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From Loose Probate Records

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Aston and Rhoda Thomson 		2/09/1785
Bird and Elizabeth Saunders 		11/03/1816
Blackburn and Susanna Scaggs 		11/20/1786
Blackburn and Elinor Howard 		4/17/1797
Charles and Rhoda Scaggs 		8/10/1830
Clayburn and and Elizabeth Thompson 	4/17/1789
Davis and Clarisy Saunders 		4/18/1821
Drury and Mary Gordon 			10/02/1833
Edward F. and Levina Gearheart 		11/08/1823
Gideon and Polly Emmons 		?/?/1825
Greenbury and Polly Cooper 		10/12/1814
Howard and Susannah Garman 		4/12/1831
Jacob and Ruth Howard 			12/21/1796
James and Peggy Altizer 		9/08/1918
James and Eliza Thompson 		11/26/1821
Jonathan and Hannah Howard 		3/25/1795
Joseph and Severa Chaffin 		6/08/1815
Moses and Catherine Altizer 		12/24/1828
Randolph and Nancy Altizer 		2/10/1831
Thomas and Sophia Aldridge 		2/11/1823
William and Nancy Sowers 		7/02/1811


James and Rachel Treadway 		6/04/1787


Charles and Jane McElaney		5/04/1791


William Aul and Rosann Owen 		23 Oct 1794 
John Aul and Lucy Duncan 		06 Mar 1792
William Aul and Joanna Owen 		06 Oct 1794 
Jane Aul and Thomas Lawson 		7/09/1805
Margaret Aul and James Robinson 	10/07/1775


John and Catherine Kiplinger 		2/15/1813
George and Polly Burton 		3/03/1802
James and Caroline Douglas 		1/10/1822
James and Nancy Anderson 		12/14/1826
John and Elizabeth Miller 		9/22/1825
William and Melissa Cosby 		1/01/1828
William and Hetty Carper 		1/26/1829


Charles and Nancy Cox 			7/27/1786


Charles and Mary Alford 		2/10/1786 
Henry and Elizabeth Peters 		8/04/1801
James and Margaret Stinson 		9/01/1789


Adam and Susannah Hogan 		3/26/1800
Adam and Hannah Loman 			6/27/1815
John and Jane Towney 			7/20/1792
John and Jane Lowery 			7/28/1792


John and Rhoda Trigg 			4/04/1805


John and Lucy Pate 			10/16/1786
George and Sarah Shaw 			11/03/1786
Jeremiah and Elizabeth Hall 		8/07/1807
John and Polly Vineyard 		10/07/1818
Robert and Sarah Vineyard 		10/?/1820
Robert and Elizabeth VanOver 		4/13/1803
William and Nancy Vineyard 		10/18/1820


Moses and Elizabeth Surface 		1/05/1818
Andrew and Susannah Godby 		3/15/1830
James and Elizabeth Price 		4/21/1812
Moses and Elizabeth Surface 		1/05/1818


David and Nancy Cain 			1/15/1828
Samuel and Maria Gordon 		1/25/1830


George and Nancy Booth 			6/28/1790
Henry and Fanny Simpkins 		9/01/1789
Henry and Nancy Crusenberry 		3/07/1820
Jacob and Catherine Elkins 		10/02/1792
Jacob and Catherine Williams 		5/08/1793
John and Maria Wilson 			1/07/1817
Joseph and Hannah Booth 		11/08/1826


Andrew and Susannah Ross 		12/19/1804
John and Mary Breeden 			1/04/1807
John and Matilda Martin 		4/03/1827
William and Jane McBath 		3/27/1793
William and Grizzay Ross 		2/01/1822


James and Dephia Hines 			June 1799
Joseph and Nancy Ross 			1/01/1811


Daniel and Rachel Graham 		6/27/1827
George and Sarah Howard 		12/23/1789
George and Lucy Reed 			3/13/1816
Elisha and Rebecca Lorton 		3/14/1791
Isaac and Polly Conner 			3/01/1825
Jamison and Elizabeth Hunter 		3/04/1830
Robert and Adah Booth 			11/?/1816
Ripley and Clarissa Akers 		12/02/1823
Stephen and Polly Booth 		1/01/1799
William and Lucinda Trail 		10/27/1827


John and Jane Taylor 			1/16/1809


Daniel and Mary Lake 			1/07/1817


Hugh and Elizabeth Owen 		6/18/1805
James and Catherine Bosters 		1/07/1815
John and Rachel Mills 			8/03/1803


Peter and Nancy Hale 			9/29/1826
Matthew C. and Mary Howell 		4/01/1806
Reuben and Elizabeth Worley 		10/28/1817


Mary and James Smith 			03 Nov 1794


Abraham and Polly Fergus 		2/04/1820
Abram and Margaret Goins 		12/22/1829
Daney and Kezia Grant 			11/02/1799
David and Anna Craig 			8/06/1795
George Jr and Mary Raeburn 		7/28/1804
James and Catherine Foster 		1/11/1790
Jacob and Rebeckah Smallwood 		12/12/1814
Joseph and Nancy Lowry 			3/19/1824
L_____ and Jane Davidson 		3/01/1782
Michael and Catherine Black 		6/13/1803
Nimrod and Sally Lucas 			1/21/1800
Silvenus and Ruth Johnston 		10/08/1794
William and Elizabeth Wright 		10/30/1822


Daniel and Sally Hale 			4/12/1828
Michael and Catherine Firl (?Ferrill) 	8/04/1825


Joseph Burk and Jane Raeburn 		17 Dec 1794 
Henry F. and Fanny Harris 		11/24/1830
James and Betsy Cooper 			12/17/1814
John and Effie Boaine 			9/03/1797
John and Margaret Davidson 		4/27/1787
John and Mary Cloud 			8/11/1786
Jonathan and Sally Cooper 		12/17/1794
Joseph and Jane Raeburn 		12/17/1794
Marshall and Elizabeth Caldwell 	8/31/1797
Samuel and Ann Sovain 			12/30/1812
William and Margaret Williams 		10/02/1792


Josiah and Jemima Dickerson 		2/23/1824
Stephen and Nancy King 			10/01/1827


Samuel Caddall and Nancy Cecil		01 Jun 1792


James and Susannah Charlton		31 May 1798
John and Nancy White 			3/27/1797
John and Betsy Akers 			1/08/1802
Roland and Elizabeth Argabright 	2/25/1836
William and Mary Claiburne 		1/07/1799


John and Delila Shipp 			7/22/1800
Pleasant and Elizabeth Young 		12/23/1822


John and Sally King 			?/?/1807
William and Judith Thompson 		3/04/1807
William and Anna Kiplinger 		7/05/1817


John and Margaret Crow 			? 1788


Joseph and Polly Booth 			11/11/1811


Enos and Ann Snodgrass 			9/26/1818
Henry and Malinda Agnew 		8/22/1826
Robert Carter and Jean Crockett		08 May 1792 


George and Patience Clay 		5/03/1789
John and Dicey Napper 			?/?/1791
John and Nancy Deyerle 			11/12/1827
Richard and Susannah Connely 		5/05/1790
William and Anne Painter 		?/?/1782
William and Mary Harrison 		6/18/1787
William and Elizabeth Burgess 		7/27/1787
Sarah Chapman and Jacob Miller 		12 Dec 1794


Mary Chrisman and Jacob Lewis		02 Dec 1794


Levi Clevenson and Nancy Elswick	21 Oct 1794


Bird and Sarah Underwood 		10/21/1818
John and Isabella Wood 			1/30/1810
Richard and Sarah Howell 		4/06/1790
Samuel and Sarah Thrush 		9/04/1792
William and Nancy Stratton 		7/11/1815


Benjamin and Kitty Stephens 		10/28/1828
Jacob and Letty Shepherd 		6/20/1825
John and Betsy Johnston 		8/12/1793
Randall and Catey Burton 		12/08/1828
Richard and Eveline Lee 		2/06/1821
Samuel and Rachel Price 		7/25/1801
Thomas and Elizabeth Booth 		5/23/1829
William and Polly Ferrow 		10/07/1820
Zechariah and Mary Ann McDaniel 	10/27/1830


Mary Connely and Zacheriah Perdue	05 Jun 1792 


Ambrose and Sarah Reed 			9/05/1790
Carter Jr. and Naomi Gilham 		9/13/1830
Jacob and Franky Geoby 			4/04/1797
John and Margaret Carr 			1/03/1786
Ross and Anne Wade 			12/08/1810


Joseph and Elizabeth Bingham 		4/07/1823
William and Betsey Epperley 		1/03/1820


Walker and Susan Akers 			10/19/1813


Thomas and Elizabeth Newman 		7/06/1828


William and Rhoda Charleton 		6/26/1804


John and Lydia Jones 			3/23/1801


(possibly Carter)
Peter and Elizabeth Moore 		6/05/1787


John Damewood and Catherine Huffman 	6/07/1798


Katey Daugherty and Ephriam Johnson 	23 Apr 1792 


Thomas Dawes and Mildred Willson 	05 Jun 1792 


Thomas Dewese and Mildred Willson 	07 Jun 1792
Jesse and Mary Lowder 			11/01/1796
John and Charlotte Rose 		11/25/1826
Peter and Esther Poff 			3/15/1815


Anderson R. and Mary A. Goings 		10/31/1829


Mary and James Lester 			05 Jun 1792 


Kinder Ferguson and Mary Robins 	01 Jun 1792 


David and Anna Chase 			1/11/1791
John and Sarah Carter 			12/15/1795
John and Mary Crockett 			2/13/1816
John and Eleanor Leslie 		?/?/1818
Thomas and Jean Childress 		8/15/1812


Christian and Polly Surface 		12/26/1826
George and Katherine Wampler 		9/28/1786
George and Margaret Bane 		9/04/1827
Jacob and Rebecca Bane 			2/02/1829
John and Katy Brose 			6/04/1814
Michael and Ann Brose 			11/13/1823
Philip and Ann Robertson 		11/20/1816


Nancy Kirby and George Walters 		09 Mar 1792 


Martha Lykens and Thomas Wilson 	04 Nov 1794
Mark Lykens and Nancy Smith 		04 Dec 1794


Abram and Mary Raines 			8/03/1808
Adam and Catherine Phipps 		6/03/1788
Charles and Mary Clevinger 		5/25/1791
Daniel and Mary Francis 		10/01/1822
David and Mary Muirhead 		10/08/1727
Henry and Hannah Reynolds 		5/01/1810
Henry and Susannah Reidinger 		2/15/1820
Jacob and Sarah Chapman 		12/12/1794
James and Rebecca Muirhead 		8/20/1810
James and Hannah Wygle 			3/23/1818
James and Nancy Kirby 			4/01/1816
John and Sarah Carter 			8/30/1785
John and Mary Poor 			10/01/1791
John and Margaret Whitt 		1/22/1823
Michael and Tibitha Adkins 		6/03/1795
Phillip and Mary Burgess 		6/13/1793
Samuel and Catherine King 		8/21/1830
William and Jeriah Adkins 		2/08/1794
William and Mary Kirby 			6/02/1818


David and Mary Caldwell d/o Stephen 	11/13/1824
Jacob and Unice Caldwell 		5/12/1825
Peter and Delilah Caldwell 		9/25/1824


Josiah and Mary Sarah Belcher		6/30/1788
Isaiah and Sarah Belshear 		6/30/1788
*Jesse and Neomi Potts 			2/26/1794
*Isaac and Naomi Potts 			?/?/1794
Zachariah and Mary Connely 		6/05/1792
Martha and Edward Hale 			9/26/1786
Phebe and Joseph Hare 			6/14/1791
*from two different sources


Frederick and Molly 			12/20/1793
George and Sally Cox 			2/15/1820


Francis and Catherine Slushorn 		11/11/1819
Jeremiah and Sally Nester 		9/06/1803
Nathan and Polly Farmer 		?/?/1781
Sumner and Nancy Arnold 		8/14/1827


Andrew and Elizabeth Irvine 		12/15/1827
Arthur and Patsy Irvine 		4/06/1809
Benjamin and Sally Green 		11/20/1823
Emry and Mariam Dulaney 		1/27/1826
Elijah and Bitey (Betsy ?) Altizer 	11/25/1829
Ezra and Lydia Light 			10/22/1825
George and Nancy McGeorge 		7/13/1786
George and Sally Grimes 		2/05/1811
George A. and Ann Altizer 		12/31/1829
George Jr. and Nancy Scaggs 		11/06/1821
Griffith and Olive Reed 		6/02/1818
Hiram and Lucy Reed 			1/18/1815
Humphrey and Nancy Reed 		11/25/1825
James and Susannah Smith 		11/28/1803
James and Peggy Price 			2/15/1819
John and Rebecka Conner 		12/18/1799
Michael and Delilah Reed 		1/27/1825
Peter and Nancy Duncan 			4/30/1827
Robert and Darcus Patrick 		11/14/1787
Samuel and Hannah Long 			4/02/1812
Spencer and Margaret Reed 		2/01/1825
Stephen and Margaret Long 		2/24/1806
William and Susannah Dickerson 		8/26/1818
William and Sally Dulaney 		11/06/1821


Jonathan and Mary Nester 		8/24/1789
Thomas and Nancy Quesenberry 		6/25/1790


Peter and Peggy Walker 			11/13/1802
Samuel and Betsy Surface 		5/09/1814
William and Nancy Chrisman 		10/01/1822


Henry and Agnes Champ 			6/08/1801
John and Polly Harless 			11/07/1815
John and Francis Overhelzer 		7/31/1821
Jasper and Mary Wysong 			7/30/1829


James and Polly Grayson 		6/27/1814


William and Sarah Smith 		9/23/1796


Christian and Sarah Heavins 		10/22/1785
Jacob and Mary Birk 			12/28/1787
Jacob Jr. and Catherine Price 		9/09/1811
James and Tabitha Lowthain 		10/16/1810
John and Margaret Heavins 		1/04/1786
John and Hannah Lincass 		3/24/1817
John and Elizabeth Shufflebarger 	10/21/1811
William and Sally Sallust 		4/20/1818


Beuford and Eliza Edwards 		8/02/1825
Jacob and Elizabeth King 		6/03/1817


John and Sarah Smith 			10/07/1795


Daniel and Catherine Richards 		1/13/1818


Henry and Mary Wiley 			3/05/1816


Abram and Polly Anderson 		2/14/1808
David and Mary Carper 			1/23/1826
Elias and Mary Wisor 			9/03/1791
Elias and Nancy Carper 			12/04/1824
Isaac and Elizabeth Burton 		4/09/1808
Jacob and Phebe Trollinger 		12/04/1824
Jacob and Christina Beanard 		3/19/1816
John and Mary White 			11/04/1817


Absalom and Ann Lockhart 		4/12/1809
Alexander and Polly Guilliams 		11/18/1815
Byrd and Rhoda Ingles 			11/10/1781
Christopher and Wilmounth W. Watkins 	6/16/1829
David and Freelove Pierce 		1/04/1804
Ezekiel and Susan Dingus 		2/02/1802
Francis and Betsey Thompson 		8/26/1808
Harry and Mary McTaylor 		8/15/1804
Henry and Pheriby Wright 		6/02/1804
Henry and Catherine Harman 		4/01/1817
Henry and Elizabeth Scott 		2/14/1789
Henry and Rebekah Picklesimer 		3/03/1825
Hiram and Polly Redpath 		5/07/1812
James and Asinatha Craig 		6/25/1812
James and Rhoda Bosters 		7/13/1824
James and Matilda Akers 		3/11/1817
James and Mary Britt 			11/3/1794
Jacob and Mary Shokey 			7/15/1796
Jacob and Milly Watkins 		1/27/1796
Jacob and Elizabeth Harless 		8/10/1802
Jacob and Evey Shilling 		1/11/1815
Jazeb H. and Elizabeth Light 		10/05/1819
John and Willmuth Hardin 		8/27/1786
John and Christina Elkins 		2/19/1788
John and Catherine Farmer 		8/13/1817
John and Hannah Mynatt 			6/06/1785
John and Polly Shilling 		7/11/1824
John and Nancy Lykens 			12/05/1825
Joseph and Elizabeth McCoy 		11/01/1796
Joseph and Lydia Scott 			10/22/1829
Mahaton and Mary Graham 		9/14/1825
Michael and Beasy (Betsy?) Hornbayer 	3/20/1797
Nimrod and Sally Walker 		1/06/1795
Parrot and Hannah Halfpane 		9/03/1804
Parrot and Rebecca Worley 		3/23/1825
Peter and Elizabeth Manning 		11/26/1819
Peter and Ruth Conner 			10/03/1822
Philip and Mary Bones 			4/07/1798
Richard and Betsy Howry 		8/01/1813
Robert and Sarah T. O'Brian 		2/03/1831
Samuel and Elizabeth Broce 		7/22/1824
Savine and Sarah Scott 			3/?/1820
Thomas and Mary Peterson 		2/25/1794
Thomas and Elizabeth Peterson 		?/?/1794
Thomas and Lucy Litteral 		2/20/1815
Wells and Jane Brose 			10/16/1828
William and Elizabeth Neil 		5/18/1805
William J. and Betsy Ditty 		2/07/1805
William and Franky Guilliams 		11/10/1815
William and Elizabeth Croy 		9/05/1820
William and Permelia Gunter 		3/02/1824


Anthony and Caty Smiffer 		4/09/1816
George and Mary Spangler 		10/22/1811
Jacob and Nancy Price 			9/06/1803
Jacob and Polly Epperley 		4/10/1820
John and Sally Phares 			10/25/1811
Peter and Elizabeth Artup 		12/07/1795
William and Rhoda Reed 			9/03/1821


Daniel and Betsy Sowers 		6/04/1805
David and Margaret Sowers 		1/19/1825
George and Elizabeth Epperley 		4/01/1806
John Jacob and Margaret Groseclose 	?/?/1782
Samuel and Catherine Helton 		6/02/1798
William and Mary Irvin 			9/08/1828


Edmund and Keziah Mitchell 		1/25/1811
George and Catherine Fair 		10/06/1797
James and Betsy Cecil 			3/29/1817
Joseph and Polly Taylor 		8/26/1799
Ralph and Catey Taylor 			8/11/1800
Thomas and Catherine Williams 		3/18/1805


Isaiah and Nancy Hungate 		6/07/1821


Adam and Aggy Price 			8/27/1811
Andrew and Elizabeth Harles 		12/06/1803
George Jr. and Catherine Haymaker 	7/22/1828
Jacob and Catherine Gowens 		8/29/1827
John and Mary Garlic 			7/02/1805
John and Eve Helms 			12/07/1819
John and Elizabeth Bane 		4/21/1828
Michael and Catherine Nozler 		7/20/1792
Michael and Margaret Harles 		9/17/1828
Michael and Hannah Martin 		9/10/1823


Daniel and Elizabeth Price 		12/06/1796
George and Elizabeth Godbey 		12/19/1806
John and Polly Price 			5/07/1799


Adam and Mary Claxton 			4/05/1791
Allen and Rhoda Beale 			1/28/1818
Charles and Polly Trigg 		8/02/1798
Creed and Mary Craig 			6/16/1824
George and Polly Sower(s) 		8/19/1807
George and Nancy Hornbarger 		10/19/1803
George and Jane Chrisman 		6/07/1818
Isaac and Betsey Watterson 		2/04/1822
Jacob and Nancy Webb 			2/20/1786
James and Nancy Hewitt 			9/08/1801
James and Rachel Raeburn 		8/05/1800
John and Catherina Wilson 		?/?/1791
John and Betsy Chrisman 		1/29/1818
John and Lucy Shanklin 			2/07/1825
Philip and Margaret Harless 		5/09/1796
Robert P. and Margaret P. Parker 	3/02/1830
William and Mary Watterson 		9/05/1790


Charles and Elizabeth Barnett 		1/25/1813
Jonathon and Patritia Brown 		2/06/1787
John and Phoebe Blankenship 		2/07/1791
John and Susan Croy 			9/25/1821
William and Rachel Hoage 		7/06/1819
William Thomas and Lucretia Hoage 	12/07/1829

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