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State of Indiana

City                  County                  Type           Population
====                  ======                  ====           ==========
Abington              Wayne County            Township       919
Aboite                Allen County            Township       22,561
Acton                 Marion County           Zip Code       0
Adams                 Allen County            Township       33,447
Addison               Shelby County           Township       18,968
Advance               Boone County            Town           606
Akron                 Fulton County           Town           1,033
Alamo                 Montgomery County       Town           121
Albany                Delaware County         Town           2,194
Albion                Noble County            Town           2,050
Alexandria            Madison County          City           5,611
Alfordsville          Daviess County          Town           83
Allen                 Noble County            Township       6,163
Alton                 Crawford County         Town           55
Altona                De Kalb County          Town           164
Ambia                 Benton County           Town           260
Amboy                 Miami County            Town           328
Amo                   Hendricks County        Town           454
Anderson              Madison County          City           58,528
Andrews               Huntington County       Town           1,309
Angola                Steuben County          City           6,577
Arcadia               Hamilton County         Town           1,586
Arcola                Allen County            Zip Code       0
Argos                 Marshall County         Town           1,799
Arlington             Rush County             Zip Code       0
Armstrong             Vanderburgh County      Township       1,988
Ashland               Morgan County           Township       1,419
Ashley                De Kalb County          Town           752
Athens                Fulton County           Zip Code       0
Atlanta               Hamilton County         Town           799
Atterbury             Johnson County          Zip Code       0
Attica                Fountain County         City           3,182
Atwood                Kosciusko County        Zip Code       0
Aubbeenaubbee         Fulton County           Township       1,384
Auburn                De Kalb County          City           11,015
Aurora                Dearborn County         City           3,888
Austin                Scott County            Town           4,309
Avilla                Noble County            Town           1,866
Avoca                 Lawrence County         Zip Code       0
Avon                  Hendricks County        Town           1,019
Bainbridge            Putnam County           Town           776
Baker                 Morgan County           Township       632
Bargersville          Johnson County          Town           1,973
Barkley               Jasper County           Township       932
Barr                  Daviess County          Township       3,673
Barton                Gibson County           Township       1,739
Batesville            Ripley County           City           5,401
Bath                  Franklin County         Township       453
Battle Ground         Tippecanoe County       Town           903
Baugo                 Elkhart County          Township       7,878
Bean Blossom          Monroe County           Township       2,511
Bearcreek             Jay County              Township       1,257
Beaver                Newton County           Township       1,619
Bedford               Lawrence County         City           14,619
Beech Creek           Greene County           Township       2,053
Beech Grove           Marion County           City           13,246
Bellmore              Parke County            Zip Code       0
Bennington            Switzerland County      Zip Code       0
Benton                Monroe County           Township       3,325
Bentonville           Fayette County          Zip Code       0
Berne                 Adams County            City           3,768
Bethany               Morgan County           Town           101
Bethel                Posey County            Township       341
Bethlehem             Cass County             Township       905
Beverly Shores        Porter County           Town           639
Bicknell              Knox County             City           3,196
Big Creek             White County            Township       889
Bigger                Jennings County         Township       738
Bippus                Huntington County       Zip Code       0
Birdseye              Dubois County           Town           528
Black                 Posey County            Township       9,502
Blanford              Vermillion County       Zip Code       0
Blocher               Scott County            Zip Code       0
Bloomfield            Greene County           Town           2,616
Blooming Grove        Franklin County         Township       1,033
Bloomingdale          Parke County            Town           368
Bloomington           Monroe County           City           65,065
Blountsville          Henry County            Town           163
Blue Creek            Adams County            Township       943
Blue River            Johnson County          Township       5,267
Bluffton              Wells County            City           9,503
Bogard                Daviess County          Township       1,161
Boggstown             Shelby County           Zip Code       0
Bolivar               Benton County           Township       1,367
Bono                  Lawrence County         Township       712
Boon                  Warrick County          Township       12,497
Boone                 Porter County           Township       5,652
Boone Grove           Porter County           Zip Code       0
Boonville             Warrick County          City           6,519
Borden                Clark County            Zip Code       0
Boston                Wayne County            Town           159
Boswell               Benton County           Town           814
Bourbon               Marshall County         Town           1,740
Bowling Green         Clay County             Zip Code       0
Bradford              Harrison County         Zip Code       0
Branchville           Perry County            Zip Code       0
Brandywine            Shelby County           Township       2,282
Brazil                Clay County             City           8,058
Bremen                Marshall County         Town           5,029
Bridgeport            Marion County           Zip Code       0
Bridgeton             Parke County            Zip Code       0
Brimfield             Noble County            Zip Code       0
Bringhurst            Carroll County          Zip Code       0
Bristol               Elkhart County          Town           1,306
Bristow               Perry County            Zip Code       0
Brook                 Newton County           Town           881
Brooklyn              Morgan County           Town           1,307
Brooksburg            Jefferson County        Town           77
Brookston             White County            Town           1,930
Brookville            Franklin County         Town           2,699
Brown                 Morgan County           Township       13,683
Brownsburg            Hendricks County        Town           11,779
Brownstown            Jackson County          Town           3,147
Brownsville           Union County            Township       894
Bruceville            Knox County             Town           493
Bryant                Jay County              Town           242
Buck Creek            Hancock County          Township       6,487
Buckskin              Gibson County           Zip Code       0
Buffalo               White County            Zip Code       0
Buffaloville          Spencer County          Zip Code       0
Bunker Hill           Miami County            Town           1,000
Burket                Kosciusko County        Town           218
Burlington            Carroll County          Town           603
Burnettsville         White County            Town           424
Burney                Decatur County          Zip Code       0
Burns Harbor          Porter County           Town           851
Burr Oak              Marshall County         Zip Code       0
Burrows               Carroll County          Zip Code       0
Busseron              Knox County             Township       1,434
Butler                De Kalb County          City           2,586
Butlerville           Jennings County         Zip Code       0
Cadiz                 Henry County            Town           211
Caesar Creek          Dearborn County         Township       409
Cain                  Fountain County         Township       1,241
California            Starke County           Township       2,187
Calumet               Lake County             Township       134,519
Cambridge City        Wayne County            Town           1,926
Camby                 Morgan County           Zip Code       0
Camden                Carroll County          Town           630
Camp Atterbury        Bartholomew County      Unorg.         0
Campbell              Jennings County         Township       1,798
Campbellsburg         Washington County       Town           700
Canaan                Jefferson County        Zip Code       0
Cannelburg            Daviess County          Town           105
Cannelton             Perry County            City           1,683
Carbon                Clay County             Town           389
Carefree              Crawford County         Town           26
Carlisle              Sullivan County         Town           616
Carmel                Hamilton County         City           42,074
Carpenter             Jasper County           Township       1,999
Carr                  Clark County            Township       1,843
Carrollton            Carroll County          Township       642
Carter                Spencer County          Township       3,221
Cartersburg           Hendricks County        Zip Code       0
Carthage              Rush County             Town           897
Cass                  Dubois County           Township       2,257
Castleton             Marion County           Zip Code       0
Cates                 Fountain County         Zip Code       0
Cayuga                Vermillion County       Town           1,021
Cedar Creek           Lake County             Township       10,149
Cedar Grove           Franklin County         Town           252
Cedar Lake            Lake County             Town           9,261
Celestine             Dubois County           Zip Code       0
Center                Marion County           Township       184,143
Center Point          Clay County             Town           293
Centerpoint           Clay County             Zip Code       0
Centerton             Morgan County           Zip Code       0
Centerville           Wayne County            Town           2,311
Central               Harrison County         Zip Code       0
Centre                St. Joseph County       Township       13,693
Chalmers              White County            Town           544
Chandler              Warrick County          Town           3,104
Charlestown           Clark County            City           6,006
Charlottesville       Hancock County          Zip Code       0
Chester               Wabash County           Township       8,378
Chesterfield          Madison County          Town           2,709
Chesterton            Porter County           Town           10,163
Chili                 Miami County            Zip Code       0
Chrisney              Spencer County          Town           532
Christmas Lake VillageSpencer County          Zip Code       0
Churubusco            Whitley County          Town           1,758
Cicero                Hamilton County         Town           4,220
Clark                 Montgomery County       Township       1,960
Clarks Hill           Tippecanoe County       Town           866
Clarksburg            Decatur County          Zip Code       0
Clarksville           Clark County            Town           19,688
Clay                  Hamilton County         Township       60,525
Clay City             Clay County             Town           997
Claypool              Kosciusko County        Town           450
Clayton               Hendricks County        Town           732
Clear Creek           Monroe County           Township       4,143
Clear Lake            Steuben County          Town           272
Clearspring           Lagrange County         Township       3,709
Clermont              Marion County           Town           1,553
Cleveland             Elkhart County          Township       8,964
Clifford              Bartholomew County      Town           404
Clifty                Bartholomew County      Township       1,284
Clinton               Vermillion County       City           4,537
Cloverdale            Putnam County           Town           2,405
Coal City             Owen County             Zip Code       0
Coal Creek            Montgomery County       Township       1,519
Coalmont              Clay County             Zip Code       0
Coatesville           Hendricks County        Town           581
Colburn               Tippecanoe County       Zip Code       0
Colfax                Clinton County          Town           763
Collegeville          Jasper County           Zip Code       0
Columbia              Whitley County          Township       9,408
Columbia City         Whitley County          City           6,951
Columbus              Bartholomew County      City           32,250
Commiskey             Jennings County         Zip Code       0
Concord               Elkhart County          Township       51,141
Connersville          Fayette County          City           15,266
Converse              Miami County            Town           1,088
Coolspring            La Porte County         Township       14,945
Cortland              Jackson County          Zip Code       0
Corunna               De Kalb County          Town           270
Cory                  Clay County             Zip Code       0
Corydon               Harrison County         Town           2,615
Cotton                Switzerland County      Township       1,418
Country Club Heights  Madison County          Town           104
Covington             Fountain County         City           2,652
Craig                 Switzerland County      Township       812
Craigville            Wells County            Zip Code       0
Crandall              Harrison County         Town           162
Crane                 Martin County           Town           215
Crane Naval Depot     Martin County           Zip Code       0
Crawfordsville        Montgomery County       City           14,108
Cromwell              Noble County            Town           530
Cross Plains          Ripley County           Zip Code       0
Crothersville         Jackson County          Town           1,834
Crown Point           Lake County             City           19,403
Crows Nest            Marion County           Town           104
Culver                Marshall County         Town           1,336
Culver Military AcademMarshall County         Zip Code       0
Cumberland            Marion County           Town           5,046
Curry                 Sullivan County         Township       3,615
Cutler                Carroll County          Zip Code       0
Cynthiana             Posey County            Town           746
Dale                  Spencer County          Town           1,583
Daleville             Delaware County         Town           1,583
Dallas                Huntington County       Township       2,309
Dalton                Wayne County            Township       616
Dana                  Vermillion County       Town           574
Danville              Hendricks County        Town           5,154
Darlington            Montgomery County       Town           769
Darmstadt             Vanderburgh County      Town           1,549
Davis                 Starke County           Township       1,236
Dayton                Tippecanoe County       Town           1,117
Decatur               Adams County            City           9,023
Decker                Knox County             Town           297
Deedsville            Miami County            Zip Code       0
Deer Creek            Carroll County          Township       4,483
Delaware              Hamilton County         Township       29,078
Delong                Fulton County           Zip Code       0
Delphi                Carroll County          City           2,615
Democrat              Carroll County          Township       876
Demotte               Jasper County           Town           4,033
Denham                Pulaski County          Zip Code       0
Denver                Miami County            Town           452
Depauw                Harrison County         Zip Code       0
Deputy                Jefferson County        Zip Code       0
Derby                 Perry County            Zip Code       0
Dewey                 La Porte County         Township       1,187
Dick Johnson          Clay County             Township       1,254
Dillsboro             Dearborn County         Town           1,514
Donaldson             Marshall County         Zip Code       0
Driftwood             Jackson County          Township       945
Dublin                Wayne County            Town           840
Dubois                Dubois County           Zip Code       0
Duck Creek            Madison County          Township       574
Dudley                Henry County            Township       1,368
Dugger                Sullivan County         Town           963
Dune Acres            Porter County           Town           250
Dunkirk               Jay County              City           2,843
Dunreith              Henry County            Town           209
Dupont                Jefferson County        Town           415
Dyer                  Lake County             Town           13,485
Eagle                 Boone County            Township       11,398
Eagle Creek           Lake County             Township       1,581
Earl Park             Benton County           Town           440
East Chicago          Lake County             City           30,885
East Enterprise       Switzerland County      Zip Code       0
East Germantown       Wayne County            Town           359
Eaton                 Delaware County         Town           1,560
Eckerty               Crawford County         Zip Code       0
Economy               Wayne County            Town           153
Eden                  Lagrange County         Township       2,856
Edgewood              Madison County          Town           1,931
Edinburgh             Johnson County          Town           4,529
Edwardsport           Knox County             Town           383
Eel                   Cass County             Township       16,859
Eel River             Allen County            Township       3,143
Elberfeld             Warrick County          Town           742
Elizabeth             Harrison County         Town           171
Elizabethtown         Bartholomew County      Town           678
Elkhart               Elkhart County          City           43,673
Ellettsville          Monroe County           Town           4,221
Elmore                Daviess County          Township       1,405
Elnora                Daviess County          Town           725
Elwood                Madison County          City           8,783
Eminence              Morgan County           Zip Code       0
Emison                Knox County             Zip Code       0
English               Crawford County         Town           696
Erie                  Miami County            Township       427
Ervin                 Howard County           Township       2,334
Etna                  Kosciusko County        Township       1,370
Etna Green            Kosciusko County        Town           563
Etna-Troy             Whitley County          Township       1,720
Eugene                Vermillion County       Township       2,161
Evanston              Spencer County          Zip Code       0
Evansville            Vanderburgh County      City           122,779
Fair Oaks             Jasper County           Zip Code       0
Fairbanks             Sullivan County         Township       682
Fairfield             Tippecanoe County       Township       46,180
Fairland              Shelby County           Zip Code       0
Fairmount             Grant County            Town           3,416
Fairplay              Greene County           Township       717
Fairview              Fayette County          Township       340
Fairview Park         Vermillion County       Town           1,579
Fall Creek            Madison County          Township       12,869
Falmouth              Rush County             Zip Code       0
Farmersburg           Sullivan County         Town           1,036
Farmland              Randolph County         Town           1,432
Fayette               Vigo County             Township       2,948
Ferdinand             Dubois County           Town           2,419
Fillmore              Putnam County           Town           568
Finley                Scott County            Township       1,275
Finly                 Hancock County          Zip Code       0
Fishers               Hamilton County         Town           25,591
Flat Rock             Bartholomew County      Township       1,888
Flora                 Carroll County          Town           2,181
Florence              Switzerland County      Zip Code       0
Florida               Parke County            Township       2,765
Floyd                 Putnam County           Township       2,054
Floyds Knobs          Floyd County            Zip Code       0
Folsomville           Warrick County          Zip Code       0
Fontanet              Vigo County             Zip Code       0
Foraker               Elkhart County          Zip Code       0
Forest                Clinton County          Township       981
Fort Branch           Gibson County           Town           2,537
Fort Ritner           Lawrence County         Zip Code       0
Fort Wayne            Allen County            City           185,716
Fortville             Hancock County          Town           3,180
Fountain City         Wayne County            Town           737
Fountaintown          Shelby County           Zip Code       0
Fowler                Benton County           Town           2,301
Fowlerton             Grant County            Town           356
Francesville          Pulaski County          Town           959
Francisco             Gibson County           Town           593
Frankfort             Clinton County          City           15,291
Franklin              Johnson County          City           17,259
Frankton              Madison County          Town           1,755
Fredericksburg        Washington County       Town           162
Fredonia              Crawford County         Zip Code       0
Freedom               Owen County             Zip Code       0
Freelandville         Knox County             Zip Code       0
Freetown              Jackson County          Zip Code       0
Fremont               Steuben County          Town           1,476
French                Adams County            Township       959
French Lick           Orange County           Town           2,112
Friendship            Ripley County           Zip Code       0
Fugit                 Decatur County          Township       1,737
Fulda                 Spencer County          Zip Code       0
Fulton                Fulton County           Town           386
Galena                La Porte County         Township       1,733
Galveston             Cass County             Town           1,578
Garrett               De Kalb County          City           5,162
Gary                  Lake County             City           108,469
Gas City              Grant County            City           5,586
Gaston                Delaware County         Town           954
Geneva                Adams County            Town           1,334
Gentryville           Spencer County          Town           289
Georgetown            Floyd County            Town           2,489
German                Marshall County         Township       8,877
Gibson                Washington County       Township       1,146
Gilboa                Benton County           Township       299
Gill                  Sullivan County         Township       996
Gillam                Jasper County           Township       782
Glenwood              Rush County             Town           284
Goldsmith             Tipton County           Zip Code       0
Goodland              Newton County           Town           994
Goshen                Elkhart County          City           25,262
Gosport               Owen County             Town           843
Grabill               Allen County            Town           956
Graham                Jefferson County        Township       1,544
Grammer               Bartholomew County      Zip Code       0
Grandview             Spencer County          Town           787
Granger               St. Joseph County       Zip Code       0
Grant                 De Kalb County          Township       2,950
Grantsburg            Crawford County         Zip Code       0
Grass                 Spencer County          Township       1,549
Grass Creek           Fulton County           Zip Code       0
Grassy Fork           Jackson County          Township       798
Graysville            Sullivan County         Zip Code       0
Green                 Madison County          Township       3,154
Greencastle           Putnam County           City           9,531
Greendale             Dearborn County         Town           3,856
Greene                St. Joseph County       Township       3,561
Greenfield            Hancock County          City           13,869
Greens Fork           Wayne County            Town           378
Greensboro            Henry County            Town           211
Greensburg            Decatur County          City           10,360
Greensfork            Randolph County         Township       1,252
Greentown             Howard County           Town           2,275
Greenville            Floyd County            Town           604
Greenwood             Johnson County          City           33,419
Greer                 Warrick County          Township       2,264
Gregg                 Morgan County           Township       2,963
Griffin               Posey County            Town           172
Griffith              Lake County             Town           17,816
Grissom Air Reserve BaMiami County            Zip Code       0
Grissom Arb           Miami County            Zip Code       0
Grovertown            Starke County           Zip Code       0
Guilford              Hendricks County        Township       23,482
Guthrie               Lawrence County         Township       1,447
Gwynneville           Shelby County           Zip Code       0
Haddon                Sullivan County         Township       1,832
Hagerstown            Wayne County            Town           1,767
Halbert               Martin County           Township       1,650
Hall                  Dubois County           Township       1,015
Hamblen               Brown County            Township       4,578
Hamilton              Steuben County          Town           962
Hamlet                Starke County           Town           835
Hammond               Lake County             City           78,212
Hanging Grove         Jasper County           Township       272
Hanna                 La Porte County         Township       1,045
Hanover               Jefferson County        Town           3,844
Harbison              Dubois County           Township       1,653
Hardinsburg           Washington County       Town           366
Harlan                Allen County            Zip Code       0
Harmony               Clay County             Town           666
Harris                St. Joseph County       Township       13,523
Harrison              Vigo County             Township       49,770
Harrodsburg           Monroe County           Zip Code       0
Hart                  Warrick County          Township       1,631
Hartford              Adams County            Township       881
Hartford City         Blackford County        City           6,814
Hartsville            Bartholomew County      Town           488
Hatfield              Spencer County          Zip Code       0
Haubstadt             Gibson County           Town           1,482
Haw Creek             Bartholomew County      Township       4,344
Hayden                Jennings County         Zip Code       0
Hazleton              Gibson County           Town           371
Hebron                Porter County           Town           3,659
Helmer                Steuben County          Zip Code       0
Helmsburg             Brown County            Zip Code       0
Helt                  Vermillion County       Township       2,821
Heltonville           Lawrence County         Zip Code       0
Hemlock               Howard County           Zip Code       0
Hendricks             Shelby County           Township       1,315
Henry                 Henry County            Township       23,384
Henryville            Clark County            Zip Code       0
Hensley               Johnson County          Township       3,015
Heth                  Harrison County         Township       1,138
Hickory Grove         Benton County           Township       501
Highland              Lake County             Town           23,730
Hillisburg            Clinton County          Zip Code       0
Hillsboro             Fountain County         Town           522
Hillsdale             Vermillion County       Zip Code       0
Hoagland              Allen County            Zip Code       0
Hobart                Lake County             City           24,841
Hobbs                 Tipton County           Zip Code       0
Hogan                 Dearborn County         Township       1,234
Hogtown               Crawford County         Zip Code       0
Holland               Dubois County           Town           728
Holton                Ripley County           Town           502
Homecroft             Marion County           Town           695
Homer                 Rush County             Zip Code       0
Honey Creek           Vigo County             Township       14,194
Hope                  Bartholomew County      Town           2,143
Howard                Howard County           Township       2,887
Howe                  Lagrange County         Zip Code       0
Hudson                Steuben County          Town           436
Huff                  Spencer County          Township       1,126
Huntertown            Allen County            Town           1,583
Huntingburg           Dubois County           City           5,256
Huntington            Huntington County       City           15,469
Huron                 Lawrence County         Zip Code       0
Hymera                Sullivan County         Town           797
Idaville              White County            Zip Code       0
Indian Creek          Lawrence County         Township       2,693
Indian Village        St. Joseph County       Town           135
Indianapolis          Marion County           City           741,304
Ingalls               Madison County          Town           1,080
Inglefield            Vanderburgh County      Zip Code       0
Inwood                Marshall County         Zip Code       0
Ireland               Dubois County           Zip Code       0
Iroquois              Newton County           Township       1,381
Jackson               Jackson County          Township       17,858
Jamestown             Boone County            Town           893
Jasonville            Greene County           City           2,391
Jasper                Dubois County           City           11,174
Jefferson             Grant County            Township       5,432
Jeffersonville        Clark County            City           26,018
Jennings              Scott County            Township       7,040
Johnson               Ripley County           Township       3,489
Jonesboro             Grant County            Town           2,236
Jonesville            Bartholomew County      Town           301
Jordan                Jasper County           Township       351
Judson                Parke County            Zip Code       0
Kankakee              La Porte County         Township       3,592
Keener                Jasper County           Township       8,772
Kelso                 Dearborn County         Township       2,398
Kempton               Tipton County           Town           338
Kendallville          Noble County            City           9,349
Kennard               Henry County            Town           393
Kent                  Warren County           Township       475
Kentland              Newton County           Town           1,749
Kewanna               Fulton County           Town           574
Keyser                De Kalb County          Township       6,442
Keystone              Wells County            Zip Code       0
Kimmell               Noble County            Zip Code       0
Kingman               Fountain County         Town           601
Kingsbury             La Porte County         Town           269
Kingsford Heights     La Porte County         Town           1,388
Kirkland              Adams County            Township       913
Kirklin               Clinton County          Town           724
Knight                Vanderburgh County      Township       63,137
Knightstown           Henry County            Town           1,988
Knightsville          Clay County             Town           807
Knox                  Starke County           City           4,033
Kokomo                Howard County           City           45,149
Koleen                Greene County           Zip Code       0
Kouts                 Porter County           Town           1,595
Kurtz                 Jackson County          Zip Code       0
Kyana                 Dubois County           Zip Code       0
La Crosse             La Porte County         Town           623
La Fayette            Tippecanoe County       Zip Code       0
La Fontaine           Wabash County           Town           887
La Paz                Marshall County         Town           579
La Porte              La Porte County         City           20,226
Laconia               Harrison County         Town           83
Ladoga                Montgomery County       Town           1,184
Lafayette             Tippecanoe County       City           44,583
Lagrange              Lagrange County         Town           2,589
Lagro                 Wabash County           Town           494
Lake                  Newton County           Township       2,546
Lake Cicott           Cass County             Zip Code       0
Lake Hart             Morgan County           Town           238
Lake Station          Lake County             City           13,903
Lake Village          Newton County           Zip Code       0
Laketon               Wabash County           Zip Code       0
Lakeville             St. Joseph County       Town           765
Lamar                 Spencer County          Zip Code       0
Lancaster             Wells County            Township       4,777
Lane                  Warrick County          Township       339
Lanesville            Harrison County         Town           577
Laotto                Noble County            Zip Code       0
Lapaz                 Marshall County         Zip Code       0
Lapel                 Madison County          Town           1,724
Larwill               Whitley County          Town           288
Laughery              Ripley County           Township       4,936
Lauramie              Tippecanoe County       Township       2,506
Laurel                Franklin County         Town           608
Lawrence              Marion County           City           34,561
Lawrenceburg          Dearborn County         City           4,257
Leavenworth           Crawford County         Town           315
Lebanon               Boone County            City           13,840
Leesburg              Kosciusko County        Town           628
Leiters Ford          Fulton County           Zip Code       0
Leo                   Allen County            Zip Code       0
Leo-Cedarville        Allen County            Town           2,505
Leopold               Perry County            Township       645
Leroy                 Lake County             Zip Code       0
Lewis                 Clay County             Township       1,432
Lewisville            Henry County            Town           450
Lexington             Scott County            Township       3,170
Liberty               Union County            Town           2,080
Liberty Center        Wells County            Zip Code       0
Liberty Mills         Wabash County           Zip Code       0
Licking               Blackford County        Township       8,681
Ligonier              Noble County            City           3,669
Lima                  Lagrange County         Township       2,593
Lincoln               Hendricks County        Township       19,513
Lincoln City          Spencer County          Zip Code       0
Linden                Montgomery County       Town           689
Linn Grove            Adams County            Zip Code       0
Linton                Greene County           City           6,355
Little York           Washington County       Town           177
Livonia               Washington County       Town           160
Lizton                Hendricks County        Town           471
Locke                 Elkhart County          Township       4,332
Lockhart              Pike County             Township       761
Logan                 Fountain County         Township       3,838
Logansport            Cass County             City           15,831
Long Beach            La Porte County         Town           1,880
Loogootee             Martin County           City           2,774
Losantville           Randolph County         Town           257
Lost Creek            Vigo County             Township       9,332
Lost River            Martin County           Township       466
Lovett                Jennings County         Township       928
Lowell                Lake County             Town           7,355
Luce                  Spencer County          Township       3,078
Lucerne               Cass County             Zip Code       0
Lynn                  Randolph County         Town           1,212
Lynnville             Warrick County          Town           794
Lyons                 Greene County           Town           831
Mackey                Gibson County           Town           91
Macy                  Miami County            Town           190
Madison               Jefferson County        City           12,510
Magnet                Perry County            Zip Code       0
Manchester            Dearborn County         Township       3,385
Manilla               Rush County             Zip Code       0
Marengo               Crawford County         Town           857
Mariah Hill           Spencer County          Zip Code       0
Marion                Grant County            City           28,812
Markle                Huntington County       Town           1,336
Markleville           Madison County          Town           410
Marrs                 Posey County            Township       4,786
Marshall              Parke County            Town           417
Marshfield            Warren County           Zip Code       0
Martinsville          Morgan County           City           12,096
Marysville            Clark County            Zip Code       0
Matthews              Grant County            Town           532
Mauckport             Harrison County         Town           110
Maumee                Allen County            Township       3,046
Maxwell               Hancock County          Zip Code       0
Mays                  Rush County             Zip Code       0
McClellan             Newton County           Township       273
McCordsville          Hancock County          Town           822
Mecca                 Parke County            Town           327
Medaryville           Pulaski County          Town           690
Medina                Warren County           Township       378
Medora                Jackson County          Town           806
Mellott               Fountain County         Town           246
Memphis               Clark County            Zip Code       0
Mentone               Kosciusko County        Town           840
Meridian Hills        Marion County           Town           1,683
Merom                 Sullivan County         Town           265
Merrillville          Lake County             Town           30,571
Metamora              Franklin County         Township       968
Mexico                Miami County            Zip Code       0
Miami                 Cass County             Township       1,250
Michiana Shores       La Porte County         Town           415
Michigan              La Porte County         Township       30,191
Michigan City         La Porte County         City           32,626
Michigantown          Clinton County          Town           518
Middle                Hendricks County        Township       4,368
Middlebury            Elkhart County          Town           2,359
Middletown            Henry County            Town           2,461
Midland               Greene County           Zip Code       0
Milan                 Ripley County           Town           1,676
Milford               Kosciusko County        Town           1,528
Milford               Decatur County          Town           142
Mill                  Grant County            Township       11,288
Mill Creek            La Porte County         Zip Code       0
Millcreek             Fountain County         Township       1,568
Miller                Dearborn County         Township       6,274
Millersburg           Elkhart County          Town           988
Millgrove             Steuben County          Township       1,493
Millhousen            Decatur County          Town           152
Milltown              Crawford County         Town           906
Milroy                Jasper County           Township       268
Milton                Wayne County            Town           682
Mishawaka             St. Joseph County       City           45,310
Mitchell              Lawrence County         City           5,105
Mitcheltree           Martin County           Township       727
Modoc                 Randolph County         Town           218
Mongo                 Lagrange County         Zip Code       0
Monon                 White County            Town           1,734
Monroe                Adams County            Town           785
Monroe City           Knox County             Town           557
Monroeville           Allen County            Town           1,527
Monrovia              Morgan County           Town           772
Monterey              Pulaski County          Town           229
Montezuma             Parke County            Town           1,085
Montgomery            Daviess County          Town           378
Monticello            White County            City           5,510
Montmorenci           Tippecanoe County       Zip Code       0
Montpelier            Blackford County        City           1,885
Mooreland             Henry County            Town           481
Moores Hill           Dearborn County         Town           872
Mooresville           Morgan County           Town           8,682
Moral                 Shelby County           Township       4,930
Morgan                Harrison County         Township       3,825
Morgantown            Morgan County           Town           990
Morocco               Newton County           Town           1,039
Morristown            Shelby County           Town           980
Mound                 Warren County           Township       456
Mount Auburn          Wayne County            Town           144
Mount Ayr             Newton County           Town           149
Mount Carmel          Franklin County         Town           111
Mount Etna            Huntington County       Town           126
Mount Pleasant        Delaware County         Township       11,397
Mount Saint Francis   Floyd County            Zip Code       0
Mount St Francis      Floyd County            Zip Code       0
Mount Summit          Henry County            Town           241
Mount Vernon          Posey County            City           6,558
Mulberry              Clinton County          Town           1,341
Muncie                Delaware County         City           67,476
Munster               Lake County             Town           20,485
Nabb                  Clark County            Zip Code       0
Napoleon              Ripley County           Town           257
Nappanee              Elkhart County          City           5,917
Nashville             Brown County            Town           956
Navilleton            Floyd County            Zip Code       0
Nebraska              Jennings County         Zip Code       0
Needham               Johnson County          Township       4,526
Nevins                Vigo County             Township       2,323
New Albany            Floyd County            City           38,265
New Amsterdam         Harrison County         Town           35
New Augusta           Marion County           Zip Code       0
New Carlisle          St. Joseph County       Town           1,468
New Castle            Henry County            City           16,932
New Chicago           Lake County             Town           2,014
New Durham            La Porte County         Township       7,318
New Garden            Wayne County            Township       1,886
New Goshen            Vigo County             Zip Code       0
New Harmony           Posey County            Town           783
New Haven             Allen County            City           13,809
New Lebanon           Sullivan County         Zip Code       0
New Lisbon            Henry County            Zip Code       0
New Market            Montgomery County       Town           646
New Middletown        Harrison County         Town           92
New Palestine         Hancock County          Town           956
New Paris             Elkhart County          Zip Code       0
New Pekin             Washington County       Town           1,295
New Point             Decatur County          Zip Code       0
New Providence        Clark County            Town           542
New Richmond          Montgomery County       Town           355
New Ross              Montgomery County       Town           342
New Salisbury         Harrison County         Zip Code       0
New Trenton           Franklin County         Zip Code       0
New Washington        Clark County            Zip Code       0
New Waverly           Cass County             Zip Code       0
New Whiteland         Johnson County          Town           4,572
Newberry              Greene County           Town           231
Newburgh              Warrick County          Town           2,919
Newbury               Lagrange County         Township       4,381
Newcastle             Fulton County           Township       1,264
Newpoint              Decatur County          Town           308
Newport               Vermillion County       Town           591
Newton                Jasper County           Township       777
Newtown               Fountain County         Town           252
Newville              De Kalb County          Township       585
Niles                 Delaware County         Township       1,231
Nineveh               Johnson County          Township       3,935
Noble                 Wabash County           Township       15,200
Noblesville           Hamilton County         City           25,983
Nora                  Marion County           Zip Code       0
Norman                Jackson County          Zip Code       0
North                 Lake County             Township       157,942
North Bend            Starke County           Township       1,278
North Crows Nest      Marion County           Town           51
North Judson          Starke County           Town           1,556
North Liberty         St. Joseph County       Town           1,600
North Manchester      Wabash County           Town           6,395
North Salem           Hendricks County        Town           599
North Terre Haute     Vigo County             Zip Code       0
North Vernon          Jennings County         City           5,811
North Webster         Kosciusko County        Town           994
Northeast             Orange County           Township       605
Northwest             Orange County           Township       396
Notre Dame            St. Joseph County       Zip Code       0
Nottingham            Wells County            Township       1,119
Oak Grove             Benton County           Township       1,649
Oakford               Howard County           Zip Code       0
Oakland City          Gibson County           City           2,953
Oaklandon             Marion County           Zip Code       0
Oaktown               Knox County             Town           685
Oakville              Delaware County         Zip Code       0
Ober                  Starke County           Zip Code       0
Odon                  Daviess County          Town           1,577
Ogden Dunes           Porter County           Town           1,403
Ohio                  Warrick County          Township       29,062
Oil                   Perry County            Township       1,764
Oldenburg             Franklin County         Town           746
Olive                 St. Joseph County       Township       3,905
Onward                Cass County             Town           67
Oolitic               Lawrence County         Town           1,465
Orange                Noble County            Township       4,003
Orangeville           Orange County           Township       617
Oregon                Starke County           Township       3,309
Orestes               Madison County          Town           483
Orland                Steuben County          Town           363
Orleans               Orange County           Town           2,219
Osceola               St. Joseph County       Town           1,932
Osgood                Ripley County           Town           1,852
Osolo                 Elkhart County          Township       24,792
Ossian                Wells County            Town           2,510
Otis                  La Porte County         Zip Code       0
Otsego                Steuben County          Township       2,327
Otter Creek           Vigo County             Township       9,293
Otterbein             Benton County           Town           1,401
Otwell                Pike County             Zip Code       0
Owen                  Jackson County          Township       1,663
Owensburg             Greene County           Zip Code       0
Owensville            Gibson County           Town           1,240
Oxford                Benton County           Town           1,258
Palmyra               Harrison County         Town           706
Paoli                 Orange County           Town           3,530
Paragon               Morgan County           Town           522
Paris Crossing        Jennings County         Zip Code       0
Parish Grove          Benton County           Township       331
Park Fletcher         Marion County           Zip Code       0
Parker City           Randolph County         Town           1,360
Patoka                Gibson County           Town           780
Patricksburg          Owen County             Zip Code       0
Patriot               Switzerland County      Town           223
Paw Paw               Wabash County           Township       1,641
Paxton                Sullivan County         Zip Code       0
Pekin                 Washington County       Zip Code       0
Pence                 Warren County           Zip Code       0
Pendleton             Madison County          Town           2,755
Penn                  St. Joseph County       Township       65,029
Pennville             Jay County              Town           690
Perry                 Marion County           Township       85,898
Perrysville           Vermillion County       Town           481
Pershing              Jackson County          Township       1,505
Peru                  Miami County            City           11,324
Petersburg            Pike County             City           2,478
Petroleum             Wells County            Zip Code       0
Pierce                Washington County       Township       2,318
Pierceton             Kosciusko County        Town           1,099
Pierceville           Ripley County           Zip Code       0
Pierson               Vigo County             Township       1,417
Pigeon                Vanderburgh County      Township       38,306
Pike                  Marion County           Township       45,817
Pimento               Vigo County             Zip Code       0
Pine                  Porter County           Township       2,986
Pine Village          Warren County           Town           232
Pipe Creek            Madison County          Township       13,249
Pittsboro             Hendricks County        Town           1,081
Plain                 Kosciusko County        Township       5,868
Plainfield            Hendricks County        Town           17,739
Plainville            Daviess County          Town           462
Pleasant              Johnson County          Township       39,095
Pleasant Lake         Steuben County          Zip Code       0
Pleasant Mills        Adams County            Zip Code       0
Pleasant Run          Lawrence County         Township       1,757
Plymouth              Marshall County         City           10,140
Point                 Posey County            Township       512
Poland                Owen County             Zip Code       0
Polk                  Marshall County         Township       2,595
Poneto                Wells County            Town           234
Portage               Porter County           City           33,030
Porter                Porter County           Town           4,569
Portland              Jay County              City           5,899
Posey                 Clay County             Township       3,663
Poseyville            Posey County            Town           1,192
Pottawattomie Park    La Porte County         Town           263
Prairie               Henry County            Township       3,556
Prairie Creek         Vigo County             Township       1,374
Prairieton            Vigo County             Township       1,351
Preble                Adams County            Township       1,131
Princes Lakes         Johnson County          Town           1,148
Princeton             Gibson County           City           7,131
Putnamville           Putnam County           Zip Code       0
Quincy                Owen County             Zip Code       0
Raccoon               Parke County            Township       917
Ragsdale              Knox County             Zip Code       0
Railroad              Starke County           Township       1,565
Ramsey                Harrison County         Zip Code       0
Randolph              Ohio County             Township       3,933
Ray                   Franklin County         Township       3,551
Redding               Jackson County          Township       4,101
Redkey                Jay County              Town           1,457
Reelsville            Putnam County           Zip Code       0
Reeve                 Daviess County          Township       689
Rego                  Washington County       Zip Code       0
Remington             Jasper County           Town           1,184
Rensselaer            Jasper County           City           5,262
Republican            Jefferson County        Township       1,565
Reserve               Parke County            Township       1,437
Reynolds              White County            Town           580
Rich Grove            Pulaski County          Township       763
Richland              Monroe County           Township       11,564
Richmond              Wayne County            City           37,091
Ridgeville            Randolph County         Town           815
Riley                 Vigo County             Town           234
Ripley                Rush County             Township       1,939
Rising Sun            Ohio County             City           1,958
River Forest          Madison County          Town           17
Roachdale             Putnam County           Town           944
Roann                 Wabash County           Town           438
Roanoke               Huntington County       Town           1,494
Robb                  Posey County            Township       2,138
Robinson              Posey County            Township       4,143
Rochester             Fulton County           City           6,623
Rock Creek            Huntington County       Township       1,685
Rockcreek             Wells County            Township       1,589
Rockfield             Carroll County          Zip Code       0
Rockport              Spencer County          City           2,216
Rockville             Parke County            Town           2,557
Rocky Ripple          Marion County           Town           690
Rolling Pr            La Porte County         Zip Code       0
Rome                  Perry County            Zip Code       0
Rome City             Noble County            Town           1,170
Romney                Tippecanoe County       Zip Code       0
Root                  Adams County            Township       4,207
Rosedale              Parke County            Town           862
Roseland              St. Joseph County       Town           824
Roselawn              Newton County           Zip Code       0
Rosewood              Harrison County         Zip Code       0
Ross                  Lake County             Township       38,482
Rossville             Clinton County          Town           1,485
Round Grove           White County            Township       278
Royal Center          Cass County             Town           897
Rushville             Rush County             City           5,481
Russell               Putnam County           Township       891
Russellville          Putnam County           Town           377
Russiaville           Howard County           Town           1,015
Rutherford            Martin County           Township       707
Salamonia             Jay County              Town           141
Salamonie             Huntington County       Township       2,539
Salem                 Washington County       City           6,385
Salt Creek            Monroe County           Township       1,404
Saltillo              Washington County       Town           141
Saluda                Jefferson County        Township       1,392
San Pierre            Starke County           Zip Code       0
Sand Creek            Decatur County          Township       3,227
Sandborn              Knox County             Town           472
Sandford              Vigo County             Zip Code       0
Santa Claus           Spencer County          Town           1,497
Saratoga              Randolph County         Town           268
Schererville          Lake County             Town           24,062
Schneider             Lake County             Town           286
Schnellville          Dubois County           Zip Code       0
Scipio                La Porte County         Township       3,695
Scotland              Greene County           Zip Code       0
Scott                 Vanderburgh County      Township       5,529
Scottsburg            Scott County            City           5,755
Sedalia               Clinton County          Zip Code       0
Seelyville            Vigo County             Town           1,197
Sellersburg           Clark County            Town           6,056
Selma                 Delaware County         Town           768
Servia                Wabash County           Zip Code       0
Seward                Kosciusko County        Township       2,301
Seymour               Jackson County          City           17,026
Shadeland             Tippecanoe County       Town           2,031
Shamrock Lakes        Blackford County        Town           204
Sharpsville           Tipton County           Town           808
Shawnee               Fountain County         Township       636
Shawswick             Lawrence County         Township       21,299
Sheffield             Tippecanoe County       Township       2,821
Shelburn              Sullivan County         Town           1,197
Shelby                Tippecanoe County       Township       2,293
Shelbyville           Shelby County           City           16,562
Shepardsville         Vigo County             Zip Code       0
Sheridan              Hamilton County         Town           2,442
Shipshewana           Lagrange County         Town           579
Shirley               Hancock County          Town           955
Shoals                Martin County           Town           890
Siberia               Perry County            Zip Code       0
Sidney                Kosciusko County        Town           151
Silver Creek          Clark County            Township       8,385
Silver Lake           Kosciusko County        Town           586
Sims                  Grant County            Township       1,903
Skelton               Warrick County          Township       1,891
Smith                 Whitley County          Township       5,388
Smithfield            De Kalb County          Township       1,685
Smithville            Monroe County           Zip Code       0
Smyrna                Jefferson County        Township       992
So Bend               St. Joseph County       Zip Code       0
Solsberry             Greene County           Zip Code       0
Somerset              Wabash County           Zip Code       0
Somerville            Gibson County           Town           234
South Bend            St. Joseph County       City           99,417
South Milford         Lagrange County         Zip Code       0
South Whitley         Whitley County          Town           1,443
Southeast             Orange County           Township       1,696
Southport             Marion County           City           1,828
Sparta                Dearborn County         Township       3,353
Speedway              Marion County           Town           12,213
Spencer               Owen County             Town           3,063
Spencerville          Allen County            Zip Code       0
Spice Valley          Lawrence County         Township       2,118
Spiceland             Henry County            Town           854
Spring Grove          Wayne County            Town           357
Spring Hill           Marion County           Town           103
Spring Lake           Hancock County          Town           254
Springfield           La Porte County         Township       5,162
Springport            Henry County            Town           200
Springville           Lawrence County         Zip Code       0
Spurgeon              Pike County             Town           152
St. Anthony           Dubois County           Zip Code       0
St. Bernice           Vermillion County       Zip Code       0
St. Croix             Perry County            Zip Code       0
St. Joe               De Kalb County          Town           510
St. John              Lake County             Town           8,053
St. Joseph            Allen County            Township       61,978
St. Leon              Dearborn County         Town           650
St. Mary Of The Woods Vigo County             Zip Code       0
St. Marys             Adams County            Township       1,310
St. Meinrad           Spencer County          Zip Code       0
St. Paul              Decatur County          Town           1,126
Stafford              Greene County           Township       552
Stampers Creek        Orange County           Township       933
Stanford              Monroe County           Zip Code       0
Star City             Pulaski County          Zip Code       0
Starlight             Clark County            Zip Code       0
State Line City       Warren County           Town           185
Staunton              Clay County             Town           653
Steele                Daviess County          Township       952
Steen                 Knox County             Township       924
Stendal               Pike County             Zip Code       0
Sterling              Crawford County         Township       1,914
Steuben               Steuben County          Township       2,780
Stilesville           Hendricks County        Town           360
Stinesville           Monroe County           Town           213
Stockton              Greene County           Township       9,157
Stockwell             Tippecanoe County       Zip Code       0
Stoney Creek          Randolph County         Township       1,060
Stony Creek           Madison County          Township       3,663
Straughn              Henry County            Town           331
Stroh                 Lagrange County         Zip Code       0
Sugar Creek           Hancock County          Township       11,146
Sugar Ridge           Clay County             Township       1,033
Sullivan              Sullivan County         City           4,564
Sulphur               Crawford County         Zip Code       0
Sulphur Spgs          Henry County            Zip Code       0
Sulphur Springs       Henry County            Town           264
Sumava Resorts        Newton County           Zip Code       0
Summitville           Madison County          Town           989
Sunman                Ripley County           Town           803
Swan                  Noble County            Township       2,089
Swayzee               Grant County            Town           985
Sweetser              Grant County            Town           978
Switz City            Greene County           Town           280
Syracuse              Kosciusko County        Town           2,983
Talbot                Benton County           Zip Code       0
Tangier               Fountain County         Zip Code       0
Taswell               Crawford County         Zip Code       0
Taylor                Howard County           Township       9,480
Taylorsville          Bartholomew County      Zip Code       0
Tefft                 Jasper County           Zip Code       0
Tell City             Perry County            City           8,045
Templeton             Benton County           Zip Code       0
Tennyson              Warrick County          Town           329
Terre Haute           Vigo County             City           53,355
Thayer                Newton County           Zip Code       0
Thorncreek            Whitley County          Township       3,631
Thorntown             Boone County            Town           1,612
Tippecanoe            Kosciusko County        Township       7,016
Tipton                Tipton County           City           4,782
Tobin                 Perry County            Township       708
Tobinsport            Perry County            Zip Code       0
Topeka                Lagrange County         Town           1,033
Town of Pines         Porter County           Town           767
Trafalgar             Johnson County          Town           597
Trail Creek           La Porte County         Town           2,397
Troy                  Perry County            Town           478
Tunnelton             Lawrence County         Zip Code       0
Turkey Creek          Kosciusko County        Township       8,608
Turman                Sullivan County         Township       983
Twelve Mile           Cass County             Zip Code       0
Tyner                 Marshall County         Zip Code       0
Ulen                  Boone County            Town           152
Underwood             Scott County            Zip Code       0
Union                 Montgomery County       Township       22,811
Union City            Randolph County         City           3,650
Union Mills           La Porte County         Zip Code       0
Uniondale             Wells County            Town           291
Unionville            Monroe County           Zip Code       0
Universal             Vermillion County       Town           418
Upland                Grant County            Town           3,415
Urbana                Wabash County           Zip Code       0
Utica                 Clark County            Town           407
Valeene               Washington County       Zip Code       0
Vallonia              Jackson County          Zip Code       0
Valparaiso            Porter County           City           25,931
Valpo                 Porter County           Zip Code       0
Van Buren             Grant County            Town           1,015
Veale                 Daviess County          Township       847
Veedersburg           Fountain County         Town           2,327
Velpen                Pike County             Zip Code       0
Vera Cruz             Wells County            Town           83
Vermillion            Vermillion County       Township       1,018
Vernon                Jennings County         Town           415
Versailles            Ripley County           Town           1,941
Vevay                 Switzerland County      Town           1,482
Vienna                Scott County            Township       8,978
Vigo                  Knox County             Township       4,600
Vincennes             Knox County             City           18,875
Wabash                Wabash County           City           11,138
Wadesville            Posey County            Zip Code       0
Wakarusa              Elkhart County          Town           1,886
Waldron               Shelby County           Zip Code       0
Walker                Jasper County           Township       2,453
Walkerton             St. Joseph County       Town           2,101
Wallace               Fountain County         Town           91
Walnut                Marshall County         Township       2,855
Walton                Cass County             Town           1,034
Waltz                 Wabash County           Township       1,348
Wanamaker             Marion County           Zip Code       0
Wanatah               La Porte County         Town           933
Ward                  Randolph County         Township       1,272
Warren                Huntington County       Town           1,196
Warren Park           Marion County           Town           1,636
Warsaw                Kosciusko County        City           10,797
Washington            Daviess County          City           10,949
Waterloo              De Kalb County          Town           2,054
Watson                Clark County            Zip Code       0
Waveland              Montgomery County       Town           498
Wawaka                Noble County            Zip Code       0
Wayne                 Marion County           Township       126,355
Waynetown             Montgomery County       Town           963
Wea                   Tippecanoe County       Township       15,126
Webster               Harrison County         Township       1,763
West                  Marshall County         Township       3,722
West Baden Springs    Orange County           Town           688
West College Corner   Union County            Town           726
West Creek            Lake County             Township       4,667
West Harrison         Dearborn County         Town           416
West Lafayette        Tippecanoe County       City           27,975
West Lebanon          Warren County           Town           784
West Middleton        Howard County           Zip Code       0
West Newton           Marion County           Zip Code       0
West Point            White County            Township       465
West Terre Haute      Vigo County             Town           2,646
Westchester           Porter County           Township       18,435
Westfield             Hamilton County         Town           9,988
Westphalia            Knox County             Zip Code       0
Westpoint             Tippecanoe County       Zip Code       0
Westport              Decatur County          Town           1,572
Westville             La Porte County         Town           5,701
Wheatfield            Jasper County           Town           650
Wheatland             Knox County             Town           458
Wheeler               Porter County           Zip Code       0
Whiskey Run           Crawford County         Township       1,821
White Post            Pulaski County          Township       1,306
White River           Johnson County          Township       31,063
Whiteland             Johnson County          Town           3,664
Whitestown            Boone County            Town           685
Whitewater            Wayne County            Town           114
Whiting               Lake County             City           4,630
Widner                Knox County             Township       1,246
Wildcat               Tipton County           Township       1,582
Wilkinson             Hancock County          Town           446
Williams              Lawrence County         Zip Code       0
Williams Creek        Marion County           Town           394
Williamsburg          Wayne County            Zip Code       0
Williamsport          Warren County           Town           1,750
Willow Branch         Hancock County          Zip Code       0
Wills                 La Porte County         Township       1,450
Wilmington            De Kalb County          Township       4,000
Winamac               Pulaski County          Town           2,373
Winchester            Randolph County         City           5,137
Windfall              Tipton County           Zip Code       0
Windfall City         Tipton County           Town           792
Winfield              Lake County             Town           709
Wingate               Montgomery County       Town           297
Winona Lake           Kosciusko County        Town           4,083
Winslow               Pike County             Town           904
Wolcott               White County            Town           929
Wolcottville          Noble County            Town           981
Wolflake              Noble County            Zip Code       0
Wood                  Clark County            Township       2,366
Woodbridge            Monroe County           Zip Code       0
Woodburn              Allen County            City           1,811
Woodlawn Heights      Madison County          Town           99
Worth                 Boone County            Township       1,725
Worthington           Greene County           Town           1,596
Wright                Greene County           Township       4,342
Wyatt                 St. Joseph County       Zip Code       0
Wynnedale             Marion County           Town           245
Yeoman                Carroll County          Town           137
Yoder                 Allen County            Zip Code       0
York                  Elkhart County          Township       3,501
Yorktown              Delaware County         Town           4,681
Young America         Cass County             Zip Code       0
Zanesville            Wells County            Town           734
Zionsville            Boone County            Town           7,192

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