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From Loose Probate Records

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Cont. from Part 1


Anne and William Barnet 		11/25/1793
Catherine and Conrad Moyers	 	2/08/1794
Elizabeth and Alexander Sarver 		1/01/1819
Hannah and John P. Kizer 		12/09/1831
Hannah and Abraham Statler 		12/18/1809
Margaret and John Carper 		1/20/1820
Mary and Henry Burham 			2/11/1788
Nancy and Thomas Mcfalls 		6/03/1822
Peggy and Augustine Loury 		1/03/1821
Polly and Anthony Leffel 		9/16/1811
Polly and Samuel Saford 		4/08/1837
Sarah and Thomas Clare 			5/20/1794
Susanna and Casper Server 		2/21/1780
Benjamin and Mary Fields 		10/13/1812
Benjamin and Christina Townsley 	8/03/1815
Elias and Catherine Winger 		2/18/1837
Frederick and Elizabeth Carvin 		5/27/1805
George and Malinda Breedlove 		12/06/1820
George and Sarah Niday 			1/27/1822
George A. and Jane S Hamilton 		9/25/1823
Henry and Elizabeth Breedlove 		2/27/1821
Henry and Polly Faris 			9/01/1821
Jacob and Elizabeth Kerns 		11/04/1823
Jacob and Elizabeth Ritter 		6/11/1805
Jacob and Catherine Urmy 		10/04/1810
John and Sarah Carter 			8/15/1785
John and Elizabeth Ford 		4/04/1804
John and Betsy Vinyard 			10/23/1823
Joseph and Betsy Allen 			2/12/1796
Joseph and Elizabeth McFalls 		9/06/1818
Joseph and Margaret Smith 		4/24/1849
Martin and Polly Cressoe 		6/01/1807
Martin and Catherine Whitmore 		1/06/1808
Samuel and Mary Armentrout 		12/27/1819
Samuel H. and Lydia H Brown 		12/29/1830
Samuel and Nancy Jane Wallace 		10/10/1853
Thomas and Mary Clark 			10/01/1780
Tunis and Peggy French 			4/30/1816


Adam and Hannah Scott 			9/07/1806
David and Nancy Scott 			9/04/1798
George and Elizabeth Ann Crawford 	5/06/1839
John and Margaret Huffman 		5/13/1818
Peter and Eliza Shuke 			6/09/1796
Catharine and John Moyers 		12/18/1805
Catharine and Abraham Rineheart 	5/26/1795
Caty and Samuel Scott 			9/01/1798
Mary and William Allen 			3/14/1842
Rachel and Henry Bradford 		3/03/1834


Barbara and John Bandy 			9/08/1823
Magdalene and Samuel Richardson 	12/09/1830
Sarah and George Miller 		1/27/1822


Abraham and Susannah Snodgrass 		6/26/1800
David and Peggy Nidy 			10/10/1833
John and Ann Foster 			3/02/1833
Elizabeth and David Wees		10/20/1825
Elizabeth and Jacob Wertz 		1/21/1826
Peggy and David Nidy 			10/10/1833
Rebecca and Jonathan Lark 		2/03/1834
Susannah and Peter Kefauver 		1/14/1820
Susannah and Isaac Smith 		1/31/1827


Alfred and Susan Fluke 			5/15/1847
Andrew and Catherine Fox 		12/21/1834
Andrew and Elizabeth Hauntz 		2/18/1840
Anthony and Ann Beckner 		5/28/1845
Anthony and Eveline Douglas 		3/27/1838
Edmund and Ellen Stair 			2/26/1849
George and Mary Camper 			6/25/1825
George and Margaret A. Moore 		9/04/1843
Jackson J. and Charlotte R. Rock 	1/08/1840
John and Peggy Obenchain 		5/07/1825
John and Mary Robinson 			10/26/1842
John and Lucinda Smith 			3/19/1842
Peter and Malinda Obenchain 		10/20/1835
Philip Jr. and Hannah Snider 		3/30/1835
Thomas J. and Elizabeth A. Sweetland 	6/12/1840
Thomas and Samantha Stair 		2/08/1847
William Sr. and Susannah Beckner 	3/14/1837
William and Susan Obenchain 		3/19/1831
Ann and Joel Brubaker 			5/29/1852
Catherine and Joel Burger 		9/21/1839
Dorathea and Aaron Fisher 		11/16/1822
Harriet and James M. Tally 		2/17/1848
Malinda and Peter Obenchain 		10/20/1835
Margaret and Silas Eddy 		9/29/1845
Mary and John Peterman 			10/14/1833
Mary Ann and Edward Beckner 		3/21/1853
Mary Virginia and Samuel L. Jones 	12/07/1849
Mary and Michael McClure 		2/18/1840
Nancy and James H. Speery 		4/12/1849
Peggy and John Obenchain 		5/07/1825
Pheba and John Bosserman 		12/25/1840
Polly and Jacob Ovenchain 		3/21/1820


Peter and Christiana Beckner 		12/21/1812
William and Sarah Fasler 		2/16/1813
Elizabeth and Henry Honce 		1/25/1836
Elizabeth and John Saunders 		1/17/1831
Mary and Michael Graybill 		1/05/1839
Susan and William Obenchain 		3/19/1831


William and Susannah Snyder 		9/07/1816


Nancy and Jonathan Beckner 		6/08/1829
Sarah and Peter Coffman


Nancy and John Jones 			2/19/1818


Jacob and Polly Obenchain 		3/21/1820
Rhinehart and Polly Hewitt 		7/07/1810
Samuel and Martha Toler 		3/02/1821
Elender and Soloman Huffman 		12/22/1828
Elener and Peter Camper 		3/01/1817
Elizabeth and Henry Bolton 		9/07/1826
Mary and John Alderson 			1/27/1818
Nancy and John Camper 			1/15/1816
Nancy and James Fisher 			3/23/1818
Polly and John Graybill 		4/01/1805


Elizabeth and John Leffle 		9/27/1803


Margarette Perdieu and Jefferson Dillon	6/12/1827


James and Sarah Litteral 		7/30/1799
John and Nancy Manspiel 		12/26/1801
Priscilla and Philip Stanback 		12/26/1786


Christopher M. and Harriet Kyle 	12/03/1818
David B. and Margaret Hammon 		7/12/1847
Erastus and Julia Ann Scott 		2/10/1834
Jacob and Sophia Price 			10/09/1809
John and Eliza Rudisill 		12/09/1824
Samuel B. and Mary Hannah 		2/25/1840
William and Rebecca Tillery 		3/23/1778
Agnes T. and William Martin 		10/24/1823
Amanda F. and Clifton G. Hill 		9/28/1843
Eliza and William Scott 		1/18/1834
Elizabeth and Stephen Holstine 		12/02/1818
Margaret and William Bennett 		7/08/1811
Martha Susan and Robert B. Nelson 	4/22/1847
Mary and John Benny 			12/27/1781
Mary and Henry Scott 			1/28/1802
Rebecca and John Hank 			3/31/1817
Sally and Samuel Brown Littlepage 	2/09/1807
Sarah A. and Marcus C. Patton 		5/26/1851
Sarah and Thomas J. Wharton 		6/10/1839
Sohia and Jacob Price 			10/09/1809
Sophia M. and Hugh M. Grant 		9/29/1846
Virginia W. and Nathaniel B. Kelly 	2/12/1827


Alexander and Margaret Robinson 	8/17/1773
Byrd Allen and Catherine Leonard 	1/02/1850
Edgar W. and Hettie Wax 		9/10/1822
Edward and Polly Anderson 		8/07/1820
George and Rebecca Young 		3/14/1853
Henry and Polly Darr 			11/06/1809
Isaac and Sarah Cloyd 			2/?/1783
Jackson and Jane Gray 			2/26/1849
James and Elizabeth Rogers 		6/19/1805
John and Mary Hudgins 			11/26/1799
John and Elizabeth Stover 		12/12/1830
John Jr and Polly Hess 			12/10/1806
Joseph and Eliza Carroll 		3/26/1846
Joseph and Harriet Surber 		7/31/1850
Samuel and Betsy Jones 			4/29/1798
Samuel and Margaret Smith 		11/23/1819
Starkie and Estalline M.Paxton 		10/29/1847
Thomas and Susannah Brooks 		1/02/1810
William and Polly Franklin 		6/25/1807
William and Elizabeth Gibson 		5/29/1804
William and Mary Mankspile 		9/27/1802
William and Sarah H Woltz 		1/25/1831
Ann and William McDonald 		12/03/1779
Anne and Rene Leforce 			3/10/1774
Betsy and John Mason 			12/15/1803
Catharine and Granville Caldwell 	8/09/1814
Eliza E and Christopher T. Johnson 	1/06/1841
Elizabeth and Nichlas Carns 		7/13/1796
Elizabeth and Henry Idle 		1/13/1806
Eve and Smith Caldwell 			6/22/1808
Fanny and James T. Arthur 		7/15/1853
Jane and Joshua Chitwood 		4/27/1786 
Jane and James McMullin 		3/14/1788
Jane and William Moffett 		10/24/1827
Jean and David McGee 			9/05/1782
Letitia and Benjamin Davis 		1/11/1830
Louisa J. and John Starks 		4/26/1841
Lydia and John Willey 			5/13/1774
Margaret and Alexander Robinson 	8/17/1773
Margaret and Reubin Wyatt 		5/09/1787
Martha and Samuel Barton 		3/10/1778
Martha M and Thomas G. Godwin 		4/09/1834
Mary and Anthony Crockett 		4/12/1780
Mary and John Obenchain 		10/26/1842
Mary and Thomas Sloan 			1/07/1851
Nancy and Samuel Hamilton 		8/21/1800
Patsy and John Bragg 			5/19/1820
Polly and John Peffley 			5/21/1828
Priscilla and Alexander Armstrong 	9/12/1792
Prudence and Andrew Martin 		3/28/1786
Sarah and John Love 			9/16/1780
Sarah and John Sawyers 			1/07/1786
Susannah and Robert Switzer 		3/20/1819
Tempey and Samuel Jenkins 		8/15/1837


Eliza and Samuel Jordan 		9/27/1811
Elizabeth and Franklin Jarvis 		8/01/1789
Elizabeth and Jacob Shaver 		9/07/1793
Fanny H. and Bryan W. Newlin 		6/16/1828
Hannah and William Elmore 		1/30/1844
Hannah and Adam Niday 			9/07/1806
Isabella and William Mason 		5/28/1780
Jane and John Morris 			10/02/1789
Jane and David Short 			4/04/1803
Julia Ann and Erastus Price 		2/10/1834
Louisa and Charles Hubbard 		1/26/1847
Margaret and Andrew Mellon 		4/13/1815
Margaret Ann and Daniel Secrist 	12/11/1852
Mary and Joseph Grigsby 		12/08/1812
Mary and Thomas R. Mehone 		9/13/1841
Mary and Charles Thompson 		12/16/1817
Nancy and David Niday 			9/04/1798
Rebecca and Isaac McCully 		11/15/1819
Susy and Adam Ender 			10/02/1810
Charles and Polly Mehone 		6/09/1812
David and Emily Olds 			9/24/1850
Grief and Patsy Jones 			1/29/1817
Henry and Mary Price 			1/28/1802
Nathan and Elizabeth Gish 		8/09/1824
Nathan and Sarah Poague 		2/16/1781
Overstreet and Polly Sites 		12/28/1831
Pitman and Emeline Holmes 		9/23/1840
Robert and Susanna Urmy 		12/15/1814
Robert A. and Eleanor Smiley 		5/26/1842
Samuel and Sarah Baller 		9/14/1790
Samuel and Francis Davis 		8/26/1806
Samuel and Caty Niday 			9/01/1798
Samuel and Rachel Sawyers 		2/12/1785
Thomas and Ann Eliza Hill 		6/23/1834
William and Catherine Mason 		11/06/1823
William and Eliza Price 		1/18/1834
Zachariah and Mary Halspain 		3/20/1795


Abraham H. and Catherine S. McCoy 	8/25/1847
David and Jane Scott 			4/04/1803
Edward and Mary Richeson 		6/17/1830
George and Elizabeth Short 		2/02/1819
Hiram and Eliza Jane McCoy 		9/28/1846
Jesse and Betsy Williamson 		9/04/1820
Jesse and Elizabeth Williamson 		9/07/1821
Joel and Sarah Hamilton 		12/02/1843
John and Polley Harshbarger 		10/19/1799
John and Sarah Hogan 			12/07/1815
John and Eve Monical 			3/27/1800
John and Sarah Pursley 			4/12/1841
Anna and Samuel Matheny 		11/20/1843
Elizabeth and Hudson Pursley 		4/12/1841
Nancy and Lewis Bryan 			8/17/1818
Sarah and Paul Thresher 		2/11/1808
Sarah and Madison S. Tinsley 		12/05/1835
Susannah and Abraham Tagoe 		2/12/1800


Anne and Walter Smiley Jr. 		3/23/1785
Eleanor and Robert A Scott 		5/26/1842
Eliza and Peter E. Lewis 		10/05/1846
Elizabeth and George W. Hundley 	10/09/1843
Jane and William Moore 			11/27/1833
Jane and William Owens 			5/12/1814
Lucinda and James Brunk 		10/03/1853
Martha and Peter Grim 			8/12/1837
Mary and Samuel Garwood 		3/12/1821
Mary and Samuel Moore 			3/15/1815
Nancy and Adam Shanks 			4/22/1817
Nancy and Robert Snodgrass 		10/12/1836
Peggy and Jacob Lout 			6/18/1825
Polly and John Custer 			9/13/1809
Sarah and Peter J. Hammon 		9/30/1845
Susannah and Isaiah Johnston Jr.	10/02/1837


Aaron and Edda Armstrong 		4/22/1817
Abraham and Ann Gore 			5/13/1788
Abraham and Margaret Johnston 		1/19/1798
Absolam Jr. and Martha Garwood 		9/16/1817
Alexander and Sussana Stinnet 		6/18/1841
Brine and Dolly Brines 			3/23/1783
Charles and Prudence Dillon 		10/02/1819
Charles and Nancy Farrier 		4/09/1831
David W. and Elizabeth Cupps 		8/26/1834
Elias and Ann Reynolds 			9/24/1832
Elijah and Susan Kesler 		5/08/1820
Henry and Sally Shaver 			4/06/1808
Humphrey and Elinor McElheny 		7/01/1785
Isaac and Mary Level 			8/12/1783
Isaac and Susannah Niday 		1/31/1827
Jacob and Hester Gish 			5/19/1835
Jacob and Jedeline Huffman 		9/07/1850
Jacob and Mary Karnes 			4/12/1818
James and Sarah Camper 			10/30/1804
James and Peggy Simmerman 		1/10/1815
Jesse B. and Lucinda Bogan 		3/29/1825
John and Harriet Davison 		12/22/1843
John and Hannah Painter 		10/17/1829
John and Rhody Pate 			2/14/1801
John and Elizabeth Peffley 		2/13/1832
John and Mary Thomas 			1/19/1798
John and Martha Wood 			4/04/1780
Jonathan W. and Amanda F. Freeman 	12/25/1832
Joseph and Susannah Smith 		6/27/1812
Joseph J. and Caroline A. Merrit 	5/20/1850
Mesheh and Rebecca Hardy 		2/21/1800
Philip and Polly Anderson 		2/03/1820
Richard and Patsy Ann Pitzer 		3/29/1821
Robert and Malinda Good 		12/23/1823
Robert and Leah Kelly 			5/21/1796
Robert and Hannah Preston 		9/01/1787
Samuel and Polly Gilliland 		5/08/1826
Scott and Matty McCafferty 		11/13/1783
Thomas and Elizabeth Bryant 		12/11/1830
Washington and Elizabeth Phillips 	2/21/1834
Wiley and Mary Abbot 			12/29/1837
William and Susannah Bayne 		3/06/1815
William and Margaret McCravey 		1/06/1785
William C. and Harriett McCrery 	1/05/1832
William H. and Caroline Luster 		1/22/1835
William T. and Elizabeth Wayman 	9/08/1826
William and Mary Carral 		11/24/1852
William and Frances Champ 		12/19/1828
William and Polly Hoover 		10/15/1821
Amelia and Thomas Gordon 		1/19/1828
Ann and David Holstine 			1/03/1822
Ann and Nicholas Markham 		3/29/1834
Anne and John Shields 			7/31/1786
Barberry and Frederick Mariam 		4/07/1787
Betsey and Elisha Jenkins 		6/04/1805
Catherine and Christian Housman Jr. 	5/24/1842
Catherine and Absolam Summerfield 	12/24/1813
Eleanor and Preston Dudley 		11/05/1828
Elizabeth and William Bowen 		8/24/1795
Elizabeth and David Ferrill 		2/23/1822
Elizabeth and Joseph Garrison 		7/24/1848
Elizabeth and John McGeorge 		5/15/1837
Elizabeth and Moses Myers 		12/22/1845
Elizabeth and Samuel Myers 		5/11/1795
Elizabeth and Elias Owen 		7/12/1808
Elizabeth and Archibald Woods 		3/19/1850
Elizabeth and John Woods 		3/24/1797
Elliner and Thomas Perry 		4/05/1798
Jamima and John Green 			5/30/1795
Jane and John Leek 			2/14/1779
Lavina and John James 			?/?/1802
Lucinda and George Brookman 		12/19/1827
Lucinda and John Obenchain 		3/19/1832
Lydia and Nicholas Carper 		4/17/1826
Margaret and James Bright 		5/05/1778
Margaret and Joseph Miller 		4/24/1849
Margaret and Barney Painter 		8/10/1819
Margaret and Samuel Robinson 		11/23/1819
Mary and Luke Barrett 			10/30/1816
Mary and Robert Caldwell 		9/04/1813
Mary and Philip Goodman 		10/03/1811
Mary and Rueben Humphries 		2/08/1823
Mary and John Sarvery (Sarver?) 	1/10/1797
Mary and Joseph Wysong 			7/07/1798
Mary Virginia and John H. Owens 	8/05/1850
Mary and Abner Petty 			6/10/1805
Mary and Johanes Schew 			2/01/1817
Mary and Peter West 			9/12/1788
Nancy and John Prunk (Brunk?) 		3/11/1815
Nancy and William P. Thompson 		9/08/1835
Nancy and Daniel Webster 		6/13/1836
Polly and Alfred Carper 		4/17/1826
Rachel and John Coon 			8/15/1799
Salley and Joshua Burnett 		2/13/1825
Sarah and Aaron Barnes 			10/11/1830
Sarah and Benjamin Bonner 		6/03/1801
Sarah and Benjamin Burns 		6/07/1800
Sarah and Samuel Gish 			2/26/1817
Sarah and Obediah Reynolds 		3/08/1823
Sarah and William M. Selvey 		1/18/1849
Sarah and George Zimmerman 		2/10/1849
Sarah Jane and William Montgomery 	4/23/1849
Sophia and William Caldwell 		9/20/1827
Susanah and William Trigg 		8/18/1788
Susannah and William Eagleson 		2/25/1828
Susannah and Henry T. Figgat 		5/26/1820
Susannah and Isaac Taylor 		1/09/1786
Susannah and Joseph Smith 		6/27/1812


Acton and Jane Crowder 			6/22/1839
Bartley and Sarah Catherine Reed 	7/11/1842
Benoni and Alice Falls 			5/14/1842
George and Sarah Ann Finch 		5/09/1842
James and Mary Hagins 			5/13/1815
James C. and Ann Schenck 		1/14/1850
John and Mary Barger 			12/10/1836
John and Rosannah Caldwell 		11/15/1790
John and Elizabeth Lockhart 		8/19/1800
Joseph and Catherine Moomaw 		3/24/1812
Madison M. and Lucy Ann Linkenhoger 	10/05/1831
Nathan and Elizabeth Chinwith 		1/11/1791
Newton and Eliza Kelly 			2/03/1845
Newton and Mary Reed 			2/21/1834
Robert and Susannah Robinson 		3/20/1819
Thomas and Mary H. Brown 		5/03/1827
Thomas and Mary Young 			5/26/1819
William and Catherine Booze 		9/17/1842
William and Ann Bridger 		3/09/1787
William and Abigail Darr 		8/22/1809
Ann and Matthias Hooven 		11/21/1801
Margaret and Matthew M. Bowyer 		11/10/1848
Martha and Martin Stowers 		5/12/1828
Mary and Nicholas Ructen Chinowith 	4/12/1790
Mary and Samuel Crawford 		11/02/1816
Priscilla and Samuel Steward 		10/27/1823
Rachel and Richard Buckingham 		7/24/1816
Rosanna and Asahel Atherton 		8/08/1832
Sarah Catherine and Samuel Crawford 	4/05/1850
Sarah and James Falls Jr. 		12/23/1813


Lewis and Polly Buser 			5/07/1816
Preston and Elizabeth Staley 		5/05/1816
Lucinda W. and Robert Lewis 		5/16/1830
Nancy and Bryan McDonald 		4/26/1815


John and Elizabeth Garwood 		12/01/1808


John and Nancy Prestob 			11/23/1808


Alexander and Elizabeth Peck 		5/20/1830
Anderson and Charlotte Rowland 		10/15/1822
Bartlett and Matilda T. Luck 		6/18/1827
Charles and Mary Scott 			12/16/1817
Creed L. and Eliza F. Coleman 		1/10/1821
Dr. Charles R. and Susan P. Bowyer 	11/30/1853
Henry and Polly Crush 			1/25/1810
James and Mary Brown 			4/12/1813
John and Winfred Brickey 		6/21/1781
John and Mary Nelson 			3/14/1811
John K. and Jeanetta H. Shirkey 	12/18/1850
John R. and Margaret F. Gilliam 	6/30/1852
John W. and Nancy McCreary 		10/31/1825
John and Isabella G. Lackey 		11/14/1846
Joshua and Mary Gantsley 		12/12/1786
Thomas and Anne McNeill 		6/17/1784
William and Temparence Brickey 		1/13/1790
William P. and Nancy Smith 		9/08/1835
Aggy and Moses Karnes 			8/11/1812
Behethland T. and James Wolfe 		5/14/1827
Betsey and William Ruly 		4/27/1808
Charity and Daniel Dougherty 		7/21/1786
Esther Helen and John H. Bodkin 	1/02/1837
Margaret and Isaiah Vansandt 		8/11/1782
Mary and James Armstrong 		6/20/1787
Mary and William Ashford 		2/21/1784
Mary and John Gillespy 			7/30/1792
Mary and Thomas Lewis 			8/11/1789
Mary and John Shirkey 			9/21/1820
Polly and Nelson Coulter 		2/25/1814
Susannah and Joseph Scrackengharst 	12/19/1824
Susannah and Leonard Spicklemoyer


Tyree and Elizabeth Lamon 		12/21/1846


George ZIMMERMAN and Rebecca Bolin	4 Jan 1838 
Jacob ZIMMERMAN and Ann H. Bowlin	6 Feb 1844

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