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TEXAS - Nacogdoches County - Early Brides (County Book B) - 1

Posted By: GenealogyBuff
Date: Saturday, 11 October 2008, at 1:21 p.m.


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Joseph CARRIERE Maria Marcela ACOSTA 3 December 1853 J. C. NERAZ
Jose Davis CORDOVA Maria Anesita ACOSTA 21 July 1856 J. C. NERAZ
Clemente MANSOLO Teodora ACOSTA 29 October 1853 James HART
Jose T. MARTINES Teodora ACOSTA 26 April 1858 William F. HYDE
Lovel L. SKEETERS Eliza ADAMS 29 October 1857 Holloway L. POWER
Hadley GOYENS Emily ADLEY 31 August 1857 William CASTLES
W. Claiborn CHISM Elizabeth ALDERS 28 June 1860 C. L. HAMIL
A. B. RUNNELS Nancy A. ALDERS 30 June 1859 A. B. EUBANK
Richard DANIEL Sarah ALDREDGE 27 November 1851 John M. WATKINS
John MILLS Martha ALDRIDGE 19 January 1854 Silas H. BARBER
Estevan SANCHES Jesusa ALFARO 26 January 1861 G. W. WARREN
Samuel M. FLOURNOY Mrs. Harriet E. ALLEN 9 January 1859 Bennett BLAKE
John MILLS Minerva ALLRIDGE 11 November 1851 John M. WATKINS
Samuel W. ARMSTRONG Mrs. Mary Elizabeth ALVIS 12 September 1860 Richard MENEFEE
Alpheus MOORE Laura Jane ALVIS 18 January 1854 J. A. TOPLING
William ANDERSON Mrs. Anne P. ANDERSON 22 January 1863 David LEE
Hayden ARNOLD Miranda L. ANDERSON 20 December 1856 J. C. BARNETT
Lewis J. SPINKS Harriet E. ANDERSON 4 October 1853 B. E. LUCAS
J. T. S. HOLLMAN Elsia ARMSTRONG 23 May 1860 William F. HYDE
Victor J. SIMPSON Harriett ARNOLD 27 March 1855 James HART
Thomas H. ANDERSON Mrs. Harriet S. ASHING 2 August 1855 J. C. BARNETT
Thomas M. BURK Mary ASHLEY 5 April 1860 G. W. WARREN
Warner M. FLOURNOY Martha A. L. ATKINSON 7 November 1850 J. C. BARNETT
Alfred W. MOORE Mary AYLER 5 July 1855 Isaac BATTLE
Joseph HUTCHINSON Sarah BAILEY 1 August 1853 A. S. HAYTER
John COOPER Mary S. BAKER 18 November 1855 Lewis HARTFIELD
William G. HALL Annie Jane BAKER 2 February 1860 D. M. PATE
Francis M. LANG Lucy L. BAKER 10 April 1851 H. D. PALMER
Reuben BAILEY Frances BANKS 13 November 1855 W. A. BISHOP
Houston WEST Laura Malvina BANKS 8 March 1858 Gibson RUSSELL
William L. KUYKENDALL Fanny E. BARKSDALE 8 October 1851 J. C. BARNETT
James KING Sarah Jane BARNES 29 February 1860 John F. F. DOHERTY
Thomas LOWERY Mrs. Josephine BARNETT 4 February 1858 A. B. PATTON
Drayton LAMBERT Sarah Elizabeth BARRON 10 February 1855 B. E. LUCAS
Henry E. CHAPMAN Frances Missouri BATTLE 13 September 1855 Isaac BATTLE
John B. ISBELL E. BATTLE 9 January 1859 A. S. HAYTER
James L. SCOGIN Sophronia E. BAUGH 15 December 1859 F. L. VICKERY
John R. LOONEY Susan C. BAXTER 12 March 1856 A. S. HAYTER
Andrew Jackson MURPHY Elizabeth B. BAXTER 11 March 1858 J. C. BARNETT
John P. BARNETT Martha A. BEAMAN 24 May 1849 Fariss MONTGOMERY
Warren H. BARNETT Elizabeth H. BEAMAN 21 January 1860 A. B. PATTON
James MORTON Louisa Malvina BEAMAN 10 September 1857 W. R. ANDERSON
George MORTON Helen L. BEAMAN 16 August 1860 Richard MENEFEE
John SPEER Sara Jane BEAMAN 29 September 1859 A. B. PATTON
Solomon BENISON Sarah E. BELDEN 27 January 1858 M. B. FULLER
Siva LAWSON Margaret BENISON 20 July 1853 A. McKINZA
Martin V. SPENCER Mrs. Martha E. BENTLEY 11 February 1856 M. H. JONES
W. C. DAVIS Mrs. Minerva BERRY 25 October 1860 E. P. SPIVEY
Andrew J. HYDE Carolyn BERRYHILL 21 September 1856 A. S. HAYTER
John A. STIDDUM Lou Ann BETTYS 5 October 1855 James HART
Green Berry BIRD Miss Julia Ann BIRD 11 June 1857 A. B. EUBANKS
Elisha F. PETTY Elizabeth J. BIRDWELL 29 March 1859 T. H. SUMMERS
John WEATHERLY Sarah S. BIRDWELL 22 October 1860 T. H. SUMMERS
Laurence W. SIMPSON Eunicy BIRTCHFIELD 1 May 1850 Isaac M. WILLIAMS
Thomas STRICKLAND Martha BISHOP 17 August 1858 W. H. CRAWFORD
Boswell W. PYE Louisa Jane BLACKBURN 17 July 1851 J. W. BAXTER
William S. McCUISTIAN Mary Frances BLACKSHER 6 April 1860 Ben. BLAKE
James W. BRANTLEY Rebecca BLANTON 20 August 1859 A. F. G. SHANNON
Shadrack F. JACOBS Mary Ann BOATMAN 19 March 1857 Gibson RUSSEL
Armistead RICHARDSON Levicey Jane BONE 15 May 1857 John R. CLUTE
Jesse H. MUCKLEROY Amanda M. BOYKIN 10 January 1850 Isaac M. WILLIAMS
C. F. WINDA Mrs. Charity BOYLE 6 October 1858 William GUIN
Edward McCORMICK Virginia C. BRANCH 24 November 1853 S. W. McCORKLE
William J. DEEN Mrs. Sarah BRANTLEY 16 October 1853 James HART
Francis Porter BELCHER Louisa Ann BRAZELL 25 November 1858 W. K. WILSON
John A. BAUGH Mrs. Nancy Jane BRAZELTON 22 December 1859 J. B. H. BIGHAM
Edward J. RUSSELL Hannah Ann BREWER 15 January 1851 J. W. BAXTER
John ABSHIRE Mrs. Juliana BRIMBERRY 4 March 1852 Mathew B. FULLER
Samuel W. PIKE Elizabeth BRIMBURY 5 November 1857 W. K. WILSON
William D. JACKSON Mary E. BROWN 21 November 1860 John D. WILLIAMS
David MONSEIR Sarah BROWN 14 December 1848 A. TATE
Andrew J. M. SAMSON Francis R. BROWN 27 August 1857 D. M. PATE
William E. GARRETT Elizabeth T. BRUTON 14 February 1856 A. S. HAYTER
Eli GREEN Sarah E. BRYANT 13 June 1861 Josiah BEAMAN
Nathaniel JUDD Martha Jane BRYANT 12 August 1851 C. C. THOMAS
Robert PIERCE Martha BULLOCK 25 December 1851 Horatio NELSON
John J. SAUNDERS Susan M. BULLOCK 24 February 1850 Asa YARBOROUGH
R. D. BONE Minerva BURK 15 December 1858 G. W. WARREN
J. W. WADE Rutha S. BURK 26 May 1859 G. W. WARREN
Labaulin ELLIOTT Francis Ann BURNETT 26 October 1852 Bennett BLAKE
Thomas N. CADDEL Mary A. BURROWS 20 December 1855 Bennett BLAKE
Daniel F. COATS Harriett BURROWS 11 May 1854 James HART
Henry SCHRODER Frederika BUSHMEYER 1 January 1853 James HART
William ACREY Sarah CADDEL 2 December 1858 Jesse J. WATKINS
William N. SPARKS Martha E. CADDEL 18 December 1856 A. S. HAYTER
Holloway B. POWER Mrs. Mary Ann CADDELL 26 January 1858 Bennett BLAKE
Maston ROE Jane CALDWELL 5 January 1860 Thomas JONES
Adkin CORLEY Sarah M. CAMPBELL 2 September 1860 James CAMPBELL
Joan Munos Maria Faustine CARDENAS 14 July 1857 J. C. NERAZ
Joseph CARO Maria G. CARO 3 June 1858 L. C. CHAPMAN
Jose Maria MANSOLO Maria Antonia CASTRO 24 May 1853 J. C. NERAZ
George W. RAWLINSON Nancy J. CHANCELLOR 28 August 1855 A. McKINZA
Pleasant R. REAMEY Lucinda L. CHANCELLOR 29 November 1855 A. McKINZA
Christopher KOONCE Louisa A. CHANDLER 23 December 1858 Asa MOORE
William B. STOKER Emeline E. CHANDLER 14 January 1858 L. C. CHAPMAN
Thomas J. CHISUM Matilda E. CHAPMAN 5 December 1861 Richard MENEFEE
Luis FLORES Mrs. Paula CHARANA 12 January 1855 J. C. NERAZ
James S. ALDERS Mary E. CHISUM 13 January 1859 L. B. HICKMAN
John P. CHAPMAN Rebecca Jane CHISUM 29 February 1860 A. B. EUBANK
Samuel B. MUSIC Rowena CHOATE 10 January 1850 Asa MOORE
William W. COATS Sarah J. CHRISTOPHER 27 December 1860 William F. HYDE
Joan Charles CHEVAILLIER Sarah C. CLARK 25 November 1848 L. C. M. CRAMBODERT
S. H. B. CUNDIFF Maggie A. CLARK 31 January 1861 A. S. HAYTER
Allen P. FULLER Mrs. Celesta CLARKSON 17 September 1853 Amos RAWLINSON
Marshall WALKER Mary CLAYTON 13 may 1858 S. M. ORTON
Asa K. GORMAN Elizabeth Jane CLEVELAND 1 October 1857 William F. HYDE
Felix L. McKNIGHT Cora CLUTE 6 December 1855 J. D. SHARP
William BURROWS Lydia E. COATS 18 December 1856 William F. HYDE
Isaac STEWART Mary Ann M. C. COBLE 24 November 1859 W. K. WILSON
Joshua COLLINS Miss Mary Ann COLLINS 10 December 1857 William F. HYDE
William CRAIG Cornelia Jane COLLINS 4 March 1851 Moses DAMRON
Thomas B. PARISH Nancy COLLINS 10 November 1859 A. B. EUBANK
George W. WEST Mrs. Francis CONNER 19 July 1857 S. M. ORTON
Harris RHODES Ellen Mary COOK 11 November 1858 Clemens MEANS
Enoch G. W. CHANDLER Nancy COOPER 17 August 1856 W. S. CHILDRESS
Patricio Y'BARBO Tomasa CORDOVA 11 May 1856 J. C. NERAZ
James CAMPBELL Mrs. Elizabeth CORLEY 29 November 1860 Clemens MEANS
Jasper N. CARNES Elizabeth CORLEY 23 September 1858 Clemens MEANS
Elijah LAWSON Sarah A. CORNELIUS 27 March 1856 A. McKINZA
Henry COLLINS Martha C. CRAIG 12 May 1852 A. S. HAYTER
Benjamin L. RUSK Rachel A. CRAIN 7 April 1853 Horatio NELSON
John M. SPARKS Martha CRAIN 19 September 1851 R. O. WATKINS
John F. CRUSE Emma F. CRAWF0RD 15 December 1852 Moses DAMRON
John L. DAVIS Louisa CRAWFORD 28 October 1858 W. K. WILSON
William DILLARD Mary Jane CRAWFORD 3 July 1854 James HART
Zechariah C. HINTON Mrs. Mary D. CRAWFORD 13 November 1856 Daniel M. PATE
John BAILEY Armira Ada CROWELL 5 June 1851 Moses DAMRON
Felix G. WILBURN Mrs, Nancy CROWELL 21 March 1854 A. S. HAYTER
Jose RAMOS Monica CRUCE 28 October 1861 F. VOIGT
Jose S. PANTALLION Dolores CRUSE 29 September 1858 J. C. NERAZ
Guadalupe ACOSTA Ysabel CRUZ 14 January 1852 Bennett BLAKE
William H. LYON Theodorie C. CUMMINGS 16 December 1851 Simpson SHEPHERD
Edward BURLESON Julia F. CURL 4 September 1851 J. C. BARNETT
Benjamin KUYKENDALL Margaret E. CURTIS 7 November 1859 A. MOORE
Robert D. LUCKETT Josephine B. DALLAS 21 January 1857 William CASTLES
Gen. W. ANDERSON Blann Angelina DAMRON 6 March 1851 Simpson SHEPHERD
James A. NICKS Martha Sane DANIELS 6 July 1854 H. D. PALMER
Martin BLACKFORD Mary DAVIS 3 July 1855 Holloway L. POWER
Chesley LEE Mrs. Procella Appelli DAVIS 25 July 1850 M. F. REINHART
Jason T. BELL Rebecca Jane DAWSON 28 March 1858 Jesse J. WATKINS
John M. LILES Sarah Ann DAWSON 8 September 1853 S. W. McCORKLE
William M. LILES Martha E. DAWSON 4 February 1858 Clemens MEANS
Augustus W. ROGERS Mary A. DAWSON 5 Joan 1858 Jesse J. WATKINS
John W. THOMPSON Sarah M. DAWSON 18 October 1861 G. L. H. GRAYSON
Henry L. CHAPMAN Carolina E. DAY 20 December 1855 H. D. PALMER
John McMEEN Adaline DEEMER 11 April 1862 J. S. THORN
William D. CORDER Mary Ann DESDEMONA-WHITE 5 August 1849 Asa MOORE
William SUMMERS Martha Elvira DOLLAR 25 March 1856 Lewis HARTSFIELD
John C. MORRISON Mary DONALDSON 26 October 1851 Bennett BLAKE
James W. ROGERS Sarah Jane DOWEN 23 September 1860 E. P. ROGERS
Jacob F. HUMPHREYS Elizabeth DURRETT 18 January 1852 Alfred TATE
Asberry CASE Martha Jane ELINDER 19 September 1859 Jesse J. WATKINS
Henry F. BLACKWELL Sarah P. ENGLEDOW 22 September 1852 H. D. PALMER
Wythe W. WHEELER Euphemia J. ENGLEDOW 18 February 1863 Richard S. WALKER
James BREWER Mrs. Eliza Jane ENGLISH 22 May 1853 A. McKINZA
Andrew J. MEANS Martha Annar EVANS 4 October 1857 J. C. BARNETT
Sylvester MYERS Harriett EVANS 11 June 1854 S. M. ORTON
James M. SHARP Margaret Ann EVANS 21 December 1848 R. O. WATKINS
Randolph N. GILBERT Eliza F. E. FALL 20 January 1852 H. D. PALMER
Dr. D. Thomas TAYLOR Mary S. FALL 22 November 1859 W. K. WILSON
John M. FULGHAM Ellen FARR 27 July 1859 Isaac BATTLE
James T. BRUCE AdeIine FARRELL 14 February 1861 A. B. EUBANKS
Benjamin A. LITTLE Arrena Laura FARRELL 17 June 1861 Joseph H. ATKINSON
John P. WHITAKER Mary S. FENLEY 21 December 1859 G. W. WARREN
Claiborn JACOBS Sarah E. FEWEL 1 January 1857 W. K. WILSON
Jeremiah LAWSON Mary FILBAY 2 February 1853 A. McKINZA
Joan de Jesus Y'BARBO Maria Antonio FLORES 5 February 1850 L. C. M. CHAMBODERT
James H. MALLORY Mary L. FLOURNOY 27 November 1851 J. C. BARNETT
Harrison YOE Nancy J. FLOURNOY 6 October 1850 J. C. BARNETT
R. E. WILKS Cynthia J. FLOWERS 14 October 1855 J. C. BARNETT
Greed THOMPSON Martha FORD 30 January 1851 A. B. EUBANKS
Harvey B. MILLER Celia Ann FORTENBERRY 8 October 1859 A. F. G. SHANNON
William T. MANN Mary Jane FORTENBURY 31 July 1856 William HERRINGTON
David P. HOWARD Martha Ann FOWLER 1 May 1856 Holloway F. POWER
Larkin McNIEL Mrs. Frances FOWLER 3 August 1855 Levi TAYLOR
Robert M. ROUNTREE Sarah Jane FOWLER 20 November 1854 Thomas BRITTAIN
Gilbert M. G. SMITH Mary P. FOWLER 29 June 1858 John OWEN
Levi SHACKELFORD Mrs. Maria S. FULCHER 22 May 1849 Zechariah WORLEY
James G. COOPER Mary E. FULGHUM 6 September 1853 B. E. LUCAS
James M. WEATHERLEY Mary Jane FULGHUM 29 December 1859 B. E. LUCAS
George W. JONES Helena M. FULL 4 June 1857 J. R. CLUTE
William M. BIRDWELL Martha Texana FULLER 24 May 1860 Thomas JONES
James M. CHANCELLOR Ann FULLER 7 February 1855 A. McKINZA
Albert C. DURRETT Tabitha E. FULLER 22 January 1852 Peace W. OVERALL
William T. McDANIEL L. Josephine FULLER 15 November 1855 Thomas JONES
Pleasant WRIGHT Melinda GANN 9 January 1853 James HART
Andrew Jackson DOYLE Mary E. GARRETT 30 May 1858 J. C. WOOLAM
Hiram HAM Elizabeth GARRETT 23 November 1858 N. CONNER
Andrew J. MILLER Mary Jane GARRETT 24 September 1857 Stephen M. POWER
Flavius W. PERRY Evaline E. GARRETT 3 August 1858 J. C. WOOLAM
Alexander MITCHELL Elizabeth GILBERT 6 December 1857 S. M. ORTON
William B. MOORE Eliza F. E. GILBERT 2 April 1857 W. K. WILSON
Victor J. SIMPSON Nannie E. GILKERSON 24 September 1861 C. L. HAMIL
Charles C. ERWIN Mrs. Mary Ann GLASSCOCK 9 February 1858 Gibson RUSSELL
Jose PROCELLA Nancy GOODWIN 4 July 1857 William F. HYDE
Thomas T. TAYLOR Mary GORE 3 January 1856 William CASTLES
Elihu L. VICKERY Elizabeth L. GRACE 25 June 1857 Bennett BLAKE
Alfred M. WYATT Martha Adena GRAHAM 30 June 1851 Simpson SHEPHERD
James G. BLACKBURN Lizine Elizabeth GRAYSON 3 October 1850 G. W. PRINCE
John T. LOY Luraney GRAYSON 15 July 1851 John M. WATKINS
Stephen McLAUGHLIN Mrs. Margaret L. GRAYSON 27 October 1853 A. McKINZA
James PYE Sarah J. GRAYSON 16 January 1860 Thomas JONES
John M. LITTLE Sophia GRIFFIN 7 April 1859 N. CONNER
Samuel J. WEATHERLY Martha GRIFFIN 28 June 1860 B. E. LUCAS
Peter George REIERSON Helene Sophie GROGARD 4 October 1849
Isaac HAMBY Elizabeth HALDEMAN 21 March 1852 H. D. PALMER
Richard L. CONSTANTINE Luvina HALDERMAN 20 May 1849 H. D. PALMER
Rufus HARDMAN Elizabeth HALL 6 January 1859 B. E. SNEAD
Samuel J. STANLEY Mary Jane HALL 4 December 1856 D. M. PATE
Robert LLOYD Rhoda HAMBY 4 November 1858 David LEE
Quinn MORTON Fanny HAMBY 5 September 1860 A. B. PATTON
Barisal MATTHEWS Arrabella H. HAMIL 16 December 1858 H. D. PALMER
Charles H. ROBINSON Amanda A. H AMIL 2 6 November 1857 D . M. PATE
George S. HYDE Mrs. Ann Jeannette HAMILTON 23 August 1849 Isaac WILLIAMS
Felix J. GARRETT Mrs. Mary T. HARDEMAN 3 November 1857 W. R. ANDERSON
Ephraim L. BEARD Elvina HARDIN 13 May 1858 Gibson RUSSELL
Sanford T. WILSON Mrs. Harriet HARGER 21 August 1856 W. K. WILSON
John H. CATO Elizabeth B. HARGROVES 7 February 1858 William CASTLES
Anthony B. ETHRIDGE Emily E. HARRELL 20 October 1853 David KING
Bennett BLAKE Ellazina HARRIS 24 November 1853 H. D. PALMER
Joshua JACOBS Martha Lydia A. HARRIS 10 September 1857 Gibson RUSSELL
David H. RICHARDSON Mrs. Pennela A. HARRIS 6 September 1860 B. E. LUCAS
Bennett BLAKE Mrs. Kizziah C. HARRISON 26 December 1850 Horatio NELSON
Colombus M. HOUSTON Nancy HART 11 August 1850 Moses DAMERON
Madison T. KING Sarah Jane HAYNES 16 November 1848 W. K. WILSON
James J. BOYD Mary A. HAYTER 27 July 1854 R. O. WATKINS
Francis M. RAINBOLT Minerva HAYTER 12 March 1857 Clemens MEANS
Robert H. JOHNSON Louisa C. HAZLET 27 July 1852 Simpson SHEPHERD
William SEELBACH Wilhelmina HELPENSTILL 14 May 1858 Jesse J. WATKINS
J. W. BAXTER Mrs. Eliza HENDERSON 5 January 1859 Clemens MEANS
Jose Maria ACOSTA Maria Gregoria HERRERA 18 May 1854 J. C. NERAZ
Jose Antonio ARROCHA Maria Idelbigia HERRERA 13 February 1854 J. C. NERAZ
Anastacio Y'BARBO Maria Miguela HERRERA 22 July 1852 James HART
John G. STRAHAN Eliza E. HIGNITE 31 May 1855 James HART
William ASHBY Nancy HILL 9 October 1862 G. W. WARREN
Isaac WADE Mary M. HILL 9 January 1861 George W. WARREN
G. W. HARWELL Susan P. HOBBS 8 September 1858 W. K. WILSON
Samuel PIKE Bernete HODGE 25 January 1859 Asa MOORE
Gen. A. SHELTON Kosia J. HODGES 21 August 1856 M. M. WALLACE
Frederick VOIGT Elizabeth M. HOLLOWAY 19 December 1855 Bennett BLAKE
William WEAVER Jam D. HORTON 8 December 1853 James HART
John W. GAMBLIN Nancy M. HOWARD 11 May 1856 A. E. EUBANKS
Doctor L. TAYLOR Minerva Ann HOWARD 1 April 1850 M. F. REINHART
George M. ADAMS Martha E. HUBERT 2 September 1857 Bennett BLAKE
James F. HUNTER Amanda R. HUBERT 4 January 1855 A. S. HAYTER
Thomas B. POSEY Huldah Elizabeth HUGHES 11 October 1849 R. O. WATKINS
French L. WEATHERLY Sarah G. HUGHES 15 July 1858 Jesse J. WATKINS
Jefferson F. P. WILKINS Mary Ann HUGHES 3 September 1852 J. C. WOOLAM
Vance WALLING Sarah HUMBER 29 January 1861 T. H. SUMMERS
Redden R. SMITH Mary E. HUMPHRIES 12 July 1859 John F. F. DOHERTY
Buckner H. PAYNE Mary Jane HUNT 22 June 1850 Isaac M. WILLIAMS
Thomas D. RUSK Susan M. HUNTER 27 October 1859 H. D. PALMER
William HART Mary Jane HUTCHISON 19 September 1857 William CASTLES
William J. POUNDS Caroline F. HUTCHISON 5 December 1860 George W. WARREN
Samuel J. CONNERS Francis M. JACKSON 29 January 1852 Horatio NELSON
John PERRITTE, Jr. Sarah Lucinda JENNINGS 21 November 1861 S. H. HAMIL
Nathaniel F. NORRIS Jane JEWEL 11 September 1853 John ABNEY
John BIRDWELL Mrs. Elizabeth JOHNSON 20 May 1858 M. B. FULLER
John C. JACKSON Porthena JOHNSON 8 July 1852 George B. PERRY
James B. LOYD Mary E. JOHNSON 26 August 1852 Simpson SHEPHERD
Franklin RECTOR Sarah Francis JOHNSON 6 January 1853 James HART
Britton J. TUCKER Caroline V. JOHNSON 3 September 1853 G. B. PERRY
William ABSHIRE Catherine JONES 20 June 1853 Alfred TATE
William L. BOYKIN Jane JONES 27 November 1855 Bennett BLAKE
Alexander B. COPELAIN Feroby JONES 4 August 1853 Alfred TATE
Albert G. CROUCH Susan JONES 23 February 1854 J. C. BARNETT
James HARDIN Martha JONES 27 October 1856 Simpson SHEPHERD
R. E. HUGHES Martha E. JONES 5 December 1861 J. L. CROSSLAND
James M. KING Nicey F. JONES 22 September 1853 Clemens MEANS
John W. MURPH Nancy Jane JONES 8 April 1855 Thomas JONES
Hardin S. NEWLAND Richana A. JONES 29 December 1857 Bennett BLAKE
David PARISH Mary Ann JONES 8 December 1858 David LEE
Thomas P. COLE Sarah Frances JUDKINS 28 October 1858 J. B. H. BIGHAM
Robert A. HEARN Martha W. JUDKINS 31 July 1853 J. R. CLUTE
Henderson MUCKLEROY Mary C. KENDALL 8 February 1853 James HART
Marshall HAMBY Mary Lavine KILLIAN 1 August 1854 A. B. EUBANKS
William R. HALDEMAN Lucinda KILLION 15 January 1851 H. D. PALMER
David LEE Edna F. KING 10 November 1859 John LAMBERT
Henry S. McCLURE Hannah C. KING 22 February 1849 H. D. PALMER
John NORRIS Nancy KING 25 April 1856 William F. HYDE
Samuel W. REED Helen E. KING 30 December 1853 James HART
Littleberry B. WHITE Martha E. KING 6 February 1851 J. C. WOOLAM
August TUBBE Mary G. KOLB 12 February 1862 R. M. SEATON
Augustus J. SIMPSON Emma J. KYLE 28 March 1860 C. L. HAMIL
Phineas F. M. LUCAS Elizabeth A. LAMBERT 6 September 1855 B. E. LUCAS
William W. MALONE Mary E. LARABEE 9 August 1859 Joseph H. ATKINSON
George M. DAMRON Rachel M. LAWSON 17 July 1860 D. M. PATE
Robert ROGERS Martha Jane LAWSON 29 May 1851 J. C. BARNETT
Juan Jose ACOSTA Mrs. Noria C. LAZARIN 2 August 1860 J. C. NERAZ
Miguel de la GARZA Juana LAZARIN 25 August 1856 J. C. NERAZ
Gregorie LOPES Maria Estefana LAZARIN 17 June 1857 J. C. NERAZ
Mauricio MORA Maria Jacobs LAZARIN 23 July 1857 J. C. NERAZ
Jose Anselmo PRADO Mrs. Maria Felipe LAZARIN 2 January 1855 J. C. NERAZ
Tobias B. WHITEHEAD Marietta M. LEE 23 September 1855 H. D. PALMER
Walton W. ASKIN Harriett L. LESLIE 23 May 1852 H. D. PALMER
William H. HARRIS Elizabeth N. LEWIS 9 November 1860 A.S. HAYTER
John R. WEAVER Rebecca L. LEWIS 12 August 1858 William F. HYDE
Alexander BECK Parmalia Ann A. LILES 12 January 1854 S. W. McCORKLE
Robert CORLEY Mary LILES 17 March 1859 Clemens MEANS
Benjamin F. DURRETT Martha A. LILES 2 December 1856 Silas H. BARBER
John MASSINGALE Mary Jane LILLY 27 April 1862 D. LEE
John M. PARTIN Lucy LILLY 7 July 1852 C. C. THOMAS
William DILLEN Mary Ann LITTLE 12 January 1854 J. A. JOPLING
William H. YARBOROUGH Amanda LITTLE 23 February 1859 Asa MOORE
James W. HOPKINS Nancy Jane LONG 21 June 1854 James HART
Irvine MYERS Julia Ann Amanda LONG 21 June 1854 James HART
Charles A. LARABEE Nancy LOWERY 10 September 1861 A. B. PATTON
George W. PATTERSON Elizabeth LOWERY 21 November 1858 Joseph H. ATKINSON
Jeremiah POSEY Elizabeth F. LUCAS 28 January 1855 B. E. LUCAS
Larkin M. WHITAKER Caroline A. LUCKETT 31 October 1855 Levi TAYLOR
Robert J. THOMASON Mary LUSK 17 January 1856 H. D. PALMER
Francisco Y'BARBO Andrea MANCHACA 29 April 1852 James HART
Guadalupe ARRIOLA Teodora MANSOLA 22 December 1858 J. C. NERAZ
Joan Jose LEONE Celeste MANSOLO 10 April 1854 James HART
William A. BRIMBERRY Mary E. MARTIN 14 January 1858 W. K. WILSON
William C. BULLOCK Mrs. Mary G. MARTIN 6 June 1852 Asa YARBOROUGH
Robert S. MURRAY Rebecca A. MARTIN 31 July 1854 J. C. BARNETT
Monroe PLEASANT Adaline MARTIN 31 March 1859 H. D. PALMER
Harmon W. RIDDLE Mrs. Nancy H. MARTIN 22 January 1857 W. K. WILSON
William ACOSTA Trinidad MARTINES 29 December 1860 William F. HYDE
Meliton HERRERA Martha MARTINES 20 August 1857 J. C. NERAZ
Luiz Jesus MORA Eugenia MARTINES 10 May 1856 J. C. NERAZ
Jose Antonio PROCELA Maria Irina MARTINES 24 January 1851 L. C. M. CHAMBODERT
Vicente ROBLES Juliana MARTINES 12 December 1857 S. S. HENSON
Joel BLACKBURN America A. MASON 3 June 1858 T. J. JONES
Milton MAST Miss N. A. MAST 15 October 1861 B. E. LUCAS
William TEUTSCH Leona MAST 6 November 1856 Daniel M. PATE
John R. BAKER Mary Ann Matilda LONG 13 February 1851 J. C. WOOLAM
John SPIDLE Martha Caroline MATON 1 January 1851 H.D. PALMER
James E. GUNNING Susan Y. MATTHEWS 17 March 1858 D. M. PATE
Robert F. MITCHELL Mrs. Tabitha M. MATTHEWS 16 October 1851 Joseph D. SHARP
Nicholas L. NEWSOM Mary Elizabeth MATTHEWS 19 December 1850 H. D. PALMER
John L. PATTERSON Laura MATTHEWS 26 March 1861 B. E. LUCAS
Moses H. CUMMINS Salina. J. MAYFIELD 8 December 1860 G. W. WARREN
John A. KING Nancy E. MAYFIELD 14 September 1853 John R. CLUTE
Lorenzo Dow MINCHEW Hannah Amy McCLURE 8 February 1849 H. D. PALMER
Joseph T. SOUTHERLAND Ann E. McCROSKY 13 October 1857 P. W. OVERALL
Edward M. WEATHERLY Sarah E. McCUISTIAN 19 December 1853 R. O. WATKINS
Samuel HUNTER Rebecca C. McDANIEL 4 April 1851 J. C. BARNETT
Sebron M. MOSELEY Martha Ann McKEY 7 June 1860 Jesse J. WATKINS
John W. CRAIN Margaret Maria McKNIGHT 11 May 1853 J. D. SHARP
Moses J. DAVIS Frances L. McKNIGHT 15 December 1859 W. K. WILSON
Cicero FULLER Cassinda E. McKNIGHT 29 November 1859 M. B. FULLER
John RAWLINSON Matilda R. McKNIGHT 23 September 1857 Thomas JONES

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