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Town of Ashby, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Index of Marriage Records (1998-2002)
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GROOM LAST    GROOM 1ST/2ND     GROOM HOME        BRIDE'S NAME                  BRIDE'S HOME     MARRIAGE DATE                MARR. LOC.
==========    =============     ==========        ============                  ============     =============                ==========
Alzapiedi     David J.          New Ipswich, NH   Cynthia S. Progin             New Ipswich, NH  Saturday, October 14, 2000   Ashby, MA
Arsenault     Stephan J.        Ashby, MA         Linda A. Duffy                Quincy, MA       Saturday, June 10, 2000      Ashby, MA
Bailey        Michael Justin    Ashby, MA         Julie Ann Stoll               Ashby, MA        Saturday, April 27, 2002     Townsend, MA
Bezanson      Peter             Ashby, MA         Katherine Anne Robichaud      Ashby, MA        Saturday, July 03, 1999      Westminster, MA
Biron         Marc Louis        Ashby, MA         Delores Maye Burroughs-Brown  Ashby, MA        Saturday, September 15, 2001 Fitchburg, MA
Bourtsev      Andrei            Ashby, Ma         Amy Lee Piantaggini           Ashby, MA        Friday, March 15, 2002       Tyngsboro, MA
Bridge        Corey Allen       Ashby, MA         Melissa Jeane Stocking        Ashby, MA        Saturday, February 09, 2002  Townsend, MA
Carpenter     Scott A.          Ashby, MA         Therese Marie Hyde            Ashby, MA        Saturday, August 12, 2000    Leominster, MA
Champagne     Charles J.        Ashby, MA         Maryann Richardson            Ashby, MA        Saturday, June 02, 2001      Groton, MA
Chattaway     Harold A.         Ashby, MA         Eleanor L. D. Chartrand       Ashby, MA        Saturday, April 18, 1998     Leominster, MA
Cote          Steven Roger      Ashby, MA         Caryn Judith Alario           Ashby, MA        Saturday, October 10, 1998   Fitchburg, MA
Dean          James Simmons     Ashby, MA         Theia Elizabeth Murphy        Ashby, MA        Saturday, February 14, 1998  Ashby, MA
Degagne, Jr.  Edward C.         Ashby, MA         Amy D. Rainville              Ashby, MA        Friday, August 04, 2000      Ashby, MA
Deming, Jr.   Charles P.        Lunenburg, MA     Gia L. Angelopoulos           Fitchburg, MA    Thursday, August 26, 1999    Oak Bluffs, MA
Dillon        John R.           Ashby, MA         Laurie Ellen Sonoda           Ashby, MA        Saturday, November 02, 2002  Holyoke, MA
Dyer          Leslie Charles    Ashby, MA         Helen Diana Stein             Ashby, MA        Saturday, September 22, 2001 Ashby, MA
Fiola, Jr.    Paul Thomas       Ashby, MA         Jenny Rebecca LeBlanc         Ashby, MA        Saturday, September 12, 1998 Ashby, MA
Fletcher      Mike              Ashby, MA         Dianne T. Jennings            Ashby, MA        Saturday, September 12, 1998 Ashby, MA
Florio        Scott Michael     Ashby, MA         Lisa Anne Joseph              Ashby, MA        Saturday, October 03, 1998   Townsend, MA
Gilmartin     John Joseph       Fitchburg, MA     Cheryl Lynn Enus              Ashby, MA        Sunday, September 17, 2000   Fitchburg, MA
Gorman        Neil Thomas       W. Townsend, MA   Jessica Adams                 Ashby, MA        Sunday, July 05, 1998        Ashby, MA
Gramolini     Christopher       Ashby, MA         Danielle M. Carlson           Ashby, MA        Saturday, December 16, 2000  Ashby, MA
Gunderson     Craig Gunder      Branford, CT      Sandra Ann Springer           Ashby, MA        Saturday, October 30, 1999   Cambridge, MA
Hannu         Dean W.           Rindge, NH        Sonya M. Wardwell             New Ipswich, NH  Saturday, October 07, 2000   Ashburnham, MA
Johnson       Dana Gerald       Ashby, MA         Jennifer Lyn Klahre           Ashby, MA        Saturday, September 21, 2002 Townsend, MA
Kelsea        Richard A.        Derry, NH         Pamela R. Hurlbert            Ashby, MA        Sunday, September 20, 1998   Ashby, MA
Kimball       Nathan Jon        New Ipswich, NH   Susan Lynn Houle              New Ipswich, NH  Saturday, October 20, 2001   Ashby, MA
Lavery        William Robert    Ashby, MA         Diane Michelle Haller         Ashby, MA        Saturday, August 18, 2001    Groton, MA
Lore          Matthew Carl      Fitchburg, MA     Amy Lynn Felton               Ashby, MA        Saturday, June 29, 2002      Ashby, MA
Marini, Jr.   Valentim E.       Ashby, MA         Lisa Ann Beauregard           Ashby, MA        Saturday, July 29, 2000      Ashby, MA
McGrath       Richard Joseph    Ashby, MA         Karen J. Hyde                 Ashby, MA        Saturday, January 05, 2002   Ashby, MA
Morin         David Anthony     Ashby, MA         Deborah Ann Girouard          Ashby, MA        Friday, November 06, 1998    Lunenburg, MA
Norris        Donald Ray        Ashby, MA         Janet-Lee Lanzilotti          Ashby, MA        Saturday, May 20, 2000       Lunenburg, MA
Palmer, III   Malvern Hill      Ashby, MA         Barbara Ann Thorpe            Ashby, MA        Saturday, April 18, 1998     Townsend, MA
Philbrick     Jesse O.          New Ipswich, NH   Tania Anne Paridis            New Ipswich, NH  Saturday, June 10, 2000      Ashby, MA
Pomerleau     Corey Michael     New Ipswich, NH   Katie Lee Philbrick           New Ipswich, NH  Saturday, September 11, 1999 Ashby, MA
Prive         Michael Andrew    Ashby, MA         Svetlana A. Zhukova           Ashby, MA        Friday, February 23, 2001    Ashby, MA
Shammas       John I.           Ashby, MA         Martha L. Castano             Ashby, MA        Saturday, September 05, 1998 Boston, MA
Sivula        Robert Perley     Ashby, MA         Toni Kae Brown                Ashby, MA        Friday, July 10, 1998        Ashby, MA
Stacy         Matthew Arron     Tampa, FL         Rebekah Lynn Turner           York, ME         Saturday, October 20, 2001   Haverhill, MA
Swaine        Mark Jeffrey      Ashby, MA         Patricia Joann Tibbetts       Ashby, MA        Saturday, April 21, 2001     Groton, MA
Warren        Robert Michael    Ashby, MA         Jennifer Ann Young            Ashby, MA        Saturday, August 03, 2002    Somerville, MA
Whitney       Todd A.           Ashby, MA         Cynthia Lynn Traffie          Ashby, MA        Monday, August 30, 1999      Ashby, MA
Winter        Andrew Robert     Ashby, MA         Elissa Suzanne McLean         Ashby, MA        Sunday, June 24, 2001        Ashby, MA
Woodcome      Peter David       Ashby, MA         Debra Lynn Beach              Ashby, MA        Saturday, June 08, 2002      Leominster, MA
Wright        Charles Marshall  Townsend, MA      Lois C. Carey                 Peterborough, NH Wednesday, August 21, 2002   Ashburnham, MA

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