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"Dear Bill, Thank you so very much! I think you may have turned 
the key for my journey to continue into the search for my ancestors. 
I am extremely grateful that you took the time to be so generous with
this valuable tool.  You are very gracious and I am very grateful.
Warmest regards"  -  Charlotte

"I am an AOL user and I found the site very user friendly. Interesting site." - Nancy K.
"What a wonderful resource. Thank you so much." - Marilyn
"Thanks for the resource. I was able to utilize it and actually found some information that I hadn't been able to find elsewhere! Someone has put in a lot of time and effort on this and I appreciate it. It is very helpful! Thanks! : ~)" - Sarah M.
"I am absolutely amazed that I found so much new information at this website. I highly recommend it." - Sharyn H.
"Thanks so much. This opens up a lot of info for all. I will make good use of it." - Belle S.
"That's an impressive website!" - Martin S.
"Bill, this website is an asset to all...researchers...A great job and so easy to use. Thank you!" - Alice B.
"I began to go through [] and it really doesn't need to be referred to anymore as for newbies...YOU TWO HAVE A LOT OF INFORMATION for those who have had a lot of experience. It's WONDERFUL!! I'm going to place it in my 'Research' computer folder where I go to seek NEW and available information...I lost the count of how much time I spent's awesome and so convenient... and thanks so much for finding that Warmack in Texas!!!" - Rhonda H.
"Thank you. This is remarkable!...You are a wonderful person to be doing this research and compiling so many records - Wow! I'm sure you help a lot of people. God Bless" - Joleen
"Thanks so much for this information, I will definitely bookmark these sites!!" - Judi
(Thanks to all of you for all of your kind words! - Bill and Marie Cribbs)
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