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From Loose Probate Records

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Francis and Rebecca Mills 		3/02/1785
Robert and Jane Hill 			3/10/1784
Soloman and Susannah Stevens 		5/15/1787
Jane and David Howell 			10/28/1785
James Harvey and Pauline Hill 		5/09/1840
Cary Harrison and Elizabeth Fleming 	11/04/1793


Alexander All and Nancy Shrewsberry 	6/08/1813
James All and Nancy Beckner 		11/05/1806
Margaret Aul and James Robinson  	07 Oct 1775 
James Auld and Esther Duncan 		1/11/1803
John Awl and Hannah McClenehan 		4/12/1803


Benjamin Amen and Naomi Cross 		1/25/1826
John Amen and Christina Beckner 	9/10/1810
Michael Ammen and Catherine Deardorf 	4/05/1791


John and Ann Awl 			3/16/1791
Joseph and Sarah Bess 			2/06/1780
Isaac and Sukey Adams 			11/27/1824
John and Ann Booze 			11/30/1843


James and Nancy Bishop 			8/14/1813


William Angel and Hurdly Stanley 	8/01/1811


Alexander and Elizabeth Hance 		5/10/1820
Alexander and Priscilla Robinson 	9/12/1792
Ellis and Harriett Moomaw 		3/03/1834
George and Elizabeth Green 		9/08/1801
Isaac and Patsy Stott 			1/03/1827
James and Mary Thompson 		6/20/1787
John and Elizabeth Allison 		11/13/1778
Phares and Jane Harris 			9/27/1819
Thomas and Elizabeth Centz 		11/28/1801
Thomas and Catherine Moore 		11/31/1818
Watson and Anna Wineman 		3/26/1824
William and Nancy Bryans 		10/07/1831
William D. and Elizabeth Buckhannon 	1/17/1820
William and Susan Gray 			9/13/1838
Edda and Aaron Smith 			4/22/1817
Elizabeth and Thomas Brown 		1/12/1824
Elizabeth and Matthew Crows 		2/16/1801
Elizabeth and Mathias Fry 		3/10/1801
Elizabeth and Samuel Hatton 		2/06/1807
Issabella and Henry Williamson 		11/30/1795
Mahala and John H. Eakin 		12/26/1848
Margaret and William T. Brawley 	11/27/1839
Margaret and Samuel Cunningham 		1/06/1824
Mary and William Glount 		1/24/1829
Mary and John Lapsley 			12/13/1778
Nancy and Daniel Pogue 			2/11/1831
Sarah and George Littral 		2/22/1840


Andrew Austin and Mary Ann Kimberlin 	8/22/1833
Daniel Austin and Francis McGuire 	6/18/1834


Aaron and Sarah Smith 			10/11/1830
Moses and Temperance Brickey 		2/01/1823


John Bartlett and Esther Hinkle 	4/19/1814


Samuel and Martha Robinson 		3/10/1778
William and Sarah Howard 		8/19/1794


Nathan and Harriet Baker 		1/23/1843


Charles Beale and Anna Kyle 		9/01/1808


Joseph Bean and Magdalene Garman 	4/06/1842


John Beckett and Ann Beckleshimer  	02 Apr 1788


Abraham and Catherine Bishop 		2/12/1827
Daniel and Elizabeth Evans 		11/18/1822
Daniel and Hannah Gross 		7/01/1796
Edward and Mary Ann Obenchain 		3/21/1853
Henry and Christina Deardorf 		9/06/1790
Jacob and Catherine Corfman 		12/23/1805
John and Elizabeth Cook 		10/12/1820
John and Mary Duncan 			8/15/1803
John and Catherine Evans 		10/17/1828
John and Elizabeth Gish 		9/14/1814
John and Mary Harshbarger 		10/12/1809
Jonathon and Nancy Obenchain 		6/08/1829
Matthew and Elizabeth Caldwell 		2/07/1842


William Bess and Rebecca Hamilton 	4/23/1799


Miles and Eliza Howard 			11/07/1835
William and Elizabeth Caldwell 		5/29/1807


Jacob and Amanda Richeson 		5/29/1849
John and Phebe Beane 			10/24/1831
Elizabeth and Thomas L. Kelly		25 Sep 1809
Catherine and Jacob Zimmerman		26 May 1812
John A. Sr. and Phoebe Bean		24 Oct 1831
Jacob J. and Amanda Richardson		28 May 1849 


Henry and Hannah Burns 			10/22/1818
Moses and Rebecca Walters 		8/17/1836


Adam Bland and Caroline E. Kimberlin 	2/15/1848


Arthur and Catherine Wertz 		1/18/1836
Nehemiah and Susannah Ferris 		4/25/1834


Nancy and James HENRY			13 Nov 1817 
Sarah and William HARSHARGER		10 oct 1818 
Mildred and Christopher BRADLEY		2 Mar 1824 
William and Mary ARMSTRONG		24 Jan 1829 
John Christian & Arian "Ann" S. BECKNER	19 Sep 1824 
Elizabeth and Adam LEIGHTON		24 Jun 1850 
Mary M. and Jacob S. MILLER		27 Dec 1855 
Susan M. and Daniel W. GILBERT 		24 Mar 1857 


Henry Bolton and Elizabeth Ovenchain 	9/07/1826


Joel and Catherine Burkholder 		5/21/1851
David and Elizabeth Huntsman 		7/22/1800 


Samuel and Maria Louisa Markham 	10/16/1843
William and Susan Brawley 		2/14/1831


John and Mary Nibert 			2/22/1808
Jonathon and Mary Huffman 		2/24/1815


Mary and Conrad Gross 			12/12/1814
Charles and Elizabeth Shaver 		2/20/1794
Laben and Betsy Cooper 			2/25/1811
William and Elizabeth Smith 		8/24/1795


John and Ann Lucy Richardson 		11/11/1844
William and Susannah Clair 		1/02/1843
John and Polly Gross 			5/28/1798
Henry and Sarah Preston 		9/08/1827


Laten and Nancy Dulaney 		12/17/1804


Isaac and Polly Crush 			8/08/1815
John and Francis Brit 			2/28/1839


Jacob Brewbaker and Magdeline Gharst 	7/03/1833


Abraham and Anna Dill 			9/02/1816
Abraham and Elizabeth Limbaugh 		1/11/1791
Elias and Susannah Beckner 		5/24/1849
Isaac and Christina Beckner 		1/07/1847
Isaac and Elizabeth Windsor 		2/24/1852
Joel and Phanuel Bishop 		2/04/1847
Joel Brubaker and Ann Obenchain 	5/29/1852
Catherine and Isaac Stover 		5/30/1815
Esther and Lewis Linkenhoger 		5/14/1849


Jonathon and Barbara Crist 		8/25/1818


Elijah and Christena Austin 		4/08/1851
James A. and Priscilla Ann Gish 	6/19/1845
Jarret and Mary Slinker 		1/10/1789
John and Elizabeth Richison 		1/06/1818
John and Rhoda Shrewsberry 		3/07/1818
Peter and Catherine Farrow 		4/30/1832
Peter and Elizabeth Thmason 		9/04/1830
Peter Jr. and Rebecca Hartman 		3/20/1815
Samuel and Sally Buckhanan 		3/25/1813


David and Rachel Graham 		?/?/1800


John and Eliza Crush 			1/28/1847


George and Mary Ann Ammen 		12/24/1847
Henry and Catherine Frantz 		6/03/1802


Margaret and John H. Thomas 		12/29/1848
Sarah and William Brougham 		2/21/1853
Christian and Margaret Custer 		12/07/1835
Jacob and Christina Deal 		5/17/1825
John and Betsy Cox 			11/22/1820
Wiley and Harriet Redmond 		11/29/1849


James Brown and Catherine Foster  	11 Jan 1790
Agnes and John Coffman 			7/21/1828
Betsy and John Ritchey 			9/29/1831
Biddy and Frederick Goldey 		2/07/1791
Catharine and John H Brown 		11/16/1833
Catharine and John Persinger		6/03/1817
Critty and Tavener Callender 		3/27/1841
Easther and James Cartin 		8/26/1806
Elizabeth and Meredith F Clifton 	7/20/1844
Elizabeth and William Hite 		2/14/1804
Elizabeth and Moses T Hopkins 		4/03/1816
Esther and John Terry 			2/02/1781
Kiziah and John Hannah 			3/31/1817
Lydia H and Samuel H Miller 		12/29/1830
Mary and William R Evans 		1/17/1843
Massey and Esom Hannan 			12/26/1815
Melinda and Robert James 		8/18/1845
Nancy and Andrew Staley 		6/27/1803
Nancy and John W Thomas 		7/31/1840
Polly Anne and William Pleasants 	3/27/1835
Rebecca and Michael T Firestone 	3/13/1838
Rebecca and John Prince 		11/30/1811
Sarah and William Breadwell 		11/15/1806 
Sarah and Leroy Nelson 			12/23/1835
Sarah B and Thomas Preble 		6/08/1837
Sarah and Tobias Weller 		7/20/1844
Susannah and Henry Houtz 		2/04/1824
Albert and Caroline Stever 		3/27/1837
Cornelius and Jane Rowland 		4/28/1794
George E and Elizabeth Bryan 		3/16/1847
George Lewis and Martha A. Beverly 	9/10/1851
Hezekiah and Jane Bandy 		5/14/1807
James and Mary Susan Walker 		11/14/1836
John and Susannah Coin 			3/16/1799
John and Adalia Kyle 			9/14/1818
John and Betsy Watkins 			10/23/1809
John and Elizabeth Flanagan 		6/07/1836
Lewis and Betsy Patesell 		10/26/1811
Nelson and Polly May 			10/23/1823
Robert and Elizabeth Acton 		10/24/1832
Thomas and Margaret Anderson 		1/22/1779
Thomas and Elizabeth Armstrong 		1/12/1824
Thomas and Ann Cartmill 		8/25/1815
Thomas and Elizabeth F. Johnston	10/15/1838
Thomas and Nancy Litton 		11/05/1795
Thomas and Susannah Terry 		1/21/1783
Walker and Sarah Turner 		12/03/1803
William and Patsey Dudgin 		5/26/1796
William and Sarah Guy 			1/07/1782
William and Catharine Kesler 		5/13/1813
William and Nancy Jane Snider 		2/15/1848
William and Susannah Spessard 		6/15/1820


Joel and Catherine Obenchain 		9/21/1839


Archibald and Lucy Ann McClanahan 	20 Apr 1848
Barclay K and Margaret Farrier 		25 May 1822
Cary and Sally Crawford 		14 Jul 1828
Charles and Malinda P Givens 		23 Jan 1824
Clayton and Lena Hackett 		19 Jun 1830
David and Mary Jane Neff 		7 Sep 1841
Davis and Nancy Farrier 		10 Nov 1818
Edmiston and Sarah Crist 		31 Mar 1817
Edmondson and Martha Caldwell 		21 Oct 1848
Fleming and Nancy Kyle 			11 Nov 1835
George W and Ann Reid 			18 Jun 1842
Granville and Catherine Robinson 	9 Aug 1814
Granville (Jr) and Julia Ann Hanger 	10 Aug 1850
James and Celia Damewood 		25 Jan 1844
James and Sarah Holt 			29 May 1791
James and Jane Wiers 			6 Jun 1818
John and Mary Hively 			22 Oct 1804
John and Ruth Reynolds 			30 Dec 1829
John C and Polly Brooks 		10 Nov 1817
John and Anne HiveLy 			5 Sep 1816
Joseph and Barbara Miltenbarger 	11 Mar 1809
Joseph and Martha Ann Reynolds 		2 Sep 1841
Looney and Nancy Looney 		9 Feb 1847
Michael and Martha Shawver 		29 Dec 1831
Morris H and Clarinda D McCartney 	11 Feb 1850
Nicholas and Alice Gaunt 		30 Dec 1851
Otis and Louisa Johnson 		2 Jan 1844
Robert and Ann Crawford 		14 JuL 1828
Robert and Patsey Newman 		9 Sep 1799
Robert and Mary Smith 			4 Sep 1813
Samuel and Sarah Holstine 		14 Apr 1812
Smith and Eve Robinson 			22 Jun 1808
Stephen and Elizabeth Weir 		9 May 1797
Thompson and Ailsy Caldwell 		8 Apr 1843
William and Fanney Anderson 		30 Mar 1814
William and Elizabeth Hackett 		2 Aug 1792
William and Priscilla Luney 		24 Mar 1789
William H and Maria Craft 		30 Jul 1846
William and Sophia Smith 		20 Sep 182? 


Alice and Joel Lewis 			8/17/1841
Betsy and Daniel Craft 			12/23/1807
Betsy and James McNeil 			7/12/1825
Catherine and William Radar 		5/27/1852
Charlotte and Gasper Albright 		4/10/1791
Ciblin and David Camper 		4/27/1816
Cicely and John Bussey 			12/21/1809
Hannah and Harmon Camper 		11/26/1801
Hester Ann and Cornelius Printz 	9/05/1826
Jane and John Walker 			12/11/1826
Julia Ann and Samuel S Thomas 		2/13/1838
Lucy and John Craft 			3/11/1799
Margaret and William Haston 		12/12/1849
Martha Jane and James N. Trout 		2/10/1849
Mary and Jacob Bunger 			12/20/1837
Mary and Washington B Hill 		1/30/1838
Mary and George Obenchain 		6/25/1825
Nancy and Ralph Schenck 		3/27/1828
Peggy and Levi Martin 			4/10/1809
Phamy and John W. North 			12/01/1836
Saluda Ann and Thomas Hayth 		12/15/1828
Sarah and James Smith 			10/30/1804
Sarah and Michael Staley 		10/17/1815
Susan H and Richard A. Claughton 	12/26/1845
Susan and Larkin C. Butler 		10/16/1849
Alfred and Rachel Kessler 		1/16/1829
Erastus and Susannah Burkholder 	8/13/1827
Francis and Susannah Isenhower 		5/20/1811
Erastus and Polly Camper 		4/22/1841
George and Sally Littral 		10/10/1831
John and Hannah Carney 			5/26/1817
John and Mary Jane Jones 		10/29/1835
John and Sally Level 			1/25/1806
John and Nancy Ovenchain 		1/15/1816
Peter and Elinor Ovenchain 		3/01/1817
Sanford and Catherine Sheets 		1/02/1804
Simon and Polly Campbell 		1/11/1809
Valentine G. and Mary Agnue 		3/31/1824
William and Elizabeth Stever 		8/29/1826


Charles and Lyddia St. Clair 		1/17/1822
George and Rachel Bilbro 		3/01/1817
Jeremiah and Elizabeth Beckner 		8/31/1820
Moses and Sally N. McClanahan 		5/30/1810


Elinor Corder and John Huff  		06 Oct 1782


Abner and Mary Rutherford 		3/26/1821
Allen and Margaret Davis 		12/26/1791
Ezekiel and Elizabeth All 		5/28/1790
James and Catherine Nicely 		11/09/1820
John and Rebecca Dunn 			7/28/1780
William R. and Elizabeth Hedrick 	10/30/1823
Betsy and John Brougham 		11/22/1820
Betsy and Daniel Furguson 		5/20/1807
Elizabeth and John McGee 		1/12/1788
Francis and John R. Fleager 		11/07/1839
Joanna and Clement McCoy 		1/15/1814
Nancy and John Nicely 			1/12/1816
Rachel and Isaac Kuster 		7/25/1795
Sarah and David Kesler 			4/09/1792
Sarah and Andrew Plott 			5/09/1825


Ann Crow and Thomas Evans Jr.  		15 Sep 1789


Henry and Lianna Smyth 			6/24/1799
Jacob and Hannah Johnston 		2/09/1831
James and Mary Huffman 			3/26/1803
Melkiah and Sarah Britz 		12/13/1826
Celia and James Caldwell 		1/25/1844
Elender and John B. Moomaw 		2/11/1830
Sarah and William Britz 		2/20/1827


John and Judith Braford 		5/07/1808
Stephen and Esther Livingston 		1/30/1796


Alexander A. and Catherine L. Owens 	9/30/1846
Andrew J. and Martha J. Owens 		12/24/1850
James and Betsey Snodgrass 		6/30/1801
Silas and Elizabeth Phillips 		5/23/1793


Thomas Dobbins and Mary [Mrs] 		20 Sep 1787


George and Levina Weirs 		12/30/1796
Robert and Catherine Darr 		10/18/1804


James A. and Elizabeth Amen 		3/17/1848
John and Sarah West 			2/26/1790
Thomas and Priscilla West 		8/11 1787
William and Jane Gillespy 		7/10/1797


John and Lydia Camper 			9/17/1804
Joseph and Peggy Fink 			11/27/1804
Thomas and Catherine Falls 		3/30/1841
Thomas and Margaret Falls 		7/13/1830


James and Julia Hill 			8/02/1851
William and Susan Shaver 		3/04/1851


John FOUT and Dolly Bishop		30 Mar 1812
Elizabeth FAUGHT and John Bishop	25 Jun 1809
Michael FOUT and Susan Shuey		20 Jan 1829 
Emanuel FOUT and Betsey Zimmerman	22 Dec 1818 
John Dooley and Virginia FOUT		18 Jan 1855
Lewis Dooley and Nancy A. FOUT		11 Sep 1856


John R. and Francis Cox 		11/07/1839


Thomas Ferguson and Rachel Munsey  	01 Jul 1790


James and Mary Honce 			12/08/1823
James and Mary Elizabeth Merrit 	4/21/1851
John and Margery Wilson 		4/04/1809
Julius and Jane Early 			2/24/1842
Reuben and Mary Hickinbottom 		7/03/1789
Thomas and Margaret Billups 		1/18/1788
Thomas and Hannah Dennis 		4/07/1779
Caroline and Michael H.B. Burkett 	10/15/1832
Elizabeth and James Moore 		10/02/1807
Jane and William L. Goode 		11/09/1830
Lucy and Thomas Wilson 			11/11/1808
Mary and James Gray 			1/31/1811
Nancy and James Wilson 			10/27/1809
Susanna and William Johnston 		4/27/1799 


Carie E. Housman and Henry Reed 	12-28-1905
Charles G. Housman and Lena J. Foute 	2-17-1890 
Clara V. Housman and Thomas W. Walthall	9-21-1887
Eliza Jane Housman and Rufus S. Kyle 	10-25-1860 
Franklin Housman and Maria C. Slicer 	4-16-1901
George C. Housman and Mary E. Shafer 	4-24-1866
Hattie Housman and Cris M. Lumford 	4-22-1891
John P. Housman and Rebecca Kopler 	8-21-1866 
Julia A. Housman and John E. Peck 	12-9-1858 
Lewis Housman Jr. and Caroline Hickok 	3-16-1853 
Lewis Housman Sr. and Maryannah Viers 	6-29-1885 
Mary M. Housman and Saml Brewbaker 	1-15-1856 
Nettie Housman and Robert E Nichols 	4-16-1879 
Otho Shaver Housman & Clara Virginia Cronise 2-6-1895 
Robert Lee Housman & Lillie M. Lourden	10-26-1892 
Sallie Bettie Housman & Christian Bell Camper 10-22-1885 
Sallie E. Housman and Wm T. Pursley 	5-17-1883 
Sallie S. Housman and W. R. Burgh 	9-13-1880 
Susie E. Housman and C. C. Cronise 	5-2-1900 


Margaret A.F. & Frederick Patrick TRAUTMAN 24 July 1879 
John W. and Mary Catherine HOGAN 	9 Nov 1881 
George Lewis and Rachel A. DWYER	25 July 1883 


Joseph Kent and Peggy Mcgavock  	05 Oct 1787


Christina and Samuel Hershberger 	9/04/1804


Elizabeth and Colin Parish 		9/23/1808
Mahela and John R. Hewitt 		9/20/1849
Polly and Jacob Dooley 			9/01/1823
Andrew and Margaret Daniel 		6/25/1798
Daniel and Margaret Gillaspie 		12/06/1834
Elijah and Elizabeth Dunn 		6/22/1835
Elijah and Delilah Abbott 		8/27/1831
Jonathan and Sarah Brickey 		9/15/1806
Joshua and Esther Frantz 		3/08/1824
Lewis and Mary Jane Dunn 		1/05/1843
Mason and Sarah Ann Lavinder 		4/11/1849
Thomas and Jerusha Hough 		8/15/1788
Wiatt and Mary Ann Stever 		9/08/1824
William and Temperance Jones 		11/14/1835
William and Martha Little 		12/23/1813
William and Matilda Onee 		3/11/1817
Zachariah Jr. and Agness Brickey 	5/11/1813


William Lucas and Elizabeth Price  	02 Oct 1782


William Madison and Elizabeth Preston	08 Jan 1779 


James and Martha Mayse 			12/13/1830
John A. and Mary Wilson 		10/22/1840
John W. and Hester Ann Leib 		12/06/1841
Joseph and Susannah T. Mayse 		3/18/1839
Michael and Mary Obenchain 		2/18/1840
William and Eveline Cross 		2/01/1836
Catherine and William Flaherty 		9/01/1834
Caty and John Ockiltree 		1/31/1797
Elizabeth and Peter Holstine 		12/16/1817
Elizabeth and Peter Holstine 		12/18/1817
Elizabeth and Samuel Painter 		11/19/1838
Elizabeth and Preston Wasky 		12/12/1842
Harteline R. and Benjamin Brugh 	5/24/1851
Mary P and Abraham B. Gish 		9/03/1844
Sarah Jane and James G. Ripley 		3/05/1845


Andrew and Charlotte Cross 		12/10/1825
Halbut and Mary McClure 		1/24/1795
James and Agness McClure 		9/19/1795
Joel B. and Sally Baker 		8/07/1826
Michael and Nancy Davidson 		11/01/1805
Mordicai and Mary Ann Vickers 		8/25/1823
Richard and Molly Crafford 		6/27/1789
Robert and Elizabeth Tygert 		2/04/1799
Samuel and Nancy Pullen 		2/08/1817
Thomas and Jane McClure 		3/26/1778
William and Margaret Man 		1/04/1790
Ann and John Anderson 			11/29/1791
Anne and John Snodgrass 		3/14/1817
Elianath and James Wilson 		9/15/1785
Elisander and John Doosing 		4/24/1820
Elizabeth and Alexander Crawford 	7/24/1794
Elizabeth and Benjamin Looney 		7/22/1793
Rebecca and Thomas Anderson 		2/12/1784

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