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Compiled by Holly Reynolds

First Name: Last Name:


DECEASED                                         DEATH DATE   OBIT DATE
========                                         ==========   ===========
Waddell, Chas. Jerry (Becky)                     14-Oct-05    18-Oct-05
Waddell, Doris                                   30-Dec-05    31-Dec-05
Waddell, J.B.                                    29-Dec-05    30-Dec-05
Waddell, Lois P.                                 9-Dec-06     12-Dec-06
Waddell, Thos. Junior                            18-Nov-06    20-Nov-06
Waddy, Susanne Willis (Chas. G.)                 9-Mar-06     10-Mar-06
Wade, Bettie Collier                             20-Oct-06    22-Oct-06
Wade, Chas. H.                                   26-May-06    29-May-06
Wade, Douglas Warren                             26-Nov-05    28-Nov-05
Wade, Eddie H.                                   9-Jun-06     14-Jun-06
Wade, Edna Mae Darnell                           2-Jun-06     3-Jun-06
Wade, Estelle Cantrell                           11-May-06    12-May-06
Wade, Evelyn P.                                  3-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Wade, Geo. W.                                    12-Dec-06    13-Dec-06
Wade, Jaerah Nicole                              19-Oct-05    22-Oct-05
Wade, Jas. Darren                                8-Nov-06     16-Nov-06
Wade, Jos. Donald                                27-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Wade, Malcolm R.                                 31-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Wade, Marvin Dewey Sr.                           4-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Wade, Mary                                       23-Dec-06    25-Dec-06
Wade, Mattie Lee Davis (Thos. Alvin)             30-Nov-06    1-Dec-06
Wade, Naomi Banks                                27-Oct-06    1-Nov-06
Wade, Paul Andrew                                26-May-06    28-May-06
Wade, Robt.Wm.                                   9-Sep-06     20-Sep-06
Wade, Rose Marie                                 16-Mar-06    18-Mar-06
Wade, Sybil Bryant                               10-May-06    12-May-06
Wade, Ulysses Noble                              26-Nov-05    28-Nov-05
Wade, Winfred Kenneth                            5-Nov-06     17-Nov-06
Wagener, Edith Justice                           7-Sep-06     9-Sep-06
Wages, Carole Wood                               1-Apr-06     4-Apr-06
Wages, Dorothy (Bradley)                         25-Dec-05    27-Dec-05
Wages, Sybil Y.                                  13-Nov-06    15-Nov-06
Wagner, Bill                                     9-Jul-06     11-Jul-06
Wagner, Laurie S.  (Mark)                        25-Oct-05    26-Oct-05
Wagner, Otis                                     22-Nov-06    23-Nov-06
Wagner, Patricia Ann                             7-Oct-06     9-Oct-06
Wagoner, Calvin                                  6-Oct-05     11-Oct-05
Wagoner, Helen W.                                26-Nov-05    30-Nov-05
Wah-Nah-Sha, Catherine                           8-Jun-06     10-Jun-06
Wainwright, Raymond Sr.                          11-Dec-05    1-Jan-06
Waite, Harold L.                                 22-May-06    24-May-06
Waites, Shirley Carson                           7-Sep-06     11-Sep-06
Waits, David Benj. Sr. (Betty)                   23-Dec-06    25-Dec-06
Waits, Jas. David                                30-Oct-06    31-Oct-06
Wakefield, Barbara I.                            16-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Wakefield, Leo                                   27-Oct-06    29-Oct-06
Wakeman, Terry Dean                              2-Apr-06     6-Apr-06
Walburn, Juanita Thos. (Carl)                    28-May-06    1-Jun-06
Walden, Annell                                   13-Oct-05    15-Oct-05
Walden, Columbus Goodman (Catherine Rowe)        10-Oct-05    12-Oct-05
Walden, John B.                                  24-Dec-05    25-Dec-05
Walden, John B.                                  25-Dec-05    27-Dec-05
Walden, Margie Pearl                             11-Oct-05    13-Oct-05
Walden, Philip Michael (Peggy Hackett)           23-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Walden, Sadie                                    21-May-06    24-May-06
Walden, Steven R.                                12-Oct-06    15-Oct-06
Waldrep, Ann Jensen                              11-Mar-06    14-Mar-06
Waldrip, Euel                                    9-Jun-06     10-Jun-06
Waldrip, Mae                                     27-Oct-05    29-Oct-05
Waldrip, Robt. Lee                               19-Dec-05    21-Dec-05
Waldron, Helen Grizzle                           19-Oct-05    22-Oct-05
Waldron, Jas. C.                                 19-Jun-06    20-Jun-06
Waldron, Sarah S. (Wm. F.)                                    7-Oct-05
Waldrop, Evelyn Louise (Jack L.)                 23-Nov-06    25-Nov-06
Waldrop, Irvin Jas.                              18-Dec-05    21-Dec-05
Waldrop, Jane                                    21-Oct-06    29-Oct-06
Waldrop, Marie M.                                4-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Waldrop, Norma Simons                            21-May-06    23-May-06
Waldrop, Thos. Albert                            13-Oct-06    15-Oct-06
Waldrop, Wm. Eugene (Yvonne Godwin)              13-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Walker, Alfonso (Carla J.)                                    25-Mar-06
Walker, Alfonso (Emmistene)                      6-May-06     8-May-06
Walker, Angela Louise                            17-Mar-06    19-Mar-06
Walker, Anthony Jerome                           28-Feb-06    2-Mar-06
Walker, Anthony Jerome                           24-May-06    26-May-06
Walker, Barnez Hall (Robt. C.)                   13-Sep-06    15-Sep-06
Walker, Barrett Lamar (Anne Fitzpatrick)         14-Mar-06    16-Mar-06
Walker, Ben                                      31-Mar-06    2-Apr-06
Walker, Betty Jo                                 19-May-06    24-May-06
Walker, Billy D.                                 8-Dec-06     10-Dec-06
Walker, Bouie                                    14-Nov-06    15-Nov-06
Walker, Brenda                                   1-Apr-06     3-Apr-06
Walker, Brenda Lee                               11-Sep-06    13-Sep-06
Walker, Charlotte A. Johnson                     11-Mar-06    14-Mar-06
Walker, Chas. H. Jr. (Hilda C.)                  15-Mar-06    18-Mar-06
Walker, Chas. Henry Jr.                          11-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Walker, Chas. L. (Mamie L.)                      7-Sep-06     11-Sep-06
Walker, Clarey Jr.                               6-May-06     8-May-06
Walker, Clerie                                   9-Apr-06     10-Apr-06
Walker, Deborah Lee                              27-Feb-06    2-Mar-06
Walker, Donna Gayle                              10-May-06    11-May-06
Walker, Dorothy Speers (Chas. Nathaniel)         13-Nov-06    15-Nov-06
Walker, Earnest Neal                             13-Dec-06    20-Dec-06
Walker, Edwin Garnett                            25-Mar-06    27-Mar-06
Walker, Eliz. P.                                 12-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Walker, Eric                                     30-Nov-06    3-Dec-06
Walker, Esta Lee Stroup (Ted)                    31-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Walker, Estella J.                               16-Dec-06    22-Dec-06
Walker, Ethel Mae                                             26-May-06
Walker, Eva M.                                   9-Jun-06     10-Jun-06
Walker, Forrest (Charlie Mae)                    29-Jan-06    3-Feb-06
Walker, Gary (Emma Ross)                                      5-May-06
Walker, Geo.                                     13-Dec-06    15-Dec-06
Walker, Geo. A.                                  30-Jan-06    1-Feb-06
Walker, Geo. C. Jr. (Alice)                      29-May-06    31-May-06
Walker, Geo. Lee                                 10-Oct-06    12-Oct-06
Walker, Geraline                                 11-Oct-05    13-Oct-05
Walker, Gertrude                                 9-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
Walker, Glenden                                  29-Oct-05    30-Oct-05
Walker, Gregory Alford                           18-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
Walker, Gwendolyn (Memoriam)                                  27-Oct-06
Walker, Gwendolyn (Memoriam)                     22-Oct-01    26-Oct-05
Walker, Harold Jr.                               6-Apr-06     9-Apr-06
Walker, Harold Leon                              27-Apr-06    29-Apr-06
Walker, Harry Jr.                                27-Dec-05    29-Dec-05
Walker, Henrietta Mathis                         24-Nov-06    28-Nov-06
Walker, Howard Bruce                             22-Apr-06    29-Apr-06
Walker, Howard Bruce (Esther Gladys)             22-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Walker, JaCorey Lee                              17-Oct-05    21-Oct-05
Walker, JaCorey Lee  (Memoriam)                  17-Oct-05    17-Oct-06
Walker, Jacqueline                               10-Apr-06    13-Apr-06
Walker, Jerome W. (Sonya M.)                     14-Oct-06    18-Oct-06
Walker, Jessie Lee                               19-Mar-06    22-Mar-06
Walker, Jim                                      3-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Walker, Johnny Columbus JR.                      4-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Walker, Johnny G. (Nance)                        23-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Walker, Johnny Walter                            9-Oct-05     12-Oct-05
Walker, Katherine                                22-Apr-06    23-Apr-06
Walker, Lamar                                                 12-Jun-06
Walker, Larissa Y. Sims (Reico)                  24-May-06    29-May-06
Walker, Laura Mae Kinsey (John Leonard)          10-Sep-06    12-Sep-06
Walker, Lula B.                                  31-Jan-06    3-Feb-06
Walker, Mark Harney (Joy)                        21-Dec-05    23-Dec-05
Walker, Marlene                                  23-Nov-06    26-Nov-06
Walker, Martisha                                              7-Jun-06
Walker, Marvin                                   4-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Walker, Mary J.                                  30-Jan-06    3-Feb-06
Walker, Mary Lou Dan値.                          29-May-06    30-May-06
Walker, Mary Will Lively                         26-Dec-05    28-Dec-05
Walker, Mavis Sylvia                             18-Oct-06    21-Oct-06
Walker, Melvin                                   24-Oct-06    25-Oct-06
Walker, Michael Stewart                          10-May-06    12-May-06
Walker, Michael Vernon Jr.                       1-Feb-06     4-Feb-06
Walker, Mozell                                   25-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Walker, Neal (Alma F.)                                        18-Dec-05
Walker, Nell Louise Blalock (John Elbert)        7-Nov-05     9-Nov-05
Walker, Nelle                                    18-Nov-06    20-Nov-06
Walker, Oscar                                    1-Oct-06     4-Oct-06
Walker, Oscar Lee                                15-Mar-06    16-Mar-06
Walker, Ovalene S.                               9-Jun-06     11-Jun-06
Walker, Paula Ann                                2-Jun-06     6-Jun-06
Walker, Polly (John W.)                          24-Oct-06    25-Oct-06
Walker, Priscilla Jessie                         10-Nov-06    14-Nov-06
Walker, Randy Clifton                            21-Oct-06    25-Oct-06
Walker, Richard E. (Joan)                        1-Mar-06     2-Mar-06
Walker, Robt. Moore (Barbara Ramsey)             29-Jan-06    31-Jan-06
Walker, Ronald (Deborah)                         10-Jul-06    12-Jul-06
Walker, Ronald (Phyliss Heard)                                2-Nov-06
Walker, Rosia S.                                 1-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Walker, Ruby Lee                                 28-Nov-05    30-Nov-05
Walker, Ruth                                     9-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Walker, Sam値. I.                                20-Jun-06    21-Jun-06
Walker, St. Julian Jr.                           21-Apr-06    22-Apr-06
Walker, Vernon                                   26-May-06    27-May-06
Walker, Vina Mae                                 7-Oct-06     9-Oct-06
Walker, Virgil                                   15-Dec-06    17-Dec-06
Walker, Virgil                                   2-Dec-05     3-Dec-05
Walker, Wese                                     9-Jul-06     10-Jul-06
Walker, Wm.                                      28-Oct-05    30-Oct-05
Walker, Wm. H.                                   28-Oct-05    8-Nov-05
Walker-Thomas, Ava                               12-Mar-06    13-Mar-06
Wall, Bobbie Seagle                              6-Nov-05     8-Nov-05
Wall, Curtis Calvin                              15-Dec-06    16-Dec-06
Wall, Earl P.                                    6-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
Wall, Emmie                                      15-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Wall, Gertrude                                   10-Oct-05    12-Oct-05
Wall, Jas. Edw.                                  17-Sep-06    20-Sep-06
Wall, John M. Jr.                                20-Apr-06    21-Apr-06
Wall, Mary Beatrice                              18-Apr-06    20-Apr-06
Wall, Miriam                                     27-Oct-05    30-Oct-05
Wall, Ruby Fay                                   17-Oct-05    20-Oct-05
Wall, Sabine                                     29-Oct-05    3-Nov-05
Wallace Sam値. (Shirley Ann)                     15-Apr-06    21-Apr-06
Wallace, Andrew                                  8-Mar-06     12-Mar-06
Wallace, Andrew Francis                          10-Mar-06    18-Mar-06
Wallace, Anise Chason (Roy Wms.)                 8-Apr-06     10-Apr-06
Wallace, Carolyn                                 11-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Wallace, Charlie (Memoriam)                      2-May-89     1-Jun-06
Wallace, Chas. Milton                            12-Oct-06    13-Oct-06
Wallace, Delores Morgan                          13-Jun-06    19-Jun-06
Wallace, Dennis Woodrow                          30-Oct-06    2-Nov-06
Wallace, Ebony A.                                8-Dec-06     12-Dec-06
Wallace, Edw. Lee                                10-Jul-06    12-Jul-06
Wallace, Eunice S.                               22-Oct-05    23-Oct-05
Wallace, Faye Irvin                              6-Oct-05     8-Oct-05
Wallace, Glenda Sue                              1-Dec-05     23-Dec-05
Wallace, Hazel Beazley (Hugh B.)                 22-Nov-05    25-Nov-05
Wallace, Herbert                                              3-Apr-06
Wallace, Jannett Marilyn                         29-Oct-06    31-Oct-06
Wallace, Jas. Lee (Carla Ruth Roach)             18-Jun-06    20-Jun-06
Wallace, Jason                                   10-Nov-06    19-Nov-06
Wallace, Joe (Sarah)                             22-Nov-05    24-Nov-05
Wallace, Johnnie F.                              3-May-06     4-May-06
Wallace, Kenneth J.                              31-Dec-05    2-Jan-06
Wallace, Lillie Mae                              4-Oct-05     9-Oct-05
Wallace, Lona Mae                                28-Oct-06    30-Oct-06
Wallace, Louis Lee Sr.                           15-Dec-05    20-Dec-05
Wallace, Marcus G. (Eugenia Tatum)               15-Dec-06    16-Dec-06
Wallace, Marg. Norton (John K.)                  26-May-06    28-May-06
Wallace, Mary E.                                 28-Oct-05    29-Oct-05
Wallace, Mary Francis                            24-Aug-06    29-Sep-06
Wallace, Michael Jerome                          25-Oct-06    29-Oct-06
Wallace, Nancy                                   25-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Wallace, Paula Cox                               4-Apr-06     6-Apr-06
Wallace, Raymond Sr.                             11-Jul-05    1-Jan-06
Wallace, Ruth E.                                 10-Oct-05    12-Oct-05
Wallace, Sarah Ann (Russell)                     26-Nov-06    28-Nov-06
Wallace, Thos. Edw.                              11-Oct-05    12-Oct-05
Wallace, Wm. A. (Dorothy Turner)                 26-Mar-06    27-Mar-06
Wallace, Wm. Jr. (Phyllis)                       23-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Wallace, Wm. O.                                  6-Sep-06     8-Sep-06
Waller, Earline Fomby                            4-Apr-06     6-Apr-06
Waller, Eva Ruth (Byrd)                          10-Jun-06    13-Jun-06
Waller, Geneva                                   5-Oct-06     7-Oct-06
Waller, Geneva                                                9-Oct-06
Waller, Jerry Lee                                13-Sep-06    15-Sep-06
Waller, John Clay                                11-Oct-06    13-Oct-06
Waller, Johnnie                                  17-Jul-06    19-Jul-06
Waller, Jos.                                     11-Oct-05    13-Oct-05
Waller, Jos. Henry                               1-Nov-05     2-Nov-05
Waller, Raymond Perry                            13-Apr-06    15-Apr-06
Wallin, Terri Sue                                31-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Wallis, Annette Masters (Marvin)                 1-Apr-06     2-Apr-06
Wallis, Geo. P. (Marian Cupp)                    3-Jul-06     10-Jul-06
Wallis, Henry C. (Pearl Marion)                  3-Nov-05     5-Nov-05
Wallis, Lynnise Carol (Memoriam)                 18-Jun-05    18-Jun-06
Wallis, Phillip                                  13-Oct-05    15-Oct-05
Wallner, Wendy A.                                13-Mar-06    25-Mar-06
Wallon, Johnnie M.                               31-Oct-05    4-Nov-05
Walls, Anthonae Zachos (Joe Y.)                  10-Oct-06    12-Oct-06
Walls, Bess                                      27-Oct-05    29-Oct-05
Walls, Candler Lindsey Sr.                       18-Dec-05    20-Dec-05
Walls, Delia                                     24-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Walls, Dollie D.                                 7-Sep-06     12-Sep-06
Walls, Ed                                        3-Oct-06     8-Oct-06
Walls, Effie P.                                  16-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
Walls, Luvenia                                   19-Dec-05    23-Dec-05
Walls, U. Walton (Anne)                          14-Nov-06    16-Nov-06
Walsh, David                                     18-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Walsh, Kevin Michael                             10-Oct-06    12-Oct-06
Walsh, Maureen E.                                10-May-06    12-May-06
Walters, Betty Jean Mumford (Willie)             25-Nov-05    2-Dec-05
Walters, Jas. H. (Frances Eleanor)               19-Sep-06    22-Sep-06
Walters, Louisa Y.                               14-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Walters, Louisa Young (L. Eugene)                14-Sep-06    17-Sep-06
Walters, Mildred Lorean (Harold W.)              19-Oct-05    22-Oct-05
Walters, Norieta J.                              18-Oct-05    21-Oct-05
Walters, Robt. Eugene (Sarah)                    17-Apr-06    18-Apr-06
Walters, Sharon                                  8-Oct-05     10-Oct-05
Walters, Winston (Jannette)                      29-Mar-06    30-Mar-06
Walthall, Wm. Lee (Betty Callaway)               13-Dec-05    16-Dec-05
Waltman, Dimple                                  30-Jan-06    3-Feb-06
Walton, Annie                                    31-Dec-05    1-Jan-06
Walton, Ben C. (Eliz.)                           17-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Walton, Dave (Sherry)                            24-May-06    26-May-06
Walton, Florence Agnes                           25-Dec-05    27-Dec-05
Walton, Gussie Mae                               25-Nov-05    27-Nov-05
Walton, Pearlena                                 8-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
Walton, Perry Jas.                               14-Sep-06    15-Sep-06
Walton, Sam値. (Rheba L. Johnson)                             29-Sep-06
Walton, Sara Reagan (J.T.)                       22-Dec-06    23-Dec-06
Walton, Wm. Calvin (Thelma)                      26-Nov-06    1-Dec-06
Walz, Wm. Louis Jr.                              23-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Wampler, Susan                                   2-Mar-06     4-Mar-06
Wanamaker, Lawrence Scott                        11-Jul-06    14-Jul-06
Wander, Rose Hackman                             22-Sep-06    24-Sep-06
Warbington, Betty Thompson                       6-Dec-06     10-Dec-06
Warbington, Bobby W.                             11-Nov-06    14-Nov-06
Warbington, Vernon                               1-Nov-06     3-Nov-06
Ward, Annie Ross                                 7-Nov-05     9-Nov-05
Ward, Bertrand                                   25-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Ward, Betty Jean (Memoriam)                      22-May-99    22-May-06
Ward, Chas.                                      21-May-06    22-May-06
Ward, Chas. (Jennifer)                                        26-May-06
Ward, Clarence                                   1-Dec-06     8-Dec-06
Ward, Dollie                                     18-May-06    20-May-06
Ward, Dorothy Henson                             26-Oct-06    28-Oct-06
Ward, Elise Bellamy                              10-Dec-06    11-Dec-06
Ward, Emmie Batson                               28-Sep-06    30-Sep-06
Ward, F. Harold                                  17-Apr-06    18-Apr-06
Ward, Geo.                                       17-Dec-06    18-Dec-06
Ward, Glenn                                      18-Dec-06    19-Dec-06
Ward, Harold E.                                  23-Jan-06    27-Jan-06
Ward, Joe. L.                                    11-Sep-06    13-Sep-06
Ward, John S. Jr. (Va. Vance)                    9-Mar-06     12-Mar-06
Ward, L. Michael (Charlene G.)                   2-Apr-06     7-Apr-06
Ward, Linda Sue                                  13-Jul-06    14-Jul-06
Ward, Lorenzo                                    6-Jun-06     7-Jun-06
Ward, Marg. H.                                   20-Nov-06    22-Nov-06
Ward, Marie T.                                   23-Oct-05    26-Oct-05
Ward, Marie Tallent (Robt.)                      23-Oct-05    25-Oct-05
Ward, Mary Leona Graham                          21-Oct-06    23-Oct-06
Ward, Milton L.                                  14-Nov-06    16-Nov-06
Ward, Monica                                     5-Apr-06     7-Apr-06
Ward, Randy                                      25-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Ward, Richard                                    2-Nov-06     4-Nov-06
Ward, Robt. L. (Sandy K.)                        31-May-06    2-Jun-06
Ward, Sara Ann                                   25-May-06    27-May-06
Ward, Shelton Wade                               17-May-06    23-May-06
Ward, Theodore Avery III                         31-Oct-05    4-Nov-05
Ward, Theresa Carman (Everett L.)                6-Jul-06     7-Jul-06
Ward, Velmon E. (Phyllis Allen)                               4-Feb-06
Ward, Wm. John                                   21-Nov-05    25-Nov-05
Warden, Jas. R. (Helen W.)                       8-Mar-06     10-Mar-06
Warden, Mary Jo                                  2-Jun-06     6-Jun-06
Wardlaw, Theodore L. (Frances Alexander)         1-Dec-06     3-Dec-06
Ware, Barbara C.                                 28-May-06    30-May-06
Ware, Carey Jr.                                  20-Nov-05    23-Nov-05
Ware, Fannie Hood (Luther)                       15-Oct-05    17-Oct-05
Ware, Lakyn Danielle                             11-Mar-06    12-Mar-06
Ware, Ramona Wms.                                13-Oct-05    16-Oct-05
Ware, Robt. (Nichole Castater)                   20-Apr-06    26-Apr-06
Ware, Sam値 E.                                   30-May-06    3-Jun-06
Ware, Toye Lelia Jordan (Gene)                   12-May-06    19-May-06
Warenzak, Peter                                  30-Nov-06    3-Dec-06
Warmack, Carlton Thos.                           16-Mar-06    18-Mar-06
Warme, Walter H. Sr.                             17-Jul-06    19-Jul-06
Warnecke, Edw. M. (Ellen Forrester)              18-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
Warner, Betty                                    6-May-06     8-May-06
Warner, Frankye L.                               23-Nov-06    27-Nov-06
Warner, Howard Lee                               26-Nov-05    28-Nov-05
Warner, Jafford                                  4-Dec-06     7-Dec-06
Warner, Joy Grossman                             6-Apr-05     1-Jan-06
Warner, Martha L.                                27-Oct-06    29-Oct-06
Warner, Patricia                                 5-Jun-06     6-Jun-06
Warner, Shirley Kelley (David & Frank)           17-Apr-06    18-Apr-06
Warner, Stephen Jos.                             11-Oct-97    11-Oct-06
Warner, Stephen Jos. (Memoriam)                  11-Oct-97    11-Oct-05
Warnock, Jas. Billy Sr. (Patsy)                  8-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
Warnock, Pt                                      16-Oct-05    19-Oct-05
Warr, Thos. Cooper III                           9-Oct-06     19-Oct-06
Warren, Aida Margarita Martinez (John Rush)                   17-May-06
Warren, Alice Ann (Fred)                         14-Oct-05    17-Oct-05
Warren, Chas. Freeman (Kayron Hudson)            9-Jul-06     11-Jul-06
Warren, Christine Scott                          14-Mar-06    16-Mar-06
Warren, Eileen D. (Walter Dean)                  8-Mar-06     10-Mar-06
Warren, Harold (Mildred Terry)                   3-May-06     6-May-06
Warren, Hoyt J.                                  16-Sep-06    19-Sep-06
Warren, Iona Hanson (Memoriam)                   29-Nov-04    30-Nov-05
Warren, Jas. Aubrey Sr.                          31-Oct-06    2-Nov-06
Warren, Jonathan Wade                            9-Oct-06     14-Oct-06
Warren, Julius N.                                24-Mar-06    26-Mar-06
Warren, Kathy Marie (Memoriam)                                2-Apr-06
Warren, Kristopher Cody                          10-Nov-06    16-Nov-06
Warren, Leland E.                                13-Mar-06    15-Mar-06
Warren, Patricia Jane (Phillip)                  16-Oct-06    19-Oct-06
Warren, Ralph                                    16-Jul-06    18-Jul-06
Warren, Staff Sgt. Chas                          3-Aug-05     1-Jan-06
Warren, Theodore                                 4-Nov-06     8-Nov-06
Warren, Virgil P.                                19-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
Warren, Wallace Lamar                            8-May-06     12-May-06
Warren, Wm. Henry III (Nancy)                    17-Dec-05    20-Dec-05
Warren, Wyonlene M.                              9-Mar-06     11-Mar-06
Warthen, Jas. Jr.                                24-Dec-05    30-Dec-05
Wascovich, Alma Frances Jordan (Geo.)            7-Jun-06     9-Jun-06
Wash, Sidney Durand                              18-Dec-06    19-Dec-06
Washburn, Anthony E.                             21-Apr-06    23-Apr-06
Washington Alis Jr.                              30-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Washington, Alvin                                4-Dec-06     6-Dec-06
Washington, Anthony Lamont                       10-Nov-06    16-Nov-06
Washington, Apollo                                            13-Oct-06
Washington, Chas. Thos. Sr.                      21-Dec-06    23-Dec-06
Washington, Daisy (Richard B.)                                17-Apr-06
Washington, Deborah White (Luther)               1-Oct-06     2-Oct-06
Washington, Dennis J. (Carmon Michelle)          24-Dec-05    27-Jan-06
Washington, Donney                               22-Nov-05    24-Nov-05
Washington, Dot Bragg                            24-May-06    26-May-06
Washington, Ella                                 16-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Washington, Florence                             17-Dec-05    19-Dec-05
Washington, Geraldine Greer                      1-Feb-06     3-Feb-06
Washington, Gipson Greer                         26-Oct-05    28-Oct-05
Washington, Harriett                             17-Oct-05    21-Oct-05
Washington, Helen (Welton)                       19-Oct-05    21-Oct-05
Washington, Johnny V. Sr. (Kae Y.)               26-Oct-06    21-Nov-06
Washington, Jos. (Vera)                          9-Jun-06     10-Jun-06
Washington, Karen                                7-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Washington, Sgt. Bennie                          14-Oct-04    1-Jan-06
Washington, Vivian                               14-Oct-06    18-Oct-06
Washington, Welton                               10-Oct-05    12-Oct-05
Washinton, Wm. Davis (Pauline Baxter)            30-Mar-06    4-Apr-06
Waskowsky, John M. (Cynthia)                     13-Nov-06    15-Nov-06
Wasserman, Marion E. (Leo B.)                    17-Oct-06    19-Oct-06
Waszkowski, Marg. Deibert (Henry L.)             3-Sep-06     6-Sep-06
Waters, A. Cornelia                              25-Sep-06    1-Oct-06
Waters, Alfred Lee Jr.                           4-May-06     6-May-06
Waters, Betty Jean                               25-May-06    26-May-06
Waters, Bonnie L. (Westcott D.)                  15-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Waters, Cora Bell Smith                          25-Oct-06    27-Oct-06
Waters, Croma Herschell                          24-Oct-05    28-Oct-05
Waters, Erma Cecil                               10-Oct-06    13-Oct-06
Waters, Jas. Leon (Lynda)                        26-Oct-05    30-Oct-05
Waters, Mattie L.                                6-Mar-06     10-Mar-06
Waters, Michael Wm.                              20-Oct-06    22-Oct-06
Waters, Renee Jean                               25-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Waters, Shirley F. Sharpton                      5-Oct-05     7-Oct-05
Waters, Ted Clayton (Sharon Lariscy)             21-Sep-06    23-Sep-06
Waters, Wm. Randolph                             28-Jan-06    29-Jan-06
Watkins, America                                 2-Feb-06     4-Feb-06
Watkins, Carrie Mae Hall                         29-Nov-05    30-Nov-05
Watkins, Doris Jas.                              2-Apr-06     3-Apr-06
Watkins, Geneva Mae                              18-Dec-06    20-Dec-06
Watkins, Gretrell Dewayne II                     22-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Watkins, Hattie Guinn (Memoriam)                              29-Dec-06
Watkins, Hattie Louise Guinn (Alfred W.)         7-May-06     8-May-06
Watkins, Hazel Ruth                              29-Oct-06    31-Oct-06
Watkins, J. Arnold                               31-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Watkins, Jas. Robt.                              21-Oct-05    23-Oct-05
Watkins, Marion E.                               14-Jul-06    18-Jul-06
Watkins, Marion Knight (Garland M.)              6-May-06     7-May-06
Watkins, Mary Jane                               23-Apr-06    27-Apr-06
Watkins, Mildred                                 14-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Watkins, Paige Alfonso                           25-Nov-06    28-Nov-06
Watkins, Perry L. Jr.                            22-Sep-06    23-Sep-06
Watkins, Robt. G. (Crickett)                     27-Apr-06    29-Apr-06
Watkins, Ronald Davis (Sylvia Huneycutt)         8-Nov-05     10-Nov-05
Watkins, Ruth Brooks (Bill)                      21-Apr-06    22-Apr-06
Watkins, Sadie                                   20-May-06    22-May-06
Watkins, Sherie Denise Tedesco (Wade)            9-Dec-06     12-Dec-06
Watkins, Thos. (Joann)                           1-Apr-06     3-Apr-06
Watkins, Virgil L.                               15-Dec-06    17-Dec-06
Watkins, Wesley Dale                             17-Dec-06    19-Dec-06
Watkins, Woodfin                                 13-Mar-06    17-Mar-06
Watkins-Roach, Mary                              6-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
Watler, Senoria                                               15-Sep-06
Watson, Alma Lee (Richard Lee)                   31-Mar-06    2-Apr-06
Watson, Arcolia                                  31-Jan-06    3-Feb-06
Watson, Barbara                                  13-Sep-06    18-Sep-06
Watson, Brenda Gail                              12-May-06    13-May-06
Watson, Cora                                     30-May-06    1-Jun-06
Watson, Dana Michele                             16-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
Watson, Dorothy                                  9-Mar-06     12-Mar-06
Watson, Edna                                     18-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
Watson, Eloise Smith                             4-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Watson, Emily (Chas. H.)                         6-Sep-06     8-Sep-06
Watson, Gail B. (Joe Harold)                     6-Oct-06     9-Oct-06
Watson, Gladys Nichols                           6-Nov-05     8-Nov-05
Watson, Gordon A. Sr.                            1-May-06     3-May-06
Watson, Harold Ainslie                           12-Dec-06    14-Dec-06
Watson, J.T. (Louise Bailey)                     4-Sep-06     6-Sep-06
Watson, Jas. Lawson (Gladys Caraway)             2-Sep-06     6-Sep-06
Watson, Jessie T. (Martha)                       27-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
Watson, Joan Eleanor                             9-Sep-06     11-Sep-06
Watson, JoAnn                                    22-Sep-06    23-Sep-06
Watson, Joe                                      17-Jul-06    19-Jul-06
Watson, John Burtney (Mabeline)                  2-Nov-06     4-Nov-06
Watson, Kamora Jazel                             23-Sep-06    25-Sep-06
Watson, Kenneth Eugene (Sara Vaughn)             29-May-06    31-May-06
Watson, Lanoma (Fred & Frank)                    22-Sep-06    24-Sep-06
Watson, Lee                                      24-Jan-06    25-Jan-06
Watson, Louis Harrison (Leslie Shepperson)       21-Sep-06    22-Sep-06
Watson, Louise B.                                22-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Watson, Louise Bridges                                        29-Apr-06
Watson, Mary Birdsong                            5-Nov-05     8-Nov-05
Watson, Mary Edna                                11-Nov-06    13-Nov-06
Watson, Melvin H.                                19-Jun-06    20-Jun-06
Watson, Myrtice Evans                            26-Apr-06    27-Apr-06
Watson, Ola Belle Velma McLarin                  22-Mar-06    26-Mar-06
Watson, Patricia D.                              26-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Watson, Patricia Joy Hamilton (Wm.)              10-Jul-06    12-Jul-06
Watson, Rachel Emiline                           28-Dec-05    30-Dec-05
Watson, Ralph L. Jr.                                          17-Nov-06
Watson, Ralph V. Jr. (Eliz. D.)                               27-Jan-06
Watson, Robt.                                    27-Oct-06    29-Oct-06
Watson, Robt. G.                                 21-Mar-06    23-Mar-06
Watson, Thos.                                    26-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Watson, Thos. Edw. (Betty Cantley)               18-Oct-06    19-Oct-06
Watson, Tommy                                    26-Sep-06    29-Sep-06
Watson, Tommy Terry                              11-Sep-06    14-Sep-06
Watson, Vermon                                   17-Nov-06    18-Nov-06
Watson, Willie Jas.  (Memoriam)                  12-Jul-05    12-Jul-06
Watson, Wm.                                      24-Feb-06    5-Mar-06
Watson, Wm. Aka Abdullah (Virma Hamblin)         15-Dec-06    22-Dec-06
Watson, Wm. J. (Joan)                            25-Apr-06    26-Apr-06
Watson, Wm. J. (Joan)                                         30-Apr-06
Watson-Beatty, Marie (Elmer C.)                  24-May-06    30-May-06
Watt, Eliz. Potts                                15-Dec-05    17-Dec-05
Watters, Brittain                                29-Apr-06    1-May-06
Watts, A.H. (Memoriam)                           20-Nov-01    18-Dec-05
Watts, Bobby Jack                                13-Oct-06    16-Oct-06
Watts, Donovan E.                                21-Nov-06    26-Nov-06
Watts, Doris H. (Harold S.)                      18-Oct-05    19-Oct-05
Watts, Dorothy Lee                                            10-Jul-06
Watts, Frances Jeannette                         12-Nov-06    15-Nov-06
Watts, Helen Bradford                            12-Sep-06    14-Sep-06
Watts, Huel (Myra)                               6-Nov-05     9-Nov-05
Watts, Kathleen                                  26-Dec-05    29-Dec-05
Watts, Lucas M.                                  17-May-06    20-May-06
Watts, Mary T.                                   15-Nov-06    18-Nov-06
Watts, Robt. L.                                  25-Nov-06    26-Nov-06
Watts, Willie H. (Barbara)                       6-Nov-06     7-Nov-06
Watts, Wm. Glenn                                 15-Jul-06    19-Jul-06
Waycaster, Bonnie Ramey                          12-Oct-06    14-Oct-06
Wear, Cathy Buchanan                             23-Dec-05    27-Dec-05
Weatherby, Minnie Ruth                           15-Apr-06    17-Apr-06
Weatherby, Pauline Anderson                      23-Dec-06    24-Dec-06
Weatherby, Wm. Alexander (Gaynell)               23-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Weatherford, Jean D.                             31-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Weathers, Jimmy                                  7-Oct-06     8-Oct-06
Weathers, Judy Faye                              10-Jun-06    13-Jun-06
Weathers, Laron                                  9-Jun-06     12-Jun-06
Weathersby, Robt. Edmond (Gloria McDonald)       20-Oct-05    27-Oct-05
Weathersby, Shirley S. Crawford                  11-May-06    14-May-06
Weathington, David Elisha                        28-Jan-06    30-Jan-06
Weaver,  Ray                                     9-Jul-06     11-Jul-06
Weaver, Banks A. Jr.                             7-Apr-06     9-Apr-06
Weaver, Barbara Ann                              24-Apr-06    26-Apr-06
Weaver, Buford                                   29-Jan-06    30-Jan-06
Weaver, Calvin St. (Mary Alice)                  5-Sep-06     6-Sep-06
Weaver, Chas. E.                                 25-Dec-05    26-Dec-05
Weaver, Chas. Tiller                                          7-Jul-06
Weaver, Constantine Anthony                      17-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Weaver, Deloris                                  14-Jun-06    17-Jun-06
Weaver, Edw. Wayne (Connie Drawdy)               5-Jul-06     7-Jul-06
Weaver, Geo.                                     20-Oct-05    21-Oct-05
Weaver, Hayden                                   21-Oct-05    22-Oct-05
Weaver, Herbert H.                               11-Nov-06    13-Nov-06
Weaver, Herschel                                 19-May-06    22-May-06
Weaver, Howard                                   11-May-06    13-May-06
Weaver, Jas. Olin                                13-Apr-06    15-Apr-06
Weaver, Jobyna Lovett                            22-May-06    24-May-06
Weaver, Johnny                                   15-Apr-06    21-Apr-06
Weaver, Judith Wall                              7-Mar-06     10-Mar-06
Weaver, Larry Gene (Joyce)                       3-Sep-06     6-Sep-06
Weaver, Marg. V.                                 10-Apr-06    12-Apr-06
Weaver, Paul Douglas                             1-Nov-06     4-Nov-06
Weaver, Rachel Releford (Alvin)                  23-Mar-06    26-Mar-06
Weaver, Ray A. (Linda Burney)                                 13-Jul-06
Weaver, Ruby Jewell Wix                          13-Jul-06    14-Jul-06
Weaver, Stephen Doyal                            6-Oct-05     8-Oct-05
Weaver, Tessa Rose                               22-Mar-06    8-Apr-06
Weaver, Tommy W.                                 3-Nov-05     5-Nov-05
Weaver, Vivian Richards                          18-Jun-06    21-Jun-06
Weaver, Wm. Amzi                                 3-Jun-06     6-Jun-06
Weaver, Wm. T. (Barbara A.)                      12-Jul-06    19-Jul-06
Webb, Betty                                      7-Nov-05     8-Nov-05
Webb, Billy                                      7-Dec-06     9-Dec-06
Webb, Clara Mae Everett                          20-Sep-06    22-Sep-06
Webb, Clayton Wayne Sr.                          4-Apr-06     6-Apr-06
Webb, Daisy Lee Battle                           7-Jun-06     11-Jun-06
Webb, Diane Jackson                              18-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
Webb, Donald W. (Gladys Smith)                   30-Mar-06    1-Apr-06
Webb, Doris Fay Standridge                       15-Dec-05    16-Dec-05
Webb, Eric Christopher                           13-Mar-06    16-Mar-06
Webb, Eva Juanita                                8-Dec-06     14-Dec-06
Webb, Evelyn G. (Willis L.)                      11-Apr-06    12-Apr-06
Webb, Frances C.                                 5-Oct-05     9-Oct-05
Webb, Geraldine Estelle Davison                  24-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Webb, Jerry (Zella Starr)                        21-Oct-06    25-Oct-06
Webb, Joanne (Gary)                              1-Jun-06     2-Jun-06
Webb, Jos. Reese Jr.                             14-Jul-06    16-Jul-06
Webb, Kathleen T.                                12-Oct-05    14-Oct-05
Webb, Lillian McCarty                            4-Nov-06     6-Nov-06
Webb, Marc Lee                                                18-Jul-06
Webb, Michael Ernest                             16-Dec-06    18-Dec-06
Webb, Mildred                                    5-Jun-06     6-Jun-06
Webb, Norris L.                                  23-Nov-06    26-Nov-06
Webb, R.L.                                       16-Jun-06    18-Jun-06
Webb, Robt. A.                                   9-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Webb, Sammie Lee (Gladys)                        25-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
Webb, Teddie Wayne                               8-Jul-06     10-Jul-06
Webb, Vera Sue                                   13-Dec-06    16-Dec-06
Webb, Vera Sue (Jas. Wm.)                        13-Dec-06    15-Dec-06
Webb, Willie Lewis                               8-Jul-06     11-Jul-06
Webb, Willie Mae                                 17-May-06    20-May-06
Webb, Willie T.                                  19-Apr-06    21-Apr-06
Weber, Cassandra                                 13-Dec-06    16-Dec-06
Weber, David J. (Carol)                          11-Oct-06    13-Oct-06
Weber, Madeline                                  10-Sep-06    12-Sep-06
Weber, Robt.                                     21-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Weber, Wm. J.                                    20-Dec-05    25-Dec-05
Webster, Eva Sanders (Scott)                     23-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Webster, Jean Audrey Ray                         13-Nov-06    15-Nov-06
Webster, Marg. Winstead                          1-May-06     4-May-06
Wedemeyer, Chas. John Jr.                        12-Sep-06    14-Sep-06
Wedge, Jas. E. (Arlene)                          6-Oct-06     2-Nov-06
Weed, Va. Albertson (J.P.)                       6-Oct-05     9-Oct-05
Weedon, Marjorie Scotty                          22-Sep-06    1-Oct-06
Weekes, Clyde                                    11-Oct-06    12-Oct-06
Weeks, Jessica Mary                              2-Oct-06     5-Oct-06
Weeks, Lizzie Mae Compton                        12-Nov-06    13-Nov-06
Weeks, Ralph Edw.                                24-Dec-05    25-Dec-05
Weeks, Robt. Sean                                26-Nov-06    28-Nov-06
Weems, Alma Louise                               27-Jan-06    30-Jan-06
Weems, Effie L.                                  18-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
Weems, Eugene (Mary Louise)                      13-Mar-06    19-Mar-06
Weems, Grady Jr.                                 2-Feb-06     3-Feb-06
Weems, Jimmie W. (Frances Ragsdale)              31-Oct-05    1-Nov-05
Weems, Julia Mae Johnson                         9-Mar-06     11-Mar-06
Weems, Marvin                                    10-Apr-06    16-Apr-06
Weems, O. (Ernestine)                            2-May-06     3-May-06
Weems, O. (Memoriam)                             2-May-06     29-May-06
Weems, Sam値. Fredrick Jr.                       6-Sep-06     8-Sep-06
Weems, Traci (Willie Lee)                        26-May-06    27-May-06
Weems, Ureca                                                  1-May-06
Weese, Esther Brewer                             17-Jul-06    19-Jul-06
Weese, Sarah Beth (Kenneth)                      13-Apr-06    16-Apr-06
Wehunt, Mary Ruth                                26-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Wehunt, Robt. Donald                             25-Nov-05    27-Nov-05
Weidman, Lucretia Gregory (Beth Wolfe)           15-Nov-06    19-Nov-06
Weigle, Vada                                     15-Oct-05    17-Oct-05
Weihe, Mary M.                                   28-Sep-06    2-Oct-06
Weiland, Peter Mason (Esta)                      7-Nov-05     10-Nov-05
Weiner, Ray Razel (Jack)                         2-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Weinshenker, Rosalyn L.                          8-Mar-06     10-Mar-06
Weinstein, Lewis Ira                             15-Dec-05    21-Dec-05
Weis, Shirley Nabers Kidd                        30-May-06    9-Jul-06
Weiss, Alice L.                                  4-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Weitz, Shirley Blass (Nathan & Isadore)          28-May-06    29-May-06
Welborn, Garland Clifford Sr. (Allie Mae)        5-Apr-06     6-Apr-06
Welborn, Juanita Smith                           15-Mar-06    18-Mar-06
Welborn, Ruth Etheridge (Marvin)                 10-Apr-06    11-Apr-06
Welch, Angel M.                                  10-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
Welch, Effie Oliver (Ernest)                     6-Oct-05     10-Oct-05
Welch, Eugene Franklin Jr.                       1-Sep-06     5-Sep-06
Welch, Hazel Bullock                             14-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
Welch, Jas. E. (Thelma Favors)                   3-Nov-06     5-Nov-06
Welch, Jas. Elton (Dianne)                       29-Oct-05    3-Nov-05
Welch, Kathi                                     14-Jul-06    15-Jul-06
Welch, Kenneth E.                                23-May-06    24-May-06
Welch, Linda Walker Swint                        19-Nov-06    24-Nov-06
Welch, Milton C.                                 6-Nov-05     7-Nov-05
Welch, Rosetta                                   19-Sep-06    23-Sep-06
Welchel, Dorothy                                 14-Dec-06    16-Dec-06
Welchel, Ruth Phronia Thompson (Wm. Boyd)        20-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Welden, Harold S.                                13-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Weldon, Bernice Corline Robinson (Phillip L.)    9-Mar-06     13-Mar-06
Weldon, Chas. Dennis                             17-Oct-06    28-Oct-06
Weldon, Eddie Lula (Willie Chas.)                1-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Weldon, Evelyn                                   4-Apr-06     6-Apr-06
Weldon, Frances Eloise Sims (Walter Leonard)     18-Jun-06    20-Jun-06
Weldon, Jas. Edw.                                8-Oct-05     11-Oct-05
Weldon, Julius Alton                             24-Apr-06    26-Apr-06
Weldon, Rickie Labrona                           25-Mar-06    29-Mar-06
Weldon, Shaleah M.                               12-Sep-06    18-Sep-06
Wellborn, Nellie Ruth Crook                      18-Sep-06    20-Sep-06
Wellons, Ouida Banks                             5-Nov-06     7-Nov-06
Wells, Alda Fern Wade Priestley                  6-Nov-05     8-Nov-05
Wells, Andrew Ray (Leila Eliz.)                  2-Nov-06     4-Nov-06
Wells, Bryant Chas.                              20-Apr-06    22-Apr-06
Wells, Carle Keller (Vera Mae Powell)            24-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Wells, Christopher                               4-May-06     7-May-06
Wells, Doris S.                                  24-Nov-05    25-Nov-05
Wells, Eula Mae                                  24-Jan-06    30-Jan-06
Wells, Gentrell Lemetry                          31-Mar-06    7-Apr-06
Wells, Gertrude                                  13-Mar-06    15-Mar-06
Wells, Helen C.                                  18-Jun-06    20-Jun-06
Wells, Jas. Alexander                            27-May-06    31-May-06
Wells, Jeffrey Jos.                              12-Mar-06    13-Mar-06
Wells, John                                      2-Dec-06     4-Dec-06
Wells, Mae Willie                                19-Apr-06    20-Apr-06
Wells, Maitland R.                               27-Oct-05    6-Nov-05
Wells, Marguerite H.                             9-Jul-06     11-Jul-06
Wells, Mary Eleanor Wilvert (W.R.)               29-Mar-06    2-Apr-06
Wells, Michael Leon Sr. (Verlez)                 14-Oct-06    18-Oct-06
Wells, Minnie Bell  (Memoriam)                   16-Jan-98    26-Jan-06
Wells, Tammy Faye                                19-Dec-05    21-Dec-05
Wells, Truel                                     12-Jun-06    14-Jun-06
Wells, Woodrow Clark (Edith Kay)                 12-Sep-06    15-Sep-06
Welmaker, Rudolph (Florence)                     10-Oct-06    16-Oct-06
Welsh, Clyda                                     27-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Wender, Freda Cristol (Wm. Max)                  13-Mar-06    14-Mar-06
Wendt, Paulia L.                                 15-Jul-06    18-Jul-06
Wenger, Dorothy Eliz. Connell                    4-Jun-06     7-Jun-06
Wentz, Lillie Ruth                               5-Oct-05     6-Oct-05
Wentzell, Patricia Payne                         19-Apr-06    27-Apr-06
Wesley, Deniso                                   10-May-06    15-May-06
Wesley, Henry                                    11-Sep-06    12-Sep-06
Wessels, Jeffery Scott                           12-Apr-06    14-Apr-06
Wesson, Claude Eugene                            26-Dec-06    28-Dec-06
Wesson, Dorothy Grace                            8-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
West, Beatrice                                   26-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
West, Bonnie                                     26-Jan-06    28-Jan-06
West, Chas. W. Jr. (Ruth)                        27-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
West, Clyde M.                                   6-Oct-05     8-Oct-05
West, Doris White                                15-Dec-06    17-Dec-06
West, Eliz. Davis (Walter Leon)                  20-Dec-05    23-Dec-05
West, Frances                                    19-Oct-05    20-Oct-05
West, Gail Maloney                               30-Sep-06    3-Oct-06
West, Gladys R.                                  1-Oct-06     5-Oct-06
West, Harry Irvin Jr.                            11-Oct-05    13-Oct-05
West, Herschel E. (Frances)                      29-Nov-05    30-Nov-05
West, Ina L. (Ray)                               8-Jun-06     9-Jun-06
West, Jerry Watkins                              27-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
West, Jos. Clifton                               26-Apr-06    28-Apr-06
West, Jos. Jas.                                  17-Jun-06    19-Jun-06
West, Kinga Henryka                              4-Nov-06     5-Nov-06
West, Kira                                       18-Sep-06    23-Sep-06
West, Linda Joyce (Billy H.)                     18-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
West, Linda Sue                                  18-Sep-06    20-Sep-06
West, Marjorie Mooney                            13-Dec-05    15-Dec-05
West, Marvin Dennis (Martha Floyd)               2-Dec-06     3-Dec-06
West, Mary                                       21-Oct-06    23-Oct-06
West, Mary Frances                               24-Nov-05    26-Nov-05
West, Max J.                                     13-Oct-05    15-Oct-05
West, Norma Jean                                 22-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
West, Paul                                       28-Dec-05    30-Dec-05
West, Q.B.                                       6-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
West, Randall                                    24-Jan-06    27-Jan-06
West, Robt.                                      6-Apr-06     8-Apr-06
West, Robt. E.                                   9-May-06     11-May-06
West, Selena Katherine (Herman)                  30-May-06    1-Jun-06
West, Starling                                   12-May-06    13-May-06
West, Tommy                                      1-Nov-06     2-Nov-06
West, Wm. H.                                     23-Dec-06    24-Dec-06
West, Wm. Sr.                                    14-Mar-06    16-Mar-06
West, Wylene Pilgrim                             5-Oct-05     7-Oct-05
Westbrook, Christine Pitts                       27-May-06    29-May-06
Westbrook, Essie                                 13-Jul-06    14-Jul-06
Westbrook, Janet C.                              21-Dec-06    23-Dec-06
Westbrook, Luther J. (Marian Wood)               4-Jun-06     5-Jun-06
Westbrook, Noah                                  19-Dec-05    21-Dec-05
Westbrook, Pamela Brown                          4-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Westbrook, Rachel M.                             14-Mar-06    15-Mar-06
Westbrook, Robt. C. (Frances)                    8-Oct-06     11-Oct-06
Westbrook, Sandra (Alvin)                        20-May-06    24-May-06
Westbrook, Sarah                                 5-Mar-06     7-Mar-06
Westbrook, Wanda Louise                          18-Oct-05    24-Oct-05
Westbrook, Wm. Howard (Julia Tyson)              17-May-06    18-May-06
Westbrooks, Brian A. (Maghann)                   13-Dec-05    17-Dec-05
Westbrooks, Brittany                             29-Mar-06    4-Apr-06
Westbrooks, Violet Brady                         2-Nov-05     4-Nov-05
Wester, Ruby McCain                              26-Nov-05    27-Nov-05
Wester, Sylvia B. H. (S.Phillip & Allen)         25-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Westerman, Stephen L. (Terri)                    14-May-06    15-May-06
Westley, Jas. Russell                            30-Oct-05    1-Nov-05
Westmoreland, Horace (Corine Ringer)             12-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
Westmoreland, Jimmy                              18-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
Westmoreland, Mary Lou Burke                     22-Oct-06    24-Oct-06
Westmoreland, Mildred (Frank L.)                 17-Nov-06    19-Nov-06
Westmoreland, Ronald                             21-May-06    22-May-06
Westmoreland, Ronald Earl (Brenda)                            30-May-06
Westmoreland, Roy                                24-Jan-06    26-Jan-06
Westmoreland, Willie Mae                         10-Oct-05    11-Oct-05
Weston, Dellina                                  7-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Weston, Dellina Turner                           14-Apr-06    15-Apr-06
Weston, John Albert (Sandy P.)                   4-Oct-05     7-Oct-05
Weston, Kenneth (Terry E. Barden)                17-Jul-06    19-Jul-06
Weston, Sidney (Xavia)                           2-Apr-06     3-Apr-06
Wetherell, Presly H. (Dorothy B.)                15-Dec-05    21-Dec-05
Wetherington, Edd Carley                         2-Nov-05     4-Nov-05
Wetzel, John Sedwick                             26-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Wexler, Alice                                    1-Jan-06     2-Jan-06
Weyman, Fontaine (Mary Jernigan)                 17-Oct-05    19-Oct-05
Whalen, Joyce Lee                                9-Jun-06     13-Jun-06
Whaley, Jas. C.                                  28-Oct-06    29-Oct-06
Whaley, Jean Harkins                             16-Oct-06    18-Oct-06
Whaley, Kelly Anne                               21-Oct-06    23-Oct-06
Whaley, Lucille                                  25-Nov-06    27-Nov-06
Whaley, Rachel Stewart (Jas. Thos.)              24-Oct-05    27-Oct-05
Whaley, Vivian I.                                15-Apr-06    17-Apr-06
Wharton, Thos. C.                                7-Apr-06     8-Apr-06
Whatley, Allen                                   22-Nov-05    23-Nov-05
Whatley, Doris                                   14-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Whatley, Harold E.                               26-May-06    28-May-06
Whatley, Janice Eleanor                          2-Nov-06     5-Nov-06
Whatley, Jas. David (Sandra)                     9-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Whatley, Roy                                                  9-Jun-06
Whatley, Rubalee Horsley                         16-Jun-06    17-Jun-06
Whatley, Sara Ellen                              11-Jul-06    13-Jul-06
Wheat, Carll Jr.                                 20-Oct-06    21-Oct-06
Wheat, Dorothy Mae                               22-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Wheat, E.D.                                      26-Mar-06    27-Mar-06
Wheat, Va. Kidd (Henry)                          11-Oct-06    13-Oct-06
Wheeler, Beatrice                                15-Jul-06    16-Jul-06
Wheeler, Berl                                    25-May-06    27-May-06
Wheeler, Chas. H.                                             2-Jan-06
Wheeler, Cynthia M. (Gregory)                    30-Jan-06    3-Feb-06
Wheeler, Douglas E. (Va. Louise)                 24-Mar-06    27-Mar-06
Wheeler, Douglas Sr.                             22-Nov-05    24-Nov-05
Wheeler, Emil J.                                 26-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Wheeler, Homer Jack (Shelby)                                  22-Nov-06
Wheeler, Horace                                  20-Oct-05    26-Oct-05
Wheeler, Jas. Lloyd                              9-May-06     13-May-06
Wheeler, L.D.                                    30-Mar-06    2-Apr-06
Wheeler, Lottie Sue                              25-Jan-06    26-Jan-06
Wheeler, Merritt (Marg.)                         17-Sep-06    19-Sep-06
Wheeler, Mildred                                 24-Jan-06    25-Jan-06
Wheeler, Paul E. (Ella)                          3-Mar-06     6-Mar-06
Wheeler, Regan Douglas                           13-Oct-05    16-Oct-05
Wheeler, Robt. Jas. (Carol Jean)                 11-Mar-06    13-Mar-06
Wheeler, Ronnie                                  23-Dec-05    24-Dec-05
Wheeler, Roy F.                                  6-Nov-05     7-Nov-05
Wheeler, Sara F.                                 15-May-06    18-May-06
Wheeler, Wm.                                     31-May-06    1-Jun-06
Wheeles, Jas.                                    1-May-06     5-May-06
Wheeless, Tina Flowers (Walt)                    2-Mar-06     6-Mar-06
Wheelis, Jas. W. (Joyce Stewart)                 15-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Wheelus, B. Ralph (Lynn L.Jamieson)              5-Sep-06     7-Sep-06
Wheelus, Marg. Alice                             29-Jan-06    31-Jan-06
Whelchel, Alice Erwin (Hoyt)                     25-Dec-05    29-Dec-05
Whelchel, Edwin Wm.                              20-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Whelchel, Katherine                              13-May-06    16-May-06
Whelchel, Rupert Thos.                           3-Jun-06     5-Jun-06
Whetstone, John Henry (Luva)                     19-Apr-06    21-Apr-06
Whetstone, Va.                                   17-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
Whidby, Bertha                                   25-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Whidby, Beverly                                  11-Jul-06    16-Jul-06
Whidby, Claude N. (Beverly)                      15-Apr-06    17-Apr-06
Whigman, Jos. N. (Myrtice)                       22-Oct-05    25-Oct-05
Whipple, Brenda Byars (Levester Lamar)           10-Dec-06    22-Dec-06
Whipple, Chas. E.                                19-May-06    21-May-06
Whipple, Ira                                     14-Jun-06    15-Jun-06
Whipple, Marian                                  29-May-06    30-May-06
Whisenant, Va. Wright (Harry Hayes)              10-Oct-05    12-Oct-05
Whisenton, Zadie Bedford  (Memoriam)             1-Apr-02     2-Apr-06
Whisnant, Carlton Dennis                         6-Apr-06     8-Apr-06
Whisnant, Reid (Bobbie)                          31-Dec-05    2-Jan-06
Whisnant, Wilburn Barto                          7-Oct-05     9-Oct-05
Whistler, Thos. S.                               8-Jun-06     9-Jun-06
Whitaker, Betty Lane (Earl)                      17-Dec-05    23-Dec-05
Whitaker, Ga. A.                                 31-Jan-06    3-Feb-06
Whitaker, Johnny Ray                             26-Nov-06    28-Nov-06
Whitaker, Louise Hayes                           5-Dec-06     7-Dec-06
Whitaker, Margie (Chas.)                         15-Dec-05    17-Dec-05
Whitaker, Mildred Zeagler (Courtland Dan値.)     28-Oct-05    30-Oct-05
Whitaker, Shirley Jean                           10-Nov-06    13-Nov-06
White, Amy N.                                                 13-Mar-06
White, Annie Laura                               29-Nov-05    1-Dec-05
White, Anthony (Memoriam)                                     4-Feb-06
White, Arthur                                    29-May-06    31-May-06
White, Barbara F.                                12-Apr-06    13-Apr-06
White, Betty Lou                                 5-Jul-06     9-Jul-06
White, Carl Richard (Esther O.)                  10-Jul-06    11-Jul-06
White, Carolyn S.                                27-Nov-05    28-Nov-05
White, Carolyn T.                                26-Nov-06    28-Nov-06
White, Cary Eugene                               14-Dec-05    16-Dec-05
White, Chas.                                     25-Jan-06    27-Jan-06
White, Chas. Douglas (Betty Jo)                  5-Sep-06     8-Sep-06
White, Chas. Edw.                                23-Dec-06    28-Dec-06
White, Christine                                 1-Dec-05     2-Dec-05
White, Christopher Lamar                         26-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
White, Claude M. (Waco)                          25-Jan-06    31-Jan-06
White, Clinton D.                                6-Oct-06     7-Oct-06
White, Daisie Satcher (Chas. Short)              23-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
White, Dale (Elaine)                             31-Jan-06    1-Feb-06
White, Dellarae                                  15-Mar-06    16-Mar-06
White, Diane Deborah                             25-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
White, Dorothy Nell (John E.)                    22-Nov-06    25-Nov-06
White, Douglas (Evelyn)                          5-Mar-06     6-Mar-06
White, E. Ray                                    11-Jun-06    13-Jun-06
White, Eliz.                                     18-Dec-06    19-Dec-06
White, Ernest W. Sr.                             4-Oct-05     6-Oct-05
White, Evelyn Grace Mathis                       4-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
White, Evelyn Marg. (Geo. Warner)                4-Jul-06     13-Jul-06
White, Fannie Lou                                26-Oct-05    28-Oct-05
White, Fannie M. (Memoriam)                      2-Jun-05     2-Jun-06
White, Fannie Mae                                             15-Nov-06
White, Frank                                     15-Dec-05    16-Dec-05
White, Fred D. (Gail Brooks)                     3-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
White, Geneva Martin                             4-Mar-06     5-Mar-06
White, Geo. O. (Mildred C.)                      31-Mar-06    1-Apr-06
White, Georgette                                 21-Sep-06    22-Sep-06
White, Helen                                     17-Dec-05    18-Dec-05
White, Homer Spence (Glenndle Myrick)            9-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
White, Horace                                    31-May-06    2-Jun-06
White, Howard E.                                 9-Sep-06     12-Sep-06
White, J. Everett (Patricia Pope)                13-Jun-06    14-Jun-06
White, Jackie Maulding                           28-Oct-06    30-Oct-06
White, Jas. Albert                               10-Jun-06    16-Jun-06
White, Jas. E.                                   25-Nov-06    27-Nov-06
White, Jeffrey L. (Suzanne)                      5-Nov-05     9-Nov-05
White, Jerry                                     12-Oct-06    13-Oct-06
White, Jessie J.                                 26-Oct-05    28-Oct-05
White, Jill Harper (Togar M.)                    20-Dec-05    23-Dec-05
White, Jim T.                                    25-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
White, Jimmy David                               21-Dec-05    23-Dec-05
White, John C.                                   17-Jun-06    20-Jun-06
White, Johnny Lewis Sr. (Memoriam)               7-Nov-82     26-Apr-06
White, Josephine Wells                           13-Jul-06    15-Jul-06
White, Juanita Rose                              3-Oct-06     5-Oct-06
White, Kenneth C.                                29-Dec-05    31-Dec-05
White, Lena Lois Cosby                           10-Mar-06    20-Mar-06
White, Lewis Carl                                8-Mar-06     11-Mar-06
White, Lisa Dianne                               29-Oct-06    2-Nov-06
White, Lowell                                    13-Nov-06    14-Nov-06
White, Lula Jennett                              27-Nov-05    2-Dec-05
White, Lynn  (Memoriam)                          17-Dec-04    26-Dec-05
White, Mamie Lee                                 24-Oct-06    4-Nov-06
White, Marg. Kelley                              4-Mar-06     10-Mar-06
White, Marie Favors                              1-Nov-05     2-Nov-05
White, Mary A.                                   26-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
White, Mary Clark                                20-Apr-06    22-Apr-06
White, Mary F.                                   27-Oct-05    29-Oct-05
White, Mary F.                                   27-Oct-05    31-Oct-05
White, Mary L.                                   18-Apr-06    21-Apr-06
White, Mary L.                                                27-Apr-06
White, Milton (Dorothy S.)                       16-Dec-05    21-Dec-05
White, Neal J. Jr.                               17-May-06    20-May-06
White, Nellie R.                                 18-Sep-06    19-Sep-06
White, Ophelia                                   10-May-06    13-May-06
White, Orene Guthrie                             20-Dec-05    22-Dec-05
White, Perfinia G.                               18-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
White, Raymond Jimmy Sr. (Miriam)                18-Oct-05    20-Oct-05
White, Reba Bennett                              4-Apr-06     6-Apr-06
White, Reginald L.                               1-Nov-05     4-Nov-05
White, Remer Jr.                                 29-Mar-06    31-Mar-06
White, Richard L.                                11-Mar-06    13-Mar-06
White, Richard Thos. (Carmel Green)              8-Jun-06     15-Jun-06
White, Robt.                                                  10-Mar-06
White, Robt. E.                                  14-Dec-05    16-Dec-05
White, Robt. Mason                               3-Nov-05     5-Nov-05
White, Ruby Deal                                 12-Dec-06    14-Dec-06
White, Ruth Jones                                1-Feb-06     2-Feb-06
White, Ruth Lyons (Eugene Clarke)                12-Dec-06    15-Dec-06
White, Ruth Patterson                            5-Mar-06     7-Mar-06
White, Sally Louella                             11-Sep-06    13-Sep-06
White, Sidney Alvin                              27-Jan-06    29-Jan-06
White, Sue R. (Emmett L.)                        9-Sep-06     11-Sep-06
White, Tamara Elaine                             11-Oct-06    27-Oct-06
White, Terry L. II (Sheila)                      27-Jan-06    28-Jan-06
White, Thos. M. Jr.                              8-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
White, Tina                                      18-Oct-05    22-Oct-05
White, Va. Kendall                               22-May-06    23-May-06
White, Willie Lee                                13-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
White, Willie Mae                                14-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
White, Wm. (Eddie Mae Lowe)                      12-Jul-06    17-Jul-06
White-Hair, Eunice Maxine                        15-Dec-06    18-Dec-06
Whitehead, Antonio                               20-May-06    22-May-06
Whitehead, Antonio                                            26-May-06
Whitehead, Bertie Ray Little (Robt. Pierce)      6-Nov-05     8-Nov-05
Whitehead, Clara Irene                           11-Oct-05    13-Oct-05
Whitehead, Danny                                 2-Feb-06     4-Feb-06
Whitehead, Danny Lamar                           8-Jun-06     10-Jun-06
Whitehead, Dorothy Jean                          23-Nov-05    25-Nov-05
Whitehead, Jas. Sam値. Sr.                       28-Mar-06    30-Mar-06
Whitehead, Lessie                                             10-Mar-06
Whitehead, Lynell                                             11-Jun-06
Whitehead, Nellie Mae Brown                      6-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
Whitehead, Ophelia                               13-Jun-06    14-Jun-06
Whitehead, Robt. Jr.                             3-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Whitehead, Thos.                                 7-Sep-06     9-Sep-06
Whitehead, Thos. Edison (Mary Lou)               9-Oct-06     12-Oct-06
Whitehead, Tommy                                 21-Sep-06    23-Sep-06
Whiteman, Gloria (Arnold)                        9-Dec-06     10-Dec-06
Whiten, Evelyn Bray                              13-Oct-05    16-Oct-05
Whitener, Jas. Ronald                            28-May-06    30-May-06
Whitener, Mary Baldwin                           10-Dec-06    12-Dec-06
Whitesell, Fredrick A. III                       24-Oct-05    31-Oct-05
Whiteside, Douglas MacArthur Sr.                 4-May-06     10-May-06
Whiteside, Frank Finley                          1-Oct-06     5-Oct-06
Whiteside, Marvin                                16-Dec-05    18-Dec-05
Whitfield, Alice Ann Wms.                        11-Oct-05    14-Oct-05
Whitfield, Douglas (Barbara Ann Harris)          31-Mar-06    4-Apr-06
Whitfield, Harriett V.                           5-Dec-06     7-Dec-06
Whitfield, Ida Mae                               26-Oct-06    28-Oct-06
Whitfield, Jimmy Dean                            1-May-06     2-May-06
Whitford, Bernice B.                             11-Jul-06    12-Jul-06
Whiting, Marland Lewis (Anne)                    4-Apr-06     7-Apr-06
Whiting, Rufus Jay                               29-Jan-06    1-Feb-06
Whitlaw, Mozelle Murphy Satcher (Linwood)        4-Nov-06     7-Nov-06
Whitley, Bonita Griffin                          21-Dec-05    22-Dec-05
Whitley, Eddie J. (LaRue Nash)                   28-Dec-05    31-Dec-05
Whitley, Eulamae Fuller                          10-Oct-05    11-Oct-05
Whitley, Lecolia Bradfield                                    20-Jul-06
Whitley, Patricia Ann                            28-Nov-06    30-Nov-06
Whitley, Ted (Shirley)                                        21-Mar-06
Whitley, Van G.                                  1-Mar-06     3-Mar-06
Whitley, W. Paul                                 7-Jun-06     9-Jun-06
Whitley, Wm. C. (Peggy A.)                       6-Oct-06     8-Oct-06
Whitlock, M. Claudette                           1-May-06     3-May-06
Whitlock, Ricky Joe                              26-Dec-05    28-Dec-05
Whitlow, Gerald W.                               15-Oct-05    16-Oct-05
Whitman, Buford Edw. (Dera Hemmings)             26-Jan-06    27-Jan-06
Whitman, Gerald (Gail)                           14-Oct-06    25-Nov-06
Whitman, Robt. Gene                              17-May-06    19-May-06
Whitmire, Dallas M.                              11-Mar-06    13-Mar-06
Whitmire, Darrell (Sandra)                       19-Apr-06    21-Apr-06
Whitmire, Dorothy                                             27-Sep-06
Whitmire, Faye Rogers                            9-Jun-06     10-Jun-06
Whitmire, Raymond                                14-Nov-06    16-Nov-06
Whitmire, Thos. Floyd                            8-Mar-06     9-Mar-06
Whitmire, Thos. Milton                           14-Jul-06    15-Jul-06
Whitner, Mary L.                                 1-Apr-06     7-Apr-06
Whitney, Catherine                                            1-Nov-06
Whitney, Edw. B. (Joann)                         15-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Whitney, Erica Paige                             9-Jul-06     13-Jul-06
Whitney, Hobart A. Jr.                           13-Jul-06    16-Jul-06
Whitrow, Jesse R.                                11-Oct-05    13-Oct-05
Whitson, Malcolm M.                              7-Oct-06     9-Oct-06
Whitt, Jas. (Delia)                              15-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Whitt, Mary Katherine                            21-Apr-06    23-Apr-06
Whitt, Myra Lee                                  19-May-06    21-May-06
Whittaker, Dana Carlton (Louise)                 19-Oct-05    25-Oct-05
Whittaker, Lynn Frank                            19-Mar-06    21-Mar-06
Whitted, Hugh Powell Jr.                         3-Apr-06     7-Apr-06
Whitted, Myrtle Ball (J.B.)                      3-Feb-06     6-Feb-06
Whittemore, Ida Grace                            10-Jun-06    11-Jun-06
Whitten, Deanne Louise                           6-Oct-06     13-Oct-06
Whitten, Joyce B. (Wayne E.)                     16-Jun-06    18-Jun-06
Whitten, Mildred S.                              6-Apr-06     8-Apr-06
Whittenburger, Billy (Nancy)                     23-Nov-06    25-Nov-06
Whittinghill, Martha                             1-Nov-05     4-Nov-05
Whittle, Annie C. Hall (Lester W.)               27-Nov-05    28-Nov-05
Whittle, Tonya Marie                             15-Dec-06    16-Dec-06
Whitwood, Velma Kathleen                         26-Oct-05    28-Oct-05
Whorley, Gertrude Frances Burnette (Clarence)    29-Apr-06    30-Apr-06
Whyte, Marica A.                                 2-Nov-05     4-Nov-05
Wibonele, Anthony K.                             28-Mar-06    31-Mar-06
Wicker, Jas. Henry (Gladys)                      8-Oct-06     10-Oct-06
Wicker, Jas. M.                                  13-Mar-06    15-Mar-06
Wideman, Harriett Bullock                        12-Apr-06    17-Apr-06
Widmer, Lillian A.                               10-Oct-05    11-Oct-05
Widner, Jeff                                     23-Oct-05    27-Oct-05
Wiedman, Doris G.                                25-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Wieland, Peter                                   7-Nov-05     9-Nov-05
Wierzbicki, Henrietta Marie Grombik              21-Sep-06    24-Sep-06
Wiesmyer, Helen M. (Frank)                       16-Oct-06    18-Oct-06
Wiessel, Mary Va.                                9-Oct-06     10-Oct-06
Wiggins, Geo. Ronnie                             22-Nov-05    23-Nov-05
Wiggins, John Lesley                             26-Oct-05    29-Oct-05
Wiggins, Marilyn Marie                           26-Oct-06    28-Oct-06
Wiggins, Ronald Lee (Diana Lynn)                 15-Mar-06    20-Mar-06
Wiggins, Ruby Dale                               27-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Wiggins, Thearon Hackett                         23-Dec-06    24-Dec-06
Wiggins, Wm.                                     14-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Wiggins, Wm. Barnett (Eliz. Brown)               29-Oct-06    5-Nov-06
Wiggins, Wordie Lee Ann                          1-Nov-05     3-Nov-05
Wiggins-Harris, Lillie Mae                       10-May-06    13-May-06
Wigginton, Dorothy Bell                          10-Sep-06    12-Sep-06
Wigginton, Kenneth Ray Sr.                       1-Dec-06     2-Dec-06
Wigington, Alisa Annette                         15-May-06    18-May-06
Wigley, Weyman F.                                28-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
Wike, Kathy Sue                                  14-Nov-06    16-Nov-06
Wikle, Jas. Howard                               29-Dec-05    31-Dec-05
Wikle, Ronald Ray                                8-Nov-05     10-Nov-05
Wilanks, Mellie Jo Cragg                         3-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Wilbanks, Bertha                                 30-Dec-06    2-Jan-06
Wilbanks, Bill                                   10-Mar-06    12-Mar-06
Wilbanks, Elwyn H.                               13-Apr-06    15-Apr-06
Wilbanks, Emilee C.                              8-Jun-06     10-Jun-06
Wilbanks, Frances E.                             10-Nov-06    12-Nov-06
Wilbanks, Wm.                                    18-Sep-06    20-Sep-06
Wilbon, Velma Lea (Elessie)                      20-Nov-05    23-Nov-05
Wilborn, Alfred Sr.                              25-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
Wilborn, Marie                                   20-Nov-06    22-Nov-06
Wilborn, Maudestine Grissett                     4-Jun-06     7-Jun-06
Wilburn, Annie (Thos. C.)                        11-Sep-06    14-Sep-06
Wilburn, Larry                                   20-Nov-06    23-Nov-06
Wilburn, Larry (Carolyn)                         5-Sep-06     6-Sep-06
Wilburn, Maggie Lee  (Roy Lester)                13-Dec-06    15-Dec-06
Wilburn, Mary Ellen                              2-Nov-06     4-Nov-06
Wilburn, Pearlie                                 19-Nov-06    21-Nov-06
Wilcher, Betty Jean                              25-Dec-06    28-Dec-06
Wilcox, Christopher                              9-Jun-06     10-Jun-06
Wilcox, Doris Strickland (Robt. D.)              28-Apr-06    30-Apr-06
Wilcox, Mattie C.                                13-Jun-06    15-Jun-06
Wilcox, Prixcilla Merritt                        3-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Wilcox, Weda Coleman                             9-Apr-06     15-Apr-06
Wilcoxson, Jas.                                  9-Dec-06     12-Dec-06
Wilcoxson, Jas. C.                                            15-Dec-06
Wilcox-Wms, Carrie                               9-Apr-06     10-Apr-06
Wild, Beatrice (Jos.)                            30-Oct-06    31-Oct-06
Wilder, Adelene L.                               4-May-06     5-May-06
Wilder, Brandy Miller                            2-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Wilder, Gertrude Montgomery (Charlie)            17-Dec-06    18-Dec-06
Wilder, Hazel L.                                 11-Apr-06    12-Apr-06
Wilder, Julia W. (Edwin)                         26-Apr-06    28-Apr-06
Wilder, Ruth E. (Jas.)                           9-Nov-06     14-Nov-06
Wiley, Beverly                                   25-Nov-05    26-Nov-05
Wiley, Birdell McKibbins                         20-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Wiley, Carl Wm.                                  11-Oct-06    12-Oct-06
Wiley, Cheryl                                    28-May-06    29-May-06
Wiley, Evie Savage                               25-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Wiley, Hattie Mae                                9-May-06     11-May-06
Wiley, Jason Matthew                             29-Sep-06    3-Oct-06
Wiley, Joe                                       11-Mar-06    12-Mar-06
Wiley, Leah Karen                                17-Dec-06    25-Dec-06
Wiley, Louise                                    1-Dec-06     2-Dec-06
Wiley, Mary Va.                                  16-Dec-06    18-Dec-06
Wiley, Sally Mae Coker (Glenn)                   6-May-06     8-May-06
Wilhite, Joy                                     25-May-06    27-May-06
Wilkerson, A.J.                                  23-Nov-06    26-Nov-06
Wilkerson, Clayton Duke                          20-Nov-06    21-Nov-06
Wilkerson, Doris Mae                             12-Jul-06    16-Jul-06
Wilkerson, Dorothy Eliz. (Edw.)                               7-Oct-05
Wilkerson, Emma R.                               23-May-06    24-May-06
Wilkerson, Lois N. (Fred)                        17-Oct-06    19-Oct-06
Wilkerson, London Ann                            26-Nov-05    28-Nov-05
Wilkerson, Mildred (Emery)                       15-Oct-05    18-Oct-05
Wilkerson, Terry Lee                             19-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
Wilkerson, Vertie                                28-Dec-05    31-Dec-05
Wilkes, Brad Alvin Jr.                           21-Oct-06    25-Oct-06
Wilkes, Debra Kay                                6-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
Wilkes, Dupree L.                                21-Oct-05    23-Oct-05
Wilkes, Mildred J. (C.L.)                                     10-Nov-06
Wilkie, Robt. Allen (Rebecca)                    6-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
Wilkin, Wm. Winston                              18-Dec-06    19-Dec-06
Wilkins, Bobby Eugene                            2-Oct-06     18-Oct-06
Wilkins, Lizzie Mae                              13-Nov-06    18-Nov-06
Wilkins, Lynn                                    5-Apr-06     7-Apr-06
Wilkins, Marguerite                              2-May-06     4-May-06
Wilkins, Marion                                  23-May-06    26-May-06
Wilkins, Rhollie                                 3-Oct-06     4-Oct-06
Wilkins, Roger                                   2-Feb-06     4-Feb-06
Wilkins, Stan                                    29-Nov-06    1-Dec-06
Wilkins, Walter Gorham                           4-Jun-06     6-Jun-06
Wilkins, Willie Jr.                              23-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Wilkinson, Edith Bush (A. Mims)                               3-Nov-06
Wilkinson, Eleanor Lind                          31-Jan-06    2-Feb-06
Wilkinson, Hattie                                16-May-06    19-May-06
Wilkinson, Lavonne (Gerald)                      23-Apr-06    28-Apr-06
Wilkinson, Lavonne Vilma                         21-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Wilkinson, Wm. T. Jr. (Betty Purvis)             29-Apr-06    1-May-06
Wilkinson, Zera Shirley                          1-Oct-06     3-Oct-06
Will, Shirley W.                                 5-Jun-06     11-Jun-06
Willard, Faye                                    23-Nov-05    26-Nov-05
Willard, Lorene Ivy                              23-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Willbanks, Nettie Blanche Watson                 14-May-06    15-May-06
Willeby, Laura C.                                11-May-06    12-May-06
Willerson, Jas. David                            13-Apr-06    15-Apr-06
Willett, Elbert Henry (Jean Lloyd)               25-Oct-06    1-Nov-06
Williamon, Essie Lee Sloman                      22-Jan-06    25-Jan-06
Williams, Alana M.                                            28-Oct-05
Williams, Alana Marie                            1-Oct-05     14-Oct-05
Williams, Alfred F.                              8-Oct-06     9-Oct-06
Williams, Allie Sue                              10-Sep-06    12-Sep-06
Williams, Ann R.  (Memoriam)                     19-Jun-01    19-Jun-06
Williams, Annie                                  20-Nov-06    23-Nov-06
Williams, Annie M.                               10-Oct-05    14-Oct-05
Williams, Annie Ruth                             4-Nov-05     5-Nov-05
Williams, Anthony                                             25-Sep-06
Williams, Araysha                                21-May-06    23-May-06
Williams, Araysha M.                                          1-Jun-06
Williams, Arrie Ree                              19-Dec-06    22-Dec-06
Williams, Arthur                                 17-Nov-06    21-Nov-06
Williams, Arthur Jr.                             18-Oct-05    21-Oct-05
Williams, Asaph D.                               12-Dec-06    18-Dec-06
Williams, Barbara Jean                           9-Jun-06     21-Jun-06
Williams, Beatrice (Memoriam)                    13-Apr-04    13-Apr-06
Williams, Bessie Irene                           15-May-06    19-May-06
Williams, Betty Jean                             10-Sep-06    12-Sep-06
Williams, Blanche                                29-Jan-06    30-Jan-06
Williams, Bobbie Jean Ball                       19-May-06    24-May-06
Williams, Bobby Ray                              14-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Williams, Brenda                                 14-May-06    15-May-06
Williams, Brenda Doris                           6-May-06     10-May-06
Williams, Bridgit                                             29-Nov-05
Williams, Broadus Briscoe                        26-Nov-05    28-Nov-05
Williams, Bruce L.                               25-Nov-05    26-Nov-05
Williams, Calvin                                 1-Mar-06     5-Mar-06
Williams, Carl                                   21-Oct-06    23-Oct-06
Williams, Charlean                               27-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Williams, Chas. C. (Beverly)                     18-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
Williams, Chas. Jas. Sr.                         9-Sep-06     11-Sep-06
Williams, Chas. Jos. Sr.                         18-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
Williams, Clarence                               11-Mar-06    13-Mar-06
Williams, Clarence                                            19-Mar-06
Williams, Cleophas                               28-May-06    2-Jun-06
Williams, Damon Andrew  (Memoriam)               23-Nov-03    12-Oct-06
Williams, David                                  28-Mar-06    30-Mar-06
Williams, David Lee                              3-Sep-06     5-Sep-06
Williams, Deborah                                             3-Oct-06
Williams, Debra Ann                              25-Dec-05    29-Dec-05
Williams, Debra H.                               15-Apr-06    20-Apr-06
Williams, Delores D.                                          29-Dec-06
Williams, Denise                                 6-Nov-05     7-Nov-05
Williams, Diane Bishop                           22-Nov-05    30-Nov-05
Williams, Dillon Elton                           20-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Williams, Dollie Dimple                          13-Mar-06    15-Mar-06
Williams, Doris Abercrombie (Richard S.)         11-Mar-06    14-Mar-06
Williams, Doris Evelyn                           18-Sep-06    22-Sep-06
Williams, Dorothy L.                             12-Dec-06    15-Dec-06
Williams, Drunell Robinson (Oscar)               20-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Williams, Edaniels                               16-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
Williams, Eddie III                              16-Apr-06    17-Apr-06
Williams, Eddie Lee                              1-Nov-05     4-Nov-05
Williams, Eddie Lee Jr.                          30-Oct-06    2-Nov-06
Williams, Ellen Marie                            25-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Williams, Ellen Sarah Biehler                    25-Nov-05    27-Nov-05
Williams, Eloise (Jack)                          11-Mar-06    12-Mar-06
Williams, Emma Bell                              29-Nov-06    30-Nov-06
Williams, Erma                                   11-Jul-06    12-Jul-06
Williams, Essie B.                               1-Nov-06     6-Nov-06
Williams, Essie Mae                                           13-Oct-06
Williams, Ethlene                                5-Dec-06     8-Dec-06
Williams, Evelyn Brown (Dan)                                  28-Apr-06
Williams, Evelyn Clark                           19-Dec-05    22-Dec-05
Williams, Evelyn T.                                           2-Dec-05
Williams, Fannie                                 23-May-06    24-May-06
Williams, Flora Lee Plott                        13-Mar-06    15-Mar-06
Williams, Gladstone                              5-Mar-06     7-Mar-06
Williams, Gloria                                 12-Sep-06    13-Sep-06
Williams, Grace L.                               6-Sep-06     7-Sep-06
Williams, Harold Harvey (Katy)                   21-Apr-06    23-Apr-06
Williams, Huldia                                 25-Mar-06    27-Mar-06
Williams, I.E. (Enid Birk)                       16-Dec-05    20-Dec-05
Williams, Janie C.                               14-Oct-06    15-Oct-06
Williams, Jas.                                   27-Dec-05    28-Dec-05
Williams, Jas. A.                                6-Dec-06     9-Dec-06
Williams, Jas. F. (Doris Thornton)               10-Oct-06    12-Oct-06
Williams, Jas. Freddie (Andretta)                5-Jun-06     9-Jun-06
Williams, Jas. Patrick (Melissa Smith)           24-Oct-05    26-Oct-05
Williams, Jas. Russell                           30-Jan-06    1-Feb-06
Williams, Jerome Lamar                           18-Dec-06    19-Dec-06
Williams, Jim                                    24-Oct-05    25-Oct-05
Williams, Jimmie A.                              14-Mar-06    17-Mar-06
Williams, Jimmy (Linda)                          20-Jun-06    21-Jun-06
Williams, Joe T.                                 1-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Williams, John Franklin                          16-Jun-06    20-Jun-06
Williams, John Thos. Sr.                         15-Oct-05    19-Oct-05
Williams, John W. (Emma Lou)                     19-Dec-05    21-Dec-05
Williams, Johnny Jr.                             3-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Williams, Jordan                                 13-Mar-06    19-Mar-06
Williams, Joshua H.                              12-Oct-06    14-Oct-06
Williams, Joy Dean                               3-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Williams, Judith Shoeman (Jas. F.)               25-Nov-06    4-Dec-06
Williams, Judy Poythress (Bruce)                 21-Nov-05    23-Nov-05
Williams, Jules                                  22-Dec-05    24-Dec-05
Williams, Jurell                                 19-Oct-06    22-Oct-06
Williams, Kate                                   18-Jun-06    20-Jun-06
Williams, Kathleen Moore Hull                    8-Apr-06     13-Apr-06
Williams, Kathryn B.                             24-Jan-06    25-Jan-06
Williams, Katie Mae                              4-Oct-05     6-Oct-05
Williams, LaGretta                                            10-Mar-06
Williams, LaMoine L.                             2-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Williams, Larry D. (Alice J.)                    11-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Williams, Laura Dean                             4-Dec-06     6-Dec-06
Williams, Laura W. (Memoriam)                    16-Apr-05    24-Dec-05
Williams, Lee (Thelma May)                       19-May-06    21-May-06
Williams, Leon                                   13-Sep-06    19-Sep-06
Williams, Leon Jr.                               5-May-06     13-May-06
Williams, Lesly                                  1-Oct-05     14-Oct-05
Williams, Lesly (Lisa)                                        28-Oct-05
Williams, Lillie Mae                             15-May-06    18-May-06
Williams, Linda                                  2-Jun-06     3-Jun-06
Williams, Linda G.                               21-Nov-05    23-Nov-05
Williams, Llma J.                                26-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
Williams, Lois Jeanette Jones                    14-Jun-06    16-Jun-06
Williams, Lorae Jeannine                         20-Apr-06    3-May-06
Williams, Lorraine                               4-Oct-05     6-Oct-05
Williams, Louis Donald (Ella Vivian)             15-Apr-06    21-Apr-06
Williams, Louise                                 6-Nov-06     8-Nov-06
Williams, Louise P. (Wheeler Boyd)               29-Jan-06    2-Feb-06
Williams, Louvenia                               13-Oct-05    15-Oct-05
Williams, Lowell                                 2-May-06     4-May-06
Williams, Mable Diane                            29-Mar-06    7-Apr-06
Williams, Mae Henry                                           7-Jul-06
Williams, Mamie                                  28-Oct-05    30-Oct-05
Williams, Mamie L.                               3-Nov-06     7-Nov-06
Williams, Marg. Huston (Robt. C.)                13-Jul-06    18-Jul-06
Williams, Marg. Nancy                            26-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Williams, Marilyn W.                             11-Jun-06    15-Jun-06
Williams, Marlin Emory                           5-Mar-06     7-Mar-06
Williams, Marsha                                 31-Dec-05    1-Jan-06
Williams, Marshall Davis                         30-Mar-06    2-Apr-06
Williams, Martha Eliz. Wells                     3-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Williams, Martin                                 22-May-06    24-May-06
Williams, Martin L. (Lennie Surry)                            26-May-06
Williams, Mary                                   18-Sep-06    19-Sep-06
Williams, Mary Alice Hiter (Wendell Lamar)       4-Nov-05     9-Nov-05
Williams, Mary Alice Zellers (Sam値.)                         16-Jul-06
Williams, Mary Helen (O. Eugene)                 11-Jul-06    14-Jul-06
Williams, Mary Jester Golden (Clarence)          28-Nov-05    1-Dec-05
Williams, Mary Lawrence                          15-Jul-06    17-Jul-06
Williams, Mary S.                                1-Apr-06     4-Apr-06
Williams, Matthew                                23-Apr-06    26-Apr-06
Williams, Matthew J. (Liz)                       26-Apr-06    29-Apr-06
Williams, Mattie Grace Hudson                    30-Mar-06    4-Apr-06
Williams, Melvin                                 22-Oct-06    25-Oct-06
Williams, Minnie                                 4-Mar-06     5-Mar-06
Williams, Minnie Keller Robts. (Geo. W.)         7-Oct-06     8-Oct-06
Williams, Morris                                 21-Sep-06    24-Sep-06
Williams, Moselle Smith (S. Courtland)           28-Dec-05    29-Dec-05
Williams, Myrtice                                4-Jun-06     6-Jun-06
Williams, Myrtice Thelma                         28-Dec-05    30-Dec-05
Williams, Ola                                    19-Jun-06    20-Jun-06
Williams, Ola B. (Clarence)                      2-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Williams, Olin                                   8-Oct-05     9-Oct-05
Williams, Oscar                                  14-May-06    16-May-06
Williams, Pal L. Jr.                             30-Mar-06    7-Apr-06
Williams, Patricia                                            8-Sep-06
Williams, Patricia                               26-Sep-06    29-Sep-06
Williams, Patricia A.                            25-Apr-06    27-Apr-06
Williams, Patricia Ann                           20-Oct-05    21-Oct-05
Williams, Patsy Ann                              16-Oct-05    19-Oct-05
Williams, Paul                                   1-Mar-06     3-Mar-06
Williams, Philip D. (Sherry Karas)               11-Jun-06    14-Jun-06
Williams, Phyllis (Gregory)                      14-Nov-06    15-Nov-06
Williams, Phyllis Elaine H.  (Memoriam)          2005         14-Jun-06
Williams, Qowanise                               16-Nov-06    20-Nov-06
Williams, Ralph                                  1-Feb-06     3-Feb-06
Williams, Randal                                 29-Mar-06    31-Mar-06
Williams, Raymond R.                             4-Mar-06     7-Mar-06
Williams, Rex Raymond                            29-May-06    31-May-06
Williams, Rhonda Paul (Mickey)                   17-Nov-06    18-Nov-06
Williams, Richard D. (Marg. & Sally)             8-Nov-06     12-Nov-06
Williams, Robt. E.                               27-May-06    29-May-06
Williams, Robt. W. Sr.                                        24-Nov-06
Williams, Rodney Franklin                        18-May-06    20-May-06
Williams, Roosevelt                              14-Mar-06    16-Mar-06
Williams, Rosalyn Kirby Fair                     3-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Williams, Rose H.                                10-Dec-06    12-Dec-06
Williams, Rosie Kate (Theodore)                  7-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Williams, Ruth                                   2-Nov-05     4-Nov-05
Williams, Ruth C. (Andy)                         2-Nov-06     3-Nov-06
Williams, Sam値.                                 5-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
Williams, Sara Lou                               8-Apr-06     10-Apr-06
Williams, Sara W.                                24-Dec-06    25-Dec-06
Williams, Shalanda L.                                         27-Dec-05
Williams, Shirley (Wayne)                        4-Oct-06     6-Oct-06
Williams, Suenette                               1-Jun-06     6-Jun-06
Williams, Terry Lee Sr.                          15-Sep-06    17-Sep-06
Williams, Thos. Joshua (Vera J.)                 23-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Williams, Tina                                   25-Jan-06    28-Jan-06
Williams, Tommy L.                               13-Jun-06    19-Jun-06
Williams, Truman Veran Jr. (Barbara Ann)         15-Oct-06    18-Oct-06
Williams, Verna (Memoriam)                       12-Apr-05    12-Apr-06
Williams, Vivian G.                              1-Dec-05     2-Dec-05
Williams, Walter L.                              9-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Williams, Walter L.                                           20-Apr-06
Williams, Walter Sr.                             6-May-06     9-May-06
Williams, Warren JeMarcus                                     7-Apr-06
Williams, Wesley Monroe Sr. (Geneva)             23-Nov-05    25-Nov-05
Williams, Wilfred                                30-Mar-06    6-Apr-06
Williams, Willie                                 16-May-06    17-May-06
Williams, Willie K. (Ralph)                      16-Oct-05    17-Oct-05
Williams, Willie Mae (Jesse)                     30-Nov-06    2-Dec-06
Williams, Winnie Nedralle                        15-Jun-06    17-Jun-06
Williams, Wm. E. (Catherine Bond)                2-Nov-05     4-Nov-05
Williams, Wm. W. (Alice Coalson)                 26-Apr-06    28-Apr-06
Williams, Wm.Eugene                              11-Mar-06    15-Mar-06
Williams, Yvonne D. Lord                         18-Sep-06    20-Sep-06
Williams-Baldez, Marg. Neal                      18-Oct-05    21-Oct-05
Williamson, Anna                                              27-Dec-06
Williamson, Billy                                30-Jan-06    31-Jan-06
Williamson, Burtice B.                           4-Mar-06     6-Mar-06
Williamson, Chas. (Madge)                                     18-Dec-06
Williamson, Cleopha                              22-Sep-06    24-Sep-06
Williamson, Clyde                                17-Oct-06    18-Oct-06
Williamson, Donald                               2-Sep-06     5-Sep-06
Williamson, Eunice Graham                        8-Oct-06     10-Oct-06
Williamson, Everton (Memoriam)                   23-Mar-05    23-Mar-06
Williamson, Faye C.                              18-Dec-05    19-Dec-05
Williamson, Frances H.                           2-Jun-06     4-Jun-06
Williamson, Jeffery Scott (Rakky)                24-Apr-06    28-Apr-06
Williamson, Kenneth Cleveland                    10-Oct-06    13-Oct-06
Williamson, Larry Rodney                         26-May-06    11-Jun-06
Williamson, Lorene                               16-Mar-06    18-Mar-06
Williamson, Marg. Scoles (Dale)                  11-Oct-05    15-Oct-05
Williamson, Mary Delores Knight                  23-Apr-06    26-Apr-06
Williamson, Miriam B.                            19-Jan-06    27-Jan-06
Williamson, Mitchell Glenn                       13-Nov-06    16-Nov-06
Williamson, Sandra (Jim)                         30-Oct-06    1-Nov-06
Williamson, Susan Self (J. Thos.)                5-Nov-06     13-Nov-06
Williamson, Wm. D.                               31-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Williams-Partridge, Alice                        26-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Willingham, Bobbie A. Sr.                        27-May-06    29-May-06
Willingham, Calvin C. Sr. (Martha Lee Scott)     12-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Willingham, Essie                                             23-Dec-06
Willingham, Jean L.                              30-Nov-06    5-Dec-06
Willingham, Marg.                                12-Dec-06    14-Dec-06
Willingham, Mary L.                              18-Nov-06    19-Nov-06
Willingham, Mildred Eliz. Fuller                 6-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
Willis, Anthony B.                                            6-Sep-06
Willis, Callie Mae                               11-Oct-06    14-Oct-06
Willis, Elinor T.                                6-Nov-06     8-Nov-06
Willis, Eliz.                                    2-Nov-06     4-Nov-06
Willis, Geo. Frank                               25-Jan-06    31-Jan-06
Willis, Grace J.  (Memoriam)                     12-Mar-05    12-Mar-06
Willis, Herschel L.                                           22-Dec-06
Willis, Idella                                   12-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
Willis, J.B. (Elinor Tinsley)                    9-May-06     10-May-06
Willis, Jerry                                    29-Oct-06    31-Oct-06
Willis, Jo Ella Alexander                        26-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
Willis, Lillian Marie Greene (Dan DeLacy)        23-Oct-05    26-Oct-05
Willis, Lillie Mae                                            8-Sep-06
Willis, Lutrenia                                 21-Nov-06    23-Nov-06
Willis, Ruby                                     8-Jun-06     10-Jun-06
Willis, Sharonda Dominique)                      22-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Willis, Thos. Jas. (Marie)                       9-Jul-06     10-Jul-06
Willis, Willie J. (Sandra)                       14-Nov-06    16-Nov-06
Willoughby, Buster                               12-Mar-06    14-Mar-06
Willoughby, Marshall                             8-Jul-06     10-Jul-06
Wills, Agnes G.                                  26-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
Wills, Edna                                      24-Dec-06    25-Dec-06
Wills, John Wesley Jr.                           22-Nov-05    24-Nov-05
Wills, Kenny                                     5-May-06     7-May-06
Wills, Mary Ann                                  25-Mar-06    27-Mar-06
Wills, Mildred Ann Astin                         6-May-06     8-May-06
Willson, Marie Hamrick                           23-May-06    25-May-06
Wilmot, Sally O. Herron                          23-Nov-06    28-Nov-06
Wilson, Amos T. (Mosley)                         26-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Wilson, Angela R.                                3-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Wilson, Annie Belle German (Joe David)           27-Jan-06    3-Feb-06
Wilson, Arlan D.                                 31-Mar-06    3-Apr-06
Wilson, Barbara Nichols                          24-Mar-06    27-Mar-06
Wilson, Bernice Corline                          9-Mar-06     14-Mar-06
Wilson, Betty Louise                             3-Aug-06     9-Sep-06
Wilson, Beverly Sims                             3-Jun-06     5-Jun-06
Wilson, Billie Jo Pierce                         31-Oct-05    1-Nov-05
Wilson, Billy Franklin                           24-Jan-06    26-Jan-06
Wilson, Bobby E.                                 9-Dec-06     11-Dec-06
Wilson, Brady Jr.                                1-Oct-06     3-Oct-06
Wilson, Brenda Sue                               31-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Wilson, Burrell, A. Sr.                          18-Dec-05    25-Dec-05
Wilson, Burton Lee                               30-Jan-06    31-Jan-06
Wilson, Carl                                     21-Nov-05    25-Nov-05
Wilson, Carl F. (S. Leigh)                       9-Apr-06     13-Apr-06
Wilson, Chas. C. (Helen Eliz. Nash)              20-Dec-05    22-Dec-05
Wilson, Chas. Lee                                10-Mar-06    12-Mar-06
Wilson, Chas. Ronald                             18-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
Wilson, Clara Mae                                6-Sep-06     7-Sep-06
Wilson, Dell                                     28-Feb-06    2-Mar-06
Wilson, Doris (Van)                              17-Mar-06    19-Mar-06
Wilson, Dorothy Fain (Herbert S.)                29-Oct-05    30-Oct-05
Wilson, Dorothy L. (Arthur D.)                   18-Dec-05    20-Dec-05
Wilson, Earl                                     19-Nov-06    21-Nov-06
Wilson, Earl L.                                  3-Jun-06     5-Jun-06
Wilson, Edith Claire                             26-Oct-06    29-Oct-06
Wilson, Edw. L.                                  25-Nov-06    28-Nov-06
Wilson, Eliz. Taylor (Harold Andrew)             24-Jan-06    26-Jan-06
Wilson, Ernest Olin Jr.                          4-Apr-06     7-Apr-06
Wilson, Flora Lee                                17-Mar-06    19-Mar-06
Wilson, Floyd Sr. (Bobbie Cooke)                 27-Sep-06    28-Sep-06
Wilson, Frances Hyde                             22-Apr-06    24-Apr-06
Wilson, Frank L. (Kristina Follrath)             9-Jun-06     11-Jun-06
Wilson, Frankie (JoAnn)                          16-Oct-05    18-Oct-05
Wilson, Fred L.                                  1-Nov-05     2-Nov-05
Wilson, Fretter D.                               5-Jun-06     7-Jun-06
Wilson, Gladys S.                                27-Jan-06    28-Jan-06
Wilson, Hampton Turner                           18-May-06    20-May-06
Wilson, Hansel L.                                19-Sep-06    21-Sep-06
Wilson, Herbert E.                               30-May-06    31-May-06
Wilson, Ila Rea Bussell                          17-May-06    20-May-06
Wilson, Jack Lynn                                22-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Wilson, Jackie Edw.                              19-Oct-06    21-Oct-06
Wilson, Janet Lee                                23-Mar-06    25-Mar-06
Wilson, Jas. Arthur (Ramona Quattlebaum)         25-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Wilson, Jas. Harris Jr. (Martha F.)              1-Mar-06     3-Mar-06
Wilson, Jas. Miller Jr.                          16-Nov-06    18-Nov-06
Wilson, Jerome Dewitt (Elaine)                   10-Apr-06    14-Apr-06
Wilson, Jessica McIntosh                         5-Oct-05     8-Oct-05
Wilson, Jewell Ballard                           3-Dec-06     6-Dec-06
Wilson, Jimmie                                   7-Jun-06     11-Jun-06
Wilson, JoAnn Duncan                             14-Jul-06    15-Jul-06
Wilson, John M.                                  17-Oct-06    24-Oct-06
Wilson, Johnny                                   6-Oct-05     11-Oct-05
Wilson, Johnny L. (Paulette)                     13-Oct-05    15-Oct-05
Wilson, Julius Stewart                           30-Apr-06    4-May-06
Wilson, Karen L.                                 23-Oct-05    27-Oct-05
Wilson, Katherine                                17-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
Wilson, Kelle Ann Thompson (Michael)             11-Nov-06    13-Nov-06
Wilson, Larry S. Sr.                             12-Nov-06    14-Nov-06
Wilson, Laura                                    15-Jul-06    18-Jul-06
Wilson, Laura (Ronald)                           30-May-06    7-Jun-06
Wilson, Lewtishia                                6-Sep-06     8-Sep-06
Wilson, Lillian                                  4-Mar-06     7-Mar-06
Wilson, Lillie Mae                               9-Dec-06     10-Dec-06
Wilson, Lois Vine                                             3-Feb-06
Wilson, Lonnie E. Sr. (Zoraetta)                 7-Mar-06     9-Mar-06
Wilson, Lucy                                     13-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Wilson, Mamie C.                                              12-Oct-05
Wilson, Mamie Steely                             10-Dec-06    12-Dec-06
Wilson, Mary                                     7-Apr-06     9-Apr-06
Wilson, Mary R.E.S. (Jot & Clifford)             6-Oct-06     19-Oct-06
Wilson, Matthew Waddell                          31-May-06    3-Jun-06
Wilson, Meghan Carty                             16-May-06    18-May-06
Wilson, Melva R.                                 1-Jun-06     4-Jun-06
Wilson, Melvin Jr.                               29-Oct-06    2-Nov-06
Wilson, Michael                                               28-Dec-06
Wilson, Michael T.                               11-May-06    14-May-06
Wilson, Nettie Mae Thos. (Foster)                18-Dec-05    22-Dec-05
Wilson, Oliver C. (Sarah Roughton)               20-Apr-06    22-Apr-06
Wilson, Phillip Luther                           29-Nov-05    30-Nov-05
Wilson, Randy P.                                 15-Oct-05    17-Oct-05
Wilson, Richard Blanch                           18-Apr-06    19-Apr-06
Wilson, Richard M.                               16-Dec-06    17-Dec-06
Wilson, Richardia Martin (Thos. Keith)           28-Jan-06    31-Jan-06
Wilson, Rita A.                                  29-Apr-06    4-May-06
Wilson, Robt. Stapleton (Jeannette Pace)         19-Dec-05    26-Dec-05
Wilson, Sallie M.                                18-Oct-05    19-Oct-05
Wilson, Sandy Casper                             1-Nov-05     3-Nov-05
Wilson, Thelma Eidson (Howard B.)                18-Sep-06    20-Sep-06
Wilson, Theodore Albert Jr. (Ga.)                3-Nov-05     23-Nov-05
Wilson, Tyronido D.                              11-May-06    19-May-06
Wilson, Va.                                      19-Nov-05    24-Nov-05
Wilson, Va. Yvonne                               16-Jun-06    17-Jun-06
Wilson, Vera C.                                               22-Dec-06
Wilson, Wendy Danyell                            24-Nov-05    1-Dec-05
Wilson, Willie Eliz. Fuller                      17-Oct-05    24-Oct-05
Wilson, Wm. (Naomi)                              23-Oct-05    25-Oct-05
Wilson, Wm. Gregory                              31-Oct-06    1-Nov-06
Wilson, Zemma Lucille                            23-Nov-06    26-Nov-06
Wilson,Willie Frank Jr.                          14-Sep-06    18-Sep-06
Wiman, Marie Pineda (Scott)                      6-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
Wimberly, Kelvin Bernard (Memoriam)              7-Mar-05     7-Mar-06
Wimbish, Harold E. (Marguerite)                  19-Nov-06    23-Nov-06
Wimbish, Willie Cline                            23-Oct-06    25-Oct-06
Wimpey, Clyde Ellis                              4-Nov-05     5-Nov-05
Wimpey, Thelbert                                 14-Mar-06    17-Mar-06
Wimpy, Howard                                    29-Mar-06    1-Apr-06
Winant, Nina C.                                  15-Nov-06    18-Nov-06
Winberg, Dorothy Ilene (Donald)                  11-Nov-06    14-Nov-06
Winburn, Gene Mac                                20-Mar-06    25-Mar-06
Winchester, Loyd J. (Betty Friddell)             26-Dec-05    29-Dec-05
Winder, Vivian                                   24-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Windham, Melvyn Ray                              3-Mar-06     7-Mar-06
Windham, Thos. Wm. Sr.                           8-Sep-06     10-Sep-06
Windom, Jas. A. Sr.                              15-Oct-05    16-Oct-05
Windom, Ray                                      24-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Winfield, Willie Jos.                            22-Dec-05    25-Dec-05
Winfrey, Bobbie Lee                              17-Jul-06    18-Jul-06
Winfrey, Carrie                                  29-Dec-05    30-Dec-05
Winfrey, Hattie Belle                            26-Dec-05    29-Dec-05
Winfrey, Jimmy Pete                              21-Nov-06    23-Nov-06
Wing, Geo. Aldo                                  18-Mar-06    20-Mar-06
Wing, Percy Dawson (Corraine)                                 2-Oct-06
Wing, Roberta Dan値.                             25-Dec-05    28-Dec-05
Wingard, Glenn                                   2-Dec-06     6-Dec-06
Wingard, Lola Buchanan                           28-Nov-06    29-Nov-06
Wingo, Alfred                                    30-May-06    31-May-06
Wingo, Myric D.                                  27-Apr-06    28-Apr-06
Wingo, Sadie Doris                               21-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Winkleman, Emily L. Jones (Valentine)            29-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Winkler, W.A.                                    16-Apr-06    19-Apr-06
Winkles, Agnes                                   27-Oct-05    29-Oct-05
Winkles, Burma T.                                26-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Winkles, Jos. Lowell                             29-May-06    31-May-06
Winkles, Marg. Lucille Dingler                   13-Dec-05    16-Dec-05
Winkles, Rosa Anna Louise                        24-Oct-06    25-Oct-06
Winkles, Wilbur H. Jr.                           18-Oct-06    19-Oct-06
Winkles, Willie Frank                            11-Nov-06    12-Nov-06
Winn, Chas. Boyce                                23-Nov-05    26-Nov-05
Winn, Gerald Gordon                              6-Dec-06     7-Dec-06
Winn, Jas. Marshall Sr. (Patricia W.)            10-Oct-05    12-Oct-05
Winnie, Kelly O樽alley (Tom)                     4-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Winokur, Martha J. (Arnold)                      26-Jan-06    27-Jan-06
Winokur, Steven B.                               21-Nov-05    23-Nov-05
Winston, Fletcher                                5-May-06     7-May-06
Winston, Henry Emauel (Norma)                    1-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Winston, Judith Irene (Sandy)                    24-Sep-06    25-Sep-06
Winston, Marcia                                  13-Apr-06    15-Apr-06
Winston, Marg. Ophelia                           2-May-06     5-May-06
Winter, Donald                                   15-Jun-06    18-Jun-06
Winterrath, Geraldine                            27-Feb-06    5-Mar-06
Winters, Jacob Lee                               7-Oct-06     10-Oct-06
Winton, Mason Robt.                              8-Mar-06     11-Mar-06
Wirtz, Viola                                     8-Nov-06     12-Nov-06
Wise, Calvin Jerome                              20-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Wise, Carolyn C.                                 29-Oct-06    30-Oct-06
Wise, Cheryl E.                                  4-Jul-06     7-Jul-06
Wise, Flossie L. (R.L.)                          12-May-06    17-May-06
Wise, Fred Harrell                               29-Sep-05    14-Oct-05
Wise, Hugh                                       6-Mar-06     9-Mar-06
Wise, John Kenneth                               4-Oct-06     6-Oct-06
Wise, Julia Mae                                  20-Oct-05    22-Oct-05
Wise, Linda P. (Henry J.)                        27-Jan-06    1-Feb-06
Wise, Lizzie Kate                                20-Dec-06    23-Dec-06
Wise, Mary Panter                                14-May-06    17-May-06
Wise, Ruby                                       8-May-06     10-May-06
Wisen, Wm. Earnest                               17-Dec-06    19-Dec-06
Wisler, Susan Marie                              22-Oct-05    2-Nov-05
Wisner, Dorothy                                  6-Apr-06     7-Apr-06
Wisnom, Donald Edw.                              26-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Wissman, Jos.                                    17-Nov-06    19-Nov-06
Wisterman, Tammy Lynne (Jeff)                    27-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Witcher, Frances Gorman (Robt. H.)               21-Nov-05    23-Nov-05
Witcher, Jas.                                    12-Mar-06    14-Mar-06
Witcher, Joe A.                                  25-May-06    27-May-06
Witherow, Roscoe                                 17-Sep-06    19-Sep-06
Withers, Chas. Stuart                            9-Mar-06     12-Mar-06
Witherspoon, Emogene                             21-Sep-06    22-Sep-06
Witt, Florrie Kennedy                            30-Nov-06    2-Dec-06
Witt, Jane Mackey                                31-Oct-06    3-Nov-06
Witt, Linda Lee                                  21-Mar-06    23-Mar-06
Witt, Milna Alley (Geo. C.)                      9-Oct-05     11-Oct-05
Witt, Ralph H.                                   16-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
Witt, Ralph Helvie                               16-Oct-06    29-Oct-06
Witt, Tony                                       10-Mar-06    13-Mar-06
Wofford, Bridie Jeanette                         19-Dec-05    24-Dec-05
Wofford, C.H.                                    26-Nov-05    27-Nov-05
Wofford, Carolyn Eliz.                           9-Jun-06     11-Jun-06
Wofford, Chas. A. II (Lucia Ann)                 20-Oct-05    24-Oct-05
Wofford, Evelyn Trina                            17-Sep-06    19-Sep-06
Wofford, John B.                                 5-Jun-06     6-Jun-06
Wofford, Louise Parker                           13-Dec-06    14-Dec-06
Wofford, Nora A.                                 4-May-06     6-May-06
Wohala, Patricia Maria                           8-Dec-05     21-Dec-05
Wolf, Brian                                      14-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
Wolf, Louis Jos. (Anne)                          4-Oct-06     7-Oct-06
Wolfe, Dora                                      8-Nov-05     9-Nov-05
Wolfe, Elinor Lois Kick                          23-Nov-05    30-Nov-05
Wolfe, Evan Andrew                               24-Nov-06    1-Dec-06
Wolfe, Harold E.                                 23-Nov-05    24-Nov-05
Wolfe, Thos. Anthony                             18-Apr-06    20-Apr-06
Wolfe, Wm. H. (Laura Keel)                       22-Sep-06    24-Sep-06
Wolff, Beverly                                   14-Aug-05    1-Jan-06
Wolff, Douschka Brown (Bernard Preston)          5-Sep-06     9-Sep-06
Woller, Gary Lee                                 6-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
Wolpert, Diane                                                26-Sep-06
Wolsfeld, Cheryl                                 3-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Wolski, Wm. (Carol)                              5-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
Womack, Catherine M. (Harold)                    9-Dec-06     11-Dec-06
Womack, Dora Lena (Jas. C.)                      16-Sep-06    17-Sep-06
Womack, Jas. Calvin (Dora)                       21-Oct-06    16-Nov-06
Womack, Jas. L. (Jerri)                          30-Mar-06    1-Apr-06
Womack, Sarah Brookshire                         29-Dec-05    31-Dec-05
Womble, Jos. E. (Sue)                            14-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
Wonnacott, Jennifer Roach                        21-Nov-06    23-Nov-06
Woo, Chong Hyung                                 5-Jul-06     8-Jul-06
Wood, Agnes (Ben)                                11-Dec-06    13-Dec-06
Wood, Avis C. (Harris W.)                        10-Jun-06    12-Jun-06
Wood, Barbara (John Edw.)                        9-Sep-06     11-Sep-06
Wood, Betty Francis (Billy)                      5-Oct-06     7-Oct-06
Wood, Billie                                     12-Mar-06    13-Mar-06
Wood, Billie Patterson                           12-Mar-06    15-Mar-06
Wood, Carol Ann Brock                            17-May-06    21-May-06
Wood, Chas. Aaron Jr. (Sara M.)                  1-Oct-06     4-Oct-06
Wood, Christine                                  6-Mar-06     9-Mar-06
Wood, Clifford Millard (Eliz. Ann)               12-Jul-06    14-Jul-06
Wood, Cloudis                                    25-Jan-06    27-Jan-06
Wood, Edna Mae                                   24-Oct-06    29-Oct-06
Wood, Ellen                                      17-Dec-06    22-Dec-06
Wood, Esther Stegall                             23-May-06    26-May-06
Wood, Gertrude Ashburn (Robt. R.)                14-Mar-06    17-Mar-06
Wood, Herron                                     5-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
Wood, J.R.                                       15-May-06    16-May-06
Wood, Jack                                       24-Mar-06    26-Mar-06
Wood, Jane Lemming                               30-Nov-05    2-Dec-05
Wood, Jas. Bryan                                 18-Jun-06    21-Jun-06
Wood, Jas. Donald (Betty Jean)                   9-Apr-06     10-Apr-06
Wood, Jas. O. Jr. (Wylene)                       7-Nov-05     9-Nov-05
Wood, Larry Lee                                  27-Apr-06    28-Apr-06
Wood, Lila E.                                    26-Apr-06    28-Apr-06
Wood, Louise Winter                              3-Oct-06     5-Oct-06
Wood, Marg. Spencer                              4-Dec-06     5-Dec-06
Wood, Martha Christine                           6-Mar-06     8-Mar-06
Wood, Martin Keith                               26-Sep-06    29-Sep-06
Wood, Mary Mogene                                16-Dec-05    18-Dec-05
Wood, Mattie Lou McNair                          29-Apr-06    30-Apr-06
Wood, Maurice                                    28-Nov-06    30-Nov-06
Wood, Max S. Sr. (Connie)                        18-Dec-06    20-Dec-06
Wood, Milton Lee                                 1-Mar-06     4-Mar-06
Wood, Mona L.                                                 27-Jan-06
Wood, Myrtice Ann                                15-Nov-06    16-Nov-06
Wood, Patra Holland                              17-Oct-06    21-Oct-06
Wood, Paul Lee                                   21-Dec-05    24-Dec-05
Wood, Reginald Hoytt                             18-Apr-06    21-Apr-06
Wood, Richard Lee                                3-Oct-05     6-Oct-05
Wood, Ruby Nora                                  19-May-06    22-May-06
Wood, Russell Roscoe                             12-Dec-06    15-Dec-06
Wood, Sandra Jewell Cagle                        8-Nov-06     10-Nov-06
Wood, Sheila                                     20-Jun-06    21-Jun-06
Wood, Shirley Lynn                               20-May-06    22-May-06
Wood, Stephen Kent                               6-Nov-05     10-Nov-05
Woodall, Blaine Franklin                         11-Dec-06    13-Dec-06
Woodall, Herman Dean Sr.                         17-Mar-06    19-Mar-06
Woodall, Joyce                                   6-Dec-06     8-Dec-06
Woodall, Louis Edw.                              4-Jul-06     9-Jul-06
Woodall, Michael                                 25-Nov-06    27-Nov-06
Woodall, Michael Wm.                             3-Jun-06     7-Jun-06
Woodall, Pat Rutledge                            15-Oct-05    17-Oct-05
Woodall, Steven Lee (Kathy W.)                   2-Feb-06     4-Feb-06
Woodall, Thornton S. Jr.                         10-Dec-06    13-Dec-06
Woodall, Thornton S. Jr.                         10-Dec-06    17-Dec-06
Woodard, Catherine                               30-Oct-06    31-Oct-06
Woodard, Eddie                                   21-Dec-06    22-Dec-06
Woodard, Ira Wilbur                              28-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
Woodard, Juanita T. (Otis Frank)                 27-Oct-06    2-Nov-06
Woodell, Claudia (Carl G.)                       24-Sep-06    29-Sep-06
Wooden, Jack Lee                                 9-Mar-06     11-Mar-06
Woodham, R.L.                                    1-Apr-06     3-Apr-06
Woodhouse, Beverly E.                            30-Oct-06    4-Nov-06
Woodic, Edna                                     2-Nov-06     4-Nov-06
Woodie, Mary Alice                               12-May-06    15-May-06
Woodlee, David Lamar                             12-May-06    14-May-06
Woodley, Vivienne                                28-Dec-05    30-Dec-05
Woodring, Glenn Otis                             10-Jul-06    12-Jul-06
Woodring, Johnny L.                              24-Oct-05    26-Oct-05
Woodruff, Bob                                    10-Jul-06    12-Jul-06
Woodruff, Donald Milton Jr.                      22-Sep-06    24-Sep-06
Woodruff, Eva                                    10-Sep-06    11-Sep-06
Woodruff, Julie Corley                           27-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Woodruff, Kaejuan Karrell                        27-Apr-06    2-May-06
Woodruff, Terrence (Trenda)                      16-Apr-06    18-Apr-06
Woodruff, Vashti Henderson (Carlysle W.)         13-May-06    15-May-06
Woodruff, Willie Melvin                                       9-Jul-06
Woodrum, Anna Loretta                            7-Sep-06     8-Sep-06
Woods, Annie Mae                                 13-Oct-06    14-Oct-06
Woods, Arthur                                    3-Oct-06     6-Oct-06
Woods, Bessie C.                                 27-Nov-06    3-Dec-06
Woods, Carolyn P.                                19-Jan-06    30-Jan-06
Woods, Cheryl Chase (Wenzley)                    26-Dec-06    28-Dec-06
Woods, Deborah A.                                12-Oct-06    20-Oct-06
Woods, Elijah                                    21-Mar-06    23-Mar-06
Woods, Erlene Laverne                            4-Oct-06     5-Oct-06
Woods, Frances Eliz.                             15-Apr-06    17-Apr-06
Woods, Genie Viola                               23-Mar-06    25-Mar-06
Woods, Geraldine Catherine                       29-Jan-06    2-Feb-06
Woods, Gertrude Gurney                           13-Oct-06    17-Oct-06
Woods, Harvey Wm.                                29-Mar-06    30-Mar-06
Woods, Jesse Oscar                               14-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
Woods, John                                      7-Dec-06     8-Dec-06
Woods, Jos. E. Sr.                               23-Mar-06    25-Mar-06
Woods, Laura                                     27-Sep-06    30-Sep-06
Woods, Lewis                                     18-Apr-06    19-Apr-06
Woods, Linda Cornelia                            22-Sep-06    23-Sep-06
Woods, Mamie A.                                  3-Jun-06     7-Jun-06
Woods, Nanette Dama                              16-Dec-06    22-Dec-06
Woods, Queen Esther (Raymond)                    9-Sep-06     11-Sep-06
Woods, Relisha Y.                                             26-May-06
Woods, Rubie Nell (Larry)                        23-Nov-05    29-Nov-05
Woods, Terry Paul                                18-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Woods, Vinson                                    13-Nov-06    15-Nov-06
Woods, Walter E.                                 28-Oct-06    3-Nov-06
Woods, Willie (Gladys)                           15-Jul-06    17-Jul-06
Woods, Wm. L.                                    17-Jul-06    19-Jul-06
Woodside, Milton Henry                           14-Jul-06    17-Jul-06
Woodson, Thelma                                  25-Jan-06    26-Jan-06
Woodward, Gary Edw. (Eleanor Smith)              5-Nov-05     8-Nov-05
Woodward, Hazel Spaugh (Julius A.)               11-Oct-06    18-Oct-06
Woodward, Opal Dawson (Richard H.)               27-Oct-05    29-Oct-05
Woody, John Robt.                                5-Apr-06     7-Apr-06
Woody, Mary Ruth                                 5-Oct-05     7-Oct-05
Woody, Robt. B. II (Donna)                       21-May-06    24-May-06
Woody, Velma Bertha Burdette                     17-Apr-06    19-Apr-06
Wooldridge, Roger O. (Anita)                     27-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Wooley, Taylor                                                13-Jul-06
Woolfalk, Kenya (Memoriam)                       13-Jun-02    31-Oct-05
Woolridge, Atwell (Maudie Dee Melton)            24-Apr-06    27-Apr-06
Woolsey, Helen Hardy                             19-Mar-06    21-Mar-06
Wooten, Alice                                    26-Dec-05    28-Dec-05
Wooten, Ave Maria                               15-Sep-06    17-Sep-06
Wooten, Donald G. (Marg. Livingstone)            9-Mar-06     11-Mar-06
Wooten, Sarah Va.                                10-Mar-06    12-Mar-06
Wooten, Troy (Raylene)                           28-Sep-06    2-Oct-06
Wooten, Valencia                                 3-Dec-06     8-Dec-06
Wooten, Willie                                   27-Sep-06    29-Sep-06
Wooten, Wm. H. (Jolaine Cook)                    5-Nov-05     7-Nov-05
Word, Andrea Cunningham                          11-Apr-06    13-Apr-06
Word, Garvie W. Sr.                              28-Oct-06    30-Oct-06
Worden, Eileen (John)                            29-Apr-06    1-May-06
Works, Robin W.                                  14-Jun-06    18-Jun-06
Worlds, Ruth M.                                  14-Sep-06    16-Sep-06
Worley, Amber                                    20-May-06    23-May-06
Worley, Bill                                     17-Dec-05    19-Dec-05
Worley, Frazier Dee                              17-Jul-06    19-Jul-06
Worley, John                                     30-Apr-06    2-May-06
Worley, Lee Harland Sr.                          4-Nov-05     6-Nov-05
Worley, Louie                                    3-Feb-06     5-Feb-06
Worley, Norman F.                                26-Oct-05    28-Oct-05
Wormley, Brandon Paul                            9-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Worner, Luella                                   26-Feb-06    3-Mar-06
Worsham, Henry Frederick                         22-May-06    24-May-06
Worth, Nancy (Larry)                             3-Jun-06     7-Jun-06
Wortham, Gunner H.                                            26-Dec-06
Worthey, Ellen Louise                            28-Dec-06    29-Dec-06
Worthington, Elaine                              18-Dec-05    20-Dec-05
Worthy, Ola Wms.                                 10-Jul-06    12-Jul-06
Wortman, Lester K. (Irene)                       25-May-06    9-Jun-06
Wortmann, Eliz. Choate  (David)                  3-Jun-06     5-Jun-06
Wozinak, Jeanette Bodine                         8-Apr-06     10-Apr-06
Wray, Va. Robinson                               15-Dec-06    16-Dec-06
Wren, Isaac                                      2-Sep-06     5-Sep-06
Wright, Alice (Jas.)                             26-Mar-06    3-Apr-06
Wright, Amberly Faith                            1-Dec-06     7-Dec-06
Wright, Anna Griggs  (Memoriam)                               10-Nov-05
Wright, Annie Garner                             11-Dec-06    13-Dec-06
Wright, Bill                                     7-Jul-06     9-Jul-06
Wright, Cecil L.                                 23-Mar-06    25-Mar-06
Wright, Chas. A. (Alfreda)                       25-Mar-06    28-Mar-06
Wright, Chas. E.                                 5-Mar-06     7-Mar-06
Wright, Chas. Jr. (Dorothy S.)                   11-Apr-06    12-Apr-06
Wright, Cora Lee                                 17-May-06    19-May-06
Wright, Doris Evelyn Willobee                    28-Apr-06    30-Apr-06
Wright, Edmondro                                 4-Nov-06     8-Nov-06
Wright, Elaine                                                31-Oct-05
Wright, Eliz.                                    21-May-06    23-May-06
Wright, Eugene Blair (Nelda)                     22-May-06    23-May-06
Wright, Evelyn Pete W. (Bill)                    25-Oct-06    27-Oct-06
Wright, Fannie Mae                               10-Mar-06    15-Mar-06
Wright, Flora (Kenneth)                          27-Dec-05    28-Dec-05
Wright, Frances                                               26-May-06
Wright, Francis (Edna)                           28-Nov-05    30-Nov-05
Wright, G.L.                                     15-Mar-06    17-Mar-06
Wright, Gary H. (Dianne)                         24-May-06    31-May-06
Wright, Glynn                                    11-Jun-06    14-Jun-06
Wright, Gwen                                     6-Nov-06     8-Nov-06
Wright, Harvey M. (Hattie Ruth)                  8-Sep-06     14-Sep-06
Wright, Hattie Alberta                                        3-Nov-06
Wright, Hosea                                    1-Nov-05     4-Nov-05
Wright, Jadin                                    8-Jul-06     9-Jul-06
Wright, Jamie Reagan                             2-May-06     4-May-06
Wright, Jeanette (Jim)                           21-Sep-06    22-Sep-06
Wright, Joan Chequeta Bell (Harry S.)            2-Dec-06     3-Dec-06
Wright, Johnny Wm. Jr.                           24-Dec-06    28-Dec-06
Wright, Jos. Jr.                                 29-Oct-05    4-Nov-05
Wright, Lawrence B.                              14-May-06    15-May-06
Wright, Lester F.                                7-Dec-06     9-Dec-06
Wright, Lila Jo                                  26-Feb-06    2-Mar-06
Wright, Lillian                                  29-Sep-06    6-Oct-06
Wright, Lillie B.                                9-Oct-05     14-Oct-05
Wright, Lillie Humphrey (Nathaniel)              4-Dec-06     10-Dec-06
Wright, Lillie Mae                               25-Sep-06    27-Sep-06
Wright, Linda                                    27-May-06    28-May-06
Wright, Mary                                     2-Sep-06     8-Sep-06
Wright, Mary Louise                              21-Sep-06    22-Sep-06
Wright, Mildred Opal Nolen                       4-Apr-06     5-Apr-06
Wright, Naomi                                    29-Oct-05    30-Oct-05
Wright, Nathaniel (Lois)                         3-Dec-06     8-Dec-06
Wright, Ola Mae Wms.                             8-Dec-06     13-Dec-06
Wright, Ollie                                    3-Dec-06     8-Dec-06
Wright, Ottie                                    10-May-06    12-May-06
Wright, Pocahontas (Wm.)                                      8-Mar-06
Wright, Richard Martin (Debra)                   11-Dec-06    13-Dec-06
Wright, Sarah Fears                              16-Oct-06    18-Oct-06
Wright, Schroderick B.B.                         12-May-06    15-May-06
Wright, Stephanie Anne                           24-Dec-06    28-Dec-06
Wright, Stephen C.                               2-Jun-06     18-Jul-06
Wright, Stuart Robt. (Jean Bronaugh)             7-Nov-06     12-Nov-06
Wright, Truman Eugene Jr.                        19-Nov-06    24-Nov-06
Wright, Tymika                                   20-Nov-06    24-Nov-06
Wright, Vivian Butterworth                       6-Sep-06     8-Sep-06
Wright, Willie                                   22-Mar-06    24-Mar-06
Wright, Willie Bill                              22-Mar-06    17-Apr-06
Wright, Wm. Alan                                 1-Oct-06     3-Oct-06
Wright, Wm. Clyde (Mary Harwell)                 31-Jan-06    2-Feb-06
Wright, Zach                                     2-Mar-06     5-Mar-06
Wright, Zerita                                   11-Dec-06    12-Dec-06
Wright-Pettway, Zula                             21-Oct-06    25-Oct-06
Wrinkle, Gary                                    8-Apr-06     10-Apr-06
Wu, Lanying                                      4-Nov-05     7-Nov-05
Wyant, Julie Gay (Dom H.)                        22-Dec-06    26-Dec-06
Wyatt, Ance Johnny                               24-May-06    25-May-06
Wyatt, Beatrice (Harold)                         26-Dec-06    27-Dec-06
Wyatt, Clifford E.                               23-Apr-06    25-Apr-06
Wyatt, Curtis (Lillie M.)                        27-Nov-06    1-Dec-06
Wyatt, Eriq D.                                   23-Nov-05    30-Nov-05
Wyatt, Ga. Russell                               5-Dec-06     6-Dec-06
Wyatt, Henry (Sheila)                            24-Dec-05    25-Dec-05
Wyatt, Jimmy A.                                  17-Nov-06    28-Nov-06
Wyatt, Marguerite                                19-Jul-06    20-Jul-06
Wyatt, Melanie Lynn                              27-Dec-05    29-Dec-05
Wyatt, Richard B. (Norma)                        6-Sep-06     8-Sep-06
Wyatt, Robt. (Mattie)                            27-Mar-06    29-Mar-06
Wyatt, Vivian Ruth                               27-Dec-05    30-Dec-05
Wyatt, Woody S. (Frances R.)                     8-Jun-06     12-Jun-06
Wyche, Andrew                                    17-Nov-05    23-Nov-05
Wycoff, Edwin Jones Sr. (Sallie P.)              8-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Wyka, Emil Edw.                                  7-Mar-06     10-Mar-06
Wymbs, Sara Malcom                                            5-Apr-06
Wynn, Anne L.                                    16-Mar-06    18-Mar-06
Wynn, Dan値. Isiah                               11-Nov-06    17-Nov-06
Wynn, Dorothy                                    19-Oct-06    21-Oct-06
Wynn, Geo. Allen                                 13-Mar-06    17-Mar-06
Wynn, Hattie B.                                  9-Apr-06     11-Apr-06
Wynn, J.D. Jr.                                   27-Nov-06    1-Dec-06
Wynn, Jerry Lee Jr. (Jeannie Leslie)             2-Nov-05     5-Nov-05
Wynn, Marian                                     20-May-06    23-May-06
Wynn, Mattie Lou Boyce                           15-Apr-06    16-Apr-06
Wynn, Ossie (Memoriam)                           30-May-05    30-May-06
Wynn, Patricia E.                                1-Dec-06     3-Dec-06
Wynn, Roy L.                                     18-Dec-06    22-Dec-06
Wynn, Solomon                                    23-Nov-05    2-Dec-05
Wynn, Wynell O狸elley                            3-May-06     4-May-06
Wynne, Kay Donner (Harry J.)                     28-Nov-06    30-Nov-06
Wynne, Lynn Bearden (Wm.)                        17-Sep-06    20-Sep-06

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