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When learning about your family history, you may have to do research about ancestors from many states, including Oregon. When you are making Oregon genealogy queries, there are many routes you are going to end up having to take to get everything you need. Here are some of the things that you will be doing to get all of the right facts:

Oregon Genealogy Queries - Talk to Your Family Members

It is important to interview as many of your family members as possible when you are researching your family history, especially older family members. Unfortunately, not every member of every family knows each other, as there are close and distant relatives, but when you talk to everyone, you can usually get a lot of information, and names to add to your list of people to research. When you are talking to family members about your research, don't forget to ask them if you can take a look at things such as their family bibles, baby books, marriage, birth and death certificates, and other items that may be helpful in your research. If possible, see if you can either borrow these things or make copies so you can refer to them if you need the information they contain later.

Get the Right Documents For Your Oregon Genealogy Queries

You may be able to get a lot of information from your relatives, but unfortunately, not everyone remembers everything, and you may not be able to get as many important details as you need to complete your family tree. There are certain documents you are going to need to have that contain a lot of important information, such as many dates that your relatives may not be able to remember right off hand. Some of the documents you should be using for your Oregon genealogy queries include:

  • Birth certificates - These documents are available upon request, and will provide you with a lot of helpful information, including the names of a person's parents, and sometimes even where they were born and other information you can add to your family tree.
  • Marriage licenses - There will be a lot of information for you here, including the ages at the time of marriage, names of parents and witnesses, occupations of the bride and groom, where they were born and more. These are all important facts that should be added into your family history. After all, if you are trying to learn about people, you want to learn every little detail.
  • Death records - Just like the above records, you can learn a lot about a person by reading his or her death record. You will find such data as the name of the person who reported the death, who the deceased's nearest relatives were, where the deceased resided at the time of death and a whole lot more.

There are many ways you can go about making Oregon genealogy queries. Make sure that you talk to those who know about your family history, and use their stories to make your research fun and exciting. Get the proper documents that contain information about your ancestors, and if necessary, ask a professional for help when you are not sure of what to do next.

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