY
Residence-1715 Railroad Ave. Port Arthur, Tx.
Charge to-Estate
Order given by-Mrs. R. L. WHIDDON
Cause of death-Senility-heart failure-natural causes
Certifying physician-E. L. Canada, Cor.   Port Arthur, Tx.
Father-John R. EMERY  New Jersey
Remains to-Corpus Christi, tx.
Interment-Prairie View, Aransas Pass, Tx.

Page 41  September 15, 1944
DANIEL PINCKNEY McGARY  b. March 13, 1877  Correll County, Tx.  d. September 15, 1944  Home on North Houston
Spouse-Clara McGARY
Residence-No. Houston, Aransas Pass, Tx.
Charge to-County
Order given by-Mrs. Odessa HOLDEN
Cause of death-Cardiac failure
Contributory causes-Old cerebral accident
Certifying physician-John B. Bull  Aransas Pass
Father-J. M. McGARY
Mother-Mary McGARY
Interment-Prairie View

Page 42  September 21, 1944
CATHERINE FLORENCE BROOKS  b. July 02, 1907 Beeville, Tx.  d. September 21, 1944  Father’s home, Aransas   Age 37 years 2 months 19 days
Spouse-C. E. BROOKS
Residence-Rockport, Aransas Co. Tx.
Charge to-C. E. BROOKS   Rockport, Tx.
Order given by-C. E. BROOKS
Cause of death-Carcinoma-extension into liver, likely from the breast
Certifying physician-W. E. Gorrell  Corpus Christi, Tx.
Father-James R. PERKINS  Bee county, tx.
Mother-Lula D. NICHOLS  Bee county, Tx.
Interment-Prairie View

Page 43  October 03, 1944
MARY MAGDALENA MAYFIELD  b. September 08, 1868  Missouri  d. October 03, 1944 Didear Rest Home Corpus Christi, Tx.   Age 76 years 25 days
Residence-Ingleside, San Paricio County, Tx.
Charge to-J. A. MAYFIELD  Ingleside, Tx.
Order given by-Mrs. T. S, NORMAN
Cause of death-Chronic mycocarditist (?) Did not see deceased after 9-18-’44  Hypertensive cardio -vascular disease , Bronichial asthma
Certifying physician-Dr. Michael C. Kendricks  Ingleside, Tx.
Father-TALLEY   Tennessee
Interment-Prairie View

Page 44  October 10, 1944
DEMETIO CHUPE  B. October 06, 1866  Greece  d. October 10, 1944 Rockport, Tx. Age 78 years 4 days
Residence-Rockport, Aransas County, Tx.
Order given by-Gus CHUPE
Father-John CHUPE
Interment-Rockport Cemetery

Page 45  October 14, 1944
2nd. L. THOMAS M. MOORE A. S. N.O. 675935
Residence-Moore Field, Misson, ‘Texas
Charge to-Finance officer  Harlingen Army Air Field, Harlingen, Texas
Veteran-World War II
Occupation-In service
Date of death-October 06, 1944
Cause of death-Plane crash adjacent to Rock Port Land Plane Base
Remains to-Mission, Texas

Page 46  October 19, 1944
JOHN LUTERAN BUJAN  B. May 31, 1915 Port Aranasa, Tx. d. October 18, 1944 Ingleside, Tx.
Age 29 years 4 months 17 days
Residence-Port Aransas
Order given by-Mrs. Harold LISTER, Jr.  Port Aransas, Tx.
Employer-Merchant Marine
Cause of death-Chronic pulamonary-Tuberculosis, Chronic nephutis
Certifying physician-Michael C. Kendrick   Ingleside, Tx.
Father-Matteo M. BUJAN  Austria
Mother-Hannah FRANDOLIG  Fulton, Tx.
Interment-Port Aransas

Page 47  October 21, 1944
RAMON MARTINEZ  b. March 16, 1891 Old Mexico  d. October 20, 1944  Medical Prof. Bldg. Corpus Christi, Tx. Age 53 years 7 months 4 days
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Jesus MARTINEZ  Aransas Pass
Order given by-American Nat’l. Ins. Co.
Cause of death-Pyo-nephrosis , Bright’s disease, chronic prostalitiz
Certifying physician-DR. Chas. F. Cron  Rockport, Tx.
Father-Gerarado MARTINEZ  Old Mexico
Mother-Dionicia RODRIQUEZ  Old Mexico
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 48  October 23, 1944
JACK DAVIS KEMP  b, September 13, 1882 Tangipahoa, Louisiana  d. October 23, 1944 Daughter’s home Ingleside    Age 62 years 1 month 10 days
Spouse-Irena KEMP
Residence-Inglside, Tx.
Order given by-Ivey KEMP  Robstown, Tx.
Cause of death-Carcinoma of pharynx
Certifying physician-Michael C. Kendrick   Ingleside, Tx.
Father-Elijah KEMP
Mother-Lacy Ann ALFORD
Interment-Prairie View

Page 49  November 03, 1944
THOMAS MARTIN BENAIRDEZ  b. March  02, 1944  Fulton, Tx. d. November 02, 1944 Rockport, Tx. Age 8 months
Residence-Rockport, Tx.
Charge to-Nasario BENAIDEZ   Rockport, Tx.
Cause of death-Malnutrition
Certifying physician-Dr. John B. Bull  Aransas Pass, Tx.
Father-Nasario BENAIDEZ  Texas
Mother-Victoria MARTINEZ  Texas

Page 50 November 10, 1944
JAMES WILLIAM FARLEY, Jr. b. April 29, 1891  Carribelle, Florida  d. November 08, 1944 Mairne Hospital, New Orelean, Louisiana
Spouse-Myrtle Smith FARLEY
Order given by-Barney C. FARLEY  Port Aransas, Tx.
Cause of death-Carcinoma
Interment-Aransas  Pass

Page 51  November 10, 1944
LOCIA OTERO VILLALOVOZ  b. June 25, 1902 Old Mexico  d. November 10, 1944  Aransas Pass  Age 32 years 4 months 15 days
Residence-Aransas Pass, San Patricio Co. Tx.
Charge to-Texas Prudentual Ins.  Galveston, Tx,
Order given by-Augustine MEDRANO  Aransas Pass, Tx.
Cause of  death-Phthesis
Certifying physician-Geo. A. Sminthott    Aransas Pass
Father-Crescencio OTERO  Old Mexico
Mother-Tiburcia MENDOZA  Old Mexico
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 52  November 11, 1944
BABY STARR  b. November  11, 1944  Fred Roberts Hospital Corpus Christi, Tx.  d. November 11, 1944
Charge to-W. A, Starr   Aransas Pass
Cause of  death-Still born
Certifying physician -Dr. John Bull   Aransas Pass
Father-W. A. STARR  Texas
Mother-Stazy ZGARBA  Texas
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 53  November 12, 1944
BARBARA JUNE RICHARDSON  b. November 10, 1944 Osteopathic Hospital  d. Novmeber 11, 1944 Corpus Christi, Tx.
Charge to-Mrs. E.N. RICHARDSON  Port Aransas, Tx.
Order given by-Mrs. Stella OLESON  Port Aransas, Tx.
Cause of death-Atelectosis---Prematurety
Certifying physician-Dr. Merle Griffin   Corpus Christi, Tx.
Father-Elmer Newton RICHARDSON  Texas
Mother-Eula Mae McGEORGE  Texas
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 54  November 14, 1944
GERALD OBA TOWNSEND  b. November 13, 1944  Corpus Christi, Tx.  d. November 14, 1944 Fred Roberts Hospital  Corpus Christi, Tx. Age 12 hours 55 minutes
Charge to-Eugene TOWNSEND  Rockport
Certifying physician-Dr. W. C. Bainard  Nixon Bldg., Corpus Christi
Father-Eugene D. TOWNSEND  Wichita Fall, Tx.
Mother-Mary Katherine COPEHEART  Tx.

Page 55 November 21, 1944
BILLIE JO BROOKS   b. March 25, 1944   d. November 20, 1944  Gorrell Hospital  Corpus Christi, Tx.
Age 7 months 26 days
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-C. E. BROOKS  Rockport, Tx.
Order given by-C. E. BROOKS
Certifying physician-Dr. Gorrell  Corpus Christi, Tx.
Father-Charley BROOKS  Texas
Mother-Catherine PERKINS  Texas
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 56  November 21, 1944
BABY WRIGHT    b. November 21, 1944  Sinton, Tx.  d. November 21, 1944 Sinton Hospital
Cause of death-Still born
Charge to-Mrs. M.  WRIGHT
Mother-Moreen WRIGHT
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 57  November 28, 1944
JAMES R. LEISTER      b. October 16, 1858 Indiana  d. November 28, 1944  Aransas Pass, Tx. Age 86 years 1 month 12 days
Residence-Aransas Pass
Occupation-Retired Minister
Cause of death-Cerebral  accident-Senility
Certifying physician-John B. Bull  Aransas Pass
Father-Leroy LEISTER

Page 58  December 04, 1944
BABY GENA MILLER  b. December 04, 1944 Corpus Christi, Tx. d. December 04, 1944 Corpus Christi
Order given by-Mrs. E. S. GILSON
Cause of death-Premature
Certifying physician-Dr. Skinner  Corpus Christi
Father-Jean MILLER  Texas
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 59     December 01, 1944
MARIA ESTELLA HINOJOSA  b. March 29, 1930 Texas  d. December 01, 1944 Ingleside, Tx.  Age 14 years 8 months 2 days
Residence-Ingleside, Tx.
Certifying physician-Dr. Kendrick  Ingleside, Tx.
Father-Feline HINOJOSA  Mexico
Mother-Virginia PEREZ  Mexico

Page 60  December 08, 1944
VIOLA SULURIA HERNANDEZ  b. August 15, 1864 Texas  d. December 08, 1944   Age 80 years 3 months 23 days
Residence-Fulton, Aransas County, Tx.
Order given by-Jack SANDERS
Father-Isaac TANNER
Mother-Elizabeth GEORGE
Remains to-San Antonio, Tx.
Interment-San Jose Burial Park

Page 61  December 08, 1944
STERLING CARROLL KELLY  b. March 06, 1868 Lawrence County, Tennessee  d. December 07, 1944 San Antonio, Tx.  Age 76 years 9 months 1 day
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Estate
Order given by-Mrs. M. F. HENNESEY
Cause of death-Car wreck
Contributory causes-Cerebral hemmorhage-internal injuries
Certifying physician-F. A. Allen  1105 E. Commerce San Antonio
Father-Thomas KELLY   Tennessee
Mother-Carrie CREWS  Tennessee
Interment-Prairie View Cemetery, Aransas Pass

Page 62  December 09, 1944
JAMES M. FAY, Sr.  b. May 11, 1866  Rockford, Illinois  d. December 09, 1944 Aransas Pass   Age 78 years 6 months 28 days
Spouse-Margaret E. FAY
Residence-Taft, Tx.
Order given by-E. J. FAY   Aransas Pass
Cause of death-Senility-Cardiac failure
Certifying physician-Dr. John B. Bull   Aransas Pass
Father-Patrick FAY  Ireland
Mother-Elizabeth BYRNE  Ireland
Remains to-Taft, Tx.
Interment-Taft Catholic Cemetery

Page 63  December 19, 1944
RICHARD ANDERSON PHELPS b. May 25, 1871 Texas  d. December 19, 1944  Rockport, Tx.  Age 73 years 6 months 24 days
Residence-Rockport, Tx.
Order given by-Mrs. R. A, PHELPS
Occupation-Seaman, Captain
Certifying physician-Dr. Chas. F. Cron   Rockport, Tx.
Father-William PHELPS
Interment-Rockport Cemetery

Page 64  December 20, 1944
WILLIAM EDWARD GREENE  b. August 06, 1889 Ellaville, Georgia  d. December 19, 1944 Port Aransas, Tx.  Age 55 years 4 months 13 days
Spouse-Jewell Gaunt GREENE
Residence-Port Aransas , Tx.
Order given by-Mrs. Jewell G. GREENE
Veteran-War Veteran
Occupation-Packing house owner
Cause of death-Heart trouble
Father-William Benjamin GREENE  Ellaville, Georgia
Mother-Mary STUART  Ellaville, Georgia
Remains to-Ellaville, Georgia
Interment-Ellaville, Georgia

Page 65  December 20, 1944
ISABELL OPHELIA YOUNG  b. June 05, 1859 Texas  d. December 20, 1944 Rockport, Tx.  Age 85 years 6 months 15 days
Spouse-Alan YOUNG
Residence-Rockport, Aransas County, Texas
Order given by-O. G. YOUNG  Rockport
Certifying physician-Dr. Chas. F. Cron  Rockport
Father-Pleas MILLS  Louisiana
Mother-COLE  Louisiana

Page 66  December 24, 1944
LORENZO ORTEZ  b. September 05, 1943  Texas d. December 24, 1944 Aransas Pass, Tx.  Age  1 year 3 months 19 days
Residence-Aransas Pass, Tx.
Charge to-Jose MARTINEZ   Aransas Pass ( they put Martinez in the book in some parts-copied just like written in book.)
Order given by-Jose ORTEZ
Cause of death-Gastro intestinal-Influenza
Certifying physician-Geo. A. Smithett   Aransas Pass
Father-Jose ORTEZ  Texas
Mother-Maria REYNA  Texas
Interment-Aransas Pass

Page 67  December 24, 1944
JOHN FAY SINCLAIR  b. December 10, 1884 Marionville, Missouri  d. December 24, 1944 Aransas Pass, Tx.  Age 60 years 14 days
Spouse-Mary Margaret SINCLAIR
Residence-722 W. Nettie Kingsville, Tx.
Cause of death-Coronary Fimbolis  (1/2 hr. duration)
Certifying physician-Dr. C. P. Yeager  Corpus Christi, Tx.
Father-E. Edward SINCLAIR  Missouri
Mother-Rose Elizabeth SMITH  New York
Remains to-Kingsville, Tx.

Page 68   December 26, 1944
Residence-Ingleside, Texas
Charge to-C. T. CAUDLE  Ingleside, Tx.
Occupation-U. S. Soldier
Cause of death-Car wreck
Interment-Prairie View Aransas Pass, Tx.

Page 69  December 30, 1944
REUBEN M. ROSALES  b. December 17, 1943  Aransas Pass, Tx.  d. December 29, 1944  Memorial Hospital  Age 1 year 12 days
Residence-Aransas Pass
Charge to-Juan ROSALES   Aransas Pass
Order given by-Father
Cause of death-Miningitis (possibly tuburcular)  1 week duration
Certifying physician-Dr. F. P. Jasperson   Corpus Christi, Tx.
Father-Juan ROSALES  Texas
Mother-Delia MARTINEZ  Texas
Interment-Mexican Cemetery, Aransas Pass
Completes 1944 in this book

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