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Index of McKeesport High School Yearbooks 1884-1911
Allegheny County, PA
Indexed and donated by Laura K. Thomas  -  -  -  -  GENLOOKUPS

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Last name:   First Name:   Middle:     Sr.Yr.Married:           Moved to:                 Notes:
==========   ===========   =======     ===== ========           =========                 ======
Ackerwell    Bess                      1910
Adams        Judson        S.          1892
Adams        Alvah                     1896                     Woodlawn, PA              mechanical dept at Laughlin Steel Cor
Adams        Ethel         Albertina   1899
Adams        Elizabeth                 1899  Charles Giles                                husband foreman, electrical machine s
Allman       Anna          M.          1890
Altman       Emma                      1895
Altmeyer     Walter        S.          1901
Anderson     Esther                    1911                                               8th grade teacher Shaw Ave.
Anderson     Matilda                   1911  Daniel Ohrman      Duquesne Ave
Andre        Elizabeth                 1895
Aravess      Agnes                     1893
Arnowitz     Joseph                    1910
Arthur       Herbert                   1896                                               physician/vice pres. Daily news/schoo
Auld         Arthur                    1894  Grace Hamer        Madison Ave.              works at Foster & Auld furniture Co.
Axtell       Robert        Stockton    1909
Bachman      Lee                       1895
Bachman      Sadie                     1895
Bachman      Florence      Irene       1899  N. Hartzel         Youngstown, OH            husband Merchant
Baird        Janet                     1894
Baird        Jean                      1902  Coursin            1608 E. 8th St, McKeesportteacher in teachers training class
Baird        Margaret      Waldie      1909  John R. Bracken    State College, PA
Baker        Vivian        Earle       1901
Baker        Richard       Edward      1909
Bangert      Carrie                    1911  W. E. Haag         Beaver St.
Barr         Marguerite    Elizabeth   1909
Bayard       Clifford                  1910
Bayne        Richard       Cecil       1898                                               civil engineer
Bayton       Bertha        M.          1896  Mr. Hartt          Port Angeles, WA
Beam         Sylvia                    1890                                               teacher in special school
Beam         Ada                       1894
Becksteadt   Tena                      1906  Mr. McConnell                                Lena in 1927; Tena in 1926
Bedell       Mattie        May         1896                                               Works Crowne Chocolate Co. w/ brother
Bell         Jay                       1911
Bell         William                   1911
Bennett      Mable                     1896
Bennett      Alice                     1902  Catrow             1028 Lincoln Highway
Beresford    Elizabeth                 1898  Joseph Norton
Berger       Roselle                   1911
Berry        Ralph         Edgar       1909
Best         Richard                   1910
Bishop       Annie         Gray        1909
Black        Susan         Etta        1895
Blattner     Adolph                    1911                     Pittsburgh
Blose        Daniel        Patterson   1896                                               physician died before 1926
Bogart       Mary          Cecelia     1901
Bradford     Alice                     1902
Brannon      Nannie                    1891  James Penney       McKeesport
Briggs       Martha                    1894
Briggs       George        A.          1896                                               asst cashier First National Bank
Brisbin      Emma                      1899  Mr. Rich           Everett, MASS             husband is a decorator
Brown        Sibbie                    1886
Brown        Charles                   1894
Brown        Anna                      1899
Brown        Charles       F.          1901
Brown        Bertha                    1903  Frank Borkemyer
Brown        Francis                   1911
Brown        George                    1911                                               salesman
Brown        Helen                     1911
Brown        Pearl                     1910
Buchanan     Belle                     1897  Mr. Forrester      New Westminster, Canada
Burbridge    Alice                     1911  Leslie McGee       Port Vue
Burgess      Gertrude                  1910
Burkholder   Arka          Virginia    1896  Stanley Rice       Lakewood, OH
Burr         Grace                     1897  Mr. Lewis          McKeesport
Burr         Myrtle                    1902
Cain         James                     1910
Calhoun      Margaret      E.          1895
Calhoun      Audley        Herbert     1901
Calhoun      Margaret                  1905
Calhoun      Noel                      1905
Callahan     Richard                   1904                                               Methodist Episcopal minister
Campbell     J             Frank       1886
Campbell     William       V.          1890                                               businessman and former postmaster
Carlson      Herman                    1897                     Pittsburgh
Carlson      Adda                      1897  Mr. Benson         McKeesport
Carlson      Agnes                     1906  Dr. Kelley
Carlson      Edna                      1911  E. Lindberg
Carroll      Margery                   1889
Carroll      Edna          Ethel       1909
Carroll      Leota                     1910
Cassin       Louis                     1909                                               grad of State; McKeesport clothier
Catrow       William       A.          1895
Caughey      Martha                    1906                     pittsburgh                church secretary 8th Presbyterian Chu
Caughey      John          Emil        1909                                               Minister studying in Edinburgh in 192
Caughey      Dorothy                   1911  N. E. Ferguson     Shaw Ave
Caves        George                    1910
Chamberlin   Ida           May         1898
Chambers     Minnie                    1891
Charles      Edith                     1911
Chester      Della                     1884  Smith              Salem, Oh
Chester      Eden                      1886
Chisholm     Jennie                    1900  Mr. Dickson
Clark        Milner                    1889
Clark        Helen                     1910
Clewer       Maude                     1910
Cock         Robert                    1911
Codville     Judson                    1889
Colquist     Helga                     1903                                               married and a teacher at W & J Colleg
Cook         Mable         C.          1902
Cook         Annie         Mary        1909
Coon         Elva          Woodall     1899  David Foster       Pittsburgh                Hotel Schenley husband is merchant
Corry        Elizabeth     Ammey       1896                     Denver, CO                died before 1928
Coursin      Minnie St.    C.          1886
Coursin      Nellie                    1889
Cowan        Harriet       J.          1896  Harry Hartman      Los Angeles, CA           son rodney attends 
U of CA medical c
Cowan        Victor        W.          1898                                               physician
Cowan        Susan         Aurelia     1899  R. J. Lane                                   Husband owns McKeesport Auto 
and Mac
Cowna        Nelle         Mae         1909                                               probably a typo sb Cowan
Coyne        Nellie                    1890  Mr. Corl
Craig        Charles                   1893                     East Liverpool, OH        real estate
Craig        Lynne         K.          1898  Howard Hardman
Crawford     Charles                   1904                     Dormont, PA               timekeeper at US Glass Co.
Crossman     Edna                      1910
Crow         Julia                     1911  Abe Sauber         Youngstown, OH
Crowell      Anna          Belle       1909
Curry        Glenden "Glen"            1885                                               Dr. in Pittsburgh
Daft         Ida           Lawrence    1894
Danley       Texanna                   1906  Ed Hauff
Dauble       Margaret                  1911  H. S. Dravo
Davies       Margaret                  1902  McCoy              Wilkinsburg
Davis        Nellie        S.          1888  Clifford D. Ferrie Schenley Farms            also Ferree
Davis        Florence      Ethel       1898  Alva Adams
Davis        Bertram                   1902                     West Pittsburgh           auditor of the Garland Corp
Davis        Roland        R.          1902                     Pittsburgh
Davis        Mabelle                   1905
Davis        Lillian       Julia       1909
De Yarman    Mable                     1903  Roy Wallace        Youngstown, OH
Dean         Anna                      1887                                               died before 1926
Decker       Mae                       1911  W. A. Regensburger Penney Ave
Derry        John                      1903
Dickson      Leland                    1904                                               druggist
Dixon        Ben                       1896                                               paymaster office at National Tube Co.
Douthitt     Esther        M. or N.    1884                     Los Angeles CA
Downey       Mable         Annette     1909
Drew         Walter        Wallace     1897                     Detroit                   civil engineer
Dulaney      Blanche                   1906  R. L. Furlong
Dumm         Colin                     1896                     Elwood City               physician
Dunstan      Lavinia                   1911  Fred Boeschel      Wilkinsburg, PA
Eastwood     Anna                      1887                                               died before 1926
Eaton        Nina                      1898  Geo. Weldon
Eba          Edna          Jane        1898                                               teacher at 5th Ave school
Eccles       Susan                     1909  S. R. Bridgens                               Eckles in 1926 yearbook
Edmundson    Jennie        Reed        1899  Mr. Koester        Bridgeville, PA
Edwards      Lucille                   1902  Summers            Bethlehem
Ehrhardt     Ida           B.          1889
Eichler      George                    1903
Enty         Margaret                  1902
Erickson     Arthur                    1898                                               banker at union national bank
Erickson     Charles                   1902                     McKeesport                bookkeeper
Erickson     Leon                      1911                                               works at Peoples city bank
Evans        Effie                     1897  Mr. G. R. BradberryJamestown, NY
Evans        Elizabeth     Ogg         1898                     Wilkinsburg PA            principal died March 27,  1928
Everett      Effie         Beryl       1898  Homer Barclay      Birmingham, AL
Falkenstein  Chris , Jr.               1911
Fallquist    Ada                       1911  R. Y. Sigworth     State College, PA
Fawcett      Emma          Brown       1898                                               lives with Boax family
Fawcette     Marguerite                1911  Tom Watson
Fehr         Mary          Estella     1897  Clyde Eckenrode    Pasadena, CA
Fell         Jennie        M.          1890
Ferguson     Agnes         Glassby     1895
Ferguson     Margaret                  1902  Carlson            1627 Lee Ave
Fiddler      Martha                    1898                     Scott Street
Finney       Grace                     1905
Firestone    Rose                      1911
Firestone    Samuel                    1910
Fishman      Maggie                    1901
Forrester    Mary                      1903  Harry Gardner      Connelsville              listed as May in 1927
Forrester    Elsie                     1906  Mr. Mathis
Forsberg     Hulda                     1902                     Erie PA                   Spelled Forsburg in 1926
Foster       Mary          Mathilda    1888  E. P. Junker
Foster       Samuel        D.          1899                     Pittsburgh, PA            Allegheny County Treasurer
Fox          Garnet                    1911  Niman Ivey         Pittsburgh, PA
Francis      Lawrence      W.          1899                     Washington, DC            US Govt. employee
Frantz       Harry                     1903
Freeman      Olga                      1910
Freman       Elizabeth                 1894
French       Amanda                    1894
French       Cecil                     1901
Frew         Grace                     1910
Frey         Caroline      W.          1895
Friedman     Blanche                   1910
Frost        Robert                    1902
Fry          Rachel        Ella        1909
Fullerton    Mary          Ellen       1887
Fulton       Mary          Elizabeth   1909
Gardner      Roy           Edmund      1901
Gardner      Harry         C.          1904
Garvin       Mayme         Edith       1901
Garvin       Grace                     1910
Garvin       Ida                       1910
Garvin       Nellie                    1910
Gibson       Harry         W           1884                     Muskogee, Oklahoma
Gibson       Frank         Z.          1886                                               Became a physician &
 died before 192
Gibson       Gertrude                  1910
Gillen       Thomas        Raymond     1909
Gillman      Byrde                     1903                                               teacher commercial math tech high
Ginn         Jennie                    1910
Goetz        Margaret                  1910
Goldberg     Eva                       1903
Goldberg     Samuel                    1906                                               Doctor
Goodwin      Abbie                     1899  Mr. Swaney         Pittsburgh                died 10-21-1923
Gordon       Nellie        M.          1895
Gordon       Nellie                    1905
Gorzo        Julius                    1911                                               Works at Roth Bank
Gothart      Bess                      1906
Gray         Clifford                  1901
Gregg        Blanche                   1905
Griffin      Callie        Lathan      1909
Grinberg     Besse                     1910
Haber        Louis         J.          1885                                               Owns Haber Bros
Haber        Edward                    1892                                               merchant
Haber        Dewitt                    1897                     Pittsburgh                attorney
Hagan        Hazel         Corrine     1909
Hagerman     Elva                      1903
Haler        Agnes                     1889
Haler        Josephine                 1896                     Boston/Miami              Secretary
Hall         Agnes                     1891
Hamer        Lettie                    1891
Hamer        Grace                     1894  Arthur Auld
Hammer       Hannah                    1902  Modig              Holdreg NB
Hammit       Courtney                  1906  Iver Erickson
Hammitt      Eva                       1888  Fred L. Long       Beaver PA/CaldwellNJ
Hampson      Lillie                    1888  John Nicol         Otto, PA & Glassport      widowed by 1926
Hardwick     Phoebe        Brown       1898  Mr. Burkholder     Cleveland, OH
Harrison     Elizabeth     M.          1884  Newlin                                       School board member
Harrison     Charles       L.          1893                     Market St.
Harrison     Walter                    1895
Harrison     Kathryn                   1899
Harrison     Marie                     1911
Harrison     Una                       1911  William McCully
Harrison     Margaret                  1910
Harrison     Zora                      1910
Harry        Edward                    1910
Harsha       Nettie                    1889
Hartman      Harry         B.          1896  Harriet Cowan      Los Angeles, CA
Hawley       Francis                   1910
Helier       Lillie                    1904  Lewis Carpenter
Hellier      Eva                       1911
Henderson    James         F.          1896                                               died before 1926 
worked in lumber bu
Henskey      Elizabeth                 1910
Herbertson   Robert                    1898                                               banker First National Bank
Herbertson   David         K.          1901
Hershey      Ruth                      1910  Mr. Dunseth                                  musician
Hibben       Nathan        Thaddeus    1898                     Connellsville, OH
Hill         Emma                      1893  Wm J. Sawden                                 listed as Emma Nill in 1926 yearbook
Hill         Florence      Edith       1895
Hill         Howard        S.          1896                     Duquesne                  dry goods merchant
Hill         Rebecca       Rankin      1896                     Pittsburgh                clerk National Tube Co.
Hill         Ann           Harper      1909
Hillstrom    Ellen                     1902                     Madison, WI               A.B. A.M., Supervisor of designing an
Hillstrom    Arthur                    1903
Hillstrom    Florence                  1910
Hinchman     Marguerite                1906  Dr. Wood                                     not listed 1927 is listed 1926
Hite         Pearl                     1911                     Richmond VA
Hitzrot      Elsie         Louise      1899  Julius Theobald    Camden, NJ
Hobby        Eva                       1909  Harry Meredith
Hodginson    Clara                     1884  J. L. Hammitt                                listed as hadingson in 1926 yb
Hodgson      William                   1904                     Glassport                 physician
Hodgson      Lillian                   1906  Hall Gordon
Hodgson      Ada                       1910
Hoey         Belle                     1906  Eugene Pryor
Hoey         Susan         Retta       1909
Hoffman      Irene         Buser       1909
Hohman       Gertrude                  1906  J. P. Denning                                Hobman in 1927
Holby        Sara          Eva         1909
Hollis       Sylvia        Oak         1909
Holloway     Avien                     1903                                               married
Hopkins      George        Everett     1898
Hoser        Augusta                   1909
Houseman     Edward                    1896                                               druggist at Thomas Drug Co.
Howard       Sara          Elizabeth   1898
Hughes       Marion                    1906                                               teacher
Hurndom      Grace                     1906
Hutchinson   Queen                     1889  Mr. Kerr
Hutchison    Kate          N           1884                                               runs a private school
Hutchison    Margaret                  1906
Ingram       Florence                  1909
Ingram       Anna                      1911  W. A Rembler       Bridgeport, OH
Irwin        Roy           Foster      1909                     Wheaton Illinois          associate editor Dartnell Advertising
Israel       Samuel                    1910
Itscotiz     Samuel                    1910
Jackel       Katherine                 1902
Jackson      Elizabeth     E.          1888  Jack McGovern      New Wilmington, DE
Jeffrey      Jane          Turnbull    1909  Crammond                                     widowed by 1926 she was a teacher
Johnson      Mable         D.          1895
Johnson      Hilda                     1910
Johnstin     Elsie         Mae         1895
Jones        Esther        Ann         1886  E. Y Ord           Bailey Ave 
in McKeesport
Jones        Elizabeth                 1891
Jones        Sara          Jane        1897  F. H. Emmerson     McKeesport
Jones        Marie                     1905  Mr. Applegate      Dravosburg
Junker       Edward        P           1884                                               Junker & Foster Co. on Walnut St.
Kaplan       Frank         R. S.       1904
Kaplan       Sara                      1905
Kaplan       Ida                       1910
Kay          Thomas        W.          1888                                               physician died in fall 1925
Kearney      William       Stone       1897                     McKeesport                Secretary Glassport trust Co.
Kearney      Charles       W.          1899                                               teller National Bank
Keil         Isabel                    1906  Mr. Wurtell
Keith        Leah                      1902
Keller       Morris                    1906                                               lawyer
Kelley       Blanche                   1903  Wm. Jeffreys
Kendrick     Mable         P.          1905
Kenmuir      Harriet       Loretta     1888  Jesse Long                                   Spouse is editor of Daily News
Kenmuir      Elizabeth     H.          1898  S. W. Douglas      Dravosburg, PA
Kern         Florence                  1890  Mr. Stuart
Kerr         James         Richard     1899                     West Homestead, PA        clerk PA RR CO.
Kerr         Beulah                    1903
Kerr         Mildred                   1904                                               teacher South Park school
Kerr         Martha                    1911
Kimling      Anna                      1905
King         Carrie                    1902
Kistner      Corrine                   1911  W. Black           Evans Ave
Knight       Susie         E.          1895
Knight       Walter        Scott       1899                                               Draftsman National Tube Co.
Knight       Erma                      1911  Alfred Brown       Arlington Ave
Kohl         Marie                     1896                                               McKeesport lumber co. 
employee 10th
Kough        Olive                     1911  J. L. Mauthe       Elyria, OH
Kuhl         Anna                      1903
Kurtz        Mayme         E.          1901
Lang         Matilda                   1910
Larkin       Henrietta                 1901
Latta        Clifford                  1910
Lawrence     Clara         A.          1885                     Warren OH
Lawton       Linnie        Coyan       1897  Mrs. McElwee       Erie, PA
Lechman      Edna          Elvera      1909
Lees         George        E.          1896                     Pittsburgh/Europe/NY/OH   Sales dept head for Shelby Tube Co. o
Lees         Harry                     1906                     New York                  artist
Leezer       Mathilda                  1887  George Macabee     Wagne, PA                 grad from Indiana State 
Normal Schoo
Lenhart      Elrod                     1906                                               realtor
Leppig       Minnie                    1900  Mr. Egger
Lessner      Nellie                    1911
Leuhm        Walter        Whiteman    1909
Lindahl      Ellen                     1891
Lindquist    Emma                      1897  J. M. Roth
Lindquist    Rachel        Anne        1897                     McKeesport                supervisor continuation school
Lindquist    Judith                    1911
Llewellyn    Marguerite                1909                                               supervisor of writing state of Ohio
Lloyd        Mildred                   1903
Logan        Nellie                    1903  Frank Passmore
Long         Florence                  1910
Ludwick      Anna                      1886  Dr. Woodward       McKeesport
Lugner       Gertrude                  1897  Oliver Evans       McKeesport
Lugner       Rudolph       E.          1899
Lutz         Lena          Louise      1909
Lynch        Minerva                   1893  Henry Kuder        Braddock Ave.
Lynch        Genevieve                 1895
Lynch        Margaret      Gillespie   1897                                               principal 11th ward school McKeesport
Lyons        Annie                     1911  John Dennen        Fawcett Ave.
Lysle        O.            Lizzie      1890
Lysle        Thomas        R.          1901
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