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George A. Ball, Monroe, N. C.
Robert H. Flansburg, Lincoln, Neb.
James B. Scarr, Hasbrouck Heights, N. J.


Harry Klein, Newark, N. J.
Keron J. Ryan, Waterbury, Conn.
Frank W. Spencer, Springfield, Mass.


George L. Davison, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Garner M. Herring, Kilu, Miss.
Harry E. Hill, Kenna, W. Va.
Nathan Korngold, New York City.
Harry McCredie, New York City.
August Schmidt, Charles, S. C.
Rufus A. Shelton, Honey Grove, Tex.
George Trembley, Holyoke, Mass.
Robert E. Wilcox, Hendersonville, N. C.


John Humiston, East Jeffrey, N. H.


Jense H. Moore, Montezuma, Ind.


August Beckmann, Milwaukee, Wis.
Homer H. Belvins, Fresno, Cal.
Raymond Leo Branshaw, Weston, Wis.
Eugene Chagnon, Nashua, N. H.
Amedeo R. Giolanclla, New York City.
Louis Goldstein, Sheffield, Ala.
Eugene R. Griepentrog, Milwaukee, Wis.
James M. Griffith, Indianapolis, Ind.
James W. Harvey, Stonington, Conn.
Lee L. Hickey, Concord, Tenn.
Frank A. Jameson, Moscow, Idaho.
Louis G. Jarvais, Indian Orchard, Mass.
Anton L. Jurach, Karnes City, Tex.
John Kapparos, Dubuque, Ia.
Victor Kilinski, Morgan, Pa.
Herbert Lembcke, Menomonee Falls, Wis.
Charles Lola, Pleasant Point, Me.
Theodore G. Miglas, Stalo, Greece.
Robert C. Nails, Jackson, Miss.
George J. Cesterle, Burlington, Vt.
Ray H. Parmelee, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Arnold G. Peter, North Menomonie, Wis.
Edward E. Quinlan, Waterbury, Conn.
Mathew B. Rivers, Sacaton, Ariz.
Thomas A. Rossi, Rumford, Me.
Willie Scott, Greenville, S. C.
Walter M. Stratton, Fairfield, Me.
Robert W. Veal, Sandersville, Ga.
Fred J. Vergenz, Waukesha, Wis.
Peter Yeager, Turtle Creek, Pa.



Walter S. Danker, Worcester, Mass.


Wilfred Niles, Bessemer, Ala.


William B. Mashburn, Unadilla, Ga.
Jos. E. Palmer, Broken Bow, Neb.


Hugh Barr, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Earl S. Kin, Waterloo, Ia.
Samuel Thompson, Chickasha, Okla.



Katherine Dent, Biloxi, Miss.


Willie C. Sharp, Montgomery, Ala.


Dave Anderson, Grand Lake, Ark.



Marion L. Overend, Peterboro, Ont.



Herman J. Eckhardt, Woodbury, Mich.


Leon Frost, Luna, La.
John Howe, Paragould, Ark.
Jesse Pearson, Tuscaloosa, Ala.



Harold W. Herrick, Dorchester, Mass.


John Broderick, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Leo Covellie, Eaton, Ill.


John F. Carmody, Utica, N. Y.


Albert J. Aklinski, 114 East Eleventh place, Chicago.
Harry E. Anderfson, Walkertown, Ind.
Edward E., Belden, Bridgeport, Conn.
John A. Bonnell, La Moille, Ill.
Stanislaw Donderewicz, Brooklyn, N. Y.
William Glazer, Cleveland, O.
Frank E. Gondeck, Hamtramck, Mich.
Paul E. Haag, Wernersville, Pa.
Harry W. Harmon, New York City.
Cormick A. Kiernen, Lowell, Mass.
Ejnar T. C. Korno, 5020 Byron street, Chicago.
Hanna W. Martin, Denver Colo.
Charles T. Mehan, Alameda, Cal.
Lester R. Nicholas, Strawberry Point, Ia.
Marshall Olmstead, Puyallup, Wash.
Earl Steffy, Bridgeport, Conn.



George Koch, Milwaukee, Wis.
Elmer J. Atkin, Adrian, Mich.



Arthur H. Sewing, St. Louis, Mo.


William W. Gillum, Jackson, Ky.


William J. Dunphy, Dorchester, Mass.
Charles E. Knickerbocker, Cortland, N. Y.
Raymond E. Landon, San Jose Cal.
John H. Simon Jr. Philadelphia, Pa.
Howard W. Smith, Elkins, W. Va.




Edmund T. Madsen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Arthur J. Rindeau, Webster, Mass.
Willard E. Hensley, Morristown, Ind.
Daniel A. Sullivan, Lowell, Mass.


John R. Canfield, Cedar Grove, N. J.
Ralph V. Chaney, Oakland, Ia.
Marion M. Collier, Houston, Tex.
Ben Cone, Detroit, Mich.
Frank P. Dorris, Douglasville, Ga.
William C. Ferris, New Baltimore, Mich.
Albert M. Hargrove, Eastman, Ga.
Simon Hellman, New Orleans, La.
Edwin J. Larsen, Manistee, Mich.
Walter E. Lucas, Shadyside, O.
Raymond Pellington, East Montreal, Que.
Charles D. Looger, Glasford, Ill.


Andrew K. Axton, West Brownsville, Pa.
Artie Bennett, Clinton, Ill.
Fred L. Cooper, Cassopolis, Mich.
France E. Dennis, Burbank, O.
Arthur N. Fauble, Cuyahoga Falls, O.
Wiley D. Fore, Brookhaven, Miss.
Maurice E. Frock, Hagerstown, Md.
Verne W. Garduer, Washington, D. C.
Allen H. Howe, Marlboro, Mass.
Wesley A. Hoyt, Chester, N. Y.
Laurence G. Jensen, Houston, Tex.
Clarence A. Larson, Lemont, Ill.
Frank J. Lynch, Napa, Cal.
Charles S. McGinnis, Rochester, N. Y.
Frank T. McNally, Brunswick, Md.
Walter W. Martin, Marion, S. C.
Leroy S. Mead, Mount Kisco, N. Y.
George E. Michael, Dalmatia, Pa.
Louis G. Ring, Graysville, O.
Leslie C. Ruhnke, 344 S. Kostner-av., Chicago.
John E. Saunders, St. Louis, Mo.
William H. Saylor, Newport, Pa.
Bernard A. Schwebke, Grand Rapids, Wis.
Max E. Seal, Cincinnati, O.
James Y. Simpson Jr., Kansas City, Mo.
Roy H. Simpson, Philadelphia, Pa.
Walter E. Swanson, St. Louis, Mo.
Edwin J. Venn, Detroit, Mich.
Clyde C. Voorhies, Midlothian, Tex.
Ivan C. Walker, Rockford, Ia.



George B. Roan, Pattison, Miss.


Ezra E. Craze, Dixie, W. Va.



Andrew Moder, Pittsburgh, Pa.


Robert A. Davis, Cincinnati, O.

Sergt. Pilot Cyrus F. Chamberlain, among 
the last of the American birdmen remaining 
in the Lafayette flying corps, a brother of 
Mrs. Albert C. Koch, 1325 Greenwood boulevard, 
Evanston, is reported killed in combat over 
the French lines near Coul___ June 18. He was 
29 years old and a son of F. A. Chamberlain, 
chairman of the board of directors of the 
First and Security National bank of 
Minneapolis. He enlisted Jun 1, 1917, and 
became a combat aviator in December.

Private Leslie C. Ruhnke of the marines is 
reported killed in action. He was a son of 
Mrs. Julia Ruhnke, 4437 West Congress street, 
and was 22 years old. He enlisted in May, 
1917, after being rejected twice. He has one 
brother, Clarence, in a base hospital unit 
in France, and another, Edmund, who was 
rejected from various branches of service 
because of a slight lameness.

Killed in Action.

Mrs. M. A. Youngs, 4306 Oakenwald avenue, 
yesterday received word that her nephew, 
Lieut. Robert H. Flansburg was killed in 
action in France June 15. Lieut. Flansburg 
was a postgraduate student in the law 
department at the University of Chicago when 
the United states entered the war. He entered 
the officers' school at Fort Snelling and 
received a lieutenant's commission. He was a 
son of C. C. Flansburg, an attorney of 
Lincoln, Neb., and a grandson of the late 
Adj. Nelson Flansburg, widely known among 
Illinois G. A. R. veterans. He was 24 years 

Private Charles Basel, reported in Tuesday's 
casualty lists as killed, was the son of M. 
Basel, 5706 South Honore street. He joined the 
national army in September of last year and 
arrived in France in February. He was 24 years 
old and had been a mail carrier.

Of Norwegian Birth.

Ejnar T. C. Korno, an emigrant from Norway in 
1913, who lived with his half brother, Marius 
Andreasen, at 3317 West North avenue, was 
reported severely wounded. He is 24 years old, 
was formerly a baker, and enlisted the day 
before war was declared. He is the son of 
retired officer of the Danish army, who still 
lives with his family in Europe.

On his fourth trip up the front lines Private 
Albert J. Aklinski, son of Joseph Aklinski, of 
114 East One Hundred and Eighteenth place, was 
severely wounded. He enlisted in the Sixth 
United States Field artillery a year ago in 
May, and after a short training at Houston, 
Tex., was sent across. He was previously 
employed in the Pullman car works.

Lands in Switzerland.

Lieut. James Ashenden, attached to a French 
flying squadron, named in yesterday's dispatches 
as having landed in Switzerland in a damaged 
machine, is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
Ashenden of 1123 Albion avenue. He is 22 years 
old, and enlisted in the aviation service in 
June, 1917.

He received his preliminary training in Canada, 
and was sent to France in March. His engagement 
to Miss Helen Matthews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
William Matthews, 1452 Pratt boulevard, was 
recently announced. Upon his landing in 
Switzerland, his machine was seized, and it is 
believed he was interned.

Maimed by Grenade.

Miss Therese Kreger, 104 Oak street, Winnetka, 
yesterday received word that her nephew, Corporal 
Paul Kreger of the One Hundred and Fortieth field 
artillery, was severely wounded, having one arm 
and foot blown off by a hand grenade. He is the 
son of Charles A. Kreger of Hammond, formerly of 
Glencoe. He enlisted in April, 1917, and was 
formerly an artist employed by the Barnes-Crosby 
company at 226 West Madison street.

PRIVATE LESLIE C. RUHNKE, U. S. marines; killed in 

corps; killed in air combat.

PRIVATE EJNER T. C. KORNO; severely wounded.

PRIVATE ALBERT J. AKLINSKI; severely wounded.

CORPORAL PAUL KREGER; severely wounded.

PRIVATE CHARLES BASEL, killed in action.

LIEUT. JAMES ASHENDEN, French flying corps; landed 
with damaged plane in Swiss territory; believed to 
be interned.

Seven men from the metropolitan district were reported
as dead in service in France, in the casualty lists
issued yesterday by the War Department.  Five of the
soldiers died in action, the two others dying in
hospital of wounds.
Lieutenant Daniel J. Carney, whose name was not in the
official list, was killed in action at the front 
recently, according to a telegram from the War Depart-
ment received yesterday by his wife at her home, 80 
Linden Street, Yonkers, N.Y.  His death occurred 
exactly eleven months after his marriage.  He enlisted
in the infantry eight years ago and served four years
in Honolulu, where he was promoted to Sergeant.  Last
September he was sent to Plattsburg, and the following
November he was commissioned First Lieutenant.  He
went to France in January and was assigned to the 23d
Infantry.  He was 33 years old.

Sergeant Harry Klein, killed in action, was born in
Austria twenty-three years ago, and came to this 
country in his infancy with his parents.  After seven
years' residence in Manhattan the family moved to
Newark, N.J., and were living at 209 Broome Street,
where they had a grocery business, when Harry, the
eldest son, enlisted in the regulars, four years ago.
He was in the first contingent to go abroad.

Corporal John R. Canfield, who lived with his parents
in Fairfield Avenue, Cedar Grove, N.J., was killed in
action with the Marines.   With his brother, Roger I.
Canfield, who is now a Sergeant, he enlisted in April,
1917, when he was 18 years old.  Both brothers were
assigned to the same company in the Marines. Corporal
Canfield had recently finished six months' service in
the trenches.  Three weeks ago his mother received a
letter from him, inclosing several withered poppies
which he had picked one night while scouting in No
Man's Land.

Private Nathan Korngold, who died in action, was
listed as living at 109 East 104th Street, his next
of kin being Mrs. Annie Korngold.  At the address 
it was said no one of that name was known.  Relatives
of Private Amedio R. Gialanella, who lived at 253 
East 105th Street, were absent from the city 
yesterday.  According to neighbors, Gialanella 
enlisted about a year ago.  He was 22 years old and
had been in France about ten months.

Harry McCredie, killed in action, enlisted in the
regulars five years ago, following the death of his
father and mother.  He was only 17 when he entered
the army, and had been living iwth an uncle, Robert
McCredie, at 204 West Sixty-seventh Street.  The 
uncle now lives at 148 Twenty-third Street, West
New York, N.J.

Although he was an alien at the time he was drafted
into the army, Private Harry W. Herman, reported 
wounded, was imbued with a thoroughly American spirit,
evidenced in letters he wrote home.  One received
yesterday by his mother, Mrs. Ida Herman, a widow,
who lives at 28 Forsyth Street with a married daughter
and three other children, read in part:
"I have been up to the front for a few weeks and have
come back safely.  At present I am in a hospital 
suffering a little, a very little, from inhaling some
gas.  But I will get my sweet revenge when I get out."
Herman came to this country from Kovno, Russia, in 
1913.  He was drafted last January in Philadelphia. He
is a bricklayer, 22 years old, and the oldest of six
children. When he went to France last February he was
a member of an engineer regiment, but he was trans-
ferred to Company F, 18th Infantry.

Joseph T. Farmer, whose mother, Mrs. Catherine Farmmer
of Yonkers, saw his picture in a film and went home to
receive a telegram stating that he had been severely
wounded in action, was notified yesterday that he had
died.  He was 26 years old and was a graduate of St.
Mary's Parochial School in Yonkers.  He was a member
of Company M, 9th infantry, one of the companies of
the Syracuse Brigade, wihch was decorated for bravery
under fire.  Farmer enlisted last June at Fort Slocum
and went to France in September.  He received his
wounds in his third trip over the top.

Hugh Barr, reported dead from wounds, lived at 455
Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, and enlisted in the regulars
a year ago, about eighteen months after he came here
from Ireland.  He was a fireman in the B.R.T. power
house at the foot of Division Street, Brooklyn.  A
brother, William Barr, serving in the British forces,
is thought to have been killed or captured.  Barr was
a member of Company G, 26th Infantry, and was trained
at Camp Merritt, N.J.

Private Stanislaw Donderewicz, who is severely
wounded, lived with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ross, 149
Twenty-third Street, Brooklyn.  He was 25 years old 
on April 23, 1917, when he enlisted in Company D of
the 59th Infantry.   Later he was transferred to 
Syracuse and assigned to Company L, 9th Infantry.  He
went to France last Summer.  Donderewicz was born in
Poland and came here seven years ago.  For a long 
time he was a singer in St. Mary's Roman Catholic
Church, Brooklyn, and Secretary of three Polish 
societies.  He was wounded on June 13.

At 27 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, the address given in
yesterday's list as the home of Sergeant John 
Broderick, no one knew him.

Lieutenant Ruford D. Franklin of the United States
Aviation Service, a son of Mayor Franklin of Summit, 
N.J., has been burned in an accident in France, it
was announced yesterday.  The Mayor learned of his
son's injuries through a cablegram sent by Lieutenant
Arthur Gwynne of the air service, to his father, the
Rev. Dr. Walker Gwynne of Summit.  Lieutenant 
Franklin has been abroad several months.  He is a
graduate of Columbia Law School.


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