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The Irving School
Tarrytown, Westchester Co., New York
The Sketch Book - 1936
(Notes: To get a free scan from this book, send an email to me at
Names in brackets [] are derived from the 1939 School Yearbook.    The names below
have associated remarks, autographs, photos, accomplishments.)


    Carl Walter OLSON - Wesleyan University - Headmaster
    Edward BENNETTO, A.B. - Yale University - Dean of Students, Head of Modern Language Dept.
    William Calloway DUNCAN, A.M. - Columbia University - Head of Lower School
    Frank Hartley HARMAN, A.M. - Univ. of Pennsylvania - Head of Mathematics Dept.
    Merritt Powell DURKEE, A.B. - Union College - Head of Junior Dept., Head Coach
    James Melius BARRISKILL, A.B. - Hobart College - Head of Latin Dept., Dramatics
    George WERNTZ, Jr., A.B. - Colgate University - Head of English Dept.
    Leonard Morell HUNTING, A.B. - Univ. of Washington - Head of Science Dept.
    Ralph Edward PECK, A.M., Pd.D., Wesleyan University - Head of History Dept.
    Paul Hampton MORRILL, A.B. - Wooster College - Head of Commercial Dept., Junior Athletics
    Le Var JENSEN, New England Conservatory - Piano Instructor
    John King WOLCOTT, New York University - Lower School Assistant
    Miss D. May GRIMES, Housemother


    Raynor DUNCOMBE, Class President, from Newton, CT
    Gordon Spencer "Dutch" DAYTON, Class Vice-President, from Winsted, CT
    Cyril Racine "Cy" PRIDDLE, Secretary-Treasurer, from Ossining, NY
    John Robert "Pop" BARRETT, from Winsted, CT
    Robert Addison "Farmer" BARTLETT, from North Stamford, CT
    Robert "The Judge" BYRNE, from NYC
    Charles Visscher "Charlie" CARMAN, from Stamford, CT
    Gordon Spencer "Dutch" DAYTON, from Winsted, CT
    Robert Bradford "Admiral" DEWEY, from Bennington, VT
    Raynor Lockwood "Dunk" DUNCOMBE, from Newton, CT
    Donald Armington "Fish" FISHER, from Dvoer, MA
    John Joseph "Fuey" FOY, from Watertown, NY
    Homer Stuart "Snake Hips" GREEN, Jr., from Tarrytown, NY
    Raymond Elwin "Ray" HANDLEY, from Fitchburg, MA
    Roy Edward "Teddy" HUNT, from Rutherford, NJ
    John Albert "Coogan" JUDGE, from Sherrill, NY
    Richard Stockton "Scotty" MacNEISH, from Scarsdale, NY
    Francis Richard "Dick" "Sparks" MARKS, from Yonkers, NY
    John William "Johnny" MARTIN, Jr., from Poughkeepsie, NY
    Cyril Racine PRIDDLE, from Ossining, NY
    George William "Ring" RINGLAND, from Watertown, NY
    Douglas John "Doug" ROBERTSON, from NYC
    Otto Cooper "OC" SCHOEN, from Stratford, CT
    Donald Mark "Cap" SHERWOOD, from Oswego, NY
    Louis Charles "Lou" SIGLOCH, III, from Pelham Manor, NY
    Delavan Palmer "DP" SMITH, from NYC
    Lewis Frederick "Flatfoot" SMITH, from Hempstead, L.I., NY
    Roger Morris "Stebby" STEBBINS, from Hastings, NY
    Robert "Bob" "Stimp" STIMPSON, from Worcester, MA
    William Charles "Prexy" TAYLOR, from New Hartford, NY
    Langdon Hall "Wes" WESLEY, from Kew Gardens, L.I., NY
    Leonard Norman "Willy" WISH, from NYC
    John Woade "The Baron" "Zimm" ZEMAITIS, from Binghampton, NY

THE FIFTH FORM (Click to see photos)

    _____ BROADBENT, Class President
    Augustus BAKER
    William "Bill" DOUGLAS
    Luis DOUGLAS
    Dick HAYMES
    _____ HODGSON
    _____ MOODY
    David MORGAN
    Jeff PECK
    _____ VANDERVEER

THE FOURTH FORM - (Click to see photos)

    Henry RACIONZER, Class President
    George FRIES, Class Vice-President
    Jack TINGLE, Secretary-Treasurer
    _____ DITTMAR
    _____ ECKHOFF
    _____ SINGLETON
    Lothar SCHMIDT

THE THIRD FORM - (Click to see photos)

    George ENDLER, Class President
    Edward [Robert] SCHONGALLA, Class Vice-President
    [Harry George] HUBERTH [Jr.]
    [John Danielson] HOWARD
    [James Theodore] WALKER
    [Edger Niles] PIKE
    [John Marten] CLARKE
    [John David] FOOTE
    _____ GARFIELD
    _____ GOSSELIN
    _____ WILSON
    Hoyt GRANT

THE SECOND FORM - (Click to see photos)

    Van Dyck BUCHANAN, Class President
    Heinz OTTO, Class Vice-President
    Bill MacEWEN, Secretary-Treasurer
    _____ COBDEN
    _____ FIELD
    [Fred] GRIFFITH
    _____ ABBOTT
    Clifford WITHAM

THE FIRST FORM - (Click to see photos)

    Charles V. SMITH, Class President
    Paul BEIGEL, Class Vice-President
    Dicky WISSELL
    _____ DOYLE
    [Hugh] MacCOLL
    _____ HAYMES
    _____ BARRETT
    _____ HARVATH
    _____ WARD
    "Butch" SMITH
    E[dwin] OLSON
    _____ LIVERMORE
    _____ SMALL
    John MATTERN
    _____ McKIM
    [Victor] EHRENZWEIG
    [Bert] MILLER
    _____ PENNELL

THE JUNIOR DEPARTMENT - (Click to see photos)

    Bill RUTTER
    _____ FERRIS
    Charlie NELSON
    Billy ROMAINE
    Bobby DRUMM
    Larry LIDDLE
    John HUGHES
    Dicky ADAMSON
    Jerry HARNEY
    _____ MATTERN
    Bill MacNULTY
    William "Billy" OLSON

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